Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I don't want to sound rude, but...

Who are you to force me to take your advice and tell me how I should blog?

There is no un-arrogant way to go about this, but I have to say it... I've been blogging since April 2003. I am the one winning several blogging awards, not you.

I am not trying to be hao lian, I am only being honest here.

Don't you think, trying to teach me the correct ways of blogging is akin to teaching dumbledore(excellent site for fans!) how to cast a spell?

Not that I am as old, funny or intelligent as he is lah, but I will take Andrew Sullivan's advice on how to blog... I will take Maddox's. I will take Mrbrown's.

But who are you?

Anyone can give advice, yes, and I agree that sometimes ... pang guan zhe qing. I will of course listen to people telling me their opinions, or telling me what kinda of blog entries are generally more well-received and so on. I know that there are many smarter people around me who are concerned and give me their feedback, and I appreciate that a lot. I thank you all for kind reminders...

But what about self-righteous pompous fools?

There are many rude (and apparently stupid) people who try to force blogging advice down my throat, like they know any better.

Let me ask you this question: Who are you to attempt to teach Xiaxue how to blog?

Before you give someone advice, do you not think of whether you are an expert in your field? Do you teach Brad Pitt to act? Do you tell Mariah Carey how to sing properly? Do you demand that Lao Lee should govern the country with your methods?

You can tell these people they are not doing a good job and how they can improve yes, but you are not qualified to teach, demand or instruct them to do anything, for they are have proven themselves to be far better in their various fields than you ever can be.

Well, do you even have a BLOG??

If you are good enough to be advising people at this blogging shit, why are you not the one being recognised for your blog?

One reader once emailed to me, telling me that my style of writing sucks, and I should follow her style of writing.

I told her, "No thank you, if I followed your style my blog will be as disgustingly mediocre as yours."

She also gave dire warnings that should I change, (YOU FUCKING LISTEN TO ME XIAXUE!) I will soon lose all my readers, blah blah. Alas, I lost all my mails or I can copy her mail here.

I told her - One day, when you become as accomplished as me in the blogosphere, then I will listen to you! But unfortunately when that day comes, I will be like super accomplished, so I guess I still won't listen.

She never replied.

So my point being: Stupid people, please stop teaching me how to blog. Why should I listen to you? You show me that first.

p/s: Stupid people will still take this post as absurd arrogance on my part. Smart people will know that I only mean not to take ill-mannered advice from losers who are in no position to teach anyone anything. So fuck those stupid people, I don't give a shit what they think.