It suddenly hit me

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Today I went over to my gramps' place to have dinner with them, and this uncle was staring at me.

It suddenly occurred to me that he might have recognised me from yesterday's edition of Wanbao.

And it also suddenly occurred to be that this is no laughing matter.

What would my relatives think if they saw that article?

I didn't take any nude photos, and I don't deserve the repercussions of that kind of action. I just didn't realise the consequences of being accused of something like that. (I had a fleeting glimpse of how horrible SPG must be feeling now, but at least she asked for it.)

Mommy and I had a quarrel just now as I was the one who called Wanbao up, and I let matters rest after they said they will put up an apology, without asking how big the apology will be.

Mommy said I should have let her handle the matter, and that the size of the apology is far too puny for anybody to fucking read it. She said she'd demand half a page. I should have let her, as I think she can be a lot fiercer.

The apology was around the height of your middle finger. =(

"This kind of thing is very serious you know, girl!" Momo screamed at me. "You are accused of taking nude photos! You have a reputation and a career to think of ok!"

And it hit me like a tsunami, the issue's seriousness.

But there is nothing to be done now...

Poor, poor me. Very innocent one leh, why suddenly pull me into the picture. I never take naked photos, really. It wasn't me. It was her... We're all bloggers but very different ones...


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