Monday, June 27, 2005

As the bulk of you already know, yeah la, that overexposed (who am I to say people hahaha) Kenny Sia is in town!

As a matter of fact, I am such a lazy and untimely blogger that as I write this, people's red-boxered ass is already back in Kuching.

Who cares? As I told Kenny, he is a chao buaya and he doesn't need me to write about him coz all the other girls are doing that.

Actually, I am quite annoyed. As you all know, I've never been very active in the erm, supposed 'blogging community'.

I've been blogging since I was 18 (thats 3 years ago), when mrbrown was still known for his SNEs and Mr Miyagi was nowhere famous yet.

I've always acknowledged the presence of other bloggers but to me, they are but just strangers who got famous doing the same thing as me. You can say I think they are people who seem very far away from me and my life; I wouldn't think of, say, meeting up with them and being friends forevermore.

I understand that Brown and Ben were classmates in ACS, so it is only right they are so close now. But I don't see why, just because of a common habit, the other bloggers all band together to have gatherings, kiss each other, and become sudden steadfast friends leh?

I mean, if I do happen to meet some blogger and I think we get along very well, then yes, I'd be friends with the person, but it is most certainly not because we both blog!

I told Kenny this, and he said at least, to make friends, you have a common liking for something (which is, yawn, blogging). Huh? Excuse me, I don't think that makes sense. HOW MANY THOUSAND PEOPLE BLOG? Why must you only make friends with the fellow semi-famous bloggers? Why not make friends with the 14-yr-old pimply teen who blogs too, just coz she bLoGzXs?

And back to what I am annoyed at.

I've always been blogging, MYSELF, AS AN INDIVIDUAL, and suddenly, I found myself to be part of a 'blogging community' just because I am a blogger (and a well-known one at that)!

I met Kenny because we have been talking on MSN, we get along fine, and I do want to see how he looks like in real life, but on so many blogs I am labelled as "one of the females bloggers who were swamping over Kenny".


Even worse, poor Shuyin and Wanyi are labelled as Xiaxue's gang too, when they were only nice enough to accompany me on the trip to Hideout. (I only went there coz Kenny was there, not because I trying very hard to join that "community")

I had laughter spasms as Ting introduced Shuyin as Lalalabom. WAHAHHAHHA OR IS IT POM? MACHIAM IRC GATHERING AH! (Nothing against Ting, she did the correct thing at that moment because the bloggers were all introduced by their blog names)

As I stepped into that place, I realised that everyone there were bloggers (except this drunk chao ah neh who struck his face damn close to mine to ask me to take a photo with him). And then there were scandals involving blogger-blogger relationships, and who don't like who and so on.

Well, well, surprise surprise! Some of the girls there don't like me! Mind you, they don't even know me, just a conclusion they have from my blog. I don't care - they weren't in my life, they wouldn't be now, and I don't even read their blogs! Their opinions of me don't matter jackshit to me.

Hiyah I don't know lah. I wouldn't want other bloggers to ostrasize me or anything; I am just blogging out my views on this matter. They, of course, have a right to make new friends with each other. It just slightly puzzles me.

For example, I can make friends in my pottery classes (not me, I don't take those! But Wong does!), because we can both now make fat pots together right? (Even so, it seems loserish to be like so desperate to make friends.)

[ps: Wong says pottery is not loserish, and she bets I cannot make pots as lovely as hers, and also that I wrote this paragraph coz I am obviously not happy over her duaing me today, and also that I am just jealous she never make any pots for me]

But blogging! Blogging is so diversified (meaning if we both blog it doesn't mean we have common interests: A politics blogger is as different as you can get from a sex blogger), and most importantly, BLOGGING IS A SOLITARY ACTIVITY! So it is quite pointless to make friends with other bloggers, just because they blog! I mean, then how, take photo of each other, take out laptop, and then blog together??!

I know some people are gonna say I am contradicting myself because I am friends with Kenny, and of course my fellow editors of Tomorrow. Let me make myself clear: I am friends with them because I get along with these people, not because they are bloggers! Yes, we got to know each other through blogging, but whether or not I remain friends with them is not blogging related.

(If you claim that other bloggers might also be stating that reason, then explain how it is possible for a group of ten odd people who HAPPEN TO LIKE EACH OTHER to ALL BLOG and also ALL HAVE RELATIVELY WELL-KNOWN, BUT NOT QUITE, BLOGS.)

Right, enough of that topic. Please stop labelling me as one of them Singapore's female bloggers. I am Wendy Cheng Yan Yan Xiaxue da mei nu and I'd rather be an individual by myself. *smiles*

Alrighty! People who don't know the blogosphere well (thats me!) wouldn't have any idea what I am talking about at all. So back to photos! =)

Wooh scary! Remember to buy next month's Maxim! We went to a ghost tour and took photos!

This is just one of the many pictures... I was sitting on this bathtub, and I didn't realise the walls were like that until I uploaded the photo. Almost jumped out of my beautiful tanned skin!

MY NEW BOYFRIEND!! His head is a bit big though, but I still love him.

Guess what movie Shuyin and I watched! It was good! Jay's so cute... Except for the long part where he started crying in the car. It was damn fake acting can?! I kept laughing.

Wah lau this one damn buay paiseh one, go and stick her face at Jay's face. -_- Pui! And somemore dare to look so zhan zhan zi xi.

My lovely colourful bangles!!

Great Singapore SALE!! We bought so many things, including my lipstick in this scary photo! It is a deep red colour. I love it!

What's your favourite fruit in the world? MANGO! With a sale! I bought this pair of jeans (left) which I originally wanted to buy at like, $79 but didn't. IN THE END ONLY $36!! How cool is that?!

Tank tops from Fox, $12 each!

Us at NYDC


And my other boyfriend... =)

Shuyin stayed over at my place after that... We met Wanyi after going to a metro warehouse sale.

On our way to Hideout!

You there, you! You who are quizzically asking why I put up such a blur shot! I did it because only absurdly cool cameras can do that! Isn't it amazing how, ahem, there is art in everything? (Quote from Kenny, defending his blur shot of a solitary Singaporean Teh Peng when I tried to delete it)

Sometimes, I also think we take for granted very Singaporean things. What if one day our MRTS are all abolished? Wouldn't we miss the stupid No Eating sign? (As seen in the photo)

What if one day the blind busker at the Orchard underpass passes away? *touch wood* Who defines Orchard road anymore? He has always been there since Orchard Road was known to me when I was a teen.

I think the underpass would be so lonely and quiet and horrible without his singing (not that his singing is very nice la actually). I wouldn't give money to the basker taking over his place (though I never gave money to him also la).

And yes, Wanyi taking a photo of me on the MRT as I take a photo of her.

We reach Hideout and...

Bloggers galore~! My boys! Gimme more boys, now!!

Legs more famous, but arms also very hairy. KNN! OH MY GOD! What happened? Why are my arms hairy now also! Stupid Kenny infected me!

Shit, I've got very lame Kenny jokes! You wanna listen? Ok you don't have a choice:

What do you call a person who really, really looks like Kenny?



Who killed Kenny? NOT CARTMAN! It is Kilkenny! Okok super lame. I got a lot of Jack jokes also, you wanna hear?

What is Jack's favourite fruit?
What's Jack's favourite exercise?
Where is Jack? (3 answers)
What's Jack's favourite toy?
What is Jack's occupation?
What is Jack's favourite game at the casino?
What is Jack called when he is being anal?
What's Jack's pet called?

Ok answers!

Jumping Jacks
At the bottom of the hill, in a box, on the beanstalk
Jacking off
Jack in the box

FUNNY BOH! All original ok! You just keep springing these questions to any of your friends called Jack and they confirm will go crazy!

The star of the night. Which is me! Coz I am a xing xing! *Shines with all my might*

Shine! (One hugeass photo)

I am a star and only stars can get Kenny Sia (!) to massage their feet for them! (*Just kidding, he was checking for feet ulcurs for me, and removing some corn.)

The more observant blogders will also realise that my Marine Parade pedicure, which is super long ago, is still there, fine! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

Please go do your pedicure there now, it is ridiculous how long the polish lasts.

Zhang Shuyin's jacket (omg jack-et! Another jack joke!) nice or not! It is mine! But I look horrible in it somehow. Sigh, we so pretty...

Kenny doesn't like Wanyi... Don't tell Wanyi, but Kenny say she a bit smelly. SHEESH! I tell you don't tell Wanyi already hor!

He say Shuyin smells ok, but he doesn't know it is because I bathed her that previous night she stayed over. She refused to bathe then she smelly until Cloudy fainted. I stepped on him coz I thought Momo bought a new high-class carpet, then he squealed and woke up, to promptly faint again as Shuyin's pungent odour filled his black nostrils.

Wait... Is it just me, or did Kenny put blusher?

What is this man trying to do?

WAH! Got one siao extra spoil the moment!!!! (She was lying down when the other photo was taken, then she suddenly sit up)

Never mind, can photoshop her away.

Does he love me or what? *blushes* I think I see true love...