Friday, July 15, 2005


Dawn Lee to me

From: Dawn Lee
Date: Jul 15, 2005 10:04 AM

Hi Xiaxue,

I would love to hate you and I hate to love you.

First of all, aren’t you glad that you’ve such a wonderful yet notorious medium to say crappy things that affect people’s life and degrade yourself in a way till a lot of women are beginning to hate you as a stranger? They bite you know. Aren’t you afraid that someone will come to you and wrap you in a gunny sack for a good bashing? You whore!

Degrading other women doesn’t make you look somewhere near to glamorous. You are degrading yourself by degrading other people, in some way or another. Writers should portray writing etiquette but not misuse their rights to feed readers with inane remarks.

Anyway, I am writing to you to show my DISCONTENTMENT on your article about flight stewardesses. You can only write that in Maxim, see, I bet you will never have a chance to write in a female magazine. Pleasing men with your form of entertainment will only make the opposite gender resent, you know. (FYI, I wasn’t reading your article, I heard it from my guy friend)

10 reasons why I think that you are just plain jealous of the job:

1) You are TOO short. (can’t get it, bad mouth it!) Right huh? Prove me wrong, Xiaxue. I challenge you to go for SIA interviews, show me that you can at least pass the basic height requirement. Yoohooo… you know what, never in your life you can, right. Teehee.

2) You are TOO fat and over-photo shopped. You know what, your panda eyes look are totally hideous.

3) You have too much hatred and jealousy in you towards others. What you wore was a FAKE red kebaya, dearie. A FAKE red over-sized kebaya and even the old man at Chinatown was mocking at you because you can never wear an authentic one. Ya?

4) You have no poise or grace AT ALL. Foul mouth bastardress.

5) You have no class AT ALL.

6) You are carrying a fake LV bag. What you are carrying is an imitation of a mini monogram Papillion and by the way, Papillion does not come with a long strap. *roll eyes. Shame on you, Xiaxue. Fancy carrying that, dimwit.

7) You are clouded by arrogance. To you, you young and na├»ve, people around you are “worshipping” you because of what YOU'VE BECOME not who YOU ARE. I see the day when you fall and tear apart with no one by your side, you noe. You smelly cunt.

8) You will not get to fly all around the world in your whole, entire life, mark my words, you pathetic piece of biatch.

9) You actually wear platforms. Yeah, though you are vertically challenged, platforms is a miss for goodness sake.

10) You describe them as just waitresses. Is being a waitress degrading to you? Hallo? Are you saying that a toilet cleaner is a degrading job as well? Do no eat in cafes ya, because waitresses are not bound to be respected and they should just DIE because Xiaxue thinks that they are degrading. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO DROP SUCH HURTFUL REMARKS, MISS XIAXUE?

This list could have go on forever. Just my two cents worth. And know what, I really like the whole idea of the gunny sack thing. :)


Oh! *feigns tiredness*

I am so exhausted from preparing for the bloggercon! Although all I have to do is to prepare a logo page and a speech! But god am I tired!

So therefore, can you can kindly do the arguing for me?



I'll do mine tonight.

(DO NOT SAY I AM MEAN FOR PUBLISHING HER EMAIL. It is stated, VERY CLEARLY, on the sidebar that I said I might publish it any email sent to me. Therefore, knowing that and not requesting for me to keep her email private, she is asking for it. If she didn't see it, she's a blind stewardess and I'd love to meet her, I've never seen one!)