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For the last time!

What is the big deal about me photoshopping my pictures?! Would you rather I post up photos and do not admit that I photoshop them? I can understand if people say I am dishonest about my looks when they found out I have been photoshopping when I choose not to admit it. What I cannot understand is why people still harp on it when I chose to come clean, be honest, and admit that I do edit the photos? Would you rather I lie then? Will that make you feel better? Photoshop is not difficult, the basics aren't anyway. Most girls who post their photos DO edit themselves. They just don't say it. What's the big deal man? Your stars... The glamourous celebrity photos ... all edited. TV stars do surgery. What are you gonna do about that? Force them to be natural? Ridiculous. You see plenty of photos of me around without being edited anyway - do they look very different? Take those on media reports for example ... Not edited and 100% authentic. I will say, as a general rule of thu

Men are blind bats

I give up. Girls, have you ever experienced a situation, where every single one of your girlfriends thinks someone is fugly, but yet the guys all think she is hot? FUCKING IRRITATING RIGHT! Are those guys BLIND or what? Almost a year of working with Maxim made me so frustrated, I almost puked blood. I constantly complain that their girls (ditto other men's magazine too) are sometimes plain, ugly, old and fat, but yet, miraculouly, sales are still doing well - symbolising that hot-blooded young men everywhere are still wanking to these cows. After so long, I have come to realise one thing. Men and women see things in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT WAY. Take for example Celest Chong. Guys think she is hot because she is... I don't know, I have a vagina ... Leggy perhaps? Every Singaporean girl knows she is a cheater because she has a very wide face and she constantly uses her long, boring, one-length hair to cover the sides of the face. I see until I wanted to take a pair of scisso


It is so sweet! I was looking for designers to do my website right, so I asked my girlfriend who is really good in graphics to help me. However, I also needed a flashmaster, so I was looking for someone to collaborate with her, and out of pure chance, I clicked on a random guy (whose blurry shot looked kinda cute) who commented on my multiply page... Turns out the guy's multiply is super nicely done up, which induced me to visit his site and TADAH! He is a very good web designer indeed! Serendipity? You bet. Later on, I mailed him, asking him if he would like to help me on my site, and he said ok, but perhaps only partially, as he has a lot of other work to do as well. Good! But unfortunately my girlfriend already found me a flashmaster at this point, who was her friend. I asked her if her friend will mind if I axe him now for new guy. She said it is not very nice, but ok... I added the two via MSN to discuss the project, and I was telling flashmaster that graphics girl is cute

New violet contact lenses! =)

Nice? I love the new look! I think I look extremely artificial now (with the ash hair and lash extensions done for my shoot), but still, am very sian of black eyes! I had them for 21 years! Just bought these Encore (thats the brand) lenses from Toa Payoh at $18 for monthlies. What a steal. =D Wanted to get Freshkon at first, but nobody stocked Freshkon in violet and this shop sold me Encore. Fits well! Freshlook's lenses are far too big for my eyes and they hurt, somehow. Coloured eyes are so striking. I love it! Oh yeah and the eyelash extensions- came courtesy of Poipoi's introductions. Thanks babe! CHIO NOW and no need to put mascara! =)

I tried to hold my tongue, but I cannot take it anymore.

Singaporean: "Eh, I go JB that time hor, then got no toilet paper leh..." Malaysian: "SO WHAT? YOU CHAO AH LIAN! You don't deserve any toilet paper! You fucking Singaporeans only know how to criticise people! Your country is worse, no chewing gum, and you all are just puppets being controlled by your government. If we don't give you water, you die already ok! You are so ugly, you deserve to have your arse dirty anyway. Malaysia has no toilet paper cannot is it? No one asked you to come to Malaysia in the first place! Stay in your own fucking country! Yes we have no toilet paper, but we got twin towers and that is magnificent! You chao Singaporean, whole day work for govt money, will never learn to appreciate the beauty of having shit stuck to your asshole! And please lah, why you before coming to our country never do research? What makes you think we have toilet paper, and if you brought your own, then no problems liao right? COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN. Yes I kn


This deserves a post by itself! Making my day, I present to you... This. Freshly done up trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire !! I kept having goosebumps as I see the trailer done for - I'm sure - the greatest movie because it is about the greatest book! My absolute fav, after Half-Blood Prince that is, and it only lost by a wee bit. *contented smile* In this we see Cho Chang (disappointing), Cedric Diggory (handsome), Fleur (looks too normal), our favourite (I don't care if she is not your favourite, she is mine anyway) Hermione looking so pretty dancing with Viktor Krum, and even a glimpse of MAD-EYE MOODY! WOOHOO! So exciting! I know it is gonna be so great! The merpeople! The dragons! The dark graveyard ... and Voldemort coming to life finally... OH MY GOODNESS I AM GETTING INCONTINENCE!!! My god I am one excited girl. I cannot wait! I even want to see Ron's new long hair! Oh this one is some time ago, but you also can watch this shorter, earlier trail
I'm watching Project Superstar! I don't watch TV very often, but I heard Shuyin tell me that Weilian's (the male winner, who is blind) singing made Quan Yi Feng cry, and I was like "Wah lau, so kua zhang, that Quan Yi Feng acting only lah..." Then later I also heard that he won for the male category, and unfortunately, my first thought was a doubt of - brace yourself, this is a bit mean - whether it has to do with some amount of pity for his handicap. And then I watched his performance today and all doubts vanished . HIS SINGING IS SO NICE! Omg... It is really the sort which can move you to tears. TAI HAO TING LE!!! *claps* Then I was happily watching the program, and then I thought, wah shiok lah these guys, now that they are semi-famous, they can all bunch together and hang out at Zouk's members or something... Act all atas and being in the right crowd, holding a vodka in one hand, a ciggie in the other... Then girls will ogle at them and whisper,"Ps

Something tells me...

That my currently dozing brother is not really studying for his PSLE prelims.

KL pretty much sucked

Warning: A CRAZY AMOUNT OF PHOTOS! It is so much, it will suck up all the bandwidth in the world, leaving a void meaningless black hole behind. Escape now if you are one of those backward people with limited bandwidth per month! Let's snigger at those backward people now since they are gone. =D TEEHEEHEE SO LOUSY. Nowadays there are still people using a 56K MODEM?! Well about the trip. I think KL sucks. It sucked because of the bloody KL-ians (Kenny say I cannot assume all Malaysians are like that and Kuching people are not like that so I cannot use the word Malaysians) are a bunch of rude, uncivilised, ti ko (for men) and worst of all, DISHONEST people. Well, at least those I saw anyway. I've never seen a city of citizens so fucking horrible before. Is it only the sale stuff who are like that? I certainly hope so. The Malaysians I know are certainly not so bad. The KL taxi drivers are the worst. I FUCKING HATE THEM. They are so dishonest! Once they know you are not a loca