Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Very bored of the site's look!

I want to revamp it. Been doodling recently...

I want my blog to have bright, cheerful colours! The theme shall be Happy Summer (although I have no idea when summer is). I'd even don on those green stripe-y socks!!

I want it so bright and gay coz it will deter cynical, mean people from visiting my site! I imagine them to be like this:

Thought process of a mean person
(The kind like Count Olaf and don't-get-sex kind, you know?):

MP: Ah! I have nothing better to do! Should I fling a stray cat against another Nissun Sunny, or should I vandalise and get kicked out of RJ?

MP: I hate zits, especially the one inside my eyelid. They are everywhere, ruining my life! My life is miserable, so much so that I am sorta a living dead. I wish I didnt have piles. I'd rather have Herpes. HA! FAT HOPE! How to when I don't get sex?

MP: Still bored. Any moment in life is wasted if I don't try to make other happy people miserable too.

MP: MUAHAHAHA I want to see them all wept in despair! If I am not happy, no one can be too!

MP: I KNOW! I shall go pick on that Xiaxue girl again! I shall set up another blog, with a nickname like "doll" or "babelicious" or, or, or, erm, "prettybuttonnose" or something to that effect so that people in the cyber world would all assume I am good-looking! But actually I think I resemble a Vogon.

MP: Sigh. I tried to play with a snail today, you know, like I am completing the imagery of that classic scene in Yang Guang Lie Che, where Fann Wong was hopping around with Chen Han Wei trying to catch butterflies on a vast green field? I hopped around in glee, loving every bit of mother nature. I say hop, but I actually mean wobble.

MP: I thundered towards a small snail (there weren't any butterflies), my white XXXL-sized white flock trailing behind me prettily, and I bend down to look at the snail (just like the pretty shu nus do in shows!).

MP: The snail gave a feeble whimper and shuddered. It shot back into its shell faster than you can say "Faber Castell". I took it up, trying to peek into its little home, but the snail had a small internal combustion and burst into flames, rather than look at my face.

MP: I was very shocked and I fell backwards, rolling over twice. I was surprised to find myself in Pulau Ubin. I suppose I got thinner, last time I rolled over twice I reached Tioman.

MP: ENOUGH ABOUT ACTING NICE! I shall torture Xiaxue by endlessly saying she is ugly!

-Mean person opens the site without know the new changes in web design.-

MP: URGGGGGGGGGHHH! HAPPY COLOURS! HAPPY PICTURES! CHEERFUL PEOPLE! I cannot stand it! (She shields her face and thrashes around in her seat like how a vampire reacts to sunlight)

-The mean person foams in the mouth, lolls around for 5 seconds, and passes out. The world has never seen an uglier thing.-

Isn't that so good?! However, I need a web designer leh. I need someone who can do flash and also draw graphics. Of course, I don't have money to pay lah, but I will credit the designer, so the word-of-mouth advertising would bring a significant amount of business to him, if he does a good job. =)

Any one to recommend?