Wednesday, August 31, 2005

For the last time!

What is the big deal about me photoshopping my pictures?!

Would you rather I post up photos and do not admit that I photoshop them? I can understand if people say I am dishonest about my looks when they found out I have been photoshopping when I choose not to admit it.

What I cannot understand is why people still harp on it when I chose to come clean, be honest, and admit that I do edit the photos? Would you rather I lie then? Will that make you feel better?

Photoshop is not difficult, the basics aren't anyway. Most girls who post their photos DO edit themselves. They just don't say it. What's the big deal man?

Your stars... The glamourous celebrity photos ... all edited. TV stars do surgery. What are you gonna do about that? Force them to be natural? Ridiculous.

You see plenty of photos of me around without being edited anyway - do they look very different? Take those on media reports for example ... Not edited and 100% authentic.

I will say, as a general rule of thumb just minus like 10% of looks from the final product and the before-edited photo will be that. (pimples, fats, and the norm) If I were a 7.5/10 in a photo, it means I'm actually... 6.5 or something.

Yup. I'm a happy girl today! Love ya all. =)

Men are blind bats

I give up. Girls, have you ever experienced a situation, where every single one of your girlfriends thinks someone is fugly, but yet the guys all think she is hot?


Almost a year of working with Maxim made me so frustrated, I almost puked blood. I constantly complain that their girls (ditto other men's magazine too) are sometimes plain, ugly, old and fat, but yet, miraculouly, sales are still doing well - symbolising that hot-blooded young men everywhere are still wanking to these cows.

After so long, I have come to realise one thing. Men and women see things in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WAY.

Take for example Celest Chong. Guys think she is hot because she is... I don't know, I have a vagina ... Leggy perhaps?

Every Singaporean girl knows she is a cheater because she has a very wide face and she constantly uses her long, boring, one-length hair to cover the sides of the face.

I see until I wanted to take a pair of scissors and snip off her swishy hair man! Ears are for your to tuck your hair behind! It is super irritating. I mean cmon, STOP IT ALREADY. Go have surgery please.

You try suggesting to the penis-species that Celest Chong has a wide face. I am almost 100% certain they will reply, "NO, DON'T HAVE WHAT, she is so chio!"

Utter rubbish. They just fail to see through a simple scam like using hair to cover fat face shapes coz they are MEN. (If you are male and you managed to see thru the scam, you are gay)

Not only does she have irritating hair, she also has eyes which look like they are permanently blind. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THAT GIRL DOESN'T EVER FOCUS HER VISION! Is it because her blind role last time gave her good results? *snap fingers* focus here!

I recently got even more frustrated. Shuyin, Wanyi and I flipped through a fashion mag, and we saw a slightly uglier than average girl. We were criticising her make up, for her eyes were slapped with a bright blue eyeshadow that was not blended, and the rest of the make up non-existant.

Quite hideous.

3 days later, Wanyi's male friend announces to her that this girl is his dream girl because "her body is perfect".

I held on to Shuyin's hand tightly, wanting to pull her to the roof of our building and jump down together for... WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!

Unluckily for the two of us I tripped on a ice-cream seller and didn't manage to jump. We are now still living, but very miserable.


Ugly girl specimen A

(Also do try to appreciate that I tried very hard to find girls who won't read my blog so I don't get guilt trips. I don't think Cambodia has internet)

So yes, this ugly girl is on Maxim. These are the thoughts that goes through a FEMALE's mind when she see the picture:

1) Holy CRAP! So fucking ugly can go on magazine ah?! I also can!
2) Look a bit like Ah kua, and possibly is.
3) WHY HER BOTTOM PULL TILL SO HIGH FOR FUCK? Cheeb** not pain meh. Hate such girls, stop trying to act sexy hor!
4) Thighs very fat hor...
5) Utterly no ass!
6) Kill me I also won't screw her if I were a guy.
7) Urgh, look really low-class leh...

Let's see what the guys see when they see Ugly Specimen A:


Picture speaks a thousand wanking ways

Girl: Don't you think she looks like ah kua?
Guy: No leh, look normal what. (actually cannot even see the face)

Ugly specimen B:

Girly thoughts:

1) Wah siao, why eyebrows draw until like that, eyebrow pencil free one ah?
2) Once again, look like Ah kua leh...
3) Kinda like the lipstick actually...
4) WAH! Someone burn that freaking ugly bikini! Bitch please!

Guy thoughts:


Guy: "Nabeh, so flat." (Proceeds to flip the page)


Sometime ago, Maxim featured Amanda Ling of Electrico

Shuyin said Amanda is very pretty.

I had no idea how she looked like, then I looked at the pictures and I went like WTF! Pretty?

THE HAIR! FOR GOODNESS SAKE HER HAIRSTYLIST SHOULD BE CASTRATED A MILLION TIMES. Tie it up. Shave it off. A wig. Flat irons. Dreadlocks even. Just DO NOT FUCKING PUT IT IN FRONT OF HER SHOULDERS AND PRETEND IT IS OK. ("How ah her hair?" "Don't know man!" "Fuck it lah, we shall just put a few strands in front lor, may look nice also what.")

IT IS NOT OK. It looks like MOSS. Like dead weed. Worst of all it looks DIRTY. As if it is not enough, it is also ... Half black and half brown. I cannot bring myself to forgive that at all. If you know you are going to be on a cover page, at least DYE YOUR HAIR.

The make-up is amatuer and sloppy.

The tan is not here and not here...

The background is dank, dull and unflattering, with a melancholic greyish tinge to add to the dirty feel.

But guess what? That is the way THE STUPID MEN LIKE IT. Do they see the hair? They don't. Do they see the unmanicured nails? Bypass it totally like they bypass insurance surveyors.

All they see are boobs, and legs. Repeat after me: Boobs, ass, and legs.

We girls have MUCH BETTER TASTE:

Do you even recognise Amanda, now with good, expensive make-up?

My goodness she looks so MUCH cleaner, prettier, and more radiant! And she doesn't look like a kid anymore too. She actually looks beautiful!

Give us colours! We love colours. =) Damn those dull men's magazines.

From now on, I will thus stop arguing with men about women. I will just take it that they are blind.


p/s: You might have seen these along orchard or something! =D

Shadowy reflection of a tall man? Who is he? =)

I love this photo!

Promotion pics for my participation in the Singapore Writers' Festival! Who was the fucker who said people like Nick Liu are "real writers" and I am not? Huh? Again? What do you say? STOP WHIMPERING! Oh yes, I got invited to the festival, and sorry to say ... the "real writers" are not...

Maybe boring, serious writing does not necessarily equal to good writing afterall. =)

(Allow me to gloat please, you have no idea how small these people made me feel back in 2004 where they constantly remind me how my writing sucks compared to theirs. I waited so long for this moment to slap them in the face and make them eat their words, and boy does it feel good. =D)

I also rebonded my hair!

Ha! Joking lah. You think I will meh, I love my curls so much. =) But straight hair is a good change!

(For a person who is about to go on cover of a certain magazine I have a lot of nerve to criticise others like that - but my aim of this post is to simply state that men and women have utterly different tastes. Anyway, I am prepared for people to slam me for the shoot. I like it anyway. =D)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It is so sweet! I was looking for designers to do my website right, so I asked my girlfriend who is really good in graphics to help me. However, I also needed a flashmaster, so I was looking for someone to collaborate with her, and out of pure chance, I clicked on a random guy (whose blurry shot looked kinda cute) who commented on my multiply page...

Turns out the guy's multiply is super nicely done up, which induced me to visit his site and TADAH! He is a very good web designer indeed!

Serendipity? You bet. Later on, I mailed him, asking him if he would like to help me on my site, and he said ok, but perhaps only partially, as he has a lot of other work to do as well.

Good! But unfortunately my girlfriend already found me a flashmaster at this point, who was her friend. I asked her if her friend will mind if I axe him now for new guy. She said it is not very nice, but ok...

I added the two via MSN to discuss the project, and I was telling flashmaster that graphics girl is cute and I am gonna add her now... and then my designers hit off very well lah! Awww! Actually I don't know if they hit off well coz they weren't speaking English but Designer-speak don't know what mood-board, vector drawings, etc... No idea what they are yabbering about but I did catch that they exchanged MSN and numbers heehee...

We meet up yesterday, and my girlfriend and I had NO IDEA how this guy will turn out to look like and VOILA!



I was like nudging my girlfriend and she was totally blushing. With yet another stroke of serendipity, they are BOTH newly single! How cool is that?!

So now hor, the two are like ... AIYOH ... I DUNNO WHAT THINGS THEY DOING LAH! But I feel SO HAPPY FOR THEM! I brought them together! =D If they ever get together lah that is! They will have kickass superdesigner babies!

They even kinda look alike! *contented smile*...

Guess who is the one who tan dio the most? MOI! Because they (I suspect) want to contact each other right, and the only legitimate reason is doing my site right, they are like TOTALLY ENTHU ABOUT DOING IT!

Even more enthu than I am which is saying a LOT! Shiok not? VERY! =D Even now as I write this they are like illustrating industriously or something.

Ok, that's all this entry is about - I just want to say that I am very happy my designers like each other teeheehee. Isn't it just so cute?

You two go work together well ok? May the newly revamped be the fruits of your love labour.

All my blessings!

Monday, August 29, 2005

New violet contact lenses! =)

Nice? I love the new look! I think I look extremely artificial now (with the ash hair and lash extensions done for my shoot), but still, am very sian of black eyes! I had them for 21 years! Just bought these Encore (thats the brand) lenses from Toa Payoh at $18 for monthlies. What a steal. =D Wanted to get Freshkon at first, but nobody stocked Freshkon in violet and this shop sold me Encore. Fits well! Freshlook's lenses are far too big for my eyes and they hurt, somehow.

Coloured eyes are so striking. I love it!

Oh yeah and the eyelash extensions- came courtesy of Poipoi's introductions. Thanks babe! CHIO NOW and no need to put mascara! =)

I tried to hold my tongue, but I cannot take it anymore.

Singaporean: "Eh, I go JB that time hor, then got no toilet paper leh..."

Malaysian: "SO WHAT? YOU CHAO AH LIAN! You don't deserve any toilet paper! You fucking Singaporeans only know how to criticise people! Your country is worse, no chewing gum, and you all are just puppets being controlled by your government. If we don't give you water, you die already ok! You are so ugly, you deserve to have your arse dirty anyway. Malaysia has no toilet paper cannot is it? No one asked you to come to Malaysia in the first place! Stay in your own fucking country! Yes we have no toilet paper, but we got twin towers and that is magnificent! You chao Singaporean, whole day work for govt money, will never learn to appreciate the beauty of having shit stuck to your asshole! And please lah, why you before coming to our country never do research? What makes you think we have toilet paper, and if you brought your own, then no problems liao right? COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN. Yes I know it is still true that we have no toilet paper and you are right in saying we don't, but still, you should have done your own research. I hope you die, you fat cow you are a disgrace to your own country."

A pretty good summary of the reactions I got from my KL trip post. And some others too, rather disappointing analogies perhaps... from people I thought were more broad-minded.

I wonder, if these people (not all Malaysians, mind you, some are not like that, I DO KNOW. I am only talking about those who wrote such comments) are going to continue this adamant, indignant, self-righteous, defensive kind of attitude, how is their country ever going to improve?

For goodness sake. Something is bad? Woohoo, I love it that way leh, cannot ah? Fine lor, then don't ever change for the better.

When it is stated I got molested (which is not to say I don't get molested in Singapore too, I did, and I wrote about them), they claim I wore too little and deserve it, for in KL if you wear little you WILL get definitely molested. (Also see claim that I should have done my research, so here is a piece of research snippet for you people going to KL from KL people themselves: You WILL get molested, so go there hithero dressed as a cow)

So what does it say about KL's men if they molest girls? (Ps: I wore two tank tops and JEANS that day, not skimpy at all)

The worse argument of all is perhaps this sort:

"You were wrong to slap that girl."
"So what, you also got slap people before what."

TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE ONE RIGHT. It is IRRELEVANT WHETHER, IF YOU DRESS SKIMPILY, U WILL ALSO BE MOLESTED IN SINGAPORE'S GEYLANG. What is wrong is wrong. Molesting is wrong. So what if it also happens in Singapore? It does, but does that make Petaling's molesting cases any less true? NO.

When it is stated I got cheated, they claim I was stupid to go to Petaling street and I should have asked for advice on where to go first. I read up websites and they told me to go to Petaling Street. So how? Your tourism board's fault right?

And since I only went there, and I had a bad experience there, what is wrong with me writing it out? I wasn't defaming the damn place; it really sucks. Don't give me that bullshit that I am tainting the whole of KL. Readers can READ that I am only writing about Petaling Street.

When I say that people there are rude, these inane people claim that I met rude people (and deserve to be rude to), because I wore clothes which are ... skimpy and that Malaysia is a muslim country. (Also see claim I should have been smart enough to know this and wrapped myself up in black drapes)

Sorry hor, I am so sorry. I thought that KL was a developed, civilised place, where there will not be such ridiculous racial intolerance. I was wrong in thinking that way, expecting too much. Wow, if only I expected KL to be a shit dump! Then I will think it is actually a rosy place, right?

I do NOT think I dressed skimpily nor was whatever rubbish terms you siao people (refering only to those who commented) called me. Lala? What is lala? It is not insulting to me at all. To me, lala is a nice dish of clams cooked in sambal sauce.

I wore a tank top and my red skirt on my second day, with flat slippers. How is that "ah lian"? Looks rather beach-like to me. But that is not the point.

In Singapore, if an ah lian walks up to me and asked me politely for directions, I WILL NOT BE RUDE TO HER. Neither will the bulk of our citizens, I think.

Intolerance for other people ... I wonder if that is supposed to be a good thing? You guys made it sound like it is actually ok to be so unreasonable and expect everyone to dress and act like your culture - or look down, molest, and cheat the person.

When it is stated I was cheated because it was obvious I was a tourist, well, let me just tell you all that I spoke in CANTONESE there. I was so "local", that one shop-keeper in Petaling said loudly to his colleague "pun de yan" (or ben di ren meaning local) when I said his goods are expensive, and proceeded to wave me aside insignificantly because they don't serve locals and tourists fork out far more dough.

What do you have to say about that? Local enough for you?

My last point is about the fact that most people presume that I cannot learn to appreciate the beauty of less developed cities just because I am from prim and proper Singapore.

That is not true. I loved Bangkok. It is also BIG, also WILD, but I loved it, and I survived it. The guys I met there are not obscene, the people were really polite, and these were in the tourist spots. What gives?

I did not go to KL with a mind set to compare it to Singapore and criticise it. I don't think I did either. I went there to have fun, and trust me, I wanted to enjoy myself and write a lovely post about how much I love Malaysia. But fact remains I got molested, I got cheated, and I was terribly treated. So how? Am I still supposed to pretend I like it, eh, so that I can be "sensitive" to KL people's feelings?

Manicured nails, putting on make-up and perhaps - if you want to pick on it - the liking of the colour pink, doesn't mean that I am the ditsy bimbo you think I am. I rather think I am quite the gung-ho girl. (I survived Bintan without hot water, aircon, nor electricity after 6am and I thoroughly enjoyed the outward-bound kind of adventure)

As I said, my expectations of the place stemmed from the fact that things there were expensive. If I am expected to tolerate back-wardness, then personally - and you don't have to agree with me - I think a general price difference will be good to patch that up. KL (FROM WHAT I WITNESSED), unfortunately, is expensive, yet comes with the inconveniences and problems of less developed cities.

I don't feel a need to defend myself any further.

I just think, whether I am expecting too much, ditsy, stupid, unprepared, narrow-minded or not, it doesn't matter. It maintains, that all I experienced was TRUE, and like it or not, I'm going to say it.

Yes, I know Malaysians love their country and will not like others to insult it (esp so close to National Day). I won't like it too if people kept harping on Singapore's bad points. (Kenny pointed out a specific post actually)

But if someone were to come here, and complain on his blog that we are boring, we are too clean, we are too regulated, our TP is fucked up, our media is fucked up and we are too small and expensive ... I'll be lan lan. Coz it is true we are like that. I can perhaps say there are places in Singapore not like that, but what more can I say? It is the person's experiences and opinions what. Not like I can change it anyway.

So yes. I am supposed to be an open-minded tourist? How about you be an open-minded blog reader too and try to handle the truth?

Maybe I should change my statement a bit too. KL doesn't suck. The PARTS OF KL I EXPERIENCED SUCKED. True story.

Oh and also. In case your anger comes from the fact that I have the ability to change people's opinions and thus I am making people hate KL, I SHALL HEREBY STATE IT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION, and please, don't just trust my words on it. I may be warped. Go to KL and see it for yourself.

There. Happy?

I will not allow comments because lest Singaporeans start to agree or diss Malaysia, it will be my fault again because I put a gun in their mouths and garnered all these Singaporeans together to go against Malaysians in one united lemmings-like action that only popular bloggers like me exploit. *roll eyes*

Friday, August 26, 2005


This deserves a post by itself! Making my day, I present to you...


Freshly done up trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!! I kept having goosebumps as I see the trailer done for - I'm sure - the greatest movie because it is about the greatest book! My absolute fav, after Half-Blood Prince that is, and it only lost by a wee bit. *contented smile*

In this we see Cho Chang (disappointing), Cedric Diggory (handsome), Fleur (looks too normal), our favourite (I don't care if she is not your favourite, she is mine anyway) Hermione looking so pretty dancing with Viktor Krum, and even a glimpse of MAD-EYE MOODY!

WOOHOO! So exciting! I know it is gonna be so great! The merpeople! The dragons! The dark graveyard ... and Voldemort coming to life finally... OH MY GOODNESS I AM GETTING INCONTINENCE!!!

My god I am one excited girl. I cannot wait! I even want to see Ron's new long hair!

Oh this one is some time ago, but you also can watch this shorter, earlier trailer here. I think it is not as nice but you can see Madame Maxime, and the front part where the 3 kids grow up made me have so much goosebumps. So nostalgic. In future, we tell our kids we were there, during the Harry Potter phenomenon. =)

In case you ever read this Rowling, you are my inspiration and thank you so much for all the magic you brought to my life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm watching Project Superstar! I don't watch TV very often, but I heard Shuyin tell me that Weilian's (the male winner, who is blind) singing made Quan Yi Feng cry, and I was like "Wah lau, so kua zhang, that Quan Yi Feng acting only lah..."

Then later I also heard that he won for the male category, and unfortunately, my first thought was a doubt of - brace yourself, this is a bit mean - whether it has to do with some amount of pity for his handicap.

And then I watched his performance today and all doubts vanished. HIS SINGING IS SO NICE! Omg... It is really the sort which can move you to tears. TAI HAO TING LE!!! *claps*

Then I was happily watching the program, and then I thought, wah shiok lah these guys, now that they are semi-famous, they can all bunch together and hang out at Zouk's members or something... Act all atas and being in the right crowd, holding a vodka in one hand, a ciggie in the other... Then girls will ogle at them and whisper,"Psst, that guy is from Project Superstar right?" and they will all have a lot of sex!


Actually I'm not sure if the Chinese-speaking community is like that but the English ones certainly are.

Speaking from experience lah... I mean, look at past reality show participants like Mark Zee, erm, I don't know, Singapore Idol people? Mark was seen EVERYWHERE after that damned show! What do you mean not everyone likes to be in the limelight and act all superficial and PR, and not everyone is as sex-crazy as me? Nonsense. People who join reality shows possibly all love attention - a visit to clubs and their VIP areas will confirm that. As for sex ... heehee... EVERYBODY LOVES IT! (when done with the right person lah)

I'm sure Taufik is getting far more sex now than before he got famous! Yippee for TV!

But then I realised that Weilian, being blind, possibly cannot enjoy that sort of aftermath, because I don't think he goes clubbing, gets dead drunk, take drugs, nor drives a sports car (or whatever glamourous things famous people do).

Quite sad (for him that is) to not be able to enjoy these perks (VIP treatments and all), but at the same time, it is also nice to know that he will not lead that sort of lifestyle I suppose? Depending on the final results, he will either go back to being a normal guy or being a full-time singer.

Guess we won't we seeing you at Zouk hitting on chicks Weilian. It possibly also means you won't turn into a self-righteous jerk, which is nice. =)

Something tells me...

That my currently dozing brother is not really studying for his PSLE prelims.

KL pretty much sucked

Warning: A CRAZY AMOUNT OF PHOTOS! It is so much, it will suck up all the bandwidth in the world, leaving a void meaningless black hole behind. Escape now if you are one of those backward people with limited bandwidth per month!

Let's snigger at those backward people now since they are gone. =D TEEHEEHEE SO LOUSY. Nowadays there are still people using a 56K MODEM?!

Well about the trip. I think KL sucks. It sucked because of the bloody KL-ians (Kenny say I cannot assume all Malaysians are like that and Kuching people are not like that so I cannot use the word Malaysians) are a bunch of rude, uncivilised, ti ko (for men) and worst of all, DISHONEST people. Well, at least those I saw anyway. I've never seen a city of citizens so fucking horrible before. Is it only the sale stuff who are like that? I certainly hope so. The Malaysians I know are certainly not so bad.

The KL taxi drivers are the worst. I FUCKING HATE THEM. They are so dishonest!

Once they know you are not a local, they bloody cheat your money by stating ridiculous prices for cab fares. And I am the sort who CAN haggle. Get this: A trip around the distance of Orchard to maybe Newton... They have the fucking cheek to charge RM20 you know! That is like 10 sing dollars. THEY CAN KISS MY ASS. Hell I will pay that siao amount of money. Do I have "stupid" printed on my forehead?

Chao cabbies. Singaporean cabbies are angels compared to them. Yes our fees are expensive too, but at least our diesel is not dirt-cheap. Singaporean cabbies earn a decent living and most of them do take you to your destination by the shortest route.

Well, I took a rare honest cab to Petaling Street from the hotel, and it was RM3.60, going by meter. When I wanted to go back, the cabbie charged me RM20! CHAO AH KUA! I am so ANGRY! When I said he is being siao, you know what he did?

HE SCOLDED ME SOMEMORE OK? I said RM5 to go back, he say I am out of my mind. When I said the meter only stated RM3.60 when I came, he scolded me and said it is impossible. SO I DREAMT IT IS IT?

And he refused to drive me. You know why? COZ OF FUCKING STUPID TOURISTS ALL KENA CHEATED BY CAB DRIVERS WILLINGLY. They don't need the business of the locals or the smart tourists! Hate stupid people.

In the end, I managed to find a cab going by meter. WAH HE DAMN SHIOK! There was no jam, and the trip back cost RM9.60! Very smart ah, bring me around the city right?

I HATE YOU KL CABBIES!!! They are so evil!

KL sucked also because the things there are not cheap. Unlike HongKong or Thailand where price are so low they rock your socks, KL is almost the same price as Singapore. Even in Petaling street where things are supposed to be cheap, they are not.

A fake branded bag costs... $50 sing? And you know what? It is not even the AAA grade kind Shen Zhen sells. You can get a bag in Shen Zhen for S$20, and it is of SO MUCH BETTER QUALITY. Once again, these B-grade luxury goods sellers thrive on the naiveness of tourists. Damn.

Ok let's continue with the photos, I'll complain more as we go along.

Shuyin stayed overnight at my place and we boarded the coach at 8am.

Whose passport is she looking at?! LET ME SEE!

It's Idris'! So cute last time, why now like that ah?

That's me getting comfy on the coach ride there. Shuyin and I only slept 1 hour the night before, and we intend to concuss on the trip. =D

Two of us...

Must wear specs then look like road trip! 8)

Obviously, for the next 4 hours there weren't any photos because I was dozing like a log. Until...


We checked in a Prince's Hotel & Residence (paiseh, it is not Crown Prince, my mistake).

Idris and Shuyin waits while V (Idris' friend who wishes to be anonymous. Sigh, I am recently really kinda irritated by people with such absurd privacy issues) helps do up the admin work. So kind of him to let us all stay for free!

We proceeded to have lunch, where we were shocked to realise that KL's foodcourts were actually MORE EXPENSIVE THAN SINGAPORE'S.

Tuppy with our shared bowl of bleeding prawn dumpling thingy, costing around S$3. A BOWL OF SOUP DAMMIT!

Being the rich tai tai she is, Tuppy is rather upset that LV is closed.

Times Square is very high up! God I am so artistic. Isn't this shot nice?

We settle for dinner after a long shop around Lot 10 and Times Square. Tuppy's and my bangles pile up while Idris stares on in puzzlement of why girls are so troublesome.

We are very tired...

All I bought was a white pair of espadrilles (yay!) and a pair of nice Old English kinda stockings!

Check it out! Times Square has a indoor rollar coaster! Prices are bound to be exorbitant so we didn't even go to that level.

And it is the Monorail to Maharajalela for Petaling street! God I was so excited about that place.

KL monorail is SOLD OUT. Every station is sponsored by a brand and the whole station will be plastered with the brand's ads. Maharajalela (I LOVE THE NAME!)'s is Great Eastern Life.

Tuppy and I with old-school MRT cards!

I love this photo!

From right, Tze Hao, Idris' campmate, Daphne, Tze hao's girlfriend. They look very gleeful ah! When people trying to take candid shot the vain Tuppy go and pose, somemore so act cute one. Sorry ah Idris, I accidentally cut off your face.

After we alighted we still didn't know where the damned street is, so we asked people. This raceless copulator just stared at me (in a rude manner) when I asked him politely! GOT SUCH PEOPLE OR NOT YOU TELL ME! If I got a GIRAFFE with me I surely hit him with the GIRAFFE.

He then walked right past me when I was still asking, and proceeded to periodically glare back at me. What, I killed his mother ah?

Maybe he was an ominous foreboding, because here comes the scum of society:

Welcome to Petaling Street, where if you ain't cheated, you didn't come here yet.

Don't be fooled by the Singapore Pasar Malam disguise, our PM vendors are not that skilled in rudeness and dishonesty yet. Not without ten years of training.

The B-grade imitations. Not worth buying.

Speaking of this fucked up street, girls going there really have to beware. My advice is not to go at all.

Well, I got molested.

This Chinese guy walked past me, delibrately close, and brushed his arm very hard against the diameter of my whole left boob.


I don't know why I did that, but instintively I turned back and smacked him hard on his retreating back. I wanted to kick him or pull his collar but I didn't dare at that point in time. Well, I wasn't protected by our local police, and I have no idea how full of justice Malaysians are (I suspect not at all).

My boob felt so dirty after that (although I was wearing a bra and a top). Shuyin had Idris protecting her... Daphne had Tze Hao. I had nobody and I got molested! I am so ke lian! Feel like crying. I also want my boyfriend to protect me from these people leh... It is super irritating that I cannot do anything about him taking advantage of me like that.

As if the molesters are not enough, the vendors are mostly, like 90%, male. They are either young bengs, or bangalas. I don't know if they are really bangalas but they look like they are.

Well these stupid guys are pretty offensive as well. They wolf-whistle, ask for your name, your number, etc, and one even commented (to hearty sniggers among his vendor friends, the cretin)that Tuppy's skirt is very short.

Urgh. Are they stupid or what? Don't they know that if they behave like that clients will just be very turned off?

Tuppy and Tzu Hao buys t-shirts - which are quite cheap.

We had supper! =)

Very nice chendol (S$1.50 - not cheap hor)

Lala! I love lalas. Shuyin also love coz she is lala (labom!) I think this is 6 sing dollars. A bit cheaper.

I am very poor thing coz I can only eat a bit bit as I had that shoot on Tuesday. =( Plus I got molested. Damn that tit still feels gross.

And so we all slept.

Bright shiny day! So long since I last woke up in the morning! KLCC WE COME!!

Woot! No more haze!

KL's fire extinguishers are yellow. So cute! I love the shape of this kinda ... WAIT. This is not a fire extinguisher! SHIT! What is it called??! I suddenly forgot.

Is it water something? Oh dear. Never mind, it shall be called a Fire Kenny for now, because it is shaped like Kenny! Not Sia Kenny, OMG-they-killed-Kenny Kenny lah. Don't you think it looks like? If Kenny were to be life-sized, I imagine it looks like this. =)

And look! It is sprayed yellow AFTER it is planted on the ground!

Singaporean girls on Malaysian land

V said that the Arabs were having some sort of holiday, and so KL was FILLED TO THE BRIM with them! Very funny. They are not hot meh? Even when eating they have to not let down the black mask.

I was very amused by the Arabs smoking shisha. And oh oh! How they do swimming?

Shuyin likes the short guy at the back. She say very handsome.

KLCC is just like Taka. It is so boring, all the big brands are there, being ridiculously priced. I wanted to buy Mac eyeshadows, since Malaysia is supposed to have having some sale, but guess what?

It costs S$26 - more expensive than Singapore's $25.

And I despise Malaysia's "sale". It is miserable and once again, another cheating gimmick. SALE? Give me a break, Malaysia. Have you seen Singapore go on sale before? When we say sale, we mean sale. Like 70% off Mango, 50% off topshop and m)phosis, and even islandwide Watsons 20%.

When Malaysia goes sale, everyone reduces 10%. 10 freaking percent! A GREAT FAT LOAD OF MONEY THAT IS. You want to give 10% for fuck? $10 becomes $9? WOW! How about no? Keep the change, you filthy animal.

KLCC redeemed itself a little bit by having this shop called Girls, where the whole shop is catered to young girls to make them feel like princesses!! It is so lovely; Tuppy and I went crazy.

Check out the amount of pink! If you don't like the things here ladies, you are gay. This shop brings out all of our estrogen!

We are princesses!

Out of pure chance, Tuppy, Daphne and I walked into Nose, a shoe shop.

We just went mad.


OMG OMG OMG! The lovely kind you cannot get in Singapore! Once upon a time VNC used to sell nice, different shoes. Now it is just sold out. Like Charles and Keith. I HATE Charles and Keith.

Their shoes are all almost the same - yawn - kitten heels with a variation of a crossed, plain, or strappy tops. Wow, how totally refreshing! But Singaporean girls, most of them anyway, are boring and consists of shu nus, who totally dig such boring and common heels. Yucks.

Ditto Giordano. Keep it simple and boring, and your apparel is bound to strife in Singapore. Even better, you save on designing costs. I think our boring market is vast enough to tolerate another Baleno/Giordano/Bossini/U2/hangten.

And therefore Singapore's shoes CANNOT MAKE IT. Try to buy a pair nice boots? Or nice wedges? Tough. All you get are heels, heels, heels. The Charles and Keith/URS/VNC kind.


Oh my goodness I bought 2 pairs, $24.90 each. Price not VERY cheap (like Thailand's) but it is certainly very reasonable for something you cannot get in Singapore!

Pink and silver! Such lovely colours... I didn't buy it though, because the fit is not so good, and the heel is not high enough for me! The wedge part is also a dusty shade of pink. Nice!

Erm, ok, we all have our embarrassing moments.

This Diesel tee discriminates me.

Back in the hotel, Tuppy and I whore our shoes!!

Nice nice nice! This espadrille, in which mine has a higher wedge than Tuppy's, is actually a lookalike of Marc Jacobs' design. Woot! Only $24 bucks! Tuppy's one is even cheaper.

In case you didn't really get it, I love espadrilles.


I bought stripey socks for my masthead photoshoot!

Ah Tup also tries it on

And... DINNER! See how sian Idris and Tup are? HUNGRY PEOPLE ARE UNHAPPY PEOPLE!

This restaurant is famous for its shark's fin, which we didn't order coz it is expensive. Minimum RM30 for 1 person.

First dish, oily Kailan!

Second is duck. Disgusting parsley at the side. EEEW. SO smelly.

Tuppy eats it!!! She is really very gross.

Claypot beancurd. I was mortally disappointed because it is not the egg beancurd I wanted. =(



Compare it to my fingers put at the side.

We ordered the cheapest fish and it was a bit overcooked, but nice nonetheless.

And V whipped out a surprise cake for Tzehao as it was his birthday! Awww... So sweet right? We all didn't know how he did it.

What is Daphne doing?

The two of them.


Woopie it is all of Tuppy's and my loot!

The things we bought from Girls

We bought glasses from Petaling! (Glasses are cheap there) Tuppy's glasses are super reflective!

Can see my face in her glasses! =D

Haha boh liao

Total amount spent

Notice how we didn't buy any clothes? KL's fashion sucks leh. It is shop after shop of This Fashion at its worst in Petaling:

Would you wear these?

JIAN GUI LE! So freaking hideous!!! SHADE YOUR EYES!

Finally, we go back to Singapore...

Nice photo of Tuppy, with the background artificially blurred to look like an SLR shot.

I am so poor thing! Other people gorge themselves silly at the buffet table, and what do I eat?


SIAN! I eat apple! I hate apples.

I must talk about this STUPID LADY. We were on the coach back, and it stopped for a toilet break.

My bladder was bursting, but yet the ladies was full of people queuing up.

Now we all know there are two ways of queuing for toilets.

Either you form one long queue where the next in line goes to the next available toilet, or you queue directly outside a cubicle of your choice.

Now the long queue obviously means people were queuing using the former. THIS CHAO AUNTIE and THIS CHAO MALAY YOUNG GIRL, THEY JUST SKIP THE QUEUE AND GO AND STAND OUTSIDE A CUBICLE LEH!

SO UNCIVILISED RIGHT? Where got such thing one? Other people who came earlier than them are all standing, waiting, and you go cut the queue like that?!

I couldn't take it so I told Daphne to hold my position in the queue and I went to scold the lady.

"Hey, excuse me, can you get back in line or not? Do you know that you are cutting the queue? Everyone else is very urgent too you know?"

Both pua charbors stared at me and then looked back at the front, persisting to stand outside the cubicles.

OMG THEY ARE SO FUCKING RUDE! I presume the both of them cannot understand English but my hand signals were clear enough. But no!

And guess what? The rest of the people started to queue waiting outside cubicles too.

BARBARIANS! If you are so uncivilised, please pee in the bushes outside.

Such things will never happen in Singapore I tell you. Ok not never, but rather unlikely. At least Singaporean aunties will mumble back rudely and then go back to the queue.

Urgh. Annoyed, I stormed out of the toilet and found what I was looking for in 3 seconds. Because I rushed into the ladies, I didn't see the handicapped toilet.




Thank god for Singapore... We are back and some people are walking across the causeway..

In a while we saw our pretty, neat streets, so brightly lit by our clean, working lamps...

I rushed down to Changi Airport to send Wong off (I specially took an earlier bus back for her...)

Changi airport... So clean, so developed, so thoroughly lovely.

But alas. I missed Wong by 15 minutes. Let's not talk about that because I am ready to cry when I think about how I missed the last chance to see her for a year.

Well, I met Ghimz...

Ghimz is disgusted with Malaysian cabbies too

And Ah dong and PY

But at least I am back home. Home, where the toilets' flushes works, our cabbies are honest, our men are not (so openly) lecherous, our roads are not jammed everyday, our bus and MRT brings us everywhere smoothly, our sale staff are generally polite, our food is clean, there is internet access, no stepping on chewing gum, our water can be drunk from the tap, and our govt, although highly controlling... ARE DOING THEIR JOB instead of getting sodomized.

I love meters

In conclusion, I'll possibly not go there again. Thank goodness, because of the good company and my fab shoes, the trip was salvaged. =)

Post-note: Woah woah! Don't get so angry, Malaysians! I've been to Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and JB, and I loved these places. However, KL disappointed me. Do not fault me, for all I did was to write a true-blue account of what happened. And if I didn't like the place, can't I complain on my blog? Popular as it is, it is still an avenue for me to vent my frustrations. =)

By now I know that I have been shopping at the wrong places, and perhaps, KL is not so bad after all? I guess I need a KL tour guide, haha! But what remains true is that the places and people I encountered remain an authentic part of KL, and won't it be good to warn future tourists not to go to such places? They really sucked. So what if part of KL sucks? I'm sure parts of SG sucks too.

So yes Malaysians, if you have advice for Singaporeans going to KL, do write them down, and do not slam Singaporeans for being arrogant and expecting too much. That's irrelevant and making excuses for the lousier parts of KL. Nobody goes to a country and expects to be cheated and molested, right? I don't think I expected too much. And well Malaysians, if you still decide to be rude and uncivilised, just think of the image you are protraying for your own country. Not good at all.

Oh yeah as for the toilet thingy, if there is already a long queue formed, there is no excuse to go queue outside a cubicle and cut everyone's queue. That's plain rude.

Be nice everyone! =)

UPDATE (22/12/2005):


I have all rights to dislike any place that I choose to dislike.

KL had the chance to make me like it, but sorry, all I saw were terrible things there. Don't trust my words, because I am a stupid tourist. Go there and get cheated, abused, and molested to fully feel the experience. While at that, remember that in all that 3rd world treatment you are getting, you are paying 1st world prices. Whoopee!

Read the irate comments by the angry Malaysians! Very funny indeed. :D

And oh yeah. Don't give me crap like "Don't come to KL then". Damn right I won't. Not after I saw how some of you KL-ites behave.