Friday, July 29, 2005

Club Momo, Mom Momo

I just got back from Club Momo with Kelvin, Ann and Kel's friends.... Sibeh tired. His friends are very cute, of one them kena engineering for Singapore Sewage for his internship, then his job is literally full of shit! WAHAHAHA! I am very amused.

He say got this big tank, it is 2 metres high and full of "brown colour things lah" ("Huh, can see the shit and all that ah?!" "I don't know lah, I NEVER GO AND SEE!") and he wears a gas mark with a full body suit to work.

Damn funny, where got people take engineering course then really so suay kena this kinda job one?! WHAAHHA...

So anyway, those who know me a little better might be laughing at the CLUB MOMO thing. When I first found out that there was a club called Momo, I kept laughing my head off, coz Momo is what I call my mom!!

Me: MOMO! I am going out! Kelvin say he introduce cute guys to me!!!

Momo: Where are you going? Please don't be so desperate hor!

Me: I am going to Momo!

Momo: Don't be rude.

Me: Really! The club is called Momo!

Momo: Really ah?

Sibeh funny lah! Momo used to be very angry whenever I call her Momo, coz she say that's not her name and she doesn't like it. Now she accepts it, and even gets upset that a club copies her name! =)

I love my Momo.

On a completely irrelevant note, I've learnt how to spin the hoola hoop infinitely, and I think that renders me a very sexy person indeed. However, while I spin I realise that I will be facing a completely opposite direction after 2 minutes. =(

Smelly, who mastered the hoop a few days before I did (Momo bought the hoop in hope of a slimmer waist but never mastered it... kua kua kua), said that I am lousy.

When I asked him why he say that, he proudly proclaimed that he can dance to She Bangs while hoolahooping. WTF? Why my brother so gay? I told him to show me, and I wanted to video tape to show you all, but he saw through my plans and ran inside Momo's room to hide and promptly fell asleep.

Cloudy (my dog) is very stupid. When I was still learning how to spin the hoop, he would come near me, underneath the hoop, to kpo and see what is that shimmery purple thing I am spinning (or attempting to spin).

He would wag his tail and stare up at me enquiringly. Rather cute, actually.

I tried to kick him away, but I know it will make me drop the hoop, so I can only endure his mocking face. I'm sure he thinks that he can spin better.

Being amateur with the hoop then, the hoop constantly drops onto Cloudy, whereby he would yelp in shock that a shimmery purple thing can suddenly fall on him, and go hide underneath the computer table, bullied by the big bad hoola hoop.

Again and again he does this. -_- My friends are right, Cloudy is indeed very stupid.

More blogging tomorrow, complete with ministers' (plural, mind you) photos. I am so tireeeeeeeed!