One of the trademark things about Singapore is her swelteringly hot weather, and I constantly whine about it. Having waist-long hair doesn't help, and neither does whining, but it makes me happy that others are irritated together with me.

But I get irritated right back: because Singaporeans are so fond of saying the Chinese saying "If the heart is calm it will naturally be cool(ing)".

Whenever someone says that I get fits and start foaming at the mouth. Stop it already; that sentence doesn't make sense! My prompt reply is always, "Oh yeah? Let's put you into a microwave and see if it is still cool!"

Most people wilt under my malevolent glare and scurry away, with the exception of my friend's ex who replied, "You find me a microwave big enough first!" — which is obviously not the point, so let's not talk about him.

The thing is, if it is hot it is hot. Whether your heart is icy or not, your skin is programmed to feel the temperature (with the exception of those religious people who dance on hot coals or something)! I hate people who pretend to be smart alecks just because they managed to sprout a useless proverb. So? If I meditate I'd stop feeling the heat is it? Nonsense.

There are more. When's the last time you relaxed just because someone told you to? Or calmed down? I get doubly agitated whenever people ask me to relax.

Why do Singaporeans like to ask their counterparts to "Relax lah!" during an argument? It doesn't soothe my soul, it doesn't calm my nerves. It does nothing except to get me indignant about being "not relaxed". I'd box the next person who tells me to relax. No one can say that except my masseuse.

Here's another to your face: Be yourself.

Excuse me, but if I am not myself who else can I be? Even if I choose to be, say, Shrek, I have thus decided to be all green and uncivilised, so that's the new me. I am being myself!

I am also very sick of this one: What time is it?

It must have been years since that blasted Tiger Beer campaign, and occasionally, sneakily, when you are least expecting it, somebody replies "It's Tiger Time!" to the above question while you groan in resignation. Not again. That has ceased being funny around five years ago.

The early bird gets the worm? How about that worm now? Because he woke up early, he got eaten by that bird first!

Come on my fellow Singaporeans. Some proverbs are just useless, so stop using them, thinking by stringing seven words together it makes you a genius. It just makes you really, really sad.

p/s: If you think the style is a different, the piece is meant for *ahem*. Never mind, not supposed to say.


marcus said…
its almost 5am...
still blogging??? :O

its hot yah!

lucky i got aircon....

want lobang for aircon??

i do interior design, maybe can get for you if u want.

have an early nite.

Minority Man said…
There is this short and sweet proverb-like statement I heard long long ago. I wonder if our goverment considered using this as a slogan for its "Have more Babies" campaign.

Anyway here goes:

No Joke, No Fun,
No F*ck, No Son
andy_elvins said…
...?? wendy, you are thinking in your own world. some pple say them not because they wanna to act smart or become a smart aleck. its just because they its their way of trying to 'cool' the situation down. while you are saying that those who says it are( confirm) trying to act clever. hmm.. i'm not trying to advise you or watsoever. pls take this in the proper light, its just wat i think. ok?
Apple said…
this entry is true and good!
i also especially hate it when ppl ask angry ppl to "relax la!" feel like smacking them!!! what they say only makes the angry ppl more angry only because it embarrasses the angry person!
it is the stupidest way to try to calm down a situation!
godzilala* said…
Miss Almighty does not like the feeling of 'losing', obviously.

She is smart enough to realise that some old chinese proverbs does not makes sense. Quick-witted Ms Almighty never fails to come up with her own ideas to refute old ideas and rebuff criticisms.

Ms Almighty rules the Blogger world with an iron fist, and any threats to undermine her influence shall be eliminated by her Blogders, as she called them.

All Ms Almighty has to do is to make a big issue out of it and make an entry, she gets her fans on her side.

Ms Almighty has it all - the popularity and the honour of being a controversial person.

Well, I belive there are plenty of people out there who jolly well knows that many of the old chinese proverbs are somewhat senseless. But this is the Chinese tradition and culture.

Only SMART Ms Almighty has the leisure time to think so much into a simple sentence, or a cliche gesture meant to placate a situation.

Perhaps, the only people whom Ms Almighty would ever appreciate are her own friends.
Sotong King said…
Wow! You so fast cool down liao.

Looks like my sayang sayang really worked...

It wasn't but a few nano-seconds ago, that I could have flipped burgers on your head and served them sizzling hot.

Haiz. Juz like a ping-pong ball on a fountain, you. One moment cresting the water spouts in damning defiance and slipping down to the pool in sweet surrender in the next.

You are a mighty paradox of a person X2Y2. Cool yet hot.

Yeah! Singaporeans favourite pastime - dining n whining: eating n complaining.

Yan can cook. Yan Yan can oso cook - alphabet soup, that is. Wanna to drink her soup? Then dun complain lah.

The Sotong King

P.S. Why did the CHICKEN cross the road?
It has decided to go over to the DUCK side.

Eh... that's not exactly the truth. May the FALSE be with you.

Dammit! Gotta get rid of this crazy Star Wars Virus from my system. :(
TwinkleBalls said…
Actually wad you says does have some sense in it. though not everyone will agree to it of course =/ it seriously gets irritating to hear all the 'tiger time' craps and the same old proverbs =|
In my opinion, don't mock things you don't know. Just because other people can use their mind to overcome certain adversities, while you can't doesn't mean they don't exist. As the saying goes "Mind over matter." Some people actually believe that as long as your mind is strong enough, you can overcome the feeling of pain or in this case hot. The fact is that your brain is your central processing unit, it tells your body how to feel. So if you can convince your brain that it is cooling, your brain will actually send vibes to the rest of your body letting them know it is cold. Not many people can do this and honestly neither can I. But even if one person can, it means it isn't impossible and hence doesn't deserved to be mocked. Meditation does help with this because it slows down your breathing and helps you focus your mind.
xinyi said…
ditto that, kevinleng.
Xiaxue said…
Melancholicdoll: I think you have broken the mellow melancholic borders, so your name is no longer apt. I think you are more ... delusional and crazy? You are precisely the kind of class outcast who occasionally sprout such nonsense in class (Like Gwenne, see Character Intro) and everyone would be like, "Wtf is she blabbing about again?" with ridiculously raised eyebrows.

Of course, everyone then continues with their chatter and nobody bothers about what you think. Loser.

I am not going to be bothered with lengthy explanations, because I cannot fathom how an outcast views the world. Except well --- In case you didn't notice, I AM NOT ASKING MY READERS TO AGREE WITH ME AND FUCKING TAKE OVER THE WORLD. I'm just complaining. Cannot have my own views is it?

Now thank you for calling me "almighty". I agree of course, because I AM almighty and quite perfect.

I shall end my speech here: I don't really like speaking to crazy people like you.

Anonymous coward, trying to convince people you are pretty by adding a "doll" in your nick. UH HUH, NICE TRY, KUALI FACE.
Xiaxue said…
kevinleng: How about ... SHUT UP? I don't usually bother to reply readers but people like you, precisely the sort who indulge in such silly "words of wisdom" and act like you know so well, piss me off infinitely.

Yes, mediation helps cool the body down. ONLY FOR THE YOGA MASTERS LAH! The layman cannot do it, so how about shutting the fuck up when asking the average hot Orchard shopper to "calm their hearts"? *roll eyes*

WHAT NOW, BROWN COW? I'm supposed to sit down at orchard road in a lotus and count sienna beads is it?


Apple: Precisely!
Xiaxue said…
Apple: *gives a disgusted face* There, there... You see the Kevinleng? Precisely the irritating kind of person who will ask you to "relax". I suggest, of course, we box such people.

Andy: Oh yeah? I disagree.
kevin said…
wow. this is interestin~ ha!
no one said…
hi wendy,
i totally agree about the "relax la!" bit. it gets on my nerves everytime someone says that to me >_< i'd feel like hitting that person, grrr!! that aside, i thought you'd be happy to know that i've always enjoyed reading your blog :) damn those stupid malicious idiots, they misunderstand so much that it'd be a waste of energy explaining anything to them, anyway.

take care and do keep up the good work girl!

your fellow 1984-ian (same name also, lol!)
sanny said…
I especially dislike strong TV also cannot watch properly, so many reflections...go out, more moles...
Elle* said…

last time my classmate late..
then the rest ask y he so late.. then i say the early worm gets eaten by the bird..
n then they called him the worm who is afraid of being eaten by the bird coz he always late one..
AnGeL said…
What'z up slit eyes????
Kelly said…
It's possible to be cool in the heat. it's all in the mind. Think tibetian monks and indian yoga masters
Markie said…
seriously... wat do u expect people to tell during an argument??
" DOn' relax! keep going!!"

Maybe its just u...
But it does work for me, cos sometimes when people says that, i think hard n wonder, why was i so frustrated afterall?

N the tiger time thingy. I think its how u catch these things... remember ur interview with some blah blah newspaper, n u criticise ppl for their lack of humour when u joke about yourself being pretty?
Well, though it maybe a old joke.. relax.. u have a lack of humour too.
Anonymous said…
i've heard that phrase plenty of time... well my reply to them if my heart is calm or quiet ( if u directly translate it from chinese)
, that means i'm dead already of cos my body would be cool...
they straightaway shut-up
Xiaxue is now into waiting-for-a-friends-at-MRT station kind of talk cock session.

Actually all this is pretty good stand-up comedy material. I like stand-up so I find it amusing.

I find it amusing that people are saying Wendy Cheng fucks people on her blog. If it is true then what does it make them? People that fuck other people that fuck other people on their blogs?

Whatever lah hor =)
Darn. I meant Waiting-for-friends-at-MRT station.

It's a typo, not a poor command of the language.
ken said…
wow violent comments... entertaining no less.

people who dislike a blog actually want to return constantly to bombard the blog owner? that makes any sense to anyone?

well XX it's your world here, you call the shots.

personally i'd just do something about the heat like hide in aircon or visit a friend's house with aircon... but yeah maybe heated arguments are best resolved with silence - stoned silence - in my humble opinion... :)
nut! said…
Hey, i don't think it's right for people to criticize Wendy this way.. if you don't like her blog, why bother to keep coming and bombard her with nasty comments? (as Ken said) And if you really need to criticize, there's no need to be so rude. Just because you're anonymous doesn't warrant you the right to swear vulgarities.. and i don't think the majority hates Xiaxue. It's easy to forget that she's a real person, spare a thought for her feelings la : ) Anyway, Xiaxue allowing people to comment shows that she's receptive to feedback.. she didn't even delete comments that criticizes her. Yup! just my opinion here.
mr. panda said…
if someone were to throw me a line 'Relax lah!' when i'm fuming away, he/she would have to get ready to have their lips visited by my butt! i would probably have turned irrational by then, and since he/she still has the 'courtesy' of salt-rubbing, i prefer he/she have sugar instead.

and people, stop your criticisms! do you know what a blog is? do you know what public speaking is all about?

i... honestly don't think so...
regiz said…
how will i deal wif it if im ur position? being a blogger celebrity n all...i dunno...maybe juz tell them 'Watever la IDOITS'

say watever u wanna say, be it in ur blog or other bloggers...n let them say watever they want...

who doesnt like praises?!?! come on!!

LOVE READING UR BLOG WENDY!!! and kenny's too!! hahaha
Cell said…
Here's a quote for you: The early bird gets the worm. So what, the second mouse gets the cheese.
Seri said…
wah! so vicious. don't tell me you all have not felt annoyed when people give you these 'words of wisdom'? come on, you must have rolled your eyes or wished they would just shut up right? the 'relax lah' or 'chill!' thing bugs me too!
Brad said…
The early bird gets the worm ... but the second worm survives the day.
Apple said…
all the ppl here who dislike this entry must be exactly those ppl who say these kind of things de!!!! >"< eee..i hate all of you!!! >"< if nothing better to say, then actually can keep quiet de.
like, when ppl say they are hot, instead of saying, "xin jing zi ran liang." you can just don't respond or help fan the person or offer a tissue or something.
when your friends are quarreling angrily, instead of saying, "relax la!" (and with a smile some more...wah..bth this kind of ppl!), you can just shout, "SHUT UP LA!" as though you angrier than them like that. then make a super irritated face then ppl will laugh de. then everything will be solved!!! ^^ that ppl will shut up and not feel embarrassed also.
when ppl ask you what time is it, just tell the time lor. dun need say, "it's tiger time!" liao. ahhahaha!
like that la.
hope everyone will stop saying ermm..what xiaxue has mentioned in this entry. coz really very irritating and no point.
bra said…
the worm was on his way home.
Zhee said…
i'm new to ur blog.
love to read the bashing between you and the readers.

keep it on, lady
fromhimtome said…
haha.. so ur implying that next time see friends argue... no need ask them relax.. instead we should be the one saying "wah got show to watch, we should eb the one sitting back and relax??" and then next we go oie some more leh.. dont cool down ok... carry on the heated arguement....
Tyson said…
hey, just relax.
123 said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
juxtom said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
juxtom said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
juxtom said…
You elevate the status quo of a persistent attention whore cum whiner to a whole new level! I thank God for your blog :D
xiaxue_sux said…
such a loser.. kelvinleng i totalli agree with u..

this ger here seriously doesnt even allow others to say wad they want..

hey ger.. so durin an arguement, u expect others to say "wad.. fight la.. i won gif way to u.. wad the shit.. wad the heck.."

u don expect that rite?

think thru lar..
frosti said…
I think the main point here is not whether lama feels cool or meditation works.

The main issue here is that Xiaxue is writing her diary online. This diary brings lots of laughter to lots of people who read them. Of course, you cant make everybody happy all the time. Some will still dislike it. Just like a film or pop star, no matter how immensely popular you are, someone is bound to dislike you.

So give credit to her for letting everyone read her diary and keeping lotsa ppl entertained.

If anything here offends you, just dont read. Be polite and dont post nasty comments here.

Good job, Xiaxue and keep up the good work! ;)
Just go easy on the f* words though. :P
deathwish said…
Heart Calm and u feel cool is bootleg and doesn't work. Mind over matter? There is no such thing. Only thing is whether u are consciously aware of your enviorment or u choose to ignore it. People do firewalks and stuff like that because when they do it, they choose to go beyond the pain barrier and ignore their senses not because it's mind over matter. Nonchalance would be a better description then "mind over matter"
She is entitled to her own opinions and not insisting anyone accept them so why so many people shooting her down?
ping said…
hey, thought this might interest you. (that is if you haven't seen it yet.)

Congrats :P
MashiMaroMel said…
Well I recently started one in lame-o land, it goes like this...

Hokkien - "Wu Kow Koon Boh?"
I ask my friends. It normally means, "Had enough Sleep?" But literally translated it sounds like "Got Dog Sleep?" SO if my friend says "Wu", or "yes" in Hokkien, then I congratulate him. "Wow, you sleep with dogs every night?" and if he says "boh" or "no", then I'd encourage him to get a dog. It's really lame, but we always get a laugh over it. Use it while it's still original!
jon joN jON JON said…
smaller mind smaller vision.. its time u should make friends with more mature people.. u'r too childish.. and so does all e ball carriers that agree with you.. all you guys sucks.. looking at ur remarks make me laugh.. but thanx.. u make me laugh at ur stupidity and foolishness..
potpourri said…
Yeah, i was about to say congrats to you Xiaxue for being the only Singaporean to be on the list of Blogebrity (www.blogebrity/thelist)when Ping beat me to it. :) Proud of you girl..way to go!

Oh my gawd another cowardly lowlife who is just a confused stalker of yours! -points to jon- How original! :D
frosti said…
lol, jon is another low-life trying to get people to visit his/her/its blog.

let me give u an advice, kid, before u call others childish. if u want to attract ppl to ur blog, write something funny or interesting. Ur blog is so negative that it turns ppl off. Its just full of swearing and cursing at xiaxue. It maybe fun in the beginning but who wants to hear u swear all the time. Ppl can hear more swearing at kopitiams anytime. No wonder,the comments on ur blog is few and far between.

grow up, u toot.
jon joN jON JON said…
yah toot. try gettin a hundred reader in a week.. haha dnt make us laugh.. wat a fool..
jon joN jON JON said…
or mayb 3 days... toot again.. troll
jon joN jON JON said…
and comparing e number of swears?? haha.. if u think mine are swears then ur english suck till e core.. coz u cant tell wats swearing and wats not.. haha boy u are makin us all laugh at ur foolishness.. go home n get some rest.. u need to go to sch for ur eca tml .. mayb..
frosti said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
frosti said…
You got a more serious problem than being childish, Jon. You are arrogant and rude.

My english sucks? lol. look at your own replies. ^^ your words are getting repetitive: "fool", "suck" and "laugh". Seems like I hit a raw spot with 3 of your replies vs one of mine.

Anyway, I am not here to start a flaming session. You may get a kick out of annoying ppl but I dont. I am not going to dignify anymore of your posts with a reply.

fyi, u r still a toot and getting a rolex doesnt really help. u need to grow up in terms of personality.
HaMz said…
Hm... Interesting... *human reaction through words* Hm...
SPG said…
Read "The Digital Times" interview with Xiaxue HERE!
Ashley said…
Haha, alright, so, you have no problem admitting you are ugly, and you derive great utility from insulting ugly people on your blog. Why don't you dedicate a post to non-photoshopped pictures (note: plural) of you, making fun of how ugly you are? That'll make your blogging much more consistent.

This does not mean I do not enjoy reading your blog. I find it highly amusing, but lacking of a post that insults you, someone whom you yourself call ugly.

I am looking forward to this post.
VaLernax said…
I know how u feel exactly..that saying really gets under the skin each f'ing time i hear to shut em up i'd say that i don't see the temperature ma phone's termometer decresing!!

Get a frigging life people...if you don't like her...piss the fuck off...bashing on her blog doesn't make your blog get famous nor does make your IQ rise...

Stay at home...log on to your own blog and talk about how the size of your dick is the same as your puppy's...
leeee... said…
so xiaxue, its lee here.. i played mahjong with u at ah hock's place? anywhos, i've been trying to get to u since like... anyways, just so u know i didn't tua u n tried to call u for the greened-room but i lost my phone on that fateful day n ah hock was like drunk or something when i tried getting ur no.... i've since been in san diego trying to hide from u... but u can find my number through ah hock n try stalk me :p... see ya soon :)
vagabond23 said…
Whats wrong with you pips, isnt it good that somebody tells you to relax in a tense situation before everything gets out of hand. It means their showing some concern. Anyway past experience, I thank my friend who told me to relax as I was really that close to shootin someone irritating and im not talkin about a toy gun.
jon joN jON JON said…
so frosti u think making repetitive words means one eng sucks?? i think i jus read e most shallow statement.. dnt make us laugh.. jus do us a favour and get out.. else plss stop making lame statement unlike me... so 2 words.. GET LOST... come back if u think u're so thickskin n unsavoury.. as i said smaller vision smaller mind.. u and e stupid author of tis site both are as i mention.. u aint know anythng abt my personality so u're too quick to comment.. go out more often and get more streetwise instead of sittin at home. gettin a rolex aint got anythng to do wif personality.. another shallow part of ur thinking.. so jus get lost.. dnt be a follower of my post if u like to gif irrelavent comments.. grow up..
Anonymous said…
I'm just wondering what's the average age group of Xiaxue supporters? Younger than 20? Because in this game of sliming and bitching, the ones that are out to discredit your idol are much older than you...and better at this game. It doesn't matter a rat's shit how much you defend Xiaxue, it won't deter them.

And telling people to go away if they're not happy is only going to provoke more attacks. Grow up and strategise better, you fans.
JS`star said…
everyone really has the freedom to say whatever they want. shut your eyes and read only the good things then!
sean said…
Dear Wendy,

The weather is humid, do drink more water(mineral or plain). Stay away from sugared drinks, they only make you more thirsty. Stay well and hydrate,

Jolene said…
If there's a need to insult, let it be of quality.

Make yourself sound smart. Have a healthy argument with xiaxue if you need to do so when you don't agree with what she says.

What's the point of um, flaming her by insulting her physically?
And simply throwing all these curse words like they are the only words that exist in your vocabulary?

Very stupid I should say. Very stupid.
CyN said…
Aiyah. Everyone is blaming about the lack of humour. Since it's so 'humourous', just read, laugh abit & live the day happily loh.
zp said…
hey you should be glad that you don't sweat profusely under this horrid weather of ours. For some poor souls I know of, even a cool morning can make them sweat so much that they look as if they fell into the swimming pool. You much better off so juz be happy with what is around you now. =)
yunrui said…
boo! i happen to blog hop pass a blog lols.
joanna said…
To Jon,

Xiaxue is famous because she is true to herself. She does not advertise her blog inside other popular blogs. Like it or not, there are thousands out there who adore her.

Your style of writing isn't attractive at all. In fact, it is plain childish trying to diss her. If you wanna show that you are smarter than xiaxue, prove it by the way you blog. And do not piggyback your blog from hers to gain popularity of 100+ in 3 days?

You marvel at your own blog. In actual fact, i believe you are being ridiculed by more. Actions speak louder than words. Seriously, you need to grow up. It's pretty retarded to hide behind the scenes and insult others.

You are simply unhappy that XX can achieve such a high number of supporters while you, the miserable one, can't. Boohoo, that's so saddening right? Aww..

Am not really a fan of XX, but i feel that at least her blog is far more interesting than yours.

Just my two cents worth.
HaMz said…
Hey jon joN jON JON. You know what? i think you're in love with XiaXue ^^ I've seen your comments are getting more and more.
Ah... love is in the air ^^ trying to get her attention huh? ^^ good luck ya?
s. said…
haha..u're hilarious...but i like..=)
yeah man...i agree with being urself!!!
haz h said…
Why is everyone quarrelling over a post huh.. i can see both side of the argument and there is no need to get nasty what.. both point of view have some truth in it, it just depends on the person thinking it. Dfferent people different opinions what, so just respect each other's opinions alrite?!? sheesh.
First of all, i want to praise u for your excellent blog. You are not only really true to yourself but you also know how to express your feelings pretty well.
However, i don't think you understand what you are talking about. My girlfriend introduced your blog to me and she also told me that it was a funny blog. Now thinking back of her comment, i see it’s totally correct. What I can see from your blog is that it’s a funny girl who tries to entertain her readers by making fun of everything around her without really understanding it.

Let me point out some points for you. The proverbs themselves are great. However, sometimes people use them in inappropriate situations and to the wrong person.
More often than not, people who use them also don’t really understand them. Therefore, they will unintentionally make proverbs becomes meaningless and offend the listener.
"If the heart is calm it will naturally be cool(ing)". It’s correct that whatever you try to do, when it’s hot, your body will naturally feel hot. I suggest that there are some hidden meanings that you should understand in this proverb. Shouldn’t u be complaining about the person who uses the proverb inappropriately rather than complaining that the proverb is useless, nonsense? Imagine that you have just received your first kiss in Isetan and then you step out of Isetan at 12 noon during a hot summer day, will you really feel so hot at that point of time? Surely your mind cares nothing about the weather at that time. In this case it’s true that your heart is not “calm”, it’s “flooding” however I just want to tell that your feelings can be manipulated by your brain and also your heart in some ways.
Don’t be like a kid, trying to talk back to whatever you don’t like. Seriously, don’t complain about the proverbs because of the user’s mistakes hee hee

As for “relax lah”,
I agree that people use it too much nowadays. They use it in all the situations they like and somehow offend others. Some stupid guys also use that word to me when I am not so exciting, angry or aggressive at all and it also pisses me off. However, that word is extremely useful when you are arguing with other person, it’s a good signal for you to clam down and think about the situation clearer. Imagine that you are arguing with your boss and then you tend to become aggressive. Your boss tells you “relax lah”. How are you going to react? Without those words like that, what can we do to resolve that situation?

Be yourself
I suggest that this is a great proverb and it’s hard to be applied. It requires the knowledge from the speaker and also from the listener. Let’s think about it Xiaxue. Why do you start this blog and you know that you are not the first person who writes a blog? Are you following others when doing that? Imagine that you go to the shop with 10 of your friends and you want to buy a super nice yellow shirt and all of your friends tell you that the shirt sucks? What are you going to do?

Some of us always believe that we have perfect choice. We always do what we want to do, we are being ourselves. However, come to think of it, we sometimes can’t really be ourselves, we are sometimes affected by other factors with or without recognizing it.

Hope you won’t use your familiar rude words to me. Peace out!
sunny-saturdays said…
yeah i think everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions, so why not let's all be more open minded and just try to view the situation at different angles? isn't that a lot better than arguing for your own point of view? since wendy let people comment, then of course you all are welcome to post a comment, but please, express your views in a courteous and kind way, or you will offend people. cheers =)
Agree! Hotter can? Hope not. Am in SIN for a few days before heading out to BKK. And yah, it's hella hot! Ducking through malls just to enjoy brief aircon. Riding MRT and staying underground generally. Except for Clarke Quay MRT, why so hot? Like steam bath!

Glad to see that there are ppl here that feel the same way (HOT!). =P
ken said…
wow can tell the weather is hot in sg. all the flames popping everywhere just for this post... even some that don't relate to the topic...

one thing's for sure: you can't please the world. especially if you are a celebrity in your own right(not to say you are here to please anyone in particular).

ho hum...
Paul said…
Relax lah!
Sotong King said…
Expect a Star Wars fight
in a Star Whores site
That's why you need Jedi Knights
to keep order day and night!

Wholesome Sluts = Star Whores, ya?

From a Sotong King
To a SNOWtong Queen!
jamie said…
i like this blog per se. but its the comments from her "fans" that irritate me. what is this "people, stop your criticisms! do you know what a blog is? do you know what public speaking is all about? i... honestly don't think so..."

i also "honestly dont think so..." cuz people who want to criticise her are also doing some "public speaking."

and that includes criticisms.

fans tend to like something and then stand up for it without good reason. thats why you all are called fans.

do i make sense or not you crazy lovely fans.
frosti said…
I am not a fan of Xiaxue, Jamie.

I dont agree with her all the time. Her blog entertains me and I enjoy reading it. I dont take it seriously enough to criticise it. I dont scrutinise her english nor judge whether she is making a sweeping statement.

But if I have a burning urge to criticise, I do it politely. Just like when I disagree with a friend's view, I state my stand politely. I dont use words like "foolish", "your english sucks", "smaller vision smaller mind". Its like you want to pick a fight with someone. Nothing constructive and just being destructive.

I agree with you that public speaking should be free. But it shouldnt be allowed to fan hatred or spread ill feelings.

We can always criticise but do it politely. But I think that if you do not enjoy reading what she writes, you should not read it and make yourself angry. We read it because we enjoy it. Some ppl read it so that they can start flaming people because they enjoy irritating people. These ppl should just go away. They would normally be kicked or banned in a chat room. But unfortunately, this is a forum and such negative comments stay here.
Stop the flaming bloody now!

I found a pic of Xiaxue as YODA!
[saf]epitomic said…
May the Force be with you... familiar? Another rather popular greeting now haha :P
zaNEta said…
hey xiaxue. have you ever thought of having your own domain?
boey said…
everything about this post is indeed correct...but i do not agree with what you think about the "xing jing ze ran liang" one...its got abit of culture or somthing in or matter and all's real you know.....i watched it on tv...@_@
they just dont use brains that contained in their skull to think whatever they were saying. most singaporeans are the only on the superficial side of life. they are just losers who were born to labour for society. a tiny battery cell just to keep the earth working.
We here, in the United States, have an excellent saying. It's: "Shut the Fuck up".

I think you should use that, Wendy - In regards to all of the nasty people who leave their nasty little comments on your journal. You're fabulous and wonderful. And I adore you for it.
jamie said…
frosti, i said i enjoy what she writes what. anyway abt the whole criticising "but do so politely", xx used "loser" and "kuali face". so forum or not forum, blog or not blog, negative comments are negative comments.

honestly everyone should just write what they want because thats what xiaxue is doing too and not take offense because its not like someone punching you in the face.

its only words?

cut the diplomacy everybody! it is so last year. hah
Jazzal said…
there u go kick some ass . anyway . enjoyed it. Kick my blog sometime !! lol
Alicia said…
I think you're someone that Dr Spooner would call a "shining wit"!!!
njs said…

Guess actions speaks louder than words.

If the words unable to achieve the "cooling" effect. Probably the next best solution is just pour a bucket of water over the person head.

Not only is it a "stroke prevention" measure. But it also can be a fun way to start splashing water on each other. The wild wild wet way...

P.S.: This can be tricky if the person is a lady. Just spray a few droplets in that case and not a whole bucket of it. For modesty reason. ;-)
Mode said…
What's also annoying is when you ask someone for the time, and they reply with "time to get a new watch".
Anonymous said…
xia xue you rock! your entry damn funny la =)
peachie said…
lol guess people who don't understand the proverb (a personal fav of mine to piss others off XD) just aren't calm enough at heart~
Loey said…
Yes yes I so totally agree with the "xin1 jing4 zi4 ran3 liang3" thing. I mean, come on! I always tell my friends, the day my heart calms, I'm dead. That's the only reason we can cool down in Singapore without going into an aircon room (even the water at swimming pools are warm. -urgh-)
And ah-ha, the stupid tiger time thing. I can't believe it is still happening.
babe said…
wendy cheng fat without make up!
she actuali took out my comment post n another person's cos of this.. omg! u r ugly
hey wendy and adrian....

sorry bout publishing the link to the bintan pics...didnt think it would get such negatively rude responses...

really, no malice intended....
Istvan Paul said…
Re: Your latest entry at June 08

In case you haven't realised, you're vividly describing yourself in that entry. And you're right in thinking about revamping your web design. It sucks. And the MP is right in saying you're ugly, though it's no big torture to talk about. It's a truth waiting to be accepted
xiaxuepussy said…
fucking boring............................................................................................................................................................................(are you pussy going to delete it for the 4th time??) whahahaha!
sk8erpuss said…
hi hi





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