My computer kena virus.

Shuts down by itself (without warning this time, unlike blaster or sasser) after I barely logged on. It can be used in safe mode, but no networking available (cannot go online that is).

I dunno what to do and I feel damn helpless. Please help? =(



Secret Agent said…
Backup your data in safe mode and reformat your computer :D
HaMz said…
Might be power supply problem ^^; Ask a friend of yours who knows computer helpya. Bet there's tons of GUYS who are willing to volunteer to do it FREE for you ^^
Gabrielle said…
reformat the entire thing. or dl ad-aware or zone alarm. they help detect viruses or things that wanna hack into ur comp.

no choice le. but if u haven't backup your system. then back it up first b4 reformatting it.
Anonymous said…
It should be a power supply problem, I used to have the same thing but I changed the power cord thingy and it's fine now. ^__^
ken said…
how about if you disconnected everything (soundcard, gfx, harddrives, floppy...etc, everything)and plug in only the minimum(plug in only 1 harddrive if you have >1 for eg). then test if the thing still works. sometimes things just work after you reconnect the cables.

i'm not sure what you have done/not done so far. maybe you can share with your dear blogders what has been tested and not work?

but yeah i guess everyone's saying something which is probably necessary at this stage anyway. back up lor... then see how after that.
Wei Li said…
Why don't you try using System Restore?

Anyway, keep pressing F8 during boot up and choose Safe Mode with Networking. You can come online even in Safe Mode!

These 2 methods are just trial and error before you really spend some cash fixing it.
cHewy said…
haha. might be virus problem. if you have at least 10 seconds, you can try doing this -->
Right Click My Computer
Select Properties
Go to the Advanced Tab
Press the Startup and Recovery Settings button
Uncheck the automatically restart checkbox
Apply changes.

Aft doing this, instead of restarting, you might get a blue screen with an error message instead of your computer restarting. you can then search on the internet (or ask me) about the error.
Joanne said…
get a mac.

they're all the rage. goes nicely with your uber-trendy image.

make the transition! you'll be glad u wont have to battle with worms and what nots.

i'm incompetent with computers but my iBook hasnt given me a problem for over a year.

heh :)
andytragedy said…

just in case you need it. it always help my computer. =]
nerdblogger said…
my frd has this problem. it's a worm. u restart in safe mode then click on run and type 'msconfig'.

From there u look for something call system or shutdown something like that.

uncheck it then do a search on that file, it should be in system32 folder. find it and delete. u shld be able to run normally after that.

but i still recommend to reformat coz most likely the worm has infected ur registry.. :)
UltraVinz said…
i so agree with porksta! An iBook with a nice Mac-skin will be cool!
David said…
get a Mac?

u obviously have not seen a MOST pointed comment on Mac users at

its funny too, but true
Soli Loquy said…
notice that when it comes to giving technical assistance, it's still the men filling the page..

gender bias oh gender bias...
VaLernax said…
First visit here..simply awesome,and yea..experienced the same thing before...extremely agitating i must add..
PrataKosong said…
hey what happened to ya new paper column???
Kopiman said…
Read my blog and u can find the answer.
bUttsH4k3r said…
being the super-helpful person that i am, i suggest you throw your pc at the wall. if that does not help, pick it up and lob it out your room window. if that still doesnt work...

by now i reckon you should get a new pc la. hope that helps!
comment said…
Can come online and blog, don't tell lies lah.

Got virus means cannot use photoshop to edit yourself to perfection liao, awwwww, so sad.
Lili said…
aiya you should have asked for a new computer in your birthday wishlist. see now your birthday over liao computer spoil. heh.
Unknown said…
go there and run a system check then download their anti-virus tools.
keng hoe said…
if you can run in safe mode, it is not a power problem!
need help look for desperate guys like us!
ahqiang said…
try this in the cmd window .

shutdown -i .

change the timning to 9999 . should give u enough time to go online and do all those housecall and stuff like that.

hope it works
I concur. Get a Mac.

No worms
No virus problems
No spyware/malware issues
No having to run updaters every week
No headaches.

I read a "negative" review of the Mac Mini recently where the reviewer (PC person) complained that the Mac was inferior because it did NOT have security holes and hacker issues that required users to visit Software Update, run AdAware and scan for viruses twice a week.

And to a PC advocate, this is a bad thing!

I dunno abt u but I would not trust M$ with my life, as it is on the comp.

Get an iBook. Or maybe a MacMini if budget allows lah.

And to agree with an earlier poster, it's stylish too! I will add that it's powerful and proof of that is the hate attacks on the Mac. Kinda like the little trolls that leave hate comments for you. Such bad manners! =/

Oh yah, hope your party was fun and am waiting (along with many others, I'm sure) for pix and play-by-play commentary!
kennysia said…
So when are we getting the answers to the IQ questions?

I've got one guy, two girls and two condoms waiting in my bedroom, see?
Emily said…
The same thing happened to my computer, Shutting down on its own 5- 10 mins after i log on...

I don't know, but for me, i went to "Run.." then you type msconfig. Then you unclick all the programs that you're not using or don't know of.. (disable all also can)

Yeap, download Ad-Aware and learn how to tweak your comp.

Hope that helps.. =)
TIP: #1 Run a virus scan. #2 Get a MAC.
aaaapril said…
hmm. its still safer to reformat your computer. (save all your info in ur com first!! ><") to prevent from such shit to happen, install an anti-virus program in your system. next time you'll be able to noe that your com has contacted any virus. =) Ciao~
Squido said…
Must be your wallpaper =O ! The computer uncle was right. Oh wendy (can i call you wendy ?) why didn't you listen to the computer uncle !!!

(note: i know wallpaper can't cause virus.)
Jared said…
Play safe. Backup hard disk first before you start fidgeting around..


VERY IMPORTANT. I kenna before!
HaMz said…
Suddenly i don't feel like commenting anymore =/
LeFire said…
First, is it a laptop? If it is (especially if its a Compaq), chances are that the internal fans have failed, causing the computer to auto-shutdown the moment the internal temperature hits a critical value. I have the same problem here, but the 23 degrees Sydney weather eliminates the problem.

Try placing a fan right behind the laptop or running it in an air-con room at night to test if it shuts down. If it doesn't, then I suspect a fan problem. Either contact the warranty people or go to Sim Lim for a checkup.

If its not heat, then I suspect that it might be a virus.
Hecate said…
the post doesn't even seem like it was written in true xiaxue fashion, i have never seen her leave her name (Wendy) at the end of a post, and even the style of writing doesn't even match..
pAnDaR~ said…
well most people said what i wanted to say already, so i just add in a few more here. if u can, change the settngs of ur startup, turn it to minimal progams at startup and then restart.

when ur able to stay on for a few mins, as in online, run housecall (someone gave the link earlier) or dl avast at someone's place and put it on a cd and then run it at ur home. there's a free trial here:

if it has already cleaned everything.... then u turn back on normal settings for startup and then restart...

alternatively look for a knowledgable friend :( i would have gottena friend to help u but he's far far away in spain atm on work assignment :(
pAnDaR~ said…
sorry for double post but i forgot to add if u can get it to start in safe mode, as long as u can run a disc or install programs, get avast or somehting from friends (not norton, it's abit dumb) then run it on pc.

u can try reformat pc, but if that thing is stuck on the boot part of pc (duno how to explain, me not very pc person but coz my pc used to die so often, so i can agga agga know something) then even if u reformat also no use.

yups i think i am done this time >.< sorry for double post.
Joanne said…

yeah i've read what the authors of wrote on macs quite while ago. they make a couple of very valid points which of course i cannot refute (because mac users are all idiots, apparently).

but, in my humble opinion of course, if XX's not planning to run a world-domination operation from her bedroom, then macs would prob give her less problems than PCs and she'll be pleased with the photo & visual effects programmes that macs are famous for (or so i think). if it serves her purposes, then it doesnt really matter if 95% of computer users are PC users, does it.

the same reason why pple buy ipods over creative products or iRivers - cause apple products are asthetically pleasing (and we all know how impt that is dont we... lol), and it serves the requirements of most computer literate pple out there.

oh but then again, what do i know? i'm a mac user, i am an idiot. hee. :p
sunny-saturdays said…
hmmm i had the same problem before. i just sent it to the people at sim lim square. =P
Anonymous said…
cheneille!! I'm a girl! I'm...(whimper) 12, so I guess I'll just end up being ignored. (grins and moves along)
Kyle said…
Get a Mac. Have you seen what this guy says about the suckball site?
Kyle said…
He he...
wenlin said…
easy peasy.

1. back up your data.
2. try to fiddle with the stuff your other blog readers told ya.
3. if it still doesnt work, kiss it goodbye and throw it on the wall.
4. open the rubbish chute and chuck it in.
5. get a cab and hop down to sim lim square and get a FUJITSU STLYISTIC LIFEBOOK T SERIES T3010. (im not exactly a fan of fujitsu stuff but it looks trendy and im using that now! though im only 14..)

IT WORKS! foolproof. haha.
Adrian said…
option #1:
Standard procedure. Check your system directory and root directory to see if there are any suspicious-looking files. If none can be located, reinstall OS. If you find any, go to and search for that filename and subsequently the removal method.

option #2:
Switch to Mac or install Linux. If you really have kahuna, junk you peecee and get a SPARC or something. >:)
Adrian said…
. . . junk *your pc . . .

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