Wednesday, August 31, 2005

For the last time!

What is the big deal about me photoshopping my pictures?!

Would you rather I post up photos and do not admit that I photoshop them? I can understand if people say I am dishonest about my looks when they found out I have been photoshopping when I choose not to admit it.

What I cannot understand is why people still harp on it when I chose to come clean, be honest, and admit that I do edit the photos? Would you rather I lie then? Will that make you feel better?

Photoshop is not difficult, the basics aren't anyway. Most girls who post their photos DO edit themselves. They just don't say it. What's the big deal man?

Your stars... The glamourous celebrity photos ... all edited. TV stars do surgery. What are you gonna do about that? Force them to be natural? Ridiculous.

You see plenty of photos of me around without being edited anyway - do they look very different? Take those on media reports for example ... Not edited and 100% authentic.

I will say, as a general rule of thumb just minus like 10% of looks from the final product and the before-edited photo will be that. (pimples, fats, and the norm) If I were a 7.5/10 in a photo, it means I'm actually... 6.5 or something.

Yup. I'm a happy girl today! Love ya all. =)