shTruckload of Photos!

Just pics, lots and lots of my pics, to celebrate my new-found camera!!

The LAST...

Of my fair-skinned and long-eyelashed photos...

My lashes are REAL! Stop accusing me.

Nice right my Ikea lights?
Look like thoughts coming out of my head!

I love my M.A.C lipstick and Prescriptives lipgloss!

Spot of acrylic paint on skirt. Tsk.

Nice? Hui Fen helped me buy from US!
Only $105, and we are selling in SG at $180! Very bling bling!

Suddenly, I decided I am very sick of how I look and decided to go for drastic changes! First, a hair dye.

Yikes, the black! Still, a good hair day. =)
Kimage - $26 by students.


Still look very boring ...

I SHALL GO TAN!!! And highlight my hair blonde! Unfortunately, I also went to perm my eyelashes, and it got depressingly frayed at the ends, so I cut them off. =(

Yay!!! I look different!

Blogder Ginger bought me a birthday present to be collected from the M.A.C counter!
Shuyin holds it for me.

Bronzer! So nice of herrrrrrrrrrrr!!

And this is how much tanner I have gotten.
In case you are thinking why there is a line above the gstring tanline, I was tanning with a rather high-waist normal bikini bottom at first.

*sobs* Such a gorgeous tan, and it belongs to me!!! And it is almost free!

Just in time ...

For my CNA interview with Melvin Yong on 360 Degrees! It was live, and I didn't know, so I didn't ask you guys to watch ...

Adrian says he would like to clarify that the following photos are edited by me, and he is not approving (but I forced him anyway)to have them up here and he is not a model (per se).

After twirling his hair I forced him to take a photo of a smoldering spoof shot of how vapid male models always look.

Too funny to let go.


Went out with Kelvin, Colin, Adrian and Hui Fen...

Wah lau, Shuyin's book... And I look weird here, somehow.

The fellow who put the book there:

Pretend only.

KM8's sentosa party! With Eileen Wee and Tan, and Adrian and some others...

I swear I will never be willingly fair again.
The guy like trying very hard to buy Ginny a drink. Haha!

Ginny and Eileen (Tan)

In the middle of the VIP tentage, they set up a small pool.

The gorgeous Angmohs inside are almost too good to be true!

BUT... The water is damn murky.
Sex? You bet.
If you get impregnated inside, you wouldn't even know who it belongs to.

Pity the picture turned out blur. After sharpening it looks grainy.
My two favourite Eileens!

For Shuyin's birthday we (that is Weili, Wanyi and I) bought her this:

Just as I was walking out of Guess in Taka, I saw ... and decided ...

To bluff her!

We bought her a disgusting default Perlini's pendant with a little heart or something as disgusting...

And also!

Cheap $1.90 stars from Popular!

I tell you, when she open the gross present she confirm will cry! It is too gross to be true! But in the end I think she managed to guess that we are bluffing her. Pui. Don't know how to act is it.

This is what she saw when she turned to the back of the card ...

Haha! We are actually very nice to her!

I bought a shitload of retro-coloured papers (she likes all the bright colours) to make her card, and printed out her name in a nice, computer font.

Wah lan, the S very difficult to write. And no, I didn't trace that (such thick paper, trace my ass), and it IS written free-hand.

Add colour!

Fill it up and add glitter!

Happy birthday mei nu!! Although this is very, very, very late. =)


Anonymous said…
What a sweet and thoughtful friend you are! That's a lovely card u made for Shuyin :D
Piggy said…
why do u said ur pretty ??? too confident said you're pretty. you are not sexy girl, so pity ur.

stop you blog...trash..
daydreamer said…
Hairy forearm with nice watch. Hairy forearm girl is very sensual and sensual is the person. That's what most say.
Click here see picture
flipflop said…
i think u look like linda liao in the first few pics.
bUttsH4k3r said…

does the bloke on the far left look like he's got a bikini tan line? FUCK'S SAKE! HE WORE A BIKINI TO GET A TAN?!

and erm. your hair aint looking so different. honest.
Suzanne Chen said…
haha buttshaker is so observant..
anyway, just wanna say the card u made for ur fren shuyin really looks pretty. and really envious! u seem to be having so much fun!!!
SPG said…
More photos! Interview 2! Xiaxue in Zbow scans are up HERE!
nadnut said…
the card u made for shuyin is so nice! wat font is tat?
Jane said…
You have a naval piercing?
rEbElli0us-bLUe said…
The pictures u took with ur 2 friends are taken at? haha.. looks like a nice place to me. That place is totally cool! u look really good too.. pretty sexy. Do u have a tongue piercing?
Pangy said…
You need to set red-eye reduction on your camera, woman..
Zagary said…

But once after 21st birthday, time will move very fast. In a jiffy, it will be 22,23,24,25......

Jolene said…
i love the card:) and thanks for sharing the tips:) sort of like a step by step.

and great pics!! it's been too long since u posted up a pics only entry(your bday bash entry is a classic, so it doesn't count)
Gabrielle said…
why don;t u try buying self tan lotions? it works better and it won't damage ur skin so badly.
Irene said…
Hey, how come you didnt get a pink watch? Cuz my fren got the exact same one, but its in PINK!

Anyhows, the watch is PRETTY! =D
JS`star said…
i want a tan too. =( i bask and bask and bask in the glorious sun only to come out looking like i just went moonlight bathing. unfairness. haa
nice top u haf for the CNA interview. lovely? can i steal some fashion tips from u like where u bought dat from?

i must say besides ur photoshop skills u r great in ur make up skills too huh? but i tink it wil b gd to b au naturale .. is a tad too much on e face ya? i m sure u still look great w.o makeup.

besides u dun need so much make up to a beach club, do u?

anyway thks 4 e great pics once again n i hope i din remember wrongly? where's eileen perky butt?
aaaapril said…
Ahh. sweet. =)
monkeyking said…
@ piggy
"why do u said ur pretty ??? too confident said you're pretty. you are not sexy girl, so pity ur.

stop you blog...trash.."

Stop drinking haterade! ...dun hate the playa, hate the game girl.
Alovefororange said…
No wonder my IE took so long to load. SO many photos. Nice pictures though. Kinda looked the same before and after. And the pic which u captioned Yay i looked different! looks kinda strange... ... No offence though.
ryikr,. said…
The card that you made for your friend is very nice. You look so pretty in the pictures.I notice that you do put on eyeliner, am i right? Does it smudge when you wear it out for a day? Please advice. Thanks!
rain said…
Gorgeous Guess watch you bought for Shuyin!! Love it!!!
acwt said…
Well, well.... never thought u stayed so close to my place.... hmmm....
Brad said…
I'm REALLY glad you found your camera now.
BS said…
Hey! u loss quite a bit of weight eh? nice pictures :)
pooh said…
Photoshop or no Photoshop, you look undeniably breathtaking. Your flawless skin, is it genes or you have some special skin product? I wish I had skin like yours.

I like your GUESS Anniversary watch although I wonder why didn't you pick the pink one instead.
Also, its so nice of you to buy your friend Shu Yin a watch-now I want a friend that buys me watches! :)

The picture where the guy is trying really hard to buy your friend a drink is PRICELESS. XD

Lydia from
pooh said…
Ooh, I just spot some grammatical errors!

*..where the guy is...*

replace it with

*..where the guy was...*
Joanne said…
ah, bish bash mish mash the rest, you look great XX.

love the carmen electra thumbs-ready-to-pull-down-your-jeans pose.

and yes, there is a massive difference with your hair (dye addicts like me would know). great tan, i also want to copy you!

and yeah, you've definately melted the pounds away. share lei, i also want to copy you!

Lionel said…
First time commenting here...

Don't be bother by what others said. This world ain't perfect without them.

Cheers to your interesting life.
oceanskies79 said…
It's so nice of you to make a card for your friend. Did anyone tell you that you are very artistic? You write the "S" and the other letters very nicely.
Anonymous said…
Love all ur pics. The one where u hv ur thumbs in ur jeans waistband, that pic reminds me of the Colombian singer Shakira. You look great. Sexy...

Looking forward to more photos. Btw, where's eileen's perky butt pic?
heyzel said…
Tiger said…
Been reading your blog since last yr but 1st time commenting. must say you are really creative. keep it up.
Dexter Huang said…
That's sweet!! i mean the sexy babes...not forgetting that present too.. ^^
june said…
pooh, I spotted some grammatical mistakes too.

*I just spot some grammatical*

replace it with

*I just spotted some grammatical*

devilinme said…
For the first few close-up pics i think u should go easy on the pink eye shadow. That's like overdoing it.

By the way, do u like the movie
"Legally Blonde"?
Seeing your pics kinda remind me of it.
Amelyn said…
Hello XiaXue! Amelyn here! Its been long since i've post on ya site.. Love your new look definitely girl.. Real Sexy.. i mean it :) anyway there's a pic which u said tt u look weird? Well i think u look really sweet in that pic with ur hair tied like this. anyway what's tt lovely colour of MAC lipstick are u using? It looks damn good on you
kwan_jess said…
i decided to leave comment after lurking around ur blog.
just want to tell you u look so cool tanned.
Fair skinned kinda make u look ah-lian
pure T.O.N.E. said…
not sure if you'll see this.. but you are prolly too bz anyways.. just to comment on a blog i finally find commendin.. well your seem to ahve a flair for the creative side of the world..and the script done on paper.. raegardless of how done or who done.. is really damn good.. adn you see to have a wat with makind the shuqin stand out..its been nice..
KC said…
If you look at the picture of the pool party in the tentage... you can see the guy on the left side... WTH? He's got bikini tan lines!!!!
Adi said…
Ginny got nice boobs.
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