Now, now children...

I am sick of seeing people spamming my comments links. It is not here for you to advertise your fucking bored website (which cannot get famous by its own), nor fight like childish, erm, fighting fish. It is here for you to leave your thoughts on the entries I wrote - and please be gentle. Why use such strong language?

Why should I leave the comments links there? Nowadays it is just spam, trolls, and rabid fans fighting the trolls, and more trolls who love seeing the rabid fans seethe. People who want to leave sincere, read-worthy comments are disgusted, and people who are new here judge my site by the readers and proclaim that they refuse to be tainted by the same brush and don't come here ever again, swearing Xiaxue readers are all childish and gross. Which is not true.

I will be doing away with the comments link for some time.

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