Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm watching Project Superstar! I don't watch TV very often, but I heard Shuyin tell me that Weilian's (the male winner, who is blind) singing made Quan Yi Feng cry, and I was like "Wah lau, so kua zhang, that Quan Yi Feng acting only lah..."

Then later I also heard that he won for the male category, and unfortunately, my first thought was a doubt of - brace yourself, this is a bit mean - whether it has to do with some amount of pity for his handicap.

And then I watched his performance today and all doubts vanished. HIS SINGING IS SO NICE! Omg... It is really the sort which can move you to tears. TAI HAO TING LE!!! *claps*

Then I was happily watching the program, and then I thought, wah shiok lah these guys, now that they are semi-famous, they can all bunch together and hang out at Zouk's members or something... Act all atas and being in the right crowd, holding a vodka in one hand, a ciggie in the other... Then girls will ogle at them and whisper,"Psst, that guy is from Project Superstar right?" and they will all have a lot of sex!


Actually I'm not sure if the Chinese-speaking community is like that but the English ones certainly are.

Speaking from experience lah... I mean, look at past reality show participants like Mark Zee, erm, I don't know, Singapore Idol people? Mark was seen EVERYWHERE after that damned show! What do you mean not everyone likes to be in the limelight and act all superficial and PR, and not everyone is as sex-crazy as me? Nonsense. People who join reality shows possibly all love attention - a visit to clubs and their VIP areas will confirm that. As for sex ... heehee... EVERYBODY LOVES IT! (when done with the right person lah)

I'm sure Taufik is getting far more sex now than before he got famous! Yippee for TV!

But then I realised that Weilian, being blind, possibly cannot enjoy that sort of aftermath, because I don't think he goes clubbing, gets dead drunk, take drugs, nor drives a sports car (or whatever glamourous things famous people do).

Quite sad (for him that is) to not be able to enjoy these perks (VIP treatments and all), but at the same time, it is also nice to know that he will not lead that sort of lifestyle I suppose? Depending on the final results, he will either go back to being a normal guy or being a full-time singer.

Guess we won't we seeing you at Zouk hitting on chicks Weilian. It possibly also means you won't turn into a self-righteous jerk, which is nice. =)