Thursday, June 30, 2005

How to nab a CLK driver

Who doesn't like convertibles? WHO?! NOBODY! What's there not to like? Ok, there is the fact that the rain might get on your head, or bird shit... And then it IS a wee bit more dangerous, but these are things we don't pick on. Let's face it, every girl is materialistic. Even to a small small extent.

Putting your dainty foot out of the car, telling the world an eligible man drives you, simply shiok!

If I give you a choice, between two guys... They are both the same person, except one is rich, and the other poor, who'd you choose? Same looks, same character, OF COURSE THE RICH ONE RIGHT? Tsk tsk... Materialistic, vain, superficial... WORDS! Just words people throw at me! Losers throw me these words, coz they know they cannot get an absolutely perfect girl like me! *tosses hair in a thoroughly irritating manner*

Because it rules to be materialistic, I shall teach every girl to nab their own CLK driver!

You can change CLK to Ferrari, or even a Bentley, of course. My method works, EVERYTIME.

Disclaimer: Spelling error on 2nd picture, I know. Accident. And this entry is supposed to be a joke... Of course I am not materialistic. Didn't I always say I love lumberjacks and fishermen? Kelvin is not my boyfriend, he is Ann's!

If you know her you can go ask her how to nab a CLK driver, haha!! I know I look very extra in the photo (Shuyin say I look like ah gua) but Kel forced me to be inside.

The CLK photos were taken at my estate after Kel drove me (and Shuyin, thon-ing my place again) home after Mambo, in a spurt of boh liao-ness! Funny not?

Credits: Kelvin for being sporting enough to do this stupid blog entry for me, and of course for driving me home... Shuyin for taking photos and also giving ideas for captions and design. Ann for lending me her boyfriend and waiting so patiently!

Today I met June and Clara for a super belated birthday celebration for June!! I miss that siao charboh so much, she finally came back from Perth for Summer hols!

Yay!! =)


Clara covering her face coz the meanie June say she fat!

I hate skinny people like June.

Finally getting the my buncha poly friends together! See, we took this Neoprint in year 2002:

Straight hair! No editing!

And we decided (ok fine, I decided) to retake the photo and see how much each of us grew:


Better! Show you the process!

Conclusion is that everyone are still da mei nus! We were xiao mei nus now we are DA MEI NUs!! Yay!

We proceed to Mambo!

June loves all the bengs. See how happy she is?

Shuyin lagi happier, coz got one ah pek squeeze her ass and she secretly likes it.

Hen mei!! (My photoshop skills damn good also lah... heehee...)