Dear Miss Furong

Hi! I am assuming, that being the famous China star you are right now, starring in movies and what's not, you will not actually chance upon my humble site.

I am also assuming, that your supposed English blog is not really written by you, and therefore you do not read my blog. (If you are indeed the writer then I have to tell you that the "sister" is redundant in your blog title because jiejie already means sister, no? Hmmm...)

If you happen to chance upon this blog entry, I shall first sincerely apologize for the harsh words I have yet to write but will, but please do take it with a large quantity of salt.

You see, I cannot not do this.

Yesterday, a blogder of mine emailed me telling me not to be upset. She said that I am pretty, because even though I do edit my photos, I can't be half that bad, as photoshop can only do that much.

I'm coming to the point which is relevant to you! See, she also further joked that even photoshop cannot help me if I am an ugly ass like you. (she say one hor, not me)

Inwardly I gloated in self-satisfaction and I think, were I a normal male blogger, I would have smirked and wanked with absurd vigour, for that email is very pleasing indeed to behold. But fortunately for my keyboard (which is the dirtiest household item according to research, beating the toilet bowl seat), I just pondered about what this blogder said.

Can photoshop save Furong Jiejie?

Yes Furong, I'll say probably no too.

With that I started on the near impossible, which is to beautify you...

But first, like a plastic surgeon, I must first analyse what is wrong before I do so.

Well, erm, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you are too fat. Maybe in China, it is a trend to resemble a walrus, but in Singapore, I assure you you are considered to be too fat. Even I, with my infinitely small 22.5" waist, am said to be fat by the ridiculously high standards set by Singaporean boys.

Furong Jie, for goodness sake go jogging. Indeed, jogging creates a sweaty vulva which is highly unattractive, but no one will suddenly request to perform cunninlingus on you anyway if you are fat, so well it's sweaty genitalia or nothing!

Speaking of exercise, I also suggest you get to a pool (coincidentally does China have swimming pools?) and get a tan. I know! Some people have that bai li tou hong (red sheen underneath pale skin) glow when they are white. But not you. You, like me when I was fair, look pretty pallid. So go get a tan! You can also go to a beach, but refer to said walrus problem.

Right. While we are on the topic of fat, WHAT IS THAT YOU ARE WEARING?! I don't know if clothes are like that in China, but someone, ANYONE, should tell you Furong, that flower-prints top and flower-prints bottom DO NOT LOOK GOOD TOGETHER! You may argue that they are clearly different flowers, and one is blue while the other is pink (many petals five petals yada yada), but that is hardly the point!

And you made it worse by standing in front of more plants - now in green! Wow. Not smart.

I know you love your S-shaped body, but empire-cut tops with a loose circumference is clearly not for you, babes. It is flaring out, if you didn't already see that. FLARING OUT. In fact, it flared out so much that you can hide a few chickens inside and people will be none the wiser.

Now we go to your face. MAKE UP! Your eyes are one big one small, and your pupils look very funny. When I say funny, I don't mean like ha-ha funny, I mean shitass weird funny. Your jawline is flabby but I'll fix that, no problemo don't you worry, and your nose is big.

They also flare, like your blue-flowered blouse. (refer to previous joke about chickens, and replace chickens with guppies)

I think you are old, aren't you? I am no curator but I'll age you around 38. When you are that old, you do not give tired smiles. It mades me jaded about life just to look at you. It is with utmost self-disciple that I didn't just slide into a life of sudden destitution.

Your ears are very clean, good for you!

I'm almost done! We now come to the part everyone has been avoiding, because it is so in-your-face. Your armpits. Furong jie, when the flab on your arms threaten to engulf you, you do not encourage them by flashing them to the world. I don't like the pits, but I suppose it only looks revolting coz ... I don't know, I think it's just you I guess.

So yes... Let me try to work some magic...






NICE NOT??! Well, let me tell you what is changed:

I trimmed down your nose and face, and made you thin. I added blusher and eyeshadow (and some lashes too). I pushed your eyebrows lower, and pushed your mouth higher.

I took away blemishes and dark eye rings. I made your skin a little bit more glowing.

AS A FINISHING TOUCH I EVEN GAVE YOU ELF EARS! How cool is that? You know that show LOTR? Yeah, elves are very hot right now.

But the thing is... I cannot get rid of how weird your pupils look. They look even more weird now, though I didn't touch the pupils.

And meanwhile, Furong, you must pump up the estrogen!

YOU LOOK LIKE A MAN! I thought the small nostils will cure that manly problem, but clearly it didn't.

I know, it obviously doesn't even slighly look like you anymore, but what to do? I am an artist mah (oh you know, nowadays anyone who paints a few pictures can call themselves artists and suddenly become experts on art), and aesthetics is very important to me so I didn't stop until ... you don't look the least bit like yourself anymore lor.

I hope you like it hor. I am going to sleep now, I am so tired! Oh btw, if you had a body like my after photo I will surely fuck you, if I had a dick and at least two condoms. Nights!

Post-note: Firstly, do try not to insult the girl, for in all chances someone who types that kind of English does not know how to get round the fact that China bans Blogger. It is a Singaporean who did up FRJJ's English site, so don't bash her for being bhb. I do not think she will read this thus my straightforwardness, and I hope she won't (because China bans blogspot sites), but I also want to state that my readers' comments do NOT represent my stand.

And also, thanks for all the PS compliments ya all. Make me fly up to the sky liao. =) *hugs*


Midnight said…
hi xx.

I was unlucky to be "lured" to her blog. And I was very upset after viewing her blog for the following reasons.
#1 English sucks (worst than my Singlish). Her friend, Jerry who writes the contents must have screwed her up.
#2 she thinks that singapore man is so cheapo. (honestly. my p**** shrunk after I saw her pictures). She is average looking lah. Her dressing, stances and facial expressions on her photo is just not correctly. Sorry to PRC people, maybe, this is how it is supposed to be in PRC.
#3 she is luring married man too. She has statements like "Pretend you with me instead of your wife," Huh? so desperate meh?
#4 She is shameless.

I left her some bad comments and abandon her blogs. Sigh* this furongjiejie just does not know what the fuck she is doing. I just do not understand why she can be popular in PRC. If she goes naked on a street, man who runs away from her. Oh, and dogs will run too. She is worst than a bitch. I think she wants to be a celebrity but she is on the wrong path. insteads getting on a celebrity path. She is heading to hell.

We have a couple of detective-like bloggers, right? can someone find out who is her writer, Jerry Lin. Let's bash him up for bring ugly contents to us.
Unknown said…
that's disgusting... i thought its enuff that kenny has her pics in his blog..but when i read ur blog and saw the picture, i just wanted to die. she really looks like a man (and a walrus too!). she don't know how to dress up properly.. hey, WHO actually wears high waist pants now???!?! so out of god.. btw, she really look like a diferent person after u photoshopped her.. but still fugly..ewww...
Dr BL Og said…
That's really good, the photoshopping that you did on her. I hope she really does read your entry. Can imagine her thinking about what could have been...
Hi Xiaxue,

She look like a piece of shit.. We, Singaporean gals r much much prettier & chioer than her.. & yup, u r rite.. She look super FAT!!
The photoshopping is really good! She actually has some potential to look less revolting.
Anonymous said…
Really good photoshop done.
faith said…
Gal, You rock!!!!!
I think she looked attractive after your work!! Cool!!!
Silverback said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bleah! said…
Ah Xiaxue..just shot yourself in the foot didnt ya. Well firstly u didnt have to insult PRC by wondering if they had swimming sure u are not that dumb.

By your fan saying that Photoshop cannot improve one's look by a great extent and by you proving it wrong by working wonders on FurongJ..kinda made her(your fans) point redundant didnt ya.

Nonetheless..great photoshopping skills..and own-foot-shooting-skills.
LOL... NICE WORK! comparing the before (originally her) and after (completely un-her) pics, I seriously never wanna scroll up again... SHE IS SO UGLY !!! gawd! sheesh!
Xian said…
*Clap Clap Clap Clap*

That is absolutely amazing, your photoshop skills.

Eh, Xiaxue how much do you charge per photo? You can consider helping bridal salons to do some photoshop. =P
JackFrost said…
I guess Kenny wouldn't have a problem riding the made-over FRJJ like a donkey now.
mooiness said…
Hey, I'd do the new fantasy Furong. That body be banging! :P Ever thought of working in that line of work - airbrushing, touching up etc.?
Egghead said…
Hats off to your photoshop skills and creative work!!
Silverback said…
Oops... dunno wat I did to get my comment deleted. Sorry for the mess. Wendy, are you still not over that comment made abt you? Honestly, I dun think you are anywhere near being a walrus and I think I can speak on behalf of this handful of Sgrean guys. Have a nice weekend ahead... *cheers*
Bruce said…

You could photoshop her twice over and she will not get close to your natural beauty.

Keep up the great blogging.

Tiger said…
Wow, amazing...
haha.. but having done that, you sort of "saved" her?

But then you look like you photos in person =)
furfur angel said…

hats of the photoshop skill.... thats the wonder of DI

I pity her, thought that everyone likes her, but the cruel fact is that everyone is making fun of her

Tina Khoe said…
Hats off to your wonderful photoshop skills! It's truly a different Furong JieJie!

And you're right. She IS fat. :-( I have no idea why people make her a big deal. She's not sexy at all. And the sex appeal she's claiming to have...? Sigh, at least, she's thick-skinned to allow people to make fun of her.

This reminds me of the William Hung craze. She's claiming to be sexy when she's not.
Anonymous said…
that fat girl is the star in her country?


hahahha, great photoshop skill, xiaxue! hats-off!!
Anonymous said…
too amazed and loss for words. You are superb in your photoshop skills :)
Anonymous said…
too amazed and loss for words. You are superb in your photoshop skills :)
JackFrost said…
Ease up on Xiaxue for once, she's just short.
My eyes widened the moment I saw the photoshopped photo. I know you know, but just to emphasise further, you have great photoshopping skills!
ahsia said…
Fixes her so well!
nice one xia xue! ((:
fiq said…
supp xx,

when i first came across her blog, ihad nightmares for a freaking 3 days lar!but still, i just love the elf ears...haha....
Jaspas Deck said…
Hey XiaXue, normally I don't bother to comment on your blog but after seeing your godly photoshop techniques, I have to say that now i'm extremely afraid that every single picture I see online is editted. You'd probably be able to make Micheal Jackson black all over again but that has nothing to d owith what I wanna say. What I wanna say is that, I've never seen ANYONE so profecient at photoshopping...
Jeanne said…
hi, i'd been following your blog for sometime coz ur blog is so popular that i wana take a look and now, i have to follow it every other days. it's my 1st time posting, sooooo HELLO!!!!

The furongjiejie looks so typical CINA!! god... i had always thot cina women are pretty lass, but this one really makes me reconsider my opinion.

oh.. lastly, i love your blogs and your superb photoshop skills. keep up.. you got urself a new fan!!!
The Quiet said…
wow, u are really great with photoshop, i wish i haf tt talent too, but i dun even haf the software, sigh...anyway, that photo looks alot better after undergoing photoshop!!
BoyRangiNZ said…
er...well before you photoshopped her, she looked like a typical mainland chinese...but she looks rather singaporean-ish with a hint of a hongkee star and a dash of elven blood all mixed together to create a person named Ahr-wen JieJie heh..
Estrella said…
lolz! i think its jus like the william hung fad.. ppl grew curious n admire her 'guts' ba.. aniways i reali shld send my pic over to u for ur fantabulous PS skills!! lolz!
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable!! Photoshop really can create miracles... Furong looks much much prettier now.. keke
tinG said…
Great photoshop skills.. How much do u charge if i send u one of my pic for editing?? Heh...

Anyway, i can't bear to read her blog.. What's wrong with her? Having problems differentiating between praise and making a joke out of her huh?

The world is going downhill...
citychic said…
yup, u are indeed great at photoshop, ttx y u can PHOTOSHOP ur OWN PICS so well, rite? I saw u at Fox wisma yesterdday, and seriously, i was shocked at how dimunitive u are, indeed u are extremely short, i'm guessing 146m? dun gasp as u wonder how i guessed it right! and u are, i'm sorry to say, fat. ur waist is not 22.5...and ur arms, calves and thighs are flabby. I enjoy ur posts and sympatise with u sumtimes, but u are going too far. u ever said only acclaimed bloggers can teach u how to blog, not the layman. So Y r u critisizing other pple and think u are MUCH better than others wHen u urself have flaws? Fat, short, etc? Do reflect on urself. even if u just delete this it wld show how sad u are.
Unknown said…
The best way to mess her up is to conscientiously NOT visit her blog.

She's had her fifteen minutes of fame. Lets not add fuel to her fire by giving her sites more hits than they should have.
Nobody said…
You REALLY deserved to be HACKED!

I hope those guys from China will show you how proficient their hacking skills are!

Good Luck!
evie said…

juz a newbie in blog..
had been reading ur entries recently..

impressive.. ^^
you are really good at photoshop..

i dint realised that photoshop can
changed a person's look so much..


sry i sound nooby.. =P
Who? said…
Woah! Great job! The magic of DI.

Probably its like in India, they prefer girls who are FLESHY therefore FJSS is the 'most wanted' in China.

At the same time, I'd like to leave a few lines on the previous post.

Girl, I was on Blind Dates before and I understand how you feel about that guy. During my show, 1 of the 4 guys back out last min. Yaz and I were very pissed. Its like wasting a spot for others and it doesnt 'look' nice on the show. But, well, things do happen. Just enjoy and have fun. The most valuable thing we get from the show is to have Yaz as a friend. She makes a great pal :) Take care...
jiahui said…
good job with the photoshop hahaha!!

One, Wow, xiaxue your photoshop skills really rocks! Like you say, I wouldn't mind doing her if she looked like the "After" photo!

Two, But, oh, no thanks... offering herself like this to everyone, I dun even know what will I catch from her! Owwww!

Three, Those magazines should get you to help them do photoshop for their coverpages!

Four, I read her blog from a link from your site to kenny's then to hers... and I puked for two days straight. Until I see this blog of yours.

Lastly, that's a really really good one I can say, very interesting.
W0ah!! she looks much much much more femine... gd job!! ;) she shld b lidat...
Wan Ting said…
for ya skills of photoshop-ing...

wahaha...din noe she can actually look sOOoooo much better.

xiaxue, u Rox!
keep it up...i love this entry...!
Cherub said…
this is damn funny lah.

can't wait to see her reaction at her blog...heh heh.
luvphobia said…
sheesh, she sures looks marginally better-er after your work done on her!

Skarli she starts using that made photo on every post she's gonna make! Hahaha!

ArGGHhhhh, cant help it! SHE'S SO GODDAMN SHAMELESSSSSSS!!! See her face i wanna slap her with some bitch poo!

Unknown said…
Nice PS skill you got there. U must have spend quite sometime to DI it.

Cheers. U are sweet, babe. Will say a hi to u if I ever saw u on street.

Seeing that Furong blog quite sometime ago. Abit disgusting thou. LOL
Pv_Ice said…
nice 1!

n we always behind u n support u!

warn tat china gal don't play play with xiaxue

can_this said…
when i visited her...should i say engrish blog...i was urm...purely disgusted and absoultely grossed out... and her sense of fashion is shit...

i really applaude you xiaxue...having the ability to photoshop a walrus into someone that i should say...looks okay...good photoshopping skills...

but sadly, i thinks she prefers being a walrus...
gwen said…
Wow. Holy smokes.
How do you do that !?
It's amazing!
G' job, g' job !
june said…
OMG!!! You so clever man! How you do that?
Saw Furong's blog. I'm really is disguested by it. So thick skin!
purplerane said…

your photoshop skills are so damn good. But she still look like a b****.
How dare she insulted SG gals and guys. Who the heck she think she is?
She should just die.
faith said…
u hv said what most would have wanted to say about her.
hahaha. i didn't know who this girl was till I saw this entry! God, she looks like shit!!!! Her character is like Hsu Chun Mei. Haolian but UGLY!!!
maunderlin said…
I usually dont like to leave comments, but these I have to make -
1. Can you teach me to photoshop? You're great at it!
2. You should have written in simpler English. I don't think Furong Jiejie can understand.
Linda Chia said…

Nice work.

The photoshopped version is pretty nice, I've to admit...
mf said…
That's it, I've put off learning photo editing for way too long!

Btw, some androgynous people can be damn good-looking..
ang said…
hmm..i must say that it wasn't very polite of you to run her down like this. but that's the xx style, no? anyway, i must that i am utterly impressed by your photoshop editing...thumbs up.
i was jsut scanning through the comments, and strangely, (not that there is joy in hurting someone) it just feels terribly weird that there are no negative comments in here...not that there is some kick in seeing you hurt and bruised. but personally, don't you feel that it's feels better to be a controversial figure than to be on the receiving end of nice (yes, i mean nice) and flattering comments all the time?
Z said…

And I love the way you critiscize her. MUST TEACH ME HOW TO BE SO MEAN OKAY.

Unknown said…
great transformation. she certainly needed a perk up.
eileen said…
xiaxue, THUMBS UP FOR yr skills the the judging way and the hilarious funny words u said about her.
i'm sure everyone would agree ur blog is real interesting and makes me want to read often !!!
chris.sam said…
This entry has just proven to me that Olinda hasn't really slimmed down. Its just the terrific photoshopping done on her by Xiaxue. Really.
Lupin Tan said…
XX ==> You PS skills really than good, coming out from a mouth of an IT guy
Kaye said…
WOAAH! xx your photoshop skills are omg.. great. maybe you could photoshop me. hahaha i'm fat and ugly. sigh. hahaha.
Nick said…
U are a freakin miracle worker. Didn't think it was possible to PS her into something more presentable.
Jo said…
whoa!! *salute*..your PS skill is freaking good!!!
Paul Tan said…
I think this is the first time I'm commenting on your site. Your photoshop skills are really good.
Meiya Lolitas said…
What's wrong with ugly ppl? Is it really cuz she's ugly or is it cuz of her image which reflects her personality?
Meiguo Guizi said…
1) I find FRJJ entertaining...and she is not THAT ugly, although I say this understanding that "in general" the stereotypical Asian thing is to put super stock into looks...not tyring to be stereotypical while saying this, but just look at the comments here and the tone of you all's blogs...

2) how many of you have actually been to the hinterlands of China, spent time there, know people there...if one has, they might have a little more appreciation for what she is doing. Pretty bold...

3) Let's say the gal from a village in Shaanxi, who is trying to get into graduate school (do you know how HARD that is in China?) parlays this blog / bbs thing into a comedy career of some sort....just saying.
Shadow said…
Hail Xiaxue, u are creating wonders with your Photoshop Skills to FRJJ!
Meiguo Guizi said…
I am glad you seem to be feeling better Xiaxue. (-:
LengTianShi said…
Wow...your photoshop skill is really amazing.... :)

Gd Job !!!
girlgirl said…
it is reali up to u how u tink of frjj..i agree tt she is nt nt al e china ppl are lidat..and i dun really tink e blog owner is e real frjj..she wun be able to see ur blog and commant abt ur blog in maybe it just a bastard hu uses her name and doing sth unpleasent..
anyway i gt a link..take a look..
m said…
she's just fat. reallly good photoshopping skills. =)
Oh my god... She really looks like a walrus... And her blouse! Must it flar out like that? I thought she was pregnant or something... Your photoshop skills are amazing! Keep up the good work! =)
Phengz said…
wahhh...ur blog damn yeng man..i jelaous la! :P:P....well i have photoshop program!..didnt noe..i can do wonders with it!...eeh teach me lehz! * winkZ *
chick said…
WTF! you are so damn good @ PS! and your blog is so freaking entertaining. i'm an addict (A)! keep up he good work! love kim
wen teng said…
wah wah wah!...i darn like your photoshop work..hahaha...maybe one day you could photoshop my face ?...hahaha....=Pp
Fiona said…
HOLY HELL! i swear she's a HUGE FAT WHALE!! geez. if she sat on anybody, i think they'll go flat!!
takizawa said…
wow.. GOOD PHOTOSHOP SKILLS! SIMPLY EXCELLENT SKILLS! and now.. we shall all understand the true meaning of wads the pot calling the cattle black! heh.. ROCK ON GORGEOUS WENDY! =)
vss3t said…
WAHAHHAHA!!! this is funny!
xx, u r sure good at photoshopping her!
Hui Hui said…

nice photos, and interesting entry man! dont worry, you'r so wonderful & you rock man!~ hhehee. =)

jason said…
I saw her blog before (lured to it by a friend) and it was hilarious. Well done with her 'makeover' though. =)
nut! said…
Wow! Xiaxue your photoshop skills are unbelievably good! She looks like a competely different person.. very pretty indeed! :D maybe you should photoshop my photos! haha
cRayola said…
You did a wonderful job at photo-shopping her... But still, she is still nowhere to be compared to you..

Well Done!
totochan said…
hi XX,
Wonderful photoshop done!!!Accidentally went into her blog once and i swear tat i'll never step on tat 'holy ground' again.
Anyway, dun advertise for her u bring up her "viewership". gross!
derrick said…
bo be honest i feel that u're so creepy. u're already so pretty and famous. i feel that her presence does pose much of a threat to you. your outburst shows your desire for greater fame and male attention.

you don't have to compete with her, she doesn't have to compete with you. you are in a league of your own
eQuinoxed said…
Heyyy, wow! I'm really impressed by the changes you made to her picture. Seriously, she looks wayyyyy better after photoshop. And I agree with Derrick. No no, not the creepy part. Just that there really isn't a need to compete with her.

Keep up the good work babe! =)
Hannah said…
the photoshopped one is very good. although, it doesn't look like her anymore. she's just too hideously fat.
intuiton said…
i really admired your photoshop skills. it's really entertaining! perhaps u should send FRJJ the edited photo of hers. motivates her to get a lipo or sumthing. hahs.
Anonymous said…
Whoa, hats off to your Photoshopping skills!
Beatrice said…
she makes me puke .

however, you make me laugh .
Anonymous said…
You're funny. I think Furong JieJie just have to thank you for making her so Chio.
Danny Chen said…

all i can say is WOW! Great job!

You should do part-time photo touch up for a small fee! We can all send our sucky school photos for u to touch up! :)

I am so proud of u! respect! respect! :)
DEEBZ said…
God, you can make her so good ah?!

Congrats to you...

And yah, she is ugly. My god. Stop with the ugly pose man!!

She is trying hard to sell man.
deja said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
deja said…

Don't worry wendy, we wont say anything bad about her, You've done a great enough job and evidently, your mindless legions are 'proud of you' and 'respect you'!

Oh how i wish to have your fame and power, which seemingly allows you to bring down just abuot anyone. But mind you, noone is allowed to do the same to you or your sheep will be on them like (let me borrow a phrase) shit on velcro.


Keep it up Wendy. Virulent insults at whomsoever you please. Oh, just remember that Nobody is allowed to say the same about you or you'll be upset :)

Please people, continue to be proud of her please.
Zai said…
sister furong, she's such a loser! you can also browse her chinese blog over at:

she has no shame, wutsoever!
Caine said…
THANK YOU XIA XUE!!! My nightmares are finally over..i rather hang THAT on my wall than hanging HER on the wall... once again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH XIA XUE for ridding me of furongitus....

Fellow blogger,
hatredgal said…
wah! really great photoshop skills =) Love reading your blog.
Well, at least I still have confidence that my blog has better english than hers :*.
IZZY said…
one more compliment won't hurt :)
wonderful photoshop skills, you should create a photo editting tutorial one day :)

Ren Ge You Zi

Don't make fun of people lah.

You also know it hurts when people make fun of you mah.

Anyway I stilll iek reading your blog. The effort alone is worth letting me click the mouse.

It's a big deal ok. Click mouse very siong one ok.



deja said…
No shit sherlock she doesnt like it when people say nasty things about her.

No doubt she doesnt read these comments anyway because she's too scared someone might say something nasty about her OH NO :(

Well, be mean, and people will get even with you one day :)
Wanderer said…
Hi, nice interesting write-up on an unknown char bo in S'pore. Frankly speaking, Singapore guys wont care a shit whether she fat or not, as long as she can sleep around with a fee attached..why not?

sandylau said…
my god``!

ii think she needs t0o learn photoshoppiin skills from you man.

she is damn turnoff.

puii ``!
simplesandra said…
Was it really necessary, Wendy? FRJJ's english blog was so horrid it's so easy just to ignore her. Instead you have to pick a fight. This is going to be dirty.

Oh well, haven't seen women mud-wrestling for a long, long time.....
Sure or not? SHE IS 45kg and below??? Then wont it make us ALL anorexic? Sigh...and hey people, stop saying she's disgusting la, she not disgusting...i just cant seem to find the word to describe her that would fit into the feeling of wanting to puke instantly at the sight of her..think my command of english is just not powerful enuff? Hmmm..should get his Uncle Jerry to help us yeah? Afterall, his england is so powderful correct or not? Yeah, we should do that, but let's be considerate Singaporeans and not bother them till they've finished shagging yeah?
Wendy ah Wendy, why you go disfigure her? She looks so extremely attractive in her old picture la, now that you photoshopped her, people cant stop trying to think of the better picture u created and the "beyond words can describe,attractive" picture of her wont linger in their minds when they need to puke already la...all ur time dun beautify her okie? Her pictures got use one...=p
Darnie Pig said…
Wow! Xiaxue, I did not know photoshop can do until like that!... you are really good at it man!!!! =P ... it looks really real and it is hard to differentiate which is real or fake!
Scarletr0se said…
Wa Furong Jiejie also can so chio meh...........................
Rem said…
XX!! you are SO farking good at photoshop.. it leave me completely SPEECHLESS!!
bUttsH4k3r said…
you've actually made her pretty fine.
glorious said…
Oh my... I'm speechless.. U really made her look hot!!! Which I sincerely thought was impossible. U're goooood.
iguessnot said…
i am speechless. w-whyy?! why are you doing this? do you sleep better at night knowing that you spent god knows how long photoshopping a stranger's body into what you deem as a vast improvement? is it to humour your readers, another one of your attempts at stirring controversy? or is your self-esteem so low that you are reduced to putting down others so that you can feel better about yourself?

you are a wonderful blogger but its when you post entries like these that makes people roll their eyes and turn against you.
sher said…
i thought it wouldn't be possible, but did it!! she looks fantastic!! only in the after pic lah.

you are so damn good at photoshop!!
Susie said…
Your Photoshop skills are AMAZING!! Let me know if you gonna start a class to teach Photoshop.. tsk tsk... :P
way said…
woah... haven't seen anyone have such skill in PS for a long time. I think you just gave her a hope.
shahidah said…
xx... the clothes are still ugly. please airbrush away those offending pink flowers off her pants. thank you.
BabeThePig said…
WOW your photoshop really very li hai!
~me said…
Lol this is the first time that I have commented on your blog. The photoshopped picture of FRJJ is indeed great. I would like to know how you did the eyes and the eyebrows though, really natural.
BTW, just saw this on FRJJ's english blog:

Xiaxue has given our beloved FRJJ a digital makeover! Xiaxue is a big fan of FRJJ! Join the Club! Xiaxue has! ThankU. Xiax!

LOL what a bhb person FRJJ is.
TKY said…
Claire, I suppose you did notice that it says at the top of the blog ( that "This blog is not sanctioned nor is it approved by the original character, Sister Furong JieJie."

Also, the use of "our" in "Xiaxue has given our beloved FRJJ a digital makeover!" shows that it's not written by FRJJ herself.
fcukling said…
my gosh! photoshop SAVED HER!
for just that moment, though. ):
that after-FRJJ is... pretty.
lihui said…
xx! you so pro!
jia you !!!
wow!!!!!!! great job! I was laughing out loud when I read this entry =D
Hey xx,
Omgosh. I bet you had to edit many things. Oh well, you did. And yes, a terrific job indeed! Hahah.-claps- I wonder what will she say at the sight of her new image!?

Version 1. in chinese.
"WA.. na shi wo ma?!" And then i could almost imagine her slapping her pretty -cough- face to check if she's dreaming. Ow.

Version 2. in hopeless english.
"WAH.. is even me that?!" And then I could almost imagine her slapping her pretty -cough- face to check if she's dreaming. Ow.

lmao. I went to FRJJ's FANSITE. She claimed that she's always the center of attraction. YUP. people like me are attracted by her BEAUTY. *notice the sarcasm. HEHEE.

i know i'm bad ):
liza said…
hello. first time commenting. i am so glad you did tt entry on tt horrible looking woman. I went to her site. And i was freaking angry!!!

The things she said about Singapore women. I can't even understand why guys will fantasize about her.

ANyway, good job on your photoshop skills. ahaha That's fascinating!
DannyWatt said…
ugh... who's this furong character?

nice photoshopping skills. teach me? =)
..melanie.. said…
my god..your photoshop skills amaze me..
Camy Leon said…
You made her look sooo HOT!
Did she respond to this? Is she in cat C group?
man.. this is like so SICKENING! If she can be popular in china then even any AUNTIE in the market can be popular as well!
Staff ♥ said…
wow. she's so pretty now thanks to you!! great skills indeed!!
pensivehour said…
You people are just so sad.
If ANY of you has ever taken the time to read the ORIGINAL furongjiejie blog, you SHOULD know (if you had an ounce of intelligence)that the english blog is a fake.

putting her down may seem like fun but face it! this supposed 'walrus' in china is FAMOUS. she's achieved more than ANY of you out there. and who are you to judge if she's fat/ugly based on your own narrow standards? don't try to force your standards on the chinese in mainland china.

beauty standards differ everywhere. for all you know, the chinese over there may be mocking at xx as well.
abc said…
Wow.. your photoshop skills is fantastic~!! ^_^
brendee said…
Lost Kyo said…
Be it an official or unofficial blog...based on the photos...FRJJ is just...beyond description. Horrendous might be an understatement if used. *goes off for some mental stability treatment*
lita said…
omg. u out on her 'make up' and stuff all using photoshop? u rock man! anywaes, yeah make up helps a lot. i shud pick up make up skills. or photoshop skills. =P. and urh.. she sucks.
rain_dropz said…
er did ya check out the FRJJ blog.. de owner has proclaim you as a big fan of FRJJ and is obviously using you to get more ppl to join de FRJJ club .. ^-^ ..
Jiahui said…
The photoshopped picture reminds me of Korean star Choi Ji Woo...haha..great job!
nice photoshop skills? where u learn frm? anyway i dun lyk the chine gal but i admire her courage though
limgym said…
hahas ,,
can anybody tell me furong jie jie's blog address ? i realy wanna go in n see her dum dum blog ,,
hopin tt i does not puke after seein her face or photo ,,
ur photoshop really raucks ,, how did u do tt? hahas ,,
i oso wanna make her face looks better ,,
esp her fcukin body shape ,,
totally suck to the core ,,
she is the wad wad wad in china?
dont try to bluff me larhs ,,
hahas ,,
seein her body shape n her face hors ,,
even 3 yrs old child oso noe she is only a average old widow ( although i dont even noe whether she is married anot )
since i dont really noe abt her ,
it shows tt she is not popular enuff for me to noe ,,
even my skool oso didnt even tok abt her fcukin name ,,
she pregnant ards?
why stomach so big?
how cum breast oso so big?
AHHHH ,, i noe ,,
breast implant right?
must be larhs ,,ask her to implant a lan jiao oso larhs , face look so much lyk a guy ,,
buttock poke so high ,,
as if i dont hab buttock
*pokiin my buttock high now*
her face not at a least nice ,, singaporeans face nicer then her alot ,,
go ask her to write letter to EXTREME MAKE-OVER larhs ,,
she surely is the 1st one to get the chance to make ,, wahahha ,,
hmm ,,
dunno how to insult her liaos ,,

P.S ii might sound sucky ,,
but it all cums frm the bottom of my heart ,, =)) sum ppl might even agree with it ,, hahas ,

* no offence *
Neo said…
Haha! your photoshopping skills have transformed furong jie jie from Aunty to beauty!
1. i am a malaysian. i visit your blog from time to time although i am in Beijing most of the time. just change the proxy setting maaa.. heh.

2. i couldnt believe it when the frjj craze has 'infected' south east Asia.

3. however i dont like the way u look down on China, eg: no swimming pool, walrus issue, poor sense of dressing etc. whatever frjj does is purely at her own discretion. nothing to do with China or the people as a whole.

4. personally i dont think frjj's looks can be THAT bad. she is just average looking. it's her vanity that is loathsome.

looking forward to more witty entries from you! ; )
Danielle said…
Great photoshopping skills! Her body looks a million times better, though her face still looks rather odinary. Nonetheless, its brilliant. They've actually put the picture it on FRJJ's blogspot and said you're a big fan =/
Potatoish said…
well, what can i say.*sigh
Jpop said…
Nice photoshopping. Do you think that you could make me look good too?
`cheRie said…
dear xiaxue..

i think ur photo-shop skills are damn good lar. u made her, who looked so fat and manly, to become so thin and pretty. pei fu pei fu. hehe. and yeah.. i think her dressing sense is quite terrible. lol.
i say... said…
For your info: Furong Jie Jie is NOT your typical Mainland Chinese. Actually from the way she carries herself, it can be safely concluded that she either 1) has an enormous sense of humour (to pose the way she did in her photos) or 2) is in an extremely unstable mental state (probably as a result of being ditched by a walrus the previous round). I'd like to believe that XX is not being intentionally mean to Mainlanders in general and she is not so ignorant as to believe that China has no swimming pool (There is at least one per city I'm quite sure of that). And for those China-bashers disguising as XX's fans, f off alright?
vagus said…
omigod. you made her into a vulcan! bless you...
JINX : said…
I'm so in love with the edited photo.

Furong really sucks. She is not fit to be a JIEJIE. She should be called an AH MAH.

OMG. Her actual photo looked as if she's pregnant.
ivy said…
ur photoshopping skills are great!
Sheryl said…
ur photoshopping skills are superb!!
Shadow said…
Personally, i think that FRJJ needs a FEW makeovers.... to reach what Xiaxue had bestow(for the time being) with the wonder of Photoshop

Hail Xiaxue

Kuddos to Photoshop

long live both!
s said…
wow xiaxue, how do u get photoshop to do stuff like that ! I've sort of been working with photoshop myself but I can't figure out how you might've done that. What am I missing ??!
PAMELA said…
Wow wow wow. Your photoshop skills are good. Now I'm starting to wonder of you're really as pretty as I thought you were.
Anonymous said…
since when were u really 22.5? if so, those pics in papers really made u look frickin fat..
erm.. roxielicious, do you know where's the waist?
according to

The waist is the part of the abdomen between the ribcage and hips. On some people, the waist is the narrowest part of the torso.

I believe XX have high waist.. like mine.. just below the boobs.. those fats that you see is nearer to the hips area.. (ppl wear hipster to create a longer torso you see?)

but who cares if XX is really 22.5? It doesn't matter right? I can also say I'm 22.. :)

No offence. :p
Wayneee said…
i'm very amazing by your photo editing skill..
mis_nomer said…
wah, your photoshop skills very impressive!
Yvonne Foong said…
Nice photoshopping. She should be thankful of you.
elamb said…
What a bunch of haters! She's a beautiful Chinese woman.

Your hate fasinates and entertains me.

Some of the most physically beautiful people are the most hideous. And no make up can hide karma. God Bless.
elamb said…
You've got photoshop skills, but you made her look like an anorexic, like the cloned corpses you see showing off there ribs on the world's catwalks.

I checked out her pictures and I really don't know know what you haters are slicing your wrists about. She's got a nice "S" to her shape:

She needs more ass.. but other than that.. I love her free spirit.
"You go girl!"

Hate on haters.
well sister - you should UN touch mis Furong's photos as she is quite remarkable without your plastification of her. See, it is not only looks it is that combo with personality - she has both - naturally.
the dodely one said…
Dear god, your editing was really good, so good it was unbelievable. When you put the before and after pictures, it was even more so spectacular. Her blog was rather sad. "blogger number 1 is me" was a sick sad joke.
!xobite said…
wow! i'm impressed. will you share your photoshopping skills with me? I'm so darn interested in different photoshop skills. =)
Anonymous said…
hi xiaxue.

she looks so freak-ing weird. even after u 'edited' her pic. nice ears though. LOL
gooselivereater said…
hello wendy. you got skills woman!


postscript: i know why her pupils look so weird. she is missing upper eyelids and it bulges out a little like she has an imflamed thyriod gland.
Anonymous said…
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livelyabsurdity said…
hi xiaxue.

its nice work with your photoshop! how did you do it?

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