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Since no one create for me, I create myself lor

As you can see, I am a self-proclaimed celebrity. Ahem. From this moment onwards, I will no longer be a self-proclaimed one, because I now have the one thing which all celebrities have: Their very own biography page/fan site! How cool is that? Ok lah, I was damn boh liao so I did it for fun, copying Fann Wong's and Jolin Tsai's formats. Little did I know I have so much things to write. Go and create your own also, then you will be an instant celebrity! Have fun. CLICK!

Club Momo, Mom Momo

I just got back from Club Momo with Kelvin, Ann and Kel's friends.... Sibeh tired. His friends are very cute, of one them kena engineering for Singapore Sewage for his internship, then his job is literally full of shit! WAHAHAHA! I am very amused. He say got this big tank, it is 2 metres high and full of "brown colour things lah" ("Huh, can see the shit and all that ah?!" "I don't know lah, I NEVER GO AND SEE!") and he wears a gas mark with a full body suit to work. Damn funny, where got people take engineering course then really so suay kena this kinda job one?! WHAAHHA... So anyway, those who know me a little better might be laughing at the CLUB MOMO thing. When I first found out that there was a club called Momo, I kept laughing my head off, coz Momo is what I call my mom!! Me: MOMO! I am going out! Kelvin say he introduce cute guys to me!!! Momo: Where are you going? Please don't be so desperate hor! Me: I am going to Momo! Momo: D

I don't want to sound rude, but...

Who are you to force me to take your advice and tell me how I should blog? There is no un-arrogant way to go about this, but I have to say it... I've been blogging since April 2003. I am the one winning several blogging awards, not you. I am not trying to be hao lian, I am only being honest here. Don't you think, trying to teach me the correct ways of blogging is akin to teaching dumbledore (excellent site for fans!) how to cast a spell? Not that I am as old, funny or intelligent as he is lah, but I will take Andrew Sullivan's advice on how to blog... I will take Maddox's. I will take Mrbrown's. But who are you? Anyone can give advice, yes, and I agree that sometimes ... pang guan zhe qing. I will of course listen to people telling me their opinions, or telling me what kinda of blog entries are generally more well-received and so on. I know that there are many smarter people around me who are concerned and give me their feedback, and I appreciate that a lot. I


Act chio June is going back to stupid Australia on Sunday! BAH!

I am happy!

Very happy! But I cannot tell you why. X) See my face? It is the happy-until-constipated look. WAHAHAHHA!! I am a shalala happy bird ! So many good things are happening to me! Many many! Okok... I've also gotten many companies approach me recently and it means I will be RICH WOOHOO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A LOT OF $$$$$$$$ I also started this private blog a few days ago, and I love writing in it. It is really sad that I have to mask everything here. My English is really lousy on the new blog, I don't give a shit about offending anyone, I can say all the vulgarities I want, and I don't even have to punctuate if I don't want to! Best is I can insult the world and nobody will scold me, yay! I read the site, and, having given the address to a few close friends, and they all agreed that it is so much better than my writing here. Sigh. So I shall try to be a bit more natural here. The best way is to actually stop having comments, because reading the comments upset me, especially

I can go down, but I get up again, YOU'RE NEVER GONNA BRING ME DOWN

Repeat title 10 times, complete with a mambo jigg! Warning: Super long blog entry with a blow-by-blow account of what happened! A big big thank you HUG FOR EVERYONE WHO TRIED TO HELP ME! I don't care if you skinny or fat, sweaty or clean, female or male! I hug everyone! MUACKS ! I am sorry if I was unable to reply some of your kind emails, but I was overwhelmed with all that's happening, and the mails were simply too many to reply. To the people who say I have this coming, I would like to fart in your face! POOOT! Smelly not? I hope it is. I know it's really childish, but I cannot resist this. Stupid people are all around! Since what goes around comes around you say... .. .. .. I must be a really nice person! I HAVE EXTREMELY GOOD KARMA ! See what I told you? Buy Good-Karma tissues, it works! Amazing, really, the good luck that I had.. you would think I drank Felix Felicis. This is a more detailed (and funnier) account of what happened. At around 430am, my IE was

I am back

Bigger, better, and stronger. The full story in a while, and meanwhile, I think the hacked blog deserves a domain name by itself . =) Thank you everyone, the hundreds who wrote such nice things to me. I love you ALL!!!!!

I do not think it is ok at all.

I don't know, but since when has it become OK to flash parts of your body around? It is right for the teenage girls reading blogs to think that flashing their breasts can bring them instant fame? Should breasts, the life-giving body parts that babies suckle life of out, be taken as a tools for attention whoring, for making lecherous men look at you? It is one thing for a young, and maybe naive girl to behave as if her body is a cheap attention grabbing tool. Maybe she has not experienced life enough, maybe she has not thought this through. But it is another for males surrounding the girl to wolf-whistle, to encourage her to take off more clothes! For what? For YOUR OWN FUCKING PLEASURE . For you want to wank to her breasts, you want that nice feeling when your own selfish penis hardens. So you can imagine her in the dark room of yours, rubbing yourselves against bolsters, thinking of her as a sex object, lips around your member. Did you treat her as a human with feelings, or jus


I can't blog... The whole magical world is mourning the death of a particular wizard. I cannot stand it. My eyes are swollen. I don't believe he is dead. He isn't. He'll come back, like stupid Gandalf. Rowlings cannot make him die, for her readers all die along with him. For 6 years! 6 years I've known him and ROWLINGS CANNOT JUST KILL HIM LIKE THAT! You'll see! In one year's time. You'll see I'm correct!! I suppose you please don't read the comments if you don't want spoilers. Meanwhile, I have to say the books is fabulous. Fuck it, I shall blog. No spoilers. I think book 6 is good, much better than 5! Harry Potter is no longer the moody, irritating prat he was in book 5. Although he is still rude at times, even to Dumbledore (which I totally disapprove of him being), he is not longer arrogant and sprouting irresponsible statements like I am the best because I fought Voldemort XX times! Give him a tight slap. So anyway, there is this scen


Dawn Lee to me From: Dawn Lee To: Date: Jul 15, 2005 10:04 AM Subject: REVIEWS ON YOUR MAXIM ARTICLE Hi Xiaxue, I would love to hate you and I hate to love you. First of all, aren’t you glad that you’ve such a wonderful yet notorious medium to say crappy things that affect people’s life and degrade yourself in a way till a lot of women are beginning to hate you as a stranger? They bite you know. Aren’t you afraid that someone will come to you and wrap you in a gunny sack for a good bashing? You whore! Degrading other women doesn’t make you look somewhere near to glamorous. You are degrading yourself by degrading other people, in some way or another. Writers should portray writing etiquette but not misuse their rights to feed readers with inane remarks. Anyway, I am writing to you to show my DISCONTENTMENT on your article about flight stewardesses. You can only write that in Maxim, see, I bet you will never have a chance to write in a female magazine. Pleasing me

Did anyone notice...

That T.T looks like a (un)smiley face that Durai might be making whenever you all talk about him? Everytime I see people discussing seriously on the topic and someone spells T.T I will laugh out loud. I know...Very bimbotic right? But oh well... Lighten up people! Maybe more of my views when I come back from Zouk tonight. And are you coming to the bloggercon this saturday ? I'll be there. It's the first blogger conference ever in Singapore, so everyone who's a blogger or blog reader should come! Cheerios!

We are so ugly

Shuyin and I are sick of people saying we are ugly. Once and for all, we do know we are indeed drop-dead gorgeous, but we shall pretend we don't know that and show everyone how ugly we can be. In order to properly convince you, the mission starts, at my place. (Pictures taken the same day Weili's face got REALLY oily) Isn't she beautiful? HA! Soon she wouldn't be!! A pink crayon eyeshadow later... And the artist adds colour: The results: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GAH!!! Please don't tell her how she looks like... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GAH!!! If you noticed carefully, my nostrils have a black lining, and one eyebrow points up and the other points down. And the mouth: You wouldn't believe who drew it. Shuyin wanted to give me normal lips, but my mom came into the room, looked at Shuyin drawing my lips, snatched the lipliner over and TOOK OVER! She happily drew the mouth WAY out of line. -_- Got


6 more days, till I get entwined into Harry's magical world again! I can't wait! =)

Which retard do you like the best?

Mediacorp ah, mediacorp... I know lah... Many aunties like you the best, especially the Channel 8 hor, but hor, WHY YOU GO CRAZY WITH A RETARDS SPREE AH ? Channel 8, I tell you ah... That day, Shuyin told me about Tong Xin Yuan you know? Felicia Chin has a stupid name called Baobei! I also want to be called baobei by everyone leh, like very fun right? Anyway, I thought she was just dim-witted and benign, thus causing her to be bullied by her horrible sister and mother. From what Shuyin told me, I realised that she is not just stupid, she is... I'm not trying to be insensitive here, but I think Channel 8 meant for her to be either mentally slow or a bit crazy. Because, her mother gave her money to buy food right, then she bought only 2 packets of food for her sister and mother, none for herself. They ate, then someone flipped the table or something. Felicia Chin proceeded to eat from the scraps. Like a true piteous creature, she slobbered all over. I wrinkled my delicate nose a

About Commercialisation, Fame and Blogging

Hello my dear readers... I've got something serious to talk about now. Let's hope I don't spell something ridiculously wrong (disincriminating!) and embassass embarrass myself. Being the disgustingly self-centred person I am, I check out websites which are linked to me, to see what these people are saying. Everyone now and then I see an article insulting me. (By the way, to people who have this very wrong idea that I receive hatemail all the time, I would like to think that I can safely say more people like me than dislike, for the ratio of fan mail to hate mail is 15:1) Within the comments of that Xiaxue-bashing article, which will no doubt contain some people who slams everyone on the internet, I will see respective mean comments. The ones that saddens me the most are those that state: "I used to love Xiaxue, but now I dislike her as she is just this commercialised bitch. " Wait, how does my earning money through the blog affect YOU? Why do you hate me bec

Discriminating I mean, Incriminating shots (Damn paiseh to have title spelt wrong, thanks for the note!)

That day, at Ivan's birthday chalet, where his friends... really rubbed toothpaste, deep heat and etc rubbish on his genitals (I was very traumatized at Daryl's lack of taste by touching Ivan's balls), June, her boyfriend Benjamin (Kee, not Loy) and I were playing this game. It is not so much so of a proper game, we were just supposed to continue, in turn, to come up with something for whatever category we were talking about. At first we were damn mean; we were talking about C-list celebrities then all the Caroline Chong, Evelyn Tan, Melody Chen all came out. Benjamin played cheat. He just listed all of Under One Roof's actors... And to think when he said Vernetta Lopez I was so impressed! Then he went on with Koh Chiang Mun, and even the Malay friend of Moses Lim. Pui! I look you no up! June said I am D-list, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Then we went on celebrities with no boobs... Sammi Cheng, Stephanie Sun, Nicole Ritchie... And then to celebrities with C cup and