Marine Parade Fun!

I was approached to go for a sponsored tour of the new Marine Parade Central!

Well it is like this: Marine Parade Central is quietly undergoing a transformation, and instead of the quaint, dreary place it used to be, it will evolve into an exciting hub for health, beach and outdoor products and services, being a 7 min walk from the East Coast Park. The shops will all work hard to cater to the younger crowds and new customers!

Because I'd be doing the community a service by introducing goodies to my readers and also because I am a cheapo, I pulled Shuyin along to examine some of the shops around there. After all, I think it is somewhat unfair that most people only go to the downtown shops, which are far over-priced. There are gems to be discovered in the heartlands too.

Of course, only some shops are participating in the Great Singapore Sale, and here we go!


Tang Shan Chinese Medical Hospital Pte Ltd
@Blk 86, #01-670

The place is very big, and spanking new!

The medical hall. They sell Chinese herbs and also things like Deer whip (hmmm, very long and skinny) and sea horses! hahaha...

Upon stepping in we realised that it is not only a medical hall but also the only Chinese Medical Hospital in Singapore, with doctors from China coming in.

In conjunction with the GSS, the shop is offering FREE foot baths for everyone (weekdays only)! They can have 18 chairs at one time, so go! Good for sore feet after a lot of shopping, hee...

A big picture of me holding the medicine box. I am only putting this pic up coz I think I look nice in it. Did I already mention I love my tan? Ok, I did, a million times. Don't understand why I spent 20 years avoiding the sun. *ditsy look* =D

Ooooh! The water is damn hot ok!! Shuyin managed to put her feet in after a while, but I had to request for colder water. Very lousy.

We thought the foot bath was it, but ...

There is reflexology! It is my first time doing it.

My reflexologist said my calves look very fat (hmpf!) because I have water retention. He then proceeded to push my muscle-line along my calf, and I tell you, in contrast Brazilian waxing feels almost heavenly.

There. Shuyin, who was surviving her foot-rub with ease had fun taking pics of me alternating between pain and laughing convulsions. She laughed at me! BITCH!!!

I would have smacked my reflexologist with the chinese medicine box and left in a jiffy, but he pacified me to stay by saying my legs will get thinner, he promise.

It seems he is right! I was skipping in glee (not really, pain lah) until he said must maintain and do often or it will come back.

Shuyin's reflexologist was good and predicted very well, from her feet, what ailments she has.

Mine said my kidneys, intestines, and heart are failing me. Oh dear.

The aftermath of the massage is damn shiok.

For GSS period,
+$23 for 10-15mins Footbath & 40mins Foot Reflexology (Usual price @$29)
+ $33 for 10-15mins Footbath & 60mins Foot Reflexology (Usual price @$39)
+$38 for Whole Body Massage 45mins (Usual price @$45)
+$18 for Neck/Shoulders/Back Massage (Usual price @$23)

Next up, after making feet happy must make stomach happy lah! DESSERT!

@Blk 82, #01-622

A small shop selling all sorts of traditional, and not-so-traditional dessert, like Sesame paste, peanut paste and tang yuans. Cheap, and difficult to find such stores nowadays, so Shuyin and I went in in a rather embarrassingly fast manner.

We ordered Steamed egg custard, Gingko barley with tang yuans (your choice of sesame, or peanut), and Black glutinous rice.

Wo men bu ke qi le hor...

With the young boss Agnes! Her family, who owns the business, wakes up at 4am to make the dessert (her mom does the recipes), in which all ingredients are all self-made. I.e the yam paste is pounded by real yams, etc. Very healthy...

Proof it is good!

Shuyin agrees! Seriously speaking, I really like the steamed egg thing. It'd be my creme brulee anyday! I wanna go back...

Prices range from $1.50 to $4.00.
For the GSS period, Tues to Fri from 2 to 5pm, Green Bean Soup with Sweet Potato for 50cents! Cheap!

Note: Closed on all Mondays!

3rd stop: PET SHOP!! Oh my gosh I am so excited, the place is super big lah! It is 3 units across and sells all sorts of pets.

Sam's Pet & Aquarium Pte Ltd
@Blk 82, #01-606/608/610

The place has fishes, birds, cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters and the like, and all sorts of pet products and even books!

One bigass arowana. It has a super arrogant face, like "tiao-ing" you. I'd be too if I am worth ... I don't know, $20,000 or something?

Very big. When he flaps his tail, a small tsunami hits the parrot fishes, or whatever those are.

So cute, it is in the chimney!


Baby Golden retriever

Shih Tzu! So cute, it's lying there like carpet! I couldn't control myself and asked to carry it. Wrong move, however.

When the person approached he got into a frenzy and started to hop quite madly.

You know, I reckon I have a good idea how the pictures in The Ring got distorted. Hahaha

Bunnies bunnies!

Netherland dwarfs! Absolutely adorable! They are so small. I wonder if the glass tastes good?

Ball of fluff!

Can someone please buy it for me? $200 like that. I don't think Cloudy will eat it up lah hor, it is so cute...

We visted a confectionary next.

Chyn Nonya Cakes
@Blk 82, #01-614

Although its style is traditional, its products are not so. We saw many new innovations for different breads and the cakes look like a lot of efforts went into designing them.

I love such cake shops, the smells that waft out of them always remind me of my grandparents.

Nice hor the designs? Come to think of it I wonder who makes the default "Happy Birthday" sign sticks. Must be making a lot of money, it's a monopoly.

Shin Chan's head got bra!

Although Shuyin and I both have *ahem* near perfect eyesight, we bravely stepped into an optical shop.

Ming Optique
@Blk 82, #01-602

The boss, who has been an image consultant in Orchard for 9 years, imports many groovy glasses. =D

What you think of the complementary colours?

Shuyin is a teacher. (Psst: Match the bittergourd bangle, though she insist it is a flower)

I handsome not?

I think we are damn bo liao hahaha...

+ Progressive/varifocal lens at special price $180 with normal prescription range only (Usual price @$260)
+ 50% discount on selected models (green & yellow tags)

I tried happy flower wedges at Grace Fashion @Blk 82, #01-620! We didn't really take much photos there though, but I must put this up! Got shiny legs from the reflexology!

Last but not least, this is what we liked the most: Nails!

Jin Qian Fu Beauty Nail
@Blk 81, #01-628

Once again, a spanking new place. Lovely red chairs for pedicures, and many cheaper-than-usual services.

We shall now embark upon checking out the manicurists' skills...

First a manicure!

I thought it would be one of those paint-and-done-with-it things, but no! It was a full manicure of cutting the cuticles, a damn good hand massage and all... plus my manicurist is very immaculate and nice.

And the results:

I love it! The paint is darn good, I went to Bintan and back, and with all the rock-climbing and stuff it didn't even come off one bit. Think it's usual price is $20 for the full works.


Oh bliss, bliss. Two foot massages in two days.

She does the art for me. Very, very pretty!

Shuyin's one also darn nice. Looks fake even!

+FREE orange juice with the full set service*
+$38 for full set manicure & pedicure (Usual price $50)

Sigh. What a fruitful day.

p/s: Want phone numbers and more details? You can download the GSS file here!

p/p/s: Isn't it great being a reader? Get freshly squeezed orange juice if you are the first 100 to turn up at the shops I featured! Just show proof that you read my site, like showing a printed copy of the entry. =)


bexarkub said…
girls day out! i love it :) you look like you had a fun time shopping, and you look fab as well!!! keep up the good work on your blog! (big fan in lonon aka bexarkub)
Etonian said…
Nice shopping day. Looking good as well.
J Schnorng said…
eh? i thought you were disabling comments or something.

nevermind lah, at least like this i can ask questions, like how you got sponsored, and what they sponsored you with? power or not?

jyh said…
wow. Look like you did have a nice day. Gotta drop by there to check it out too. Thanks for this post.
Missy V said…
Didnt know there were so many cool stuff there. Thanks for the info.

Love your tan btw
Ms Gia Gia said…

Nice tan..
Hey hey...what happened in the previous comments? something happened? I left a "stupid" the last post.

By the way...this "babe" girl is so annoying. How on earth did she get the Bintan Pictures anyway? Maybe its someone XX knows.
Razlan said…
That's a great post XX. Will definitely visit MP from now on - for the foot reflexology! Shiok!

To that babe. First she posted a link to her blog, and then make an insulting comment. What, think we are too stupid to know your trick to get people to your blog and leave "bad" comments?

You must be thinking we are that thick. LOL.

Insult, insult la. No need to leave your blog URL. Tasteless.

XX, sorry hor. I know it is exactly ppl like me (rabbit? troll?) that you want to disable comments, but this babe *tsk*
Neo said…
Seems like you have enjoyed yourself alot from the Nice pictures and writeup you posted up. Thanks for the updates! :)
Madame Mahima said…
thank you for finally showing people that MARINE PARADE IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!
btw - was 'hitchikers..' that bad!?!!?!?! im thinking twice about watching it now...i absolutely LOVED the book..but it looks like im in for a disappointment..theyve completey bastardized the movie. blah.
- littlest said…
oh ya.. the sam's pet @ marine parade.. the arowana, an american wanted to buy it from the owner for USD 88888. but the owner did not want to sell it cos the owner had it since the opening of sam's pet around all singapore.
divine said…
sheesh! u making shopping in the heartland so fun, and i must say, the mani and pedicure was fantabulous! i now have the urge to fly back 7 hours just to go enjoy a day like a lady of leisure.. a pity people here don't enjoy life like it is in Singapore..
sad thought.. i miss all of it..
Have to go back! and to go to Marine Parade especially!
Raine said…
thanks for all the great recommendations.. do you have to have the telephone number for the mani and pedi place?
OysterKia said…
Yo babe i dont seem to understand you.Xiaxue has already said a dozen times before that she uses photoshop.Is your brain so crappy that it cant seem to process that point?
bunzilla said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ken said…
uh don't bother giving -that- person any attention.

and uh yeah... i want one of them furry balls of fur too...

and i can't believe the shop owners let you take all those photos in their shops. LOL...
bunzilla said…
all these while i have been a zipped-silent reader but it's the stupidity of SOME people which simply leaves me fuming at the mouth and at times my asshole

1) whether wendy post her holiday pictures or not, it's her life. she is not a public object whose life has to be displayed for us DOUBLE DUH~!

2) If you think it's wendy's looks that keeps us coming back to this site, your deduction skills or in simple english your ability to analysis is very questionable

*a porno site, this is not*

3) anyway I don’t care what wendy looks like becuz I don’t wank to her pictures HAHA.. ok lah.. what right do you have to criticize how other people look when a) you don’t look like a beauty queen yourself 2) people have no control over their looks

I promise if you write funnier stuff, I will go and read your blog k? Don’t be jealous k publicity hungry babe.

disclaimer: sorry to make use of precious space. promise to do this only ONCE in awhile
kasing said…
TO babe, may i clarify sth, we dun visit her blog cuz of her looks thnx...erm at least i don't
Xiaxue said…
Babe, or lack thereof,

Wanna spam? Go ahead, I have all day to delete. In case you haven't noticed, I do post up ugly photos of myself (though it is difficult as I am quite perfect) from time to time.

Ben "pSyk" Koh said…
love the second hamster pictures. long time since i had a hamster.

nice post!
.:.wanyin.:. said…
wow this is so cool ! how did you get sponsored ? they sponsored all your expenses ?
Unknown said…
I wanna go there!!!!!!!
chris.sam said…
Shuyin's nails are darn nicely done. Love the purples.
KIMaster said…

During the interlude between being triple penetrated in the ass by your father and having pineapples inserted into your pussy by your mother, you create fucktard websites with Down's Syndrome spelling making fun of a random Internet persona you will never meet.

Jesus Christ, I've occasionally posted insulting comments on this blog, but creating a website for this specific purpose and repeatedly spamming the comments section makes you a more pathetic human being than the homosexual, bastard offspring of Rosie O'Donnell's turds and Michael Jackson's urine.

babe, your parents have grandfather's cane ready to perform a full cavity search on you. They're calling. Go to them.

By the way, I recently acquired a modicum of respect for XiaXue;

She was the genius behind the funniest Maddox Halloween picture imaginable.

I love you Xiaxue, even if you are vertically challenged and optically unappealing.
nadnut said…
hey... i wanna try the foot massage but do they speak english? coz i know some places only speak chinese and i cant get them to understand me :(
mysterysky said…
u look nicer and more gentle in fairer skin.. the tan makes u look like a malay gal..
Xiaxue said…
Nad: I think they will understand you! To be safer though, go with a Chinese friend. =)
Sotong King said…
Gee Wendeeeee....,


Familiar with the territory. Very neat and tidy. Has to be. That's the SM's turf, babe.

I kinda like your gal-next-door look. Out of 10, I'll give you 8.88. 8.881 and above belongs to the fairies. Hehe. :)

Quote: I.e the yam paste is pounded by real yams,

Har? They use a yam to pound another yam to make the yam paste? Er... Which yam gets turned into a paste -- the 1st or 2nd yam!?

Quote: Mine said my kidneys, intestines, and heart are failing me.

He didn't mention your complexion, lips, eye lashes, brains or er.... your shiny calves, so most probably he is onto something.

Sotong King

P.S. Wow! NO 4-letter words decorating your masterpiece this time round. That's why I read it from beginning to end without wearing sunglasses. What a relief... :) Geee... I'm beginning to like you again. :)
Jakob said…
Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree with Sotong King about not needing sunglasses. I wanted Wendy's site, but instead I ended up at, and immediately whipped out the specs and the lotion... Wendy, where are you? Come back soon - we need you!
"No need to fear the wind if you wear nice panties"
nadnut said…
thanks babe! will go try it out. my legs been aching!
littlearty said…
Wah, make me wish I'm back in Singapore. Heh...:D anyway, u were saying u wanna update ur media section awhile ago? ehem...*wink* so that people overseas can get a chance to see too
Unknown said…
what's wrong with looking malay?
. said…
hi..i enjoyed reading all ur blogs and i just wana ask you how did u did all ur research on the cabbie girl? cos i actually really wanted to get some information about a person that i'm searching for very long and i hope that u can help offence though..thanks!
Mangler said…
you're REALLY pretty

but of course you already know that
cheryl said…
Hey, was wondering, how on earth did you get so tan? I mean, its all the sun's job?

I tried getting tanner too ! but it doesnt work at all. pffft.

thepattycakes said…
Hullo XX,

I don't usually post *coughs* suck *coughs* up comments although I do read your blog... Ha ha.

You do indeed look prettier with your tan! And reading your blog made my day. [ urm sort of lah.. it's the last hour of the day ]. Reading your blog is like my mother reading a storybook to me before I sleep. (:

And.... Your entry just made me miss Singapore much more. Hurhur. Made me realised that I frequent Orchard too much.. next time going back home, gonna frequent these places man!

Eh. Have XX's exclusive membership cards from the sponsering company or not?

HaMz said…
This post has been removed by the author.

But this part isn't =P

All the animal pics... dogs, hamsters, bunny!!! But why no CAT!!! =( no cats... =~(

I was hoping for some cute cuddly fluffy chubby funny, huggable, loveble, adorable little kittens as i browes through the pics *Sigh...*
njs said…
Nice to have shared your Pain and Joy with us through your blog.

Marine Parade certainly looks more fun with you around. I am sure anywhere will be as much fun! Its not the destination but rather the company that truly matters.

Do keep up the great work. Cheerios!
Jessica said…
Wa rao, you rock lah. Chop, chop... Going to get orange juice now.
Swee San said…
cute dogs there ... and the shin chan cake... ahah ..
Ivan said…
I seem to have missed out on a lot of the action...

Sure seems like you had a nice day out in town. And oh yah, I remember that huge and damn nice arowana! Every time I'm in Marine Parade and walk past the shop, I'm sure to keep an eye out for it.
P said…
Hello XX, neutral reader here ( no offence! ) with no particular adoration towards you whatsoever.

A curious note : Is your bloggie becoming too commercialised? I've realised you've been endorsing products on your blog much too often. It'd be sad to lose a rather perky blog to commercialism.
This is a rather creative business idea - Blog advertising.

So how much did u get in remuneration?
Brynn said…
Hey girl,

Just found your site about a month ago, recommended by a friend who thought your stewie-bashing blogs are fabulous. I think you're great. Keep up the good work. I'll be visiting Singapore this weekend for the sale. So, all your GSS recommendations are much appreciated. I've been contributing to the Singapore economy for the past few years during the GSS! haha

Anyhow, keep it up! Your sense of humor is waaaaay wicked }:->
coria said…
Hi Wendy,
Can you please show me how to do your eye makeup? it looks so awesome. Cuz i have really small eyes, i wanted to try some makeup to make dem stand out more. why not a step by step pic? really wud appreciate that we can all look as perfect as u. hehe sum flattery for good measure, so watdya say? :p
Z' said…
Hah, how generous of you! I find it kind of funny how some of these places have nothing to do with orange juice! Truth be told the female fashion scene doesn't attract me too much though, heh. Although desert place looks really good!
U're a contestant of the Fasio Sunshine Gal?
Nice blog. Nicer pics ;)

I've never seen a goldfish that big before. I want to go to Singapore :(

My blog at
pooh said…
OK your writing skills has improved tremendously. You're not the airhead bimbo with the Mensa cert and makeup so thick like cake as your haters used to say. At least you do reviews to pamper a fellow Bimbotic like you. We are, obviously Legally Blonde in our own ways and salivate when we see a Chanel cambon but at least we've got the IQ that goes with the espadrilles!
Luminosita said…
I miss home liao!
I stay in Marine Parade.. *Sigh* Time to leave Paris and go back home! I grew up with Sam Yick's aquarium and always use to go there.. arrrggghh

*packs bags*
ir3n3 said…
Nice nails!I'm so gonna get them done there as soon as I get back to Sg from melby!~=D
Le Gourmande said…
I am not a fan of 'nail art' but yours are very tastefully done! Thanks for the review on some Singapore fun-spots. It's been years since my last visit but the desserts alone are reason enough to book that plane ticket.

Btw., really enjoy your site - it's very refreshing to read an honest/intelligent Asian girl blog about everything under the sun. Fxxx those demure ones, ugh.
loveriot said…
I see someone is jealous. Ha. Ha. Ha. *laughs so hard till I shit my pants*
cheryl said…
My goodness, must you be THAT shallow, Mr dickhead who reckons xiaxue's appearances are awfully heinous?

I mean, like yourself, people have their rights to express their dislikes.

Hence, if you were to insult xiaxue in sucha manner, shouldn't you do some soul-searching as well?

Yawns. I wonder where you've kept your brain? In between your balls, i presume? (= I mean, everyone have their own preference? Haven't you heard that MASS COMMUNICATION requires roughly the same marks to enter into a JC? Doubt so.

As mentioned, You've a shallow mentality and don't forgot, what you've mentioned on your blog's really offensive!? Not only to xiaxue, but to the entire poly population.

Hence, reflect, dunce.
cheryl said…
opps its, dont forget, lol. ((=
bleh said…
1. does xia xue think she's cool?
2. does xia xue think she's pretty?
3. wait.... does xia xue think she isn't FAT!? cuz tt is total self denial!
Nur Hidayat said…
i am not a fan of xiaxue but i have a few questions to xiaxue haters:

-why do you guys hate her so much?

-what kind of satisfaction you guys get after bashing her at her blog?

-what makes you guys keep on going to her blog? are her posts that interesting that you want to come back?

-would you guys say it in her face that she's ugly if you happen to see her in real life?

-what happens if you happen to know her in real life and she's not that raving bitch that you guys kept on harping about in cyberspace? are you going to give her the same kind of respect in real life but anonymously slams her in her blog?

just curious...
Yun said…
I love your blog XX, it's wacky and entertaining! And you look fantastic in the pics! =)
loveriot said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
loveriot said…
Wei. Cheryl. When I wrote this: I see someone is jealous. Ha. Ha. Ha. *laughs so hard till I shit my pants*, I was actually referring to someone who posted something really vulgar.

I'm innocent, ok?!

Who the hell is Mr Dickhead anyway?

Xiaxue said…

I deleted your comment because

1) You were rambling illogically and incoherently

2) It will piss you off.

More of the latter.

Shoo, and don't come back. You think I care, you insignificant one of my many, many readers? I write FOR MYSELF. I don't give a shit if people like it. And I didn't ask you to like my made-up face, nor claim the pet shop is the biggest in the world.

Just in case anyone else mistakens, I don't delete bad comments because, woooh, I am so hurt by them.

I delete them because I know it would irritate the flamers.

cheryl said…
You know what, wehatexiaxue? I ( definitely others'll agree with me ) catch no balls?

Ok, so what if there're a handful of people out there who detest her? Your point is ... ?

And yes, so what if she delete your posts? What's the deal of being so desperate to prove your point?

And lastly, I think that xiao zhu thing's really, LAME? Stop making a fool out of yourself, yawns.

Attention seeker, try harder k. I reckon it'll take you another say, 5 years ( perhaps, longer, awwww! Don't be disappointed. (= ) to appear on the local papers. JIA YOU, Da Zhu ( my definition for lascivious, desperate pig. )
cheryl said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cheryl said…
Oh yes, I'm sure I know your reason for proving your point so badly already.

You just want others to know how shallow youe mentality is, hor? NEVERMIND LA, We've caught the hint.

Note : Although she dissed folks, openly, did she even deny the fact that she's not short, not ugly ( don't worry xx, you're hott! ) yadda yadda? As far as I'm concern, no leh.

So why do you have to focus on that particular appearances issue?

It's sucha humdrum.
rob said…
XX wrote:
"think I care, you insignificant one of my many, many readers?"

Your head is awfully big. Sorry but let me pull you back down to earth: Being featured in little to somewhat-medium blurbs in the newspaper does not warrant such high and mighty claims. Maybe you're checking that web-hit counter a bit too much.

XX wrote:
"I write FOR MYSELF."

Write for YOURSELF? Are you sure? Did I not just read an entry about a mall someone asked you to promote? Ok...

En's comment (which I read before you deleted it) was perfectly coherent. In fact, it's more coherent than most of the drivel in your past entries. Just pointing this out; delete it – fine by me – but don't vomit out these lame justifications.
panacea said…
Hi, just wanted to point out something here cos you disabled comments elsewhere. The dolphins disappearing from earth thing came from his other book: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. Which is equally funny might I add :) Well, nice blog you have here and don't get too upset over the movie. I've given up on getting pissed at producers for not following the book or adding things as and when they like (eg. blowing Arwen's role out of proportion on LOTR) I guess that's why they say its only based on the book.
Ms Gia Gia said…
can't help it...

to those who said she's short, just wanna ask something.. Are you ALL taller than 1.8m? hows the air up there? fresher?
HI! :D i'm a frequent blodger, though i've never commented before.
hmmm, i must say that's a really sweet drawing, so cute.
hehe (:
panacea said…
Oh btw, his name is Ford Prefect, not Perfect. And there were several dozen Vogon ships, not one or two. :)
thepattycakes said…
Shit stirrers at work again.


Ps. XX, I believe you're much stronger than to let those insignificant comments put you down.
markisdead said…
great post!

i too couldn't believe how much reflexology hurt!

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