Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It is so sweet! I was looking for designers to do my website right, so I asked my girlfriend who is really good in graphics to help me. However, I also needed a flashmaster, so I was looking for someone to collaborate with her, and out of pure chance, I clicked on a random guy (whose blurry shot looked kinda cute) who commented on my multiply page...

Turns out the guy's multiply is super nicely done up, which induced me to visit his site and TADAH! He is a very good web designer indeed!

Serendipity? You bet. Later on, I mailed him, asking him if he would like to help me on my site, and he said ok, but perhaps only partially, as he has a lot of other work to do as well.

Good! But unfortunately my girlfriend already found me a flashmaster at this point, who was her friend. I asked her if her friend will mind if I axe him now for new guy. She said it is not very nice, but ok...

I added the two via MSN to discuss the project, and I was telling flashmaster that graphics girl is cute and I am gonna add her now... and then my designers hit off very well lah! Awww! Actually I don't know if they hit off well coz they weren't speaking English but Designer-speak don't know what mood-board, vector drawings, etc... No idea what they are yabbering about but I did catch that they exchanged MSN and numbers heehee...

We meet up yesterday, and my girlfriend and I had NO IDEA how this guy will turn out to look like and VOILA!



I was like nudging my girlfriend and she was totally blushing. With yet another stroke of serendipity, they are BOTH newly single! How cool is that?!

So now hor, the two are like ... AIYOH ... I DUNNO WHAT THINGS THEY DOING LAH! But I feel SO HAPPY FOR THEM! I brought them together! =D If they ever get together lah that is! They will have kickass superdesigner babies!

They even kinda look alike! *contented smile*...

Guess who is the one who tan dio the most? MOI! Because they (I suspect) want to contact each other right, and the only legitimate reason is doing my site right, they are like TOTALLY ENTHU ABOUT DOING IT!

Even more enthu than I am which is saying a LOT! Shiok not? VERY! =D Even now as I write this they are like illustrating industriously or something.

Ok, that's all this entry is about - I just want to say that I am very happy my designers like each other teeheehee. Isn't it just so cute?

You two go work together well ok? May the newly revamped xiaxue.blogspot.com be the fruits of your love labour.

All my blessings!