Monday, July 18, 2005


I can't blog... The whole magical world is mourning the death of a particular wizard. I cannot stand it. My eyes are swollen. I don't believe he is dead. He isn't. He'll come back, like stupid Gandalf. Rowlings cannot make him die, for her readers all die along with him. For 6 years! 6 years I've known him and ROWLINGS CANNOT JUST KILL HIM LIKE THAT! You'll see! In one year's time. You'll see I'm correct!!

I suppose you please don't read the comments if you don't want spoilers. Meanwhile, I have to say the books is fabulous. Fuck it, I shall blog. No spoilers.

I think book 6 is good, much better than 5! Harry Potter is no longer the moody, irritating prat he was in book 5. Although he is still rude at times, even to Dumbledore (which I totally disapprove of him being), he is not longer arrogant and sprouting irresponsible statements like I am the best because I fought Voldemort XX times! Give him a tight slap.

So anyway, there is this scene inside the book, about violent, poorly educated and poor pure-blood wizards living in a destitute house. The pure-bloods thought themselves superior to muggles, but the daughter of the household liked a muggle-born.

Was found out by angry father, etc.

Reminds you of something? TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD! Totally! Where the white family of Bob or Bruce something (I sincerely forgot his name) had his daugther liking a black man (whom, despite being polite and definitely having more class than the white man, was despised by the latter).


I didn't like the love scenes though. But overall, the book was funny (when Hermione got boxed especially) and exciting, but had abrupt, unexplained bits (like Harry's new true love - like huh, since when he likes her?) and was a bit too lovey dovey.

I would have liked Krum to come back, and Neville to fall down more, but don't have leh. Where are the Drumstrang students?

Bye bye, I shall go read it again, and trying to skip the kissing bits. Yuck!

Added later: Ok you know what? I am like the biggest Harry Potter fan there is OK! I am the BIGGEST! I took quizzes, and I got 'em answers all correct a la Hermione standards!

What is Dumbledore's full name? What's Harry's favourite food? What's Aunt Petunia's maiden name? I KNOW EVERYTHING!

Shuyin was at my place that day, and she was reading book one. She casually asked, "What does the word 'prudent' mean?"

I answered her quite wrongly that he meant for one to be polite, but guess what? I can quote her where that word came from, who said it, and during what situation.

(Which, in case you are even vaguely interested, came from Lucius Malfoy, at Burkins and Borkes or whatever that shop is called, to Draco, telling him something like "I have told you many times Draco, it is not wise to appear [I EVEN TOLD SHUYIN GOT ONE DASH THERE!!! But in actual face it is ..., not dash] - prudent - to Harry Potter, for he is our headmaster's favourite.")