Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I am happy!

Very happy! But I cannot tell you why. X) See my face? It is the happy-until-constipated look.

WAHAHAHHA!! I am a shalala happy bird! So many good things are happening to me! Many many! Okok... I've also gotten many companies approach me recently and it means I will be RICH WOOHOO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A LOT OF $$$$$$$$

I also started this private blog a few days ago, and I love writing in it. It is really sad that I have to mask everything here. My English is really lousy on the new blog, I don't give a shit about offending anyone, I can say all the vulgarities I want, and I don't even have to punctuate if I don't want to!

Best is I can insult the world and nobody will scold me, yay!

I read the site, and, having given the address to a few close friends, and they all agreed that it is so much better than my writing here. Sigh. So I shall try to be a bit more natural here. The best way is to actually stop having comments, because reading the comments upset me, especially when people ACCUSE me. BAH!

Hiyah, you don't try to kpo ok? As I said, the new blog is not only password protected, it is also anonymous and all my friends' names are changed. =D

I like it!

I like everything today! It is all good! As I am writing this, the weather outside is rainy! I love rain! But I only love rain because it waters the poor farmers' crops and gives them life. JUST KIDDING! WHO CARES ABOUT FARMERS?! Me like rain coz I don't have a fucking aircon remember?

I wish it would rain whenever I am sleeping, and have super strong sun whenever I feel like sun tanning. Sigh... Tan is fading off... NOT EILEEN TAN LAH YOU STUPID, tan as in opposite of fair! BOM! SUMMON SUN!!!

Recently, I have been using this sentence a lot, on this particular person whom everyone is saying is very pretty and all, but I FIND HER VERY PLAIN INDEED!

So, everytime I hear ... "GirlA is very pretty right?" I take out a sliver of cow liver out of my pocket** and slap the person around a bit with the liver sliver until he chokes. And then I trottle him with a periodic table.

**I put it there just in case I hear that sentence

JUST JOKING LAH. I am not so violent! I am a kind-hearted girl. As I was saying, due to the frequency in which I hear "GirlA is very pretty right?" I came up with a saying to retort that.

I think it is very funny. When I do say it to you, you must laugh ok?

Here goes:

"She is so plain, if she were a waffle people will attempt to put kaya on her!!!"

WAHAHHAHAHAHA! FUNNY NOT? I think it is sibeh FUNNY CAN?? Wah, cannot stand it. I think I am Charlie Chaplin reincarnated, I am so hilarious, only colour version, of course. And no funny mustache.

Ok,I can imagine people like Wong and Wanyi (OMG, WANYI'S SURNAME ALSO WONG!) rolling their eyes coz I kept saying that sentence recently (due to the fact that I think it is very funny).

So anyway, I am very happy today, did I already say that? I DID, I DID! But I am bubububursting with happiness! I imagine, if I were to be a mood, I would be happy! I imagine, if I were to be a colour, I will be sunburst yellow!

If I were to be a carebear, I will be Gloomy bear - JUST KIDDING, OF COURSE THE HAPPY BEAR!

If I were to be a few letters on the keyboard, I will be H A P and Y!

If I were to be a person, I will be me!


My friend told me that he is appalled by TT Durai's pay and he thinks that Durai quitted because he damn paiseh to announce to the world that his pay is so low. My friend also tripled his donations to NKF after the incident, and demanded that they pay T.T more money!


Kinda weird to be blogging this out when I am so happy, since it is actually quite an angry incident.

WAH! I AM SO HAPPY!!! *hugs the whole internet world* I hug Xialanxue and my haters and even my hacker muacks!!! I am a happy girl! Pardon me for a while, I have to jump up and down in joy while squealing all the time!

Shit, my neighbour upstairs threw a soiled diaper into my room. I poke him with a broomstick!

Okok I ask you this - it has been a question I've been thinking about since ages ago:

You have a guy friend (Guy) and you have a female friend (Girl). Guy and Girl are both very close friends to you.

Guy drives, Girl does not.

One day, Guy say that he is interested in Girl, and you arrange for them both to meet up in a group outing with you.

Guy drives you (and you are female) and Girl around, but Guy and Girl are still barely friends right? So of course, you sit in the front seat, Girl sits at the back.

Later on, Guy and Girl get along among themselves, and they start to contact each other and all. Guy likes Girl. He is chasing her.

Herein lies the problem: The next time there is a group outing, who sits at the back seat?

ME!!! KNNBCCB, I always kena pushed to the back seat, why? *mumble grumble* It is not so much so of the front or back seat, it is the relationship it symbolises!

Ok, I cannot blog that out angrily enough because...


I hope nothing spoils my mood! I shall go sleep now, and friends, you can check out the private blog to see what happened!

WOOT!!! If I knew how to yodel, I will yodel at the top of my voice!