Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I do not think it is ok at all.

I don't know, but since when has it become OK to flash parts of your body around? It is right for the teenage girls reading blogs to think that flashing their breasts can bring them instant fame? Should breasts, the life-giving body parts that babies suckle life of out, be taken as a tools for attention whoring, for making lecherous men look at you?

It is one thing for a young, and maybe naive girl to behave as if her body is a cheap attention grabbing tool. Maybe she has not experienced life enough, maybe she has not thought this through.

But it is another for males surrounding the girl to wolf-whistle, to encourage her to take off more clothes!

For what? For YOUR OWN FUCKING PLEASURE. For you want to wank to her breasts, you want that nice feeling when your own selfish penis hardens. So you can imagine her in the dark room of yours, rubbing yourselves against bolsters, thinking of her as a sex object, lips around your member. Did you treat her as a human with feelings, or just an empty vagina for you to plunge your penis into?

You selfish bastards. If she were your younger sister, or your girlfriend, would you do the same and encourage her to keep stripping for free? Tell me in the face YES, and I accept your excuse that it is for "art". Art my ass.

Pigs. Men. I look down on all of you there.

Why do I not see guys saying that her behaviour is something shameless and cheap? I would have respected the solitary guy that told the facts as clearly as the emperor is naked. It is. It is no glorious act to peel off your straps in a room, press your breasts against an attached man, and allow the world to take photos. I do not think it is the right behaviour, but why isn't anyone agreeing with me? What are your breasts, a blonde joke to make everyone's head swivel to your direction?

It isn't art, certainly. It isn't fun. It isn't funny either.

This is just my personal opinion. A body is given by, depending on what you believe in, God or your parents. It is nurtured with love, and it totally up to you what you want to do it.

Do you want to use your flesh for money? Or would you keep it for those who loves you, or you love back? Maybe you like the pleasure it gives you when you indulge in certain activities...

But eventually one thing is clear: If you cheapen your body to that kind of extent, no one will find it valuable anymore. If that is fine with you, so be it. Play it smart I suppose. Many people are sluts, but why announce it to the world?

Being 'comfortable' with your body doesn't mean you can anyhow take off your clothes and shove your breasts into people's chests in glaring public. YOU are comfortable being naked, but that is no reason for peeling off garments, is it? Others around may not be comfortable. There are women, underage teens, and even kids running around.

And yet, people are applauding. The "lucky" man makes use of this golden photo for more publicity, neglecting the fact that this might once again go on newspapers and the young girl's parents are unhappy enough as it is. It is sick to me, just sick.

Nudity is ok in your personal space, you can say people who see the photos came in themselves. Nude photos can PASSABLY be called art. But flashing... That's where I draw my line. I think it is crude, tasteless, and not to mention a cheap stab at getting attention.

Nice try, but not bombastic enough: Why not spread your legs, hold them up tightly behind your ears, and let everyone have a clear look at your genitals? If they want, they also can insert foreign objects inside. And feel free to blog about it!

I am not banking on anything here - and I am not saying what caused me to write this. This is just my two cents worth. I am truly affected and upset by what blogs represent nowadays.

Xiaxue, lighten up! you people exclaim. No I wouldn't. I am appalled. I remember when I was working for a make-up counter, this transvestite with fake D-cup boobs was wearing a sheer silk top that her nipples showed only too clearly.

She squeezed her tits in front of June and I, in public, and announced that they feel itchy. She continued doing some obscene actions with her breasts, to get the attention of this guy she liked, who was looking on nearby.

While it was in jest, I found it pretty insulting that she (by she I mean him) put the female body parts to such use, which don't even belong to her in the first place.

I then told June, only trannies will do that to their 'breasts', because they don't know the humility, modesty and graciousness that only comes with years of protecting and covering a body part that not only feeds your child in future, but has been protected from prying, lewd male eyes for so long.

I think I may be wrong.

I would just like to give my teenage female readers a few words of advice, that is if you girls care about what I say. Flashing your breasts wouldn't make you a unique, or as so many idiots described, BRAVE (I find it so ludicrous I almost cried. In the past, bravery is when you fight dragons. Nowadays, you just flash a boob and you are so FUCKING brave) person. You are just one of the many who tried using that method; you are nothing special. Try something new please.

I don't care if I have contradicted myself N times. I don't care if I also affect kids to write vulgar language from my blog. That is not the issue today. I don't give a shit whether you say I am jealous, which I am not. I don't think I'm being malicious - it is the act of flashing, and more importantly, THE ABSURD APPROVAL SOMETHING AS WRONG AS THAT GETS FROM THE PUBLIC, that I am concerned about.

I shall blog this out and no one can stop me...

For I, for one, would not like to see my future daughter behaving in this manner.

I do not think it is ok, and I will not advocate this behaviour.