Tuesday, August 23, 2005


And very upset too, coz I just got back from KL, and Wong Da Lawyer has gone off to the Netherlands for a whole year of Law studies in the most prestigious university in the whole of Europe!

I swear I am so proud of that silly girl. I tell you you don't tell anyone ok? Last time her results in RV is not that fab, but she somehow got damn good for her Os and especially her As!! (If I didn't remember wrongly it's all As). She doesn't even study much. SO CLEVER!

I know I should be happy for her but I happen to be very miserable, because I have lost a supper kaki for the next 365 freaking days. Today is the shoot, and last night I wanted to jog over to Wong's place, only to realise with a dull thump that she is not at home, and if I were to jog to Netherlands I cannot come back in time for my shoot. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I think KL pretty much sucked, though Kenny said I have just been to the wrong places. MY ASS. I still think it sucks. I will blog more tomorrow night, because I ABSOLUTELY have to sleep now as I must be mei mei for the shoot right? It is 9am! Gosh.

A lot of photos and all my shopping! =) MUACKS MUACKS everyone! Tomorrow! TOMORROW I BINGE!

-food food food food food food food food food-