KL pretty much sucked

Warning: A CRAZY AMOUNT OF PHOTOS! It is so much, it will suck up all the bandwidth in the world, leaving a void meaningless black hole behind. Escape now if you are one of those backward people with limited bandwidth per month!

Let's snigger at those backward people now since they are gone. =D TEEHEEHEE SO LOUSY. Nowadays there are still people using a 56K MODEM?!

Well about the trip. I think KL sucks. It sucked because of the bloody KL-ians (Kenny say I cannot assume all Malaysians are like that and Kuching people are not like that so I cannot use the word Malaysians) are a bunch of rude, uncivilised, ti ko (for men) and worst of all, DISHONEST people. Well, at least those I saw anyway. I've never seen a city of citizens so fucking horrible before. Is it only the sale stuff who are like that? I certainly hope so. The Malaysians I know are certainly not so bad.

The KL taxi drivers are the worst. I FUCKING HATE THEM. They are so dishonest!

Once they know you are not a local, they bloody cheat your money by stating ridiculous prices for cab fares. And I am the sort who CAN haggle. Get this: A trip around the distance of Orchard to maybe Newton... They have the fucking cheek to charge RM20 you know! That is like 10 sing dollars. THEY CAN KISS MY ASS. Hell I will pay that siao amount of money. Do I have "stupid" printed on my forehead?

Chao cabbies. Singaporean cabbies are angels compared to them. Yes our fees are expensive too, but at least our diesel is not dirt-cheap. Singaporean cabbies earn a decent living and most of them do take you to your destination by the shortest route.

Well, I took a rare honest cab to Petaling Street from the hotel, and it was RM3.60, going by meter. When I wanted to go back, the cabbie charged me RM20! CHAO AH KUA! I am so ANGRY! When I said he is being siao, you know what he did?

HE SCOLDED ME SOMEMORE OK? I said RM5 to go back, he say I am out of my mind. When I said the meter only stated RM3.60 when I came, he scolded me and said it is impossible. SO I DREAMT IT IS IT?

And he refused to drive me. You know why? COZ OF FUCKING STUPID TOURISTS ALL KENA CHEATED BY CAB DRIVERS WILLINGLY. They don't need the business of the locals or the smart tourists! Hate stupid people.

In the end, I managed to find a cab going by meter. WAH HE DAMN SHIOK! There was no jam, and the trip back cost RM9.60! Very smart ah, bring me around the city right?

I HATE YOU KL CABBIES!!! They are so evil!

KL sucked also because the things there are not cheap. Unlike HongKong or Thailand where price are so low they rock your socks, KL is almost the same price as Singapore. Even in Petaling street where things are supposed to be cheap, they are not.

A fake branded bag costs... $50 sing? And you know what? It is not even the AAA grade kind Shen Zhen sells. You can get a bag in Shen Zhen for S$20, and it is of SO MUCH BETTER QUALITY. Once again, these B-grade luxury goods sellers thrive on the naiveness of tourists. Damn.

Ok let's continue with the photos, I'll complain more as we go along.

Shuyin stayed overnight at my place and we boarded the coach at 8am.

Whose passport is she looking at?! LET ME SEE!

It's Idris'! So cute last time, why now like that ah?

That's me getting comfy on the coach ride there. Shuyin and I only slept 1 hour the night before, and we intend to concuss on the trip. =D

Two of us...

Must wear specs then look like road trip! 8)

Obviously, for the next 4 hours there weren't any photos because I was dozing like a log. Until...


We checked in a Prince's Hotel & Residence (paiseh, it is not Crown Prince, my mistake).

Idris and Shuyin waits while V (Idris' friend who wishes to be anonymous. Sigh, I am recently really kinda irritated by people with such absurd privacy issues) helps do up the admin work. So kind of him to let us all stay for free!

We proceeded to have lunch, where we were shocked to realise that KL's foodcourts were actually MORE EXPENSIVE THAN SINGAPORE'S.

Tuppy with our shared bowl of bleeding prawn dumpling thingy, costing around S$3. A BOWL OF SOUP DAMMIT!

Being the rich tai tai she is, Tuppy is rather upset that LV is closed.

Times Square is very high up! God I am so artistic. Isn't this shot nice?

We settle for dinner after a long shop around Lot 10 and Times Square. Tuppy's and my bangles pile up while Idris stares on in puzzlement of why girls are so troublesome.

We are very tired...

All I bought was a white pair of espadrilles (yay!) and a pair of nice Old English kinda stockings!

Check it out! Times Square has a indoor rollar coaster! Prices are bound to be exorbitant so we didn't even go to that level.

And it is the Monorail to Maharajalela for Petaling street! God I was so excited about that place.

KL monorail is SOLD OUT. Every station is sponsored by a brand and the whole station will be plastered with the brand's ads. Maharajalela (I LOVE THE NAME!)'s is Great Eastern Life.

Tuppy and I with old-school MRT cards!

I love this photo!

From right, Tze Hao, Idris' campmate, Daphne, Tze hao's girlfriend. They look very gleeful ah! When people trying to take candid shot the vain Tuppy go and pose, somemore so act cute one. Sorry ah Idris, I accidentally cut off your face.

After we alighted we still didn't know where the damned street is, so we asked people. This raceless copulator just stared at me (in a rude manner) when I asked him politely! GOT SUCH PEOPLE OR NOT YOU TELL ME! If I got a GIRAFFE with me I surely hit him with the GIRAFFE.

He then walked right past me when I was still asking, and proceeded to periodically glare back at me. What, I killed his mother ah?

Maybe he was an ominous foreboding, because here comes the scum of society:

Welcome to Petaling Street, where if you ain't cheated, you didn't come here yet.

Don't be fooled by the Singapore Pasar Malam disguise, our PM vendors are not that skilled in rudeness and dishonesty yet. Not without ten years of training.

The B-grade imitations. Not worth buying.

Speaking of this fucked up street, girls going there really have to beware. My advice is not to go at all.

Well, I got molested.

This Chinese guy walked past me, delibrately close, and brushed his arm very hard against the diameter of my whole left boob.


I don't know why I did that, but instintively I turned back and smacked him hard on his retreating back. I wanted to kick him or pull his collar but I didn't dare at that point in time. Well, I wasn't protected by our local police, and I have no idea how full of justice Malaysians are (I suspect not at all).

My boob felt so dirty after that (although I was wearing a bra and a top). Shuyin had Idris protecting her... Daphne had Tze Hao. I had nobody and I got molested! I am so ke lian! Feel like crying. I also want my boyfriend to protect me from these people leh... It is super irritating that I cannot do anything about him taking advantage of me like that.

As if the molesters are not enough, the vendors are mostly, like 90%, male. They are either young bengs, or bangalas. I don't know if they are really bangalas but they look like they are.

Well these stupid guys are pretty offensive as well. They wolf-whistle, ask for your name, your number, etc, and one even commented (to hearty sniggers among his vendor friends, the cretin)that Tuppy's skirt is very short.

Urgh. Are they stupid or what? Don't they know that if they behave like that clients will just be very turned off?

Tuppy and Tzu Hao buys t-shirts - which are quite cheap.

We had supper! =)

Very nice chendol (S$1.50 - not cheap hor)

Lala! I love lalas. Shuyin also love coz she is lala (labom!) I think this is 6 sing dollars. A bit cheaper.

I am very poor thing coz I can only eat a bit bit as I had that shoot on Tuesday. =( Plus I got molested. Damn that tit still feels gross.

And so we all slept.

Bright shiny day! So long since I last woke up in the morning! KLCC WE COME!!

Woot! No more haze!

KL's fire extinguishers are yellow. So cute! I love the shape of this kinda ... WAIT. This is not a fire extinguisher! SHIT! What is it called??! I suddenly forgot.

Is it water something? Oh dear. Never mind, it shall be called a Fire Kenny for now, because it is shaped like Kenny! Not Sia Kenny, OMG-they-killed-Kenny Kenny lah. Don't you think it looks like? If Kenny were to be life-sized, I imagine it looks like this. =)

And look! It is sprayed yellow AFTER it is planted on the ground!

Singaporean girls on Malaysian land

V said that the Arabs were having some sort of holiday, and so KL was FILLED TO THE BRIM with them! Very funny. They are not hot meh? Even when eating they have to not let down the black mask.

I was very amused by the Arabs smoking shisha. And oh oh! How they do swimming?

Shuyin likes the short guy at the back. She say very handsome.

KLCC is just like Taka. It is so boring, all the big brands are there, being ridiculously priced. I wanted to buy Mac eyeshadows, since Malaysia is supposed to have having some sale, but guess what?

It costs S$26 - more expensive than Singapore's $25.

And I despise Malaysia's "sale". It is miserable and once again, another cheating gimmick. SALE? Give me a break, Malaysia. Have you seen Singapore go on sale before? When we say sale, we mean sale. Like 70% off Mango, 50% off topshop and m)phosis, and even islandwide Watsons 20%.

When Malaysia goes sale, everyone reduces 10%. 10 freaking percent! A GREAT FAT LOAD OF MONEY THAT IS. You want to give 10% for fuck? $10 becomes $9? WOW! How about no? Keep the change, you filthy animal.

KLCC redeemed itself a little bit by having this shop called Girls, where the whole shop is catered to young girls to make them feel like princesses!! It is so lovely; Tuppy and I went crazy.

Check out the amount of pink! If you don't like the things here ladies, you are gay. This shop brings out all of our estrogen!

We are princesses!

Out of pure chance, Tuppy, Daphne and I walked into Nose, a shoe shop.

We just went mad.


OMG OMG OMG! The lovely kind you cannot get in Singapore! Once upon a time VNC used to sell nice, different shoes. Now it is just sold out. Like Charles and Keith. I HATE Charles and Keith.

Their shoes are all almost the same - yawn - kitten heels with a variation of a crossed, plain, or strappy tops. Wow, how totally refreshing! But Singaporean girls, most of them anyway, are boring and consists of shu nus, who totally dig such boring and common heels. Yucks.

Ditto Giordano. Keep it simple and boring, and your apparel is bound to strife in Singapore. Even better, you save on designing costs. I think our boring market is vast enough to tolerate another Baleno/Giordano/Bossini/U2/hangten.

And therefore Singapore's shoes CANNOT MAKE IT. Try to buy a pair nice boots? Or nice wedges? Tough. All you get are heels, heels, heels. The Charles and Keith/URS/VNC kind.


Oh my goodness I bought 2 pairs, $24.90 each. Price not VERY cheap (like Thailand's) but it is certainly very reasonable for something you cannot get in Singapore!

Pink and silver! Such lovely colours... I didn't buy it though, because the fit is not so good, and the heel is not high enough for me! The wedge part is also a dusty shade of pink. Nice!

Erm, ok, we all have our embarrassing moments.

This Diesel tee discriminates me.

Back in the hotel, Tuppy and I whore our shoes!!

Nice nice nice! This espadrille, in which mine has a higher wedge than Tuppy's, is actually a lookalike of Marc Jacobs' design. Woot! Only $24 bucks! Tuppy's one is even cheaper.

In case you didn't really get it, I love espadrilles.


I bought stripey socks for my masthead photoshoot!

Ah Tup also tries it on

And... DINNER! See how sian Idris and Tup are? HUNGRY PEOPLE ARE UNHAPPY PEOPLE!

This restaurant is famous for its shark's fin, which we didn't order coz it is expensive. Minimum RM30 for 1 person.

First dish, oily Kailan!

Second is duck. Disgusting parsley at the side. EEEW. SO smelly.

Tuppy eats it!!! She is really very gross.

Claypot beancurd. I was mortally disappointed because it is not the egg beancurd I wanted. =(



Compare it to my fingers put at the side.

We ordered the cheapest fish and it was a bit overcooked, but nice nonetheless.

And V whipped out a surprise cake for Tzehao as it was his birthday! Awww... So sweet right? We all didn't know how he did it.

What is Daphne doing?

The two of them.


Woopie it is all of Tuppy's and my loot!

The things we bought from Girls

We bought glasses from Petaling! (Glasses are cheap there) Tuppy's glasses are super reflective!

Can see my face in her glasses! =D

Haha boh liao

Total amount spent

Notice how we didn't buy any clothes? KL's fashion sucks leh. It is shop after shop of This Fashion at its worst in Petaling:

Would you wear these?

JIAN GUI LE! So freaking hideous!!! SHADE YOUR EYES!

Finally, we go back to Singapore...

Nice photo of Tuppy, with the background artificially blurred to look like an SLR shot.

I am so poor thing! Other people gorge themselves silly at the buffet table, and what do I eat?


SIAN! I eat apple! I hate apples.

I must talk about this STUPID LADY. We were on the coach back, and it stopped for a toilet break.

My bladder was bursting, but yet the ladies was full of people queuing up.

Now we all know there are two ways of queuing for toilets.

Either you form one long queue where the next in line goes to the next available toilet, or you queue directly outside a cubicle of your choice.

Now the long queue obviously means people were queuing using the former. THIS CHAO AUNTIE and THIS CHAO MALAY YOUNG GIRL, THEY JUST SKIP THE QUEUE AND GO AND STAND OUTSIDE A CUBICLE LEH!

SO UNCIVILISED RIGHT? Where got such thing one? Other people who came earlier than them are all standing, waiting, and you go cut the queue like that?!

I couldn't take it so I told Daphne to hold my position in the queue and I went to scold the lady.

"Hey, excuse me, can you get back in line or not? Do you know that you are cutting the queue? Everyone else is very urgent too you know?"

Both pua charbors stared at me and then looked back at the front, persisting to stand outside the cubicles.

OMG THEY ARE SO FUCKING RUDE! I presume the both of them cannot understand English but my hand signals were clear enough. But no!

And guess what? The rest of the people started to queue waiting outside cubicles too.

BARBARIANS! If you are so uncivilised, please pee in the bushes outside.

Such things will never happen in Singapore I tell you. Ok not never, but rather unlikely. At least Singaporean aunties will mumble back rudely and then go back to the queue.

Urgh. Annoyed, I stormed out of the toilet and found what I was looking for in 3 seconds. Because I rushed into the ladies, I didn't see the handicapped toilet.




Thank god for Singapore... We are back and some people are walking across the causeway..

In a while we saw our pretty, neat streets, so brightly lit by our clean, working lamps...

I rushed down to Changi Airport to send Wong off (I specially took an earlier bus back for her...)

Changi airport... So clean, so developed, so thoroughly lovely.

But alas. I missed Wong by 15 minutes. Let's not talk about that because I am ready to cry when I think about how I missed the last chance to see her for a year.

Well, I met Ghimz...

Ghimz is disgusted with Malaysian cabbies too

And Ah dong and PY

But at least I am back home. Home, where the toilets' flushes works, our cabbies are honest, our men are not (so openly) lecherous, our roads are not jammed everyday, our bus and MRT brings us everywhere smoothly, our sale staff are generally polite, our food is clean, there is internet access, no stepping on chewing gum, our water can be drunk from the tap, and our govt, although highly controlling... ARE DOING THEIR JOB instead of getting sodomized.

I love meters

In conclusion, I'll possibly not go there again. Thank goodness, because of the good company and my fab shoes, the trip was salvaged. =)

Post-note: Woah woah! Don't get so angry, Malaysians! I've been to Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and JB, and I loved these places. However, KL disappointed me. Do not fault me, for all I did was to write a true-blue account of what happened. And if I didn't like the place, can't I complain on my blog? Popular as it is, it is still an avenue for me to vent my frustrations. =)

By now I know that I have been shopping at the wrong places, and perhaps, KL is not so bad after all? I guess I need a KL tour guide, haha! But what remains true is that the places and people I encountered remain an authentic part of KL, and won't it be good to warn future tourists not to go to such places? They really sucked. So what if part of KL sucks? I'm sure parts of SG sucks too.

So yes Malaysians, if you have advice for Singaporeans going to KL, do write them down, and do not slam Singaporeans for being arrogant and expecting too much. That's irrelevant and making excuses for the lousier parts of KL. Nobody goes to a country and expects to be cheated and molested, right? I don't think I expected too much. And well Malaysians, if you still decide to be rude and uncivilised, just think of the image you are protraying for your own country. Not good at all.

Oh yeah as for the toilet thingy, if there is already a long queue formed, there is no excuse to go queue outside a cubicle and cut everyone's queue. That's plain rude.

Be nice everyone! =)

UPDATE (22/12/2005):


I have all rights to dislike any place that I choose to dislike.

KL had the chance to make me like it, but sorry, all I saw were terrible things there. Don't trust my words, because I am a stupid tourist. Go there and get cheated, abused, and molested to fully feel the experience. While at that, remember that in all that 3rd world treatment you are getting, you are paying 1st world prices. Whoopee!

Read the irate comments by the angry Malaysians! Very funny indeed. :D

And oh yeah. Don't give me crap like "Don't come to KL then". Damn right I won't. Not after I saw how some of you KL-ites behave.


lalalabom said…

Screw those cabbies.
marcus said…

nice shoes~~~

great taste..

u look good in those shots!!

can go buffet liaoz~~

wanna go international buffet
at RIZ??? my treat

Tammy ♥ said…
yes i agreee with you.... stupid cabbies... stupid petaling street... rude aunties...
maine said…
Wat a trip. btw, may i noe e difference between espadrille and a wedge??
locogenio said…
OOH! I'm in love. I wanna get the black espadrille with the flower on the heels! :D

Yeah those lousy cabbies not only try to cheat tourists, Malaysians also they will cheat la. #$@%!$@ basically, the Malaysian public transport system sucks la.

But, damn, those shoessss....hehhehe...
Zagary said…
The cabbies will just chop you up.
Even malaysians try to avoid taking cabs if possible.

NickTay said…
Man! Thats allot of pictures! took forever to load! And yeah, taxi drivers in KL can smell a tourist a mile away! Nice pics babe! :)
Z' said…
Yeah...KL sucks...

Malacca so much better...
Unknown said…
What? No M'sians posted comments yet ah? Where can? Don't la tabur so much about Malaysia leh. Every place got good and bad points wan mah. I'd just make the generic comment that unfortunately, 'you didn't go to the right places'. Petaling St go look see, look see only. Not to buy stuff, unless you wanna buy watches. That also have to haggle like there's no tomorrow. But I agree on the 'great sale'. It's not so great after all! Hahahaha... And yes, I prefer Singapore's public transport too.

Have a nice day nevertheless... And a great photoshoot! :)
Jessee said…
i stopped going to malaysia.
it's just so.... erm... lydat?
Egghead said…
Gosh... I guess I am the first Malaysian to post on this.. lol

Well.. first thing's first.. I can well tell you that is your clothing that gives you away as tourists instead of locals..

And yes... tourist do get cheated by local taxi drivers as they are the main source of income.. locals hardly take taxi unless is an emergency (when you ask to go back to hotel, you are definitely exposed)

The real petaling street is hardly like PPS heh! people there cheat tourist BIG TIME!

so next time, bring along a local friend so that you don't get discrimated against..

This is not a defence for ugly malaysians, just a friendly advise :P
DeeAnna said…

They're so gorgeous..*whimpers*

Btw, I went on all the rides at Times Sq. RM25 per pax. That's all you need to pay.
rotiman said…
Sigh, I'm ashamed of our cabs cuz even locals get cheated! And they drive like crazy people. The best transport is LRT *thumbs up.

You should really go to Sungai Wang where all the cheap and trendy stuffs are! There are mix of good and bad fashion but they are guaranteed CHEAP!

Nowadays no one really bother to buy stuffs in Petaling St. other than to eat there. You should try the grilled fish and claypot chicken rice! Not to miss is the air mata kucing XD. Err...not really sure what's that called in English though. Just some sweet chinese herbal drink, it's refreshing!

BTW for your information there are 3 (or 4?) mega sales in Malaysia per year. December's one being the best. The others won't have as much sale as the December one ^_^. And my fave place to shop are Midvalley Megamall, Sungai Wang and 1 Utama.
rotiman said…
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Wultan said…
Your clothes definitely spells "tourists". And yes, the cab drivers there do hike up the price once they know that y'll are tourists.

Locals seldom take cabs. They drive. Because license is so easily available and so are cars.

And Petaling Street is no longer a place frequented by locals, so do not expect cheap stuff there. It has become more of a tourist attraction, and when have you ever come across a tourist attraction with cheap prices?
annie said…
Cabbies from here this sexless island (singapore) are not necessasily better. While comfort n city cab have decent service, smrt is bloody bad. rude, bad attitute, unhelpful drivers.

and the same scenario when u r a foreigner also happen here too: u go a longer way, go under uneccessary erp etc etc... not happy? "go back to ur country lah~" they say... some singapore cabbies are just too good to serve foreigner.

im taking cab 90% of my transportation i think i shd really bitch about this someday!
yishyene said…
I totally hate that whole queueing for toilets thing as well. It makes me so mad sometimes that after a while, I don't even feel like pee-ing anymore. Some people are just so STUPID!!
Rakyat said…
yup, you definitely went to the wrong places. klcc, times square and petaling street are tourist attractions.

locals go to 1utama, ikano power center or midvalley.
weekend fleamarkets at mont kiara and power center are good place for bargains too.

my singaporean frens have noted the difference. female toilet queues in kl are by cubicle, not a single line from the entrance.

better to have a local friend with a car to bring u all around. would have been much more enjoyable. better luck next time... if there's a next time. ;-)
Flyz said…
Yeah, I have to admit that our cabs are a shame. They'll butcher you left, right and center.

Shopping, like Kenny said, you went to all the wrong places. You should check out the shopping centres outside KL like Midvalley Megamall or 1 Utama.
PMS said…
Eh eh eh! My that handphone strap and the big big bell also from Girls. That's why ALL pink. PINK!!!

Suddenly the pink phase is back (for me).
Anonymous said…
I've only been to KL to shop one and I didn't buy anything at all. Either they were to expensive or I can better quality ones in Singapore.

I was lucky enough that a friend from Malaysia brought us around, so we avoided alot of those events you were facing.

I almost burst my bladder though. They didn't have very clean toilets, and I held my bladder for 2 hours when I reach the hotel in Genting. Ke Lian bo?

Nevertheless, I think you had fun.

xo said…
Aiseh...if only u had KL-ites with you, things would be so different.
Admittedly, Singapore is so much more developed in so many ways...I like going there too :)
I silently nodded with shame reading about the rude taxi drivers, the uncivic aunties, the sleazy hawkers and its fake sales.
Of course KL isn't all bad. Not everyone in KL wants to rip you off. If someone had brought you around, you'd find some great food in the odd nook and cranny.
You coulda shopped for clothes in MidValley or One-Utama, though these two are not exactly in the city centre. Never Petaling Street, cos that's where VCD sellers nearby get their clothes (convenient mah!). Go for the food instead! Wonton noodles, prawn noodles, pork ball noodles, and air mata kucing!(longan water) I'd die for a bowl right now...
sweetheart said…
I think you all had a bad experience and KL is not that bad. But what to do, you all went to the wrong shopping complexes, took cabs and all.....the food here is very good if you know where to go. Next time get some malaysians to take you all around and you will have a different experience altogether.
CheaYee said…

I think XX has been watching Home Alone 1 recently!

nadnut said…
ooh. the shoes looks great!
Ms. Bloom said…
I am just gonna echo what all my fellow KL-lites have already said. Our cabbies are lecherous money-grubbers ( locals rarely take cabs if they can help it! ) but you really did shop at the wrong places. Like everyone else has said, MidValley, One Utama etc. are the suburban malls that most locals frequent. KL city shopping caters more for tourists. Next time, get someone to take you around. I'm sure many bloggers would happily oblige.
Angeldust said…
haha, who ask you go petaling street? I hate that fucking place, man.

And KLCC sucks also. That place cater for tourists one. Like the Arabians lar, that's why the prices are sky-high.

you should have went to Sungei Wang or Mid Valley. Those are my personal favourite hangouts, and the prices are very reasonable too.

Haha, and this thing regarding the Malaysian taxi drivers? Yeah, I agree lar, they very the cheebye one. you should have just paid him the stupid 3.60 and got out of the car lar.

And the toilets hor, I dunno, haha I've been living here for the past 18 years and it'd never happened to me wor. which place you went lar?
jolll said…
When getting cabs in KL, u have to specify that u want the meter system b4 u jump into it - thats kinda of the unspoken rule around.

Not all cabbies are bad. Last time i was staying at the same hotel (Prince) and took a cab from KLCC back there - only cost me RM2.00!

BTW, there's a nose outlet in JB too! So u dun need to travel to KL for fab shoes!!
Estee said…
haha. a very nice entry indeed. i shall tink twice, or thrice!, b4 goin kl again. winks*
Pv_Ice said…
as a malaysian i also VERY seldom go petaling street. tat place suck

don't know whr u heard de news tat Petaling Street is a must go place in KL..

if still got chance to KL i recommend u ask a local malaysian to guide u.. then u will find de fun in KL. :)

KL is a nice place.
juz a nice ppl been to the wrong place.
too bad u can't c de beauty of KL
Asyraf Lee said…
Even Malaysians hardly take cabs.

Heh, fancy foodcourts ARE expensive, based on its location of course.

LV wasn't closed lah, it was on the 3rd( or 4th, heck..i forgot) floor. They have 2 floors. One of their floors/store is nearby Gucci if I'm not wrong.

Sg Wang was a few metres away from Bukit Bintang monorail station btw. Just like Rotiman said, the stuff at there will be cheap(or greatly priced) GUARANTEED.

Petaling Street is great place to eat, not to shop. Period

But there are some stuff that I think are overpriced in KL. SLRs and the accessories for example esp the lenses. I prefer to buy it in Singapore coz it's way cheaper there than here, in KL.

Owh well, next time tag along with your KL-ian friends and hopefully you wouldn't face these situations again, if you're willing to come to KL again of course.
Asyraf Lee said…
Owh yeah. Nearby KLCC there's a place called Kampung Bharu. To me, that is one of the places where I can get good food .
Nick said…
Did you even go to MidValley Megamall or 1 Utama? Way better than Times Square and KLCC.If you didn't you should really put them in your list next time you come to visit Msia again.
I agree with nickykapow. Times Square is no different than Sg Wang if you ask me. KLCC is just filled with branded stuff.

Me being Malaysian, I DEFINITELY AGREE with you on the "Sale" part. M'sian MEGA Sale is a real joke. The Great singapore sale is so much better and that's what a REAL SALE is all about. Ours is just a total joke!!

I went to Singapore on 1/7/05 for the weekend and to check out the Sale. I went mad over the bargains because they were REAL bargains! U can check out my post at shutterfan.blogspot.com

Singapore for shopping, anytime!
lalalabom said…
We went to Sungei Wang. It's almost like FEP in Singapore. The clothes and shoes in the shops are pretty much the same leh..Can't really buy much either..
did i see 'BARBIE'
i think i did, asians with small little tiny blonde brain.
For a start, your site looks like porn site. The way you dress...shows more like you are working in petaling street and Chow Kit. Do you know how to GO WITH THE FLOW.......
mustardqueen said…
You should have been to Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama instead..KL stuff are all so expensive and low quality..You're lucky that you did not get a pervert taxi driver...
Matt said…
u buy sunglasses for rm15? u kena con! haha can get for rm10 only lah!
e. said…
Oh man did you miss out by not going on the rides in Times Square. All you pay is a cheap entrance fee and you can take as many rides as many times as you please.

Anyway, just a piece of advice, when you're in Malaysia, even during a sale, the imported goods (ie mango products and so on) are WAY more expensive than in Singapore. Its just cos they hafta pay more for the import and whatever else. So don't bother getting your hopes up about buying cheaper EVERYTHING there. Its the local made products you should attack cos they're what's worth buying there. Gio there is at a 1 for 1 price, meaning that if an item costs 20 in singapore dollars it also costs 20 there but in ringgit. So you pay HALF the price there than here!

To address the cabbie issue and toilet issue, I guess every country has its downsides and their own way of life. There is plenty one can criticise and dislike about Singapore if you want to put it that way.
Scarletr0se said…
Haha!!!!!!!!! I like those pictures!!!!!!!!! nice espadrilles! Stupid cao cabby driver from KL cheat ppl!!!!!!!! so bad! :x
The Media Slut said…
Welcome to the real world!!!

Xiaxue has just highlighted one of the biggest problems with most Singaporeans.

Just because Singapore is neat, proper and regulated, they step into a country and expect that country to be a.. Singapore - neat, proper and regulated.

When it doesn't meet their expectations, most Singaporeans do what they do best.. Complain..

It is well known that one should set a price before entering a taxi in KL. It is also the same when in Bangkok.

Shopping on the streets also requires you to BARGAIN... and it doesn't mean that just because the exchange rate favours the Singapore dollar it should be cheaper.

The shop owners are definately out to make the most of their foriegn customers.

It has occured in Singapore shops where they often try to inflate the price when a forienger approach them.

It's a common happening and just because it doesn't happen to you, it is not happening at all.

Look at the trip on the bright side, the angry taxi driver could have kidnapped Xiaxue to some dark alley in KL and do his worst.

No bets if he will be happy as a dog with two dicks though.
Lex said…
You look like barbie in those shades and shoes
aVieo0o said…
where do u get all ur info on where to go shop? no malaysian in their right frame of mine would tell u to go to KLCC, thats for sure.

I think its stupid to complain about prices and all if you tend to act like a tourist and go to expensive malls and choose expensive restaurants and food courts to eat in.

Evry country is the same, u just have to follow travelling dos and donts. Hasnt anyone ever told u that b4?

Im sorry u missed out on alot of nice places here. I cant for the live of me pretend that u had a normal time with cabbies, tho.

Like i say u have to NOT act like a tourist la. Asking them to drop u straight to hotel who wont know? at least give them street name then tell them where to stop, etc..these r all suggestions la.

It happens evrywhere. if u act tourisy in singapore they will oso TONG u there, no diff. Or ask u go back ur country. thats even stupider.

Ish. Do research la cmon...or get someone to accompany u the next time around.
amrie said…
If you think the cabs in KL are expensive, i can tell you that a cab from the city to my house in Melbourne costs about $50 sing. And thats only a 15 minute drive by car (with a bit of speeding of course)
fallen*angel said…
hey, it's called a fire hydrant!`
and yar, btw, nxt time u shld go to sugei wang plaza. it's like far east.
K.Lo said…
Wendy, Wendy, Wendy

Well, first of all, I would like to thank you for aggravating fellow Malaysians to a certain level of distress and injustice.

You have painted KL in a very lop-sided way and have some flaws in your little "holiday" you could have been easily avoided.

1. Why didn't you check out with MALAYSIANS where are the best places to shop? Certainly not KLCC and Lot 10. Those are the WORST places to shop. Any Malaysian would know that.

2. Being molested in Petaling Street is something ANYONE would be careful of, even the ugliest girl. While we're on this topic, may I remind you that your friend, Tuppy, is lucky she only got wolf-whistled. These vendors run in gangs and will help each other out if they need to. All of them could just say, "Whoops, we don't see any Singaporeans running around here, Sergeant sir". And the police WILL and CANNOT do anything about it. So, count yourself fortunate for wearing a short skirt to Petaling Street.

3. KL is not Orchard Road. KL is not as centralised as Singapore and it has PLENTY of other shopping malls to be visited. Have you tried Sungei Wang? I think it would suit you well. Please visit Petaling Jaya next time, One Utama, MidValley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, Subang Parade... etc...

I hope your next (more informed) visit to KL will be a pleasant one, Wendy...
K e n n e t h said…
As a malaysian, I felt damn insulted. But, what she said is damn true. Singapore and Malaysia are totally...different!
To say the truth, i really like Singapore very much.
Malaysia really cannot la...
The taxi drivers are the worst!!!
Petaling Streets? --> Hell No!
I recomend One Utama, Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid...

Anyway, to make my conclusion...
Malays govt. really damn stupid!!!
PinPin 彬彬 said…
Typical Singaporeans --

1) They expect things in Malaysia (and China and Thailand and many other countries) to be dirt cheap and when they found out that the things are actually more expensive than in Singapore, they curse and swear as if it's the fault of the country. Bear in mind that it's your perception that is cheating you, not the country.

2) About the toilet queuing, it's a matter of different culture. I've heard people making similar complaints when they visit China. In Singapore, people queue in a "first-come-first-served" kinda manner, while in Malaysia people mostly queue outside the cubicles. When you are in other countries, you just have to understand and follow the culture. You DO NOT go to another country and demand people to follow what you do in YOUR country.
Hui Hui said…
nice pictures! :D
^ said…
such a waste you didn't go to mid valley. haha. KLCC is only for rich people lar.

and at petaling street, you have to bargain! sure can get cheaper one.

nice shoes! i love GIRLS too :)
Anonymous said…
i'm a malaysian and i must say not all malaysians are rude. at least sarawakians are friendlier and more polite than west malaysians.

Though i do agree 100% about the cabbies. They are the same nationwide. We all avoid them as much as we can...they think they are kings of the road and b'cos they hv a union they think they can do anything and the union will protect them. hate them like hell... they're all pigs n cheaters. same goes for those so-called vendors.

they all give malaysia a bad rep and a dirty image. we can definately do without them. i wish malaysia can emmulate singaporea more. they (singaporeans) are more honest, civilised and not openly lecherous. but singapore still is an expensive country lah...but then quality is there so...better than paying the same for low quality stuff in petaling street in m'sia.

i also agree that sg is tops in fashion. m'sia just cannot compare.

to be honest, sometimes i feel ashamed to be a malaysian. but i'm proud to be chinese!

the only thing good about m'sia is we're safe from most natural disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.
Leon said…
I'm a Malaysian too and this is my first time posting here because this topic is intriguing!

From what you have experienced, it is definitely no surprise as to why Malaysia is still an underdeveloped country. Singapore made the right decision to not join up with Malaysia years ago.

Yea, it's true there are quite a number of Class #1 A-holes here. If I see anyone cut my line I sure scold them also. The only problem is you won't get much backup because most Malaysians are timid and do not dare to speak or stand up for what is right.

True enough, it would have been much better if you had a friend in Malaysia to take you around. KLCC and Times Square are horrible places. Times Square is doing really badly in terms of business now. I also don't think Petaling Street is the place for food as the prices there are really high. I ate there once and never did again. Quite crappy also the food.

My cousin came down from London a few months back and he had a really good time here and left with excess luggage.

Take care~ =)
zipitup said…

All I wanna say is in today's post (Wednesday August 24 2005) on that URL.

(Note: I am not Vincent)

Go to KL with someone from KL! Like all other Kuala Lumpur-ians above my comment said, so I shall say no further. They all know the right places ;)
michelle said…
yep, yep, I agree with the stated comments up there.. being a malaysian myself, I never shop at KLCC, times square, petaling street etc.. those are the worse places to go on a shopping spree... Petaling Street is more of a glutton's haven than a shopaholic's haven. Still, i have to admit tht the prices are exorbitant... but the thing about malaysians is; they are willing to pay for good food. period.

maybe you should check out 1U, mid vallet or even The Curve the next time you come to visit (if you ever, that is). for us, the flea markets at The Curve or at Mont Kiara seems to be the best place to get bargains.. you'll get alot of affordable boho fashion pieces there. (Peasant skirts go as low as RM30).

However, do note that these shopping centres where many locals frequent are not in downtown KL.

P/s: Oh yes, locals SELDOM or NEVER take taxis. :)
Donovan said…
I despise those who say that they are ashamed that they are born a Malaysian. If your mother is poor and you see someone better off, would you say that you are ashamed to have your mother? Damn hypocrites!

Running a country as small as S’pore is of course easier to make it industrialized. Imagine this scenario… wouldn’t running a grocery shop be easier than running a hypermart?

If everyone likes to compare so much… then S’pore is just a dump compared to Japan, Australia, US or any parts or Europe.
ally said…
haha i think you definitely need to get shown around by a local malaysian and hit all the local spots. you just highlighted all the major complaints made by first time tourists!

you didnt try the mamak food! and u didnt go to midvalley or sungei wang to shop where the cheap/fashionable stuff is and yeah. dont take cabs in malaysia, ESPECIALLY if they know ur a tourist, ur definitely screwed. they even try to screw over the locals.

stay clear of the malays unless you can speak their language. they have an overblown sense of superiority and if u speak to them in english, they think ur trying to look down on them. ask chinese ppl for instructions! (not the old ham sap ah peks though)

every place has it's a-holes lah. i'm a malaysian but i spend a lot of time in spore and i get people being super rude to me in the mrts too, dont even get me started on the old men that try to get near you in crowded trains to stare down your shirts. don't let ur first visit to kl get you down! its really a great place :)

(all you KL bashers out there should stop by KL once in a while and get shown around by an actual malaysian too)
South Adam said…
You cannot judge Malaysia as this is the first time visit of yours.
I assume you haven't been to other Asian country yet.
Yes yes, Singapore is the best.
If I got bad experience in the first visit to Singapore, is that means the Singapore is SUCKS too?
Grow up girl, you're still a daddy's little girl.
Be adaptable, please do not visit to other country before you're grew up.
gas.chamber said…
If you hate Malaysia so much, don't come. Foreigners like you are not welcome here. It is Singaporeans like you who cause so much tension with your neighbours.

Anyway, I don't know why you started on the false premise that KL is supposed to be cheap. Therefore, when you encounter expensive things in KL, you act like you've been cheated out you birth right to get cheap things in KL. Piss-drinking Singaporeans like you are arrogant and act like spoilt brats. Your over the top statements are a bit rich coming from a piss drinker like yourself. You're not even fit to be snotty. Granted the queue jumpers were uncivilised, but your put on high and mighty Singaporean whining isn't that cultured either.

Singaporeans whine a lot. It's too hot, it's too cold, it's too far etc. Singaporeans are a jakunised lot too. Oh! Look! That's a chicken on the roadside! A real life chicken! Whoa! And they flaunt what little money they have: Wah! So cheap! Cheap! Cheap! And when the prices of things in JB go up because of their doing, they whine: Wah! So expensive! Like that also can one.

Normally, I would sympathise with a foreigner or visitor who got treated roughly in Malaysia. But for snotty first world wannabe like yourself, I must say I'm glad you got cheated by the cabbies and got molested in Petaling Street. In fact, I hope you get bombed by a terrorist one fine day.

By the way, the yellow thing is a fire hydrant. I thot you speak Engrish vely good one. How come hydlant also don't know?
AngkU KuiH said…
Honestly, I don't think Sporeans can survive in KL. KL is too harsh for them. Spore is a very decent and a "everyone is nice" place. I'm not against you Sporeans, my gf's a Sporean and I have plenty of Sporean coursemates. In fact, my sister's bf is Sporean too! LOL! Wendy, welcome to the REAL world :). Sporeans are very sheltered. Even NS can't save their ass. Try asking Sporeans to drive in KL city man.

I took my gf around when she came down. She loved Msia so much and wants to come down end of this year again. You need a KL-ian to take u around like everyone else said.

You should go to Petaling Jaya, aka PJ. That's where i stay. No offence, but KL got damn bloody alot of fking weird people of every race.

PJ is a higher class area where you would feel more at ease. Cleaner, not as horrible as KL. We have 1 Utama, The Curve, Ikano Power Centre (yah sounds weird). Go to the outskirts of KL like Hartamas and Bangsar.

Sigh, I'm so sad that you have such a bad impression on Msia. Yah, F%#@K those cab bastards. Hate them. They wanted to charge me RM20 for cab fare from Sungei Wang to a nearby LRT station. I just closed the door.

By the way, take note that some roads in KL are 1 way, and thus to get back to the same location where you came from, you have to take a BIG ROUND! Don't forget about traffic jams too! That should explain your RM3.50 and RM9++ cab fare :).
She's Jess said…

Like what kenny Sia said, you really went to the wrong place. Petaling Street is not a decent place. Definitely not recommended to be there, if you don't have a guy by your side. I'm a KL-ians myself, got molested for don't know how many times in Petaling Street, even during the day. So don't go there.

The fashion in Petaling Street is a big no no for you, and me. Go to places like Mid Valley, Ikano Power Centre, One Utama.. these places are suitable for you with more decent people.

i would say that Sungei Wang is for those ah bengs and ah lians. No offence. KLCC and Star Hill provides a variety of designer and branded stuffs.

Get a friend from KL to guide you the next time you want to come.

Cabbies here are suck. We know that. They even con the local people. So what do you expect? Try the LRT, Putra, Monorail.

Toilets... normally people starts queuing in front of the cubicle.. not the entrance. So.. I got no comment on this.

AngkU KuiH said…
No offence, but I think u all were running around like headless chickens. No direction, no idea. And why eat at Oversea restaurant..hmm...there are heaps of better places. And if u want the egg type of tau fu, it's as easy as to request for it. :)

Yah, u missed out our Pasar Malam also. Don't count Petaling Street k...that's just dodgy. I bet you didn't try KL's claypot lou shee fan (lau su fen in mandarin)....again, my gf was obsessed over it after eating it :). You didn't even try our Zouk.....and the nice bars....sigh what a waste.......

In a nutshell, you chose the wrong places to go, and thus yields such an end result. P/S, I hope you don't get into trouble with all of your "suaning" the Msian government. They might be after you. Just a piece of advice with what u post.
Boinq said…
if you don't with a KL friend, you'd definitely get cheated cos we m'sians NEVER take a cab unless its for an emergency.

no one shops at petaling street anymore. we'd rather fo to sungai wang any day.

KLCC's mega sale sucks too. go to one utama/ikano/mid valley mega mall / sunway pyramid if you're looking for a way better deal.


cabbies can spot tourists a mile a way. and so do the street vendors.

locals here are better hagglers . hehe.
Boinq said…
oh yeah, ppl always line up in front of the cubicle. not in a single line.

thats just how they do it here.

like they say,

when in rome.. do like the romans.
missing you said…
Hey Wendy,

Maybe its time that you should realize that "Bangalas" should be spelt as "Banglas". Yes without the extra "a". LOL. your funny.

And really its kinda rude for you to make fun of the Arabs women wearing their scarf with half of their face closed. They practice it for their religion you know?? Just like how buddhist monks walks around barefooted. You don't go around making fun of ppl practising their religion's beliefs. That's just RUDE.

Perhaps you should be more open-minded & get more general knowlege, please. =)
chowee said…
Well...first thing first...for those hypocritics malaysians that call themselves malaysians, if you are rambling here to criticize your country, please go else where. Me being malaysian, i know that certain things are no good back home but please dont freaking tell me that there is not a single thing that u dont appreciate and cherish as a malaysian. Yes no doubt singapore is way ahead of us, but that doesnt make it a country without flaws. If we want to be extra critical we can go like "singapore cannot have bubble gum ar?" why is that? if they are so civilized, why cant they handle bumblegum?Im not here to criticize any country but before anyone says anything bad about someone elses country, just reflect on your own country. There is not a country in the world that is flawless. And btw, this website that i sort of surf upon by chance when i typed "malaysia" on google, ends up to be some bratty kid complaining about my imperfect homeland when they themselves cant even supply WATER to their citizens without our so called imperfect country selling you some. So how is singapore so perfect without even the most basic of natural resources.
irenekay said…
U should go places like Desa Sri Hartamas or Bangsar for their independant boutique......
Who says shopping in KL is cheap? I'll hafta admitt our sales here SUX....even me here dint buy anything from sales....
U should check out SG wang, or IUtama which have better selection....or yeah...flea market...

Now u know y we msians dun bother getting on cabs.... we survive on personal cars!!!

btw those shoes...in KL, we regards them as Ah Lians/lala...no offence! No wonder even the cabbies can tell u are not local...by your dressing!
irenekay said…
btw RM3 for cendol like that??? Kena Con man.... u can get it 1/2 price in non tourist spot....hahahah

these blardee sporeans.... so typical of them to complain bout other countries....might as well dun travel...
E said…
WaH PiAnG! Ta Ma De! Chao Ah Lians go M'sia & then suan us like that?! HoW CaN?! FYI, this is my 1st time visiting this blog.. haf heard/seen it stated in sum other blogs... din noe wat d hype was all about.. n yea... GREAT 1st impression... u noe wat i think bout singapore? i dun think it's perfect... i dun think it's an oh-so-nice place... i think... it is jus... a place where d citizens r brain washed by their gov... well... yea sure.. i can't say much bout democracy in M'sia... but hey... at least when we go 2 another country & EVEN tho it sucked... we dun bitch/whine/complain bout it... ESP when it's ur own fault getting cheated & all! HAhA! but yea.. pity u bout d molested part.. but, who ask u wear sexy sexy? did u noe a guy has won a rape charge case by using d defence that d lady was seducing him by wearing too sexy clothing?? i mean... u dress 2 get attention... SURE la u get attention...
n then summore... wanna buy branded... but not willing 2 pay d money? so cheapskate... then wat4wanna buy branded stuff again??n its also ur own fault that kena cheated in Petaling Street,i've been there MANY MANY times myself & haf gotten LOTSA GREAT bargains... but of cos la,u can't expect quality... u wanna pay little.. how can expect quality rite? u count it as... u buy as many of no quality stuff 4 d same price that u buy one branded thing... buy & throw away... it'll still last as long as u buy ONE branded thing mah rite?
conclusion... mayb me steriostyping singaporeans from d beginning was d rite thing 2 do... cos u jus proved my point... :) CCcHhEeeRrIiOooSSs~! :D
Alethea said…
Why didn't you go to Suigei Wang? They have better fashion and the Nose shoe shop is there too!

You should eat like the locals. As in go to places where the locals go. Have a Malaysian friend to go with you.
Firstly, buy a dictionary.

Secondly, grow up.

Thirdly, congratulations on proving Darwin's theory of evolution wrong. Great minds like Nietzsche and Schoepenhaur have battled over it for decades but it was accomplished in one fell post and a myriad of drivel that could stretch the length between Phuket and Singapore many times over.

Really, don't promote racial or religious bigotry.

Nationality is a matter of swearing allegiance to a sovereign nation and its ideals.
Serve your country, or serve yourself a nice big cup of shut the fuck up.

And please, don't act like many years of blood, sweat, and tears spilled for the sake of emancipation and tolerance means nothing.

And finally, grow up.
they are called FIRE HYDRANTS! Hahaha. Malaysian man always have that tiko look in their eyes. can't believe they touched you!
wow! seemed like u had fun with ur friends in KL ya? :) nice accessories and shoes..
simplyanything said…
I was pickpocketed in Petaling Street years ago. They are so quick, they flick your purse out of your handbag and are gone before you even realise they were ever there. I dunno whether being pickpocketed is worse or being molested is worse.
petite said…
I am a Malaysian, who has lived and worked in Singapore. It hurts me to admit it but its true about that Malaysia has awful standards in their taxis and toilets as compared to Singapore. So, what is wrong about telling the truth? I live in Europe now, and when I tell my friends about visiting Malaysia, I too will warn them about what to expect. Maybe we Malaysians can learn and make our country more tourist friendly?
kian_shen said…
I've stayed in KL since decades ago and I never been to Petaling Street b4, and never took a cab. You know, those ppl wud actually know when u're tourist or locals based on appearance and wud take advantage ..

Advise: Get a local to bring you around.. food definitely cheap but those are not accessable easily for tourist ..
Raine said…

if you like espadrilles you should go to this shoe shoe called PAZZION. its located in marina square. just take the escalator up from where carl's jr burger is lcoated and you'll see the shop on your right hand side. its situated smack right between lee hwa jewellers and novo.

i love PAZZION.. thay have such lovely shoes!!! i also come out of the shop with as least 2 pairs of shoes. they have the loveliest and nicest espadrilles.. but they might suit you as the heels aren't as high as you like them to be..

just check them out..
Wowee! U looked like you a fun time in KL(except for the cabbies and prices).
$observer$ said…
Pity you seem to have chosen to shop and looked at clothes in places which only tight cashed teeny boppers would go to. I thought you would have more class than that. Also it is not recommended to go shopping at Chinatown with 3 inch thick makeup and Garfield coloured hair - else you would be mistaken as a *back lane* worker and attract a lot of unwanted wolf whistles and attention.

I am afraid you had been too quick to pass judgment on KL based on the very few places you've been to. I am sorry to tell you that not every city is as tiny as Singapore.

I also apologize that unfortunately, you were insignificant in KL and that nobody recognized you or asked for your autograph. That must have been an insult to your ego, awww poor you. I can understand your need to release your frustration and humiliation by bad mouthing KL.

No doubt Singapore is very well managed and efficient to the point that kids can't enjoy the taste of bubble gums; but remember, the smaller the country (especially one as minute as SG), the easier it is to manage.

To all KL bashers out there including East Malaysians, jealousy by bashing won't help improve your respective states.

XX, you have stooped very low with this entry.

P/S Sorry that you got molested but has it ever crossed your mind that the molester could also be a visitor, from Singapore, just like you??
tickled said…
Uhm, no offence, but people don't wear what you did when visiting a country populated with malays. you need to do some research on the country and culture before going there.
Nick said…
I disagree with you, tickled. Only Malays forbid such wear. Unless they are liberal or something. Otherwise you'll see quite a lot of girls weaing tanktops and mini skirts loitering around in 1 utama or midvalley
Nick said…
All this talk about Petaling Street reminded me of a raid that was held a few months ago in, of course Petaling Street. An estimate of RM1 million worth of pirated goods were confiscated as reported. So here's the strange bit, why in the hell raid Petaling street?? Yeah, there's obviously tons of pirated goods but what do they think Petaling Street is known by the millions for. They should just close down the street lah if the government is so keen on eliminating piracy.

And most would notice that there's actually a police booth located somewhere along the street. So again, huh???
Mohamad said…
I agree with every point $observer$ made.
Welcome to K L and goodbye. What's the point of comparing food price in kl and sg? its just ridiculous or just KIASU. Comparing a CITY with 244sq km and a COUNTRY which is only 692.7sq km big, very smart.
Grow up,stop bitching if you wanna be a bitch,fine but dont bitch about other people's city when you dont know shit about the place and STFU
sevenspell said…
The last time I went to KL, it wasn't that bad. You were probably just unlucky to meet a lecherous tiko pe(st).. But I do hate the heavy traffic and having to walk through hordes of people just to get somewhere. Hate crowds.

Speaking of taxis, taxis in Japan are notoriously expensive, aren't they? I once took a cab for around the distance from Orchard to Woodlands, and guess how much it costed? Freaking S$150!!!!

They were right when they said your heart will jump with every jump of the meter. -_-; Taxis in Japan are not for the weak-hearted (or the empty-pocketed like us).
zipitup said…
Eh KL-ians! Cukup la, jangan cucuk dia lagi.

I'm sure she got our point heh. I kesian her sometimes la she just wanna blog what she feels la. Read the Post-note heh.

I also from KL, love the place and am damn proud of it. Though I like Singapore too but its different.
i heart b said…
i'm from SG but i actually love going to KL. especially the food. but i don't eat at food courts, i prefer hawker stalls. good food from the streets. it's the same in SG what. food at Lau Pa Sat and Newton Circus nicer than Food Culture and Banquet right?

and the way you dressed was maybe too revealing? especially for a place like Petaling. once i went and this guy tried to pickpocket me. i was so frustrated cos i noticed what he was doing and when i told him off, he tried to act like nothing happened. grrr. but i guess i should be glad he didn't get away with all my shopping money

well, you can't expect things to be the same right in other countries right? that's the beauty (or ugliness?) of travelling. to make you taste home all the better when you get back.

welcome back! :)
i heart b said…
oh yeah, the comments on the Arab women were not very nice. even though they were not outright rude. should be more sensitive, right? they do it because of religion. their way of life (dressing, eating, swimming etc) are different.
Xiaxue said…
FOR CHRISTS SAKE GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR. GOOD FUCKING LORD. I can't stand you serious people. Go away and don't read my blog, ever again. FUCK OFF.
BenJ said…
i think your entry really reflects very accurately on my views on malaysians. haha. mud heads.
Xiaxue said…
URGH I AM SO IRRITATED MY GAWD WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE SO INDIGNANT, STUPID, AND UPTIGHT? Did your assholes get piles lately, causing you to be anal retentive? Go get yourself an enema and stop sprouting rubbish here, thanks. I'm gonna delete inate comments from now on. BAH! Pissing the hell out of me.

I LAUGH AT ARAB WOMEN. Cannot meh? They do look funny what. If I look funny to you you can laugh at me too, I don't give a shit. And besides, they ain't reading this, so who cares.
josefyn said…
great shoes! and high enough! =)
No more cucuk on the M'sian front, but am I the only one to realize your eyeballs look even weirder than the poor chinese woman you were cucuking a blog or two ago? Look at the first coupla pix, OMG!
Xiaxue said…
Benj: I never said all Malaysians are "mud heads" so don't pull me into "reflecting" what you said. It just so happened that those I saw at KL were pretty fucked up. I am sure not all Malaysians are like that.
e. said…
This is precisely what used to cause and can cause disharmony between two parties. One simple statement (even said with no bad intentions whatsoever) can spark off bad feelings.

Sense of humour or no sense of humour, you won't like someone to criticise your country the way you did Malaysia. Besides, you didn't exactly mean what you said to be funny. So how can people read it with any sense of humour whatsoever?

Just food for thought. Perhaps you don't know anyone who's roots are from Malaysia and loves his/her roots, or perhaps you're just heartless. I choose to believe the former.
penny said…
So right, firstly i establish that i'm Malaysian.
I'm not here to slam you or anything for bitching about my country because yes i do agree that m'sian cab drivers are lecherous pervs. I always feel like they'll drive me off to one corner, rape me then throw me in a ditch or something. But really other than that, i don't think KL's as bad as you made it out to be. True, in terms of service/cleanliness, Singapore is so ahead, but there's that Malaysian-ness which Singaporean's find it hard to understand. I love my country's anything lor approach and i'm particularly annoyed at your "our govt, although highly controlling... ARE DOING THEIR JOB instead of getting sodomized" line. It's not PC man...
but other than that, it was pretty cool reading about KL from your perspective. (= so keep it coming
q i a n said…
I read through all those comments, and seriously, freaking grow up about this whole thing. So someone doesn't like your country, so what? It takes more than a weekend to get a great first impression, and in M'sia, you got to have really really really good luck to find that first impression imo. I've not been to m'sia since 2000 I think. I've outright refused simply because I couldn't stand how 1. traffic police are bitches to singaporean cars 2. the shoddy way people treat tourists there 3. this pathetically negative attitude I get from people when I did go there.

And no, to whoever stupidly claimed singapore's a dump compared to US, grow up. I'm in california right now, and I can effing guarantee you that Singapore is as comparable in MANY respects. Hell, if you locked me up in tennessee or kentucky or utah or whatever, I'll stay in NUS rather than try my luck over here. Hickish places suck.

Good for you guys to show your freaking loyalty and patriotism. (This isn't to the m'sians who were nice to xiaxue about her going the wrong places but those who attacked her with "damn singaporean" sorta remarks.) But freaking OPEN YOUR EYES a little bit. Understand where we came from. Understand that HEY. MAYBE YOUR TOURISM CAMPAGINS MADE US EXPECT TOO MUCH.

well okay that would be if we're naive, kinda i guess. but still. there's no freaking point in attacking her, all she bloody did was state her view, which imo is what the damn blog should be about anyway -- her.
Kenny Lim said…
I remembered paying RM40 from foot of Genting Mountain( Where u take the cable car up to Genting) after midnite. Haha. Me and my gf just wanna try cable car rides down cause we got free ride w/o realising it only one way after 10 plus... After waiting aimlessly for 2 hrs, we finally appraoched this cabbie (we forgot msia cab are normal cars) n he quote us 20 sing dollar (he say midnite charge!!!) and the trip lasted <10 mins. But dun care cause hes e only taxi around... Even the malaysian police also super unfriendly. they see 2 poor creatures sitting on the floor with no one in sight yet sit in office chit chat instead... darn
. said…
KL indeed is pretty chaotic,but thats the fun of it,like Bangkok,N
ew York,London,Tokyo,chaotic city is exotic,raw,exciting and romantic.

Orderly cities like Singapore,Swedan,Denmark are good to live but much expected,in another word,boring.That is probably why your PM Lee wish to bring in some casino..

KL taxi drivers are not controlled and regulated by govt like in Singapore,and they have traffic jam phobia,thus the overly charged rate.

Always insist to pay as according to meter reading rate BEFORE stepping in to the cab.Most cabbies are honest lot,it just happen you are at Petaling Street.

For that rude Malay and the molest freak,may be they have mistaken you two as PRC hookers(From the way two of you dress as viewed in the picture,can even see the panties!!!)

The local girls seldom dress like that to Petaling Street.But they do dress sexy,in more approrite location like KLCC or Time Square.

About Malaysia cuti cuti sales,there are shops that offered higher discounts,you need a tour guide next time to bring you to where the local shops.

Malaysia is a bigger country,with more people to manage,thus not as efficiently managed as like in Singapore,we have not only shoping centres,we have forest,caves etc too for you to explore.

Hope you enjoy the trip in overall,and get inspired (i.e.the road name and the water hose point)
We are not the same like Singapore,and I doubt we will ever be the same,but thats is the fun of being at different country with unique culture.

Smallness and Snobbery limits your interaction with the world,people and life.Eat different cultures with curiousity,you are a collective talented girl,I wish you can visit Malaysia more to understand and enjoy your neighbouring country.
Anonymous said…
Wendy? Did you say "whore our shoes"? Was it intentional? XD
zipitup said…
Xiaxue: Yea I agree some people are too much. It is afterall your own blog.

Next time come KL again. Teh tarik on me, if we ever meet.
Black Jack said…
Very entertaining read!!!
__mars said…
usually, I'd say, INVADE SINGAPORE!!!

but KL really sucks. I'd rather in a secluded town in Michigan rather than suffer KL.

and OMFGWTFBBQ! this post is fucking long.
AngkU KuiH said…
Just a reminder to all Sporeans, Malaysian Malays are very different from Sporean Malays. I've encountered them both, and they are very different. One rude and lazy (which explains our FUCKING POLICE SYSTEM, if they even exist, maybe just to collect bribes you shit heads! Msian Malays, you yourselves know this problem don't you? Please, even Mahathir and now Badawi scolded u all! LOL! SHAME!), the other Sporean Malays are very pleasant and hardworking! Thumbs up to Sporean Malays!

So next time, don't expect Msian Malays to treat you as nice as Sporean Malays. This is the truth.
silveraven said…
come to kuching, SARAWAK! we have kenny sia, sarawak laksa, kolo mee and india street!

fashion not that bad lah i think...i don't buy clothes here. *LoL*


actually, KL-ites (as how my KL friends like to call themselves) are generally not that bad though they have this irritating way of thinking they own the world (and therefore are better than you-they think we still live on trees lah ok?).

and yes, KL cab drivers are horrigible. 'nuff said.
Yin Leong said…
aiyo.. so jialat, now you write everything aso must disclaimer. 15mins blog, 10mins disclaimer. the price of being popular...
zekai said…
I must say that this entry definately helps alot in my next destination for holiday which is KL. I've always thought that KL is another Singapore(as that is how the Malaysia goverment always portrays it) and little did I know that the people there makes no difference from residents of Bangkok(as stated from Malaysians who commented in your blog.)

I am also really grateful that you wrote this entry as I have no KL friends who would bring me around and I believe I would get cheated by taxi drivers as I would not know the road names around my hotel and would not remember which direction to lead so as to reach my hotel in the fastest and cheapest time. Well so maybe until I get a "KL-ian" friend, guess my trip to KL would be postponed :D
Quinsy said…
Advice: Always geta local or tour guide to bring you round malaysia and go in big big groups. So much funner. And yeah, how come got to take pics in Girls?! I tried last time with my cousin and we got blocked by the chao salesgirls...Hee, I love Girls too...how come SG don't have...
kitty said…
comment is for donovan:

First of all, I want to state that I do not agree with xiaxue's comments. Her comments are as politically incorrect as you can get by without being declaring jihad on her, but hey, it’s her blog and her experience. They are definitely not 100% true and do not reflect the whole country but it does reflect a certain side of your society, therefore making it relevant to some people, in fact even to Malaysians.

I do think that when people travel they should be open to ideas and be ready to expect anything to happen and take better care of themselves. In xiaxue’s case, she probably did not. From my travels in west Malaysia, I have to agree on several issues and I am pretty sure you do too if you weren’t feeling so defensive. You have got to agree that guys in Malaysia, regardless of race or religion, do treat girls like a piece of meat, and a pretty dirty one, no matter how you are dressed. A girl can be dressed in shapeless bermudas and big t-shirts and still be at the receiving end of molestations and harassment. I am sure there are situations when you have to protect your female friends in crowds from “dirty” guys. (an interesting side note: I travel to Malaysia and Thailand pretty often and have noted the difference in the way guys check girls out. Ask your female friends who go to Thailand often; how do the guys “admired” the female population. From my own experience, Malaysian guys look like they want to have sex with you right there and then if they can; Thai guys just look like they really think you are very pretty. Don’t tell me I am imagining it; go ask your well travelled female friends.)

The mini mart and hyper mart scenario is absolutely irrelevant. I sincerely believe it is a matter of the capabilities of the government, rather than size. If you do read up on more international politics, you would realise that in order to push Singapore to where she is now, there are more cons than pros. If you like supermarket scenarios so much; imagine a mini mart with no goods to sell. Think about it, and you probably might be able to figure out what I mean. And look at china now, they are definitely not quite what the western countries would deem as industrialised but the amount of progress it has made is pretty phenomenal. In 27 years it has made more progress than what Malaysia has done during that time. Even with all the poverty and supposedly uncouth Chinese behaviour, it is the second largest economy, US being the first. Singapore before the unfortunate Asian crisis, SARS and recession, was the country with the fourth highest GDP per capita in the world, ahead of the rest of Europe.

Another big flaw in your argument would be to compare Singapore to countries like Europe, Australia, US and Japan. Why would you want to compare them and what conclusion do you want to draw? Japan’s economic growth is actually at a standstill after declining for the past few years and the government is in huge debt (160% of its GDP). Singapore’s economic growth is growing steadily again and is one of the few countries around the world that does not owe any money to the “paris club” or the World Bank. Singapore’s degree of development is ahead, compared to most of Europe. I suspect the Europe you mention is the few countries that make up west Europe; UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc (by the way, Spain’s GDP per capita is lower than Singapore’s). and Singapore is a dump compared to Australia? That must be one of the biggest joke around. Go do some research into their economy, constitution and history, or try living in this country and you will realise the degree of service and efficiency this country has to offer.

Do I have anything against Malaysia or Malaysians? I say nay. I am a Singaporean but my mum was born in east Malaysia and I love that part of the country and her culture. What makes it so great is the warmth of the people there and the beautiful nature. But I do have a problem against such an untrue, ignorant and problematic argument.
deja said…
Seeing as to how this proudly acclaimed Mensa inductee and New Paper columnite has absolutely no sense of decency and sensitivity to other cultures and races, let alone apologise or attempt to see peoples point when its LEGitimately raised... And then pull the whole it's my right to be racist! It's funny! It's not racist!

Lets just flag her blog:) Top right corner.
renee dakota said…
OMG!!! U are soo true.. KL SUCK BIG TIME!!! and to think i was in this taxi and i think they didnt realise that i was a singaporean.. and they were talking about how singapore sux to them..i was like fucking hell.. we are so much better.. and u know.. i EVEN had to share taxi with the cabby's driver wife.. she was on a shopping spree.. and me, my mum and 2 sis need to sit behind.. cause his fucking wife is sitting in front.. bloody hell... and they still charge us A LOT!! FUCKERS!!!
Glocker said…
Please lar, silly Malaysians, stop embarrassing us even further. Everything you wrote slamming XX just screams of "I've never gotten out of the country before therefore KL is teh best!"

Maybe you guys should visit Singapore or Hong Kong or Japan first before commenting on XX's very valid comments, no?
Krisy said…
haha i hate malaysia cabbies too... unless u know how to bargain!! seriously the fake stuffs at petaling are getting worse, even JB's quality is catching up and in some cases, even cheaper... so for food, i think JB is nicer, but... nothing beats singapore (nt that i m that patriotic) haha
Krisy said…
actually hor... if u all have so much comments about xiacue's blog then maybe u shld start 1 of ur own and then bitch there. haha whatever she says about anything are her own and by blogging, she is sharing with the world how she feels, there is no obligation on ur part to read. It means it is not subjected to how u feel about her views, no one actually cares about what u have to say either. So at the end of the day, go and start ur own blog, and maybe someday someone will care enough to comment on ur views... finally
sassyjan said…
i bought a Dior and AH bag (A grade one) from there that time... bargain down to only abt RM 40... damn cheap!!

must bargain like siao there one!
kitty said…
people can write whatever they want and everyone has a right to say why they disagree with it; its a fair world.

but nobody deserves to be molested, harassed, abused or raped. so people, you can defend your own views and say anything you want really, but to wish molestation on someone else has got to be sick. look at yourself: just because someone has a different view to yours, you think they deserve to be molested. i really hope you will actually realised what a truly horrible person you are. girls out there especially should stop this behaviour and correct their male friends. girls should know what a disturbing experience being molested is :(
Blue Sky said…
an honest cabby (a rarity indeed) once told me that 99% of the meters have been modified. so the 9.60$ one is probably a tampered meter. yes, cheats. what gives?
mugster said…
If tourists get slaughtered (price-wise) and molested in touristy areas, what does that say about the tourist industry of the country? Lousy, of course. Every country has designated tourist spots, and it's supposed to be a good experience and not one in which one emerges feeling ripped off and horrified.

It is surely unreasonable to expect tourists to have locals for company. How many people will happen to have a m'sian friend who can spare a few days to take them ard?

M'sia is a land of great beauty, and it's a shame that apparently ppl who are not travelling with a local can't experience it.

When all is said and done, singaporeans should learn from this, and improve our own standards of service. I'm sure our service staff are considered lousy by tourists from countries with polite counter staff. Ditto for the toilets. I hope M'sia's service standards improve too, because this benefits everyone in the region.
Xiaxue said…
I love what you wrote Jade Cat. =) And you mugster.
Xiaxue said…
Oh and just for everyone's information - that day I got molested, I was wearing the two tank tops and a pair of long jeans. It wasn't exposed or sexy.

In any case the argument that sexy girls are asking to be molested IS FUCKED UP AND ONLY SAID BY YOUR FUCKING MCPS.

Once and for all, skimpy clothes do not mean the girls want to be touched. Yes, to a certain extent it may be argued that they are looking for male attention - but they are only looking for the right kind, not from fucking perverts. Do not use that as an excuse to touch females.

As for people who ask me to fuck off from KL... Well, I believe it is your country which wanted me to come. =D
xo said…
OMFG, can't believe how this discussion has blown out of proportion. It almost seems as if I would be labelled a bigot if I did not defend my country after what you have said.
But it's not about defending my country.

I really wonder when people will understand that this is a personal blog, that you have every right to express your opinion. Admittedly, some of your views may be politically incorrect, but heck, this isn't the (New)/Straits Times, right!
And for people to be more objective, do not to take things personally and then personally attack XX.
You can't tell every visitor to M'sia to find a local friend to bring them around. If not for being local, I wouldnt know of the best places to find my food and my shopping.
Visiting Malaysia and visiting Singapore will NEVER be the same, at least in the near future. Singapore is nice to visit because they make things easy for the tourists. In comparison, Malaysian tourist spots may be victims of bad management and control, but in truth have so much character and potential.
Hope people will take things into perspective and just LET IT GO!
Daniar said…
aiya go sungei wang.. best place to shop.. then petaling.. go there to eat the bee tai mak AKA lao shu fen.. oh yeah.. the cabs are really horrible..
Gary said…
Ah, it is good there are so many comments. I'm not from the area, and I couldn't figure out what KL was.
Mabel said…

I've been living in PJ all my life and the surefire way to get around KL, especially Petaling Street is this:

1. BARGAIN! And if you speak Mandarin or Cantonese, even better. If the prices are too hefty, DON'T BUY and just walk away. Most of the time, they'll lower it for you. They like to quote the most expensive price in hopes that you'll be dumb enough to think that it's fixed. It's not.

2. Don't walk around with your chest sticking out for the world to grab it and be aware of your surroundings. Some of them will purposely NOT see where they are going just to bump into you and cop a feel. Fold your arms across your chest and walk. If you can avoid the crowds even better. And you know what? It doesn't matter what you're wearing - you'll still get molested anyway if you're a young nubile thing. Most men here are lecherous and half of the time, they are quite old farts.

3. Cabbies? Forget them. Locals walk or take public transport or drive. We don't trust our own cabbies.

4. Clothes? Fashion here sucks unless you're willing to pay out of your nose to get decent clothes. I buy my intimates in Singapore...and if I had more to spare, I'd get my tops there too. The shopping malls - like Midvalley and 1U - have better fashion 'sense'.

5. Shoes? Try Vincci - Nose is good too but most of us get our shoes from Vincci. Head to Midvalley for the most stores around in terms of fashion. Sungai Wang - btw - is for ah lians. :p
angeltini said…
You know, MOST normal people do at LEAST a little research and bother to actually open their mouths to ask for advices/tips BEFORE they take on a trip to a foreign country.... NOT after. Cheers.
TattooButterfly said…
:) yeah u should do a little research before u go to Malaysia. I love Malaysia but i really hate those cabbies. You're right about it. I know people in overseas queuing at the entrance of the toilet instead of queuing in front of the cubicles. So don't be mad with us. I like those ESPADRILLES. =] I bought the green one and the black one with studs before i flied back to USA. They are really "in" here. You've made a great choice and disregard as a non-ah-lian. Ignore that bitch who just called u AL. She definitely has offended quite a lot of malaysians who have bought these pretty shoes from NOSE.
xes said…
Petaling Street is the last place you should go if you want to shop in Malaysia. They cheat everyone, even Malaysians themselves. One lady tried to sell me one bloody capalang ugly looking handbag (for my gf) for rm250. bahger, with RM250, I can hire one bangla to burn her place down.
Asyraf Lee said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Asyraf Lee said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Asyraf Lee said…
It’s not that I’m not patriotic enough to Malaysia but I just don’t think cursing to her and each other would solve the problem. Yeah, she did say bad things about KL but it was based on what she has encountered when she was in KL, bad things that is. So instead of cursing at her, why don’t we KL-ians tell her the places that KL-ians go to shop and eat or even better, be the tour guide if you’re willing enough to be one.

As for Wendy, the next time you’re going anywhere outside your country, do some research of the country itself and if possible, ask someone from that country to be your tour guide. At least we, all the readers wouldn’t see this kind of post again ^_^
hteekay said…
Petaling Street.. bleh.. its an overrated place.. I'm from Sabah Malaysia n i have lived in Petaling Jaya for over two years now and quite frankly i don't really like KL till now except for friends that i have come to know of.
KLCC are just like Petaling street too.. but at least they r selling real brand, unlike Petaling street. Filled with Ah Bengs that are rude and annoying. I only got there to eat. Never bought a thing there.
If u wanna shop at malls, i would suggest going to one utama , megamall and Ikano (which all have free transport to get there).
And one thing about Malay ppl here. They are rude!! especially those aunties wearing tudung. They love to cut in lines and they don't have any courtesy at all.
Cherry Junkie said…
I don't know who you are but a friend of mine in another sub-continent sent me the link to your "interesting" (that is the kindest word I can use for you now) observations you made during your trip to the heart of Asia Pacific. You indeed prove that you are the Singaporean Ah Lian whose behaviour is more akin to an American blonde (and I have a right to say this because I live in America now) than a genetically-well-IQed-Asian (so paiseh to confirm to other people that such a Singaporean is IN FACT Asian). But in my few travels to many big and small cities across 4 continents, I can find no city to be perfect -- be clean, no pollution, no cheating cabbies, no smoggy skies, sells knockoffs that you can actually call a good deal, etc. In fact, all cities are like Kuala Lumpur. Big, congested, dirty, big malls, shady streets, questionable cab rates, funky smelling lavatories, and have greasy hot dog/burger stalls by the street corner. All these so-called negatives give a city character. And if a person has not seen any of this while travelling to foreign places, that the person is a TOURIST, clouded in shell of photographic perfection displayed on tourism websites. A person whom has come to terms with all the funk and junk of a foreign place, is a traveller. And a girl whom is proud to display her espadrilles which she bought for SGD24 and says they're like Marc Jacob designs is definitely a cheapskate. If you want to wear Marc Jacobs, buy Marc Jacobs. His shoes are only about $300. That's USD. That doesn't even buy the Briggs and Riley suitcase that people who know how to be a traveller/tourist use. You also need to tell your friend in the pink skirt to fix her teeth and learn how to wear a thong. Her VPL is proof that no matter how fashionable you girls attempt to be, ya'll lack class. *tsk* And if there is so much money to buy LV, why do you people take a bus to KL? Chicago is four hours by car. I fly there. If you want to shop well, you need to learn how to travel well. You have a lot of real travelling and learning to do. I suggest you return to KL again and see it with a different perspective.
*sooyin* said…
i've been a kl-ite all my life and i'm sad to say that your comments about the cabbies, aunties and toilets are right! i don't even dare to step into a cab alone for fear of getting robbed, killed or molested! sorry for the generalization but it's true. and the toilets suck. malaysian government really need a good hard kick and step up their efforts else kl tourism will go to rot! given a chance, i think i rather stay in singapore.

if you do come down again, try going to the shopping centres outside of kl, ie. 1 utama, the curve, midvalley. 1 utama especially has clean(er) toilets! =)
ethan said…
I'd like to apologize, on behalf of my fellow KL-ians. I'm sorry.
David said…
point to note, Malaysian cabs do not pollute the air with diesel emissions. We our very high tech selves use NGV cabs which run on LPG. And our diesel is not pure fossil fuel either, we have added Bio-Diesel, a product of palm oil, which I must say only a "backwards" country would produce at International quantities.

Ah, an educational comment... I like.
Packrat said…
Uhm. Perhaps the real irony here is that you're talking about dishonesty while looking for fake branded goods?

Plank. Eye. Remove.
Phiz said…
I guess I got lucky when it comes to taxi drivers there. Last time I was there with my family, we got a pretty nice taxi driver. Ignoring the fact that his meter runs suspiciously fast, he got in a fight with another taxi driver behind us in a jam who must have been training for a honk-a-thon, and drove like Michael Schumacher on a mixture of speed, caffeine and sugar. At least me and my family got from MidValley Mall to Mines Wonderland in 8 minutes flat. This in peak hour traffic too.

Anyway, I'd suggest going to Mid Valley Mall, especially the top floor, which is probably the best top floor I've ever been to, if that makes sense. And also a street down the road from Times Square. I forgot the street name, but it is definitely what I want Orchard Road to look like. I wonder if that scooter with all those cats is still there.
Roy said…
Wahhh, not bad..one hour of sleep and U girls still looks as fresh... Perhaps it's the exciting mood of going for holidays that makes U all awake...

KL isn't that bad loh... Why not go up Genting next and tell us about the trip then...Will be more exciting I guess...

But again holiday is holiday loh... shouldnt be as bad as for us who has to work and cant go for holidays yahhh.... ;)
simplesandra said…
I see someone is stirring up cross-straits tensions here. Oh well, what's better than another "controversy" to garner hits from irate Malaysian readers, right Wendy? =)
mr. panda said…
you just went to the wrong places to shop and eat. there isn't anything much in Times Sq you can shop. be it KLCC. to tackle the cabbies, either 'fix' a price with them or make them on the meter. if not take the LRT and walk. it basically takes you places.

and 'become' one of them. if they're rude, you go ahead and do the same to them. somehow, that's their culture. haha...
love_xiaxue said…
Petaling Street is well known as a notorious,cheap flea market.

Although Petaling Street image is slighly better now,but the place is still full with low class grass root and dirt cheap perverts.

That is why you get B grade imitation products and rude behaviours from the people there.

Disregard of what you are wearing.

If you swim in a shark infested sea,it is not reasonable to complain you get bitten.

And if you wear sexy to those places,it's like putting a COME EAT ME sign to the sharks.

As pretty young girl,If you go Singapore Geylang,the man is not going to look at you very nicely either.

KL and KL hans are much better than what you have generalised,you just have to be at the right place with the right crowd.

Every country has it's darkside corners.Be a broadminded tourist.
wildcharm said…
Everything you said in this entry is true. Some people might think you might be a bit ignorant and all but heck, I would've written it in the same manner despite being brought up and have stayed in KL all my life.

Did you get a chance to drop by at Maggie T??? More pink stuffs there and all those girly girl things. I can spend a bomb there =)

fuckbuddy said…
WAT THE F!??? You go and condemn a country, not only by telling how terrible it is at every corner, you insulted our government! Why don’t you teach yourself some basic travelers’ do’s and don’ts before you step out of your Singapore shell again. Since you are obviously not a seasoned traveler, neither a person with common sense - don’t bother! Just stay in your shell and don’t go out.

The other thing I can’t stand is that after all this bashing, you expect us to have a sense of humor!! No amount of justification nor telling readers to bugger off can undo this. Yeah, yeah, your blog, your say, then free comment space, commenters say. If you are so disgusted by other people’s point of view, then don’t even give people the opportunity to leave a comment. KNN!
Alice said…
They're called fire hydrants. hey, not all 'kl-ians' are like that. LOL. get a grip. i've been living here all my life and i've never came across any of those sort of stuff. fine, i hvnt been living here for so long(12 yrs) but everything in kl is still gr8. the scenery of tall skyscrappers, nice hotels suites, clean surrounddings...didn't u notice any of that? hello, perhaps ure just way too busy finding the faults that u didn't recognise the beauty. nth's perfect. singapore isn't perfect either. and u just met the wrong ppl at the wrong time. it doesn't mean that EVERYONE is bad. i totally agree with david. delete this comment if u like after u read it. i've got no problem with that. btw, the traffic is sometimes bad. but u just came out at the wrong time. of course they are peak hours. which city doesn't have that? if u liked penang, well, the traffic there is even worse because it is a rather small island. but thr is public transportation. i go to school by lrt and i dun face any problems. they're clean, efficient and fast.
btw, pls dun use such foul language. polluting young minds, man. i know i've got no right telling u off cos ure way older but that doesnt mean u shouldn't read this with an open mind. =))
The Buzz said…
"And well Malaysians, if you still decide to be rude and uncivilised, just think of the image you are protraying for your own country. Not good at all."

Very true indeed. Cause as a Singaporean, you are also potraying how 'civilised' and 'good-mannered' your country are. At least now all the Malaysians now how an Ah Lian Singaporean who lives in a small and so-called advanced country likes to condemn and insult and scold and bla bla bla when she goes travelling. What a 'good' example of a 'civilised' Singaporean. And from the stuffs you bought, I can see just how Ah Lian and Lala you are. Cheers Lian! =)
to get things VERY cheap in petaling street, try not to tell anyone you're a tourist. just tell them you're from malaysia, and bargain away (if they refuse to lower the price, walk away. they'll be calling you back in a sec). the price of ANYTHING will be greatly reduced. trust me, my relatives from overseas have done that a gajillion times.

and also, you should've expected such uncivilised behaviour when you visit places like petaling street, chow kit road, etc.. those places are the darkest parts of KL (i thought everybody knew that), filled with those rude ah bengs (gangsters) who probably dropped out of high school.

all in all, i'm sorry you had a bad trip in malaysia. not all malaysians and places in malaysia are like that, you just went to all the wrong places for the wrong things.
Ember said…
Your KL shoes can be bought in Singapore. Noda in Jurong Point. Nearly bought them green ones.
Just2bHome said…
XX, there r many things in life that u will xperience after which ur gonna say "been there, done dat". Ur wiser now rite? Next time when u go to worse places, u'll b more prepared. This is just a lesson learnt.

Every1's entitled to own views, including those who comment but 2 rules:
1. U cannot get personal
2. U cannot b rude
U can comment on behavior but never put people down.
Remember: whatever u say or do, will always come back 2 u (sometimes worse).
Adrian said…
I'm from Kuching and currently studying in the Klang Valley, around KL. Yeah, Kl is like that. Well said. Visit Kuching! You'll love it
Yuenny said…
next time you go to kl, you must go to midvalley! MV is a great place to find nice reasonably priced clothes. THERE is the place to get good discount. petaling street gets 'discounts' all year, so of course tehy are damn cheap-lak. MV has nose, MAC and all the nice brands, including mng. you should also go to One Utama. all good brands, but MV more accessible, cause got LRT. you don't tell the KL cabbies that you are foreign! and never ask them the price, pay according to the meter, but of course must make sure got meter runing first you know. if the fella dont want to put meter you get out faster!! if you want good food and all the Tai Tai brands, go to starhill. VERY exclusive and super $$$. never pay more than RM30 for a bag! okay la, maybe 40. can always bargain!!!! petaling street stuff never gets more expensive than RM50. EVER!!
golf fanatic said…
hey wendy..
so sorry to hear about the unpleasant experiences at KL... it's not all bad in KL... i frequent there quite often so i am really comfortable when i am there... food and clubbing scene is fantastic... shopping is just average, though you might be able to find some occasional good bargains... i have been reading your blogs for a while now... and i have never failed to be amused by you... it's now my staple meal everyday - breakfast!!! it's really nice to see someone who's so frank about everything and i think you are a real gem... and i hope you'll find the nicest bf to compliment your wonderful + colourful + beautiful character... hey... you look great in your blogs too... so keep posting and don't make me skip my "brekky" okay?

Bill ;p
chip said…
lolz! very funny. but something t correct... hongkong stuff are NOT CHEAP. i am born in hongkong. i know best. S$50 transport fare will only last for three days, unlike here at least one month.
tickled said…
not being uptight or anything, just point of info... you mentioned that the cabbies extort $$ from tourists. (that I agree, no doubt.) But as cabbies they have the right to refuse customers after failed attempts to meet a consensus on the cabfare, no?Besides, you must have noticed that the traffic jams are very bad. it takes a long time to travel around. Read about the income disparities in kl? Some cabbies pay lots to maintain their cabs and they barely survive. Most have to support large families as well. not being confrontational or anything... just something you might want to think about.
MunKit said…
come to damansara utama girl
winnie said…
why are so ppl freaking defensive?
true, nobody likes their c'tries, relatives and family to be chewed all over and spit out as if it's worth nutting.

but ppl, the fact is, u all choose to read xiaxue's blog.

so if u cannot take it with a pinch of salt and learn to see the humour behind it, pls DO NOT cum here anymore.

u can defend ur c'try but dun be offensive and inflict personal attack!

tat wld be juz so.. downright childish and immature!
seebehsong said…
By degrading other country for the sake of gaining attention to your blog for comment is damn low.

I just pity the whoever idiot Malaysian sponsor her the journey and accomadation.That is what she returns back to him,all shits.

And some claims may just bullshits to drama the whole scene.

She just want attention,very trying and selfish.

Shallow girl.
Anonymous said…
Dear Wendy

I'm sorry to hear what happened to you in Malaysia.
closer said…
"Back in the hotel, Tuppy and I whore our shoes!!"

hmmm...typed it subconsciously perhaps?
nut! said…
I'm a huge fan of yours and never fail to check your blog for updates everyday.
However, i think this time you might have touched on a raw nerve. You might not realize the power and influence you have as a media celebrity.
I agree that this is your blog and it is only right for you to voice out your honest views. In fact, it is your frankness and refreshing candidness which draw people to your blog day after day.
However this time around, i felt you've crossed the line of piquant satire and bordering into that of impertinence.

Some of the comments you made may come across as a tad insensitive. If i were a Malaysian, i won't feel good reading someone bring down my country and peppering it with vulgurities all the way!

I always felt proud knowing you're a S'pore girl made good, i still do! :) Hope you'll realize you portray a powerful image of Singaporeans to foreigners that no tourism ad can.

Be sensitive!

Rock on babe! :)
Nick said…
I don't see what all the big fuss is about. All she did was go to all the wrong places. Who wouldn't complain if you see a bowl of dumplings that cost RM7+. Who here (Msians) likes shopping at Times Square or KLCC. Most us know how suckass Times Square is.

I went to S'pore just last June and I think it pretty much sucked too. I was walking around orchard road aimlessly. Seriously bored. It's coz I had no locals to show me around. So I didn't know the best places to go (can't only be orchard road right?) or where to find good food.

She didn't degrade Msia. What she experienced was a chip of Msia. No one here can deny that. You can get molested anywhere in the world. I refuse to believe that you've got nothing negative to say about a country that you'd visited.

The key word here is "wrong places". So have an open mind and just let it go everyone.
Oversea Restarant is a Non-Halah restaurant !!!
ivy said…
hey xiaxue.. i truly understand how u felt when e idiot molested u...i was in ur shoes abt 4yrs back... i was molested in e broad daylight right under my family members' eyes in KL... he pinched n slapped my butt so hard... we dun dare to fight back fer fear tat they might accused me of 'seducin' him... at tat moment i felt so dirty too... anyway... its over alrd... be happy!! q(^-^)p
SuperOreoGirl said…
i'm singaporean ... and ive been to KL plenty of times and i love it there ... it helps to research before you visit the city ... find out where the right places to shop or eat before you start complaining about the prices, the food and what not. and .... want to buy imitation still want to complain? OMFG!

sure there are bound to be differences and weird stuff if you want to compare the city with our own but for goodness sake, keep an open mind when you visit a foreign city. it makes the trip more enjoyable when you have an open mind.
ahkow said…
This girl is either so green or damn stupid.

With your hair colour and dressing,you go pasar malam of course kena bully lah,you expect gentleman with bow tie in those area meh??

You picked those cheap area to shop,because you want a bargain,what do you expect there??5 stars services??

You go cheap place of course toilet is filthy lah,so damn high then go 5 stars hotel peepee loh.

You can't afford taxi fare then go take bus loh.You want service then hire a limosine loh.

You can't afford RM7 noodle then eat at Mamak stall loh.

NOBODY force u to do all the above.YOU ASKED FOR IT.

So complaint for what??

That you are poor and stupid and expect everyone kind to u meh???

If you willing to pay,you get what you want loh,if you can't afford,work harder loh.

You did not even paid for your tour,and you end up shitting here and there,what face have you given to your host??

You are like a flea to any country,give little little,want more more,and complaint loud loud.

Typical new rich attitude(but with no $)

Act like a total Kampong girl first time to city.

Damn naive.
Thalys said…
It seems you take a bus to KL instead of by air.

You went Petaling Street in hoping to get illegal imitation products.

Without your friend sponsored,very likely you stay in cheap hotel too.

Even at Prince hotel,you try to put as many beds in the room.

To Malaysia,You are a pretty much sucked tourist.The low class type.

But you comment KL a sucked city.

Just how much do you understand,and qualify to comment KL ??

When you bus,shop,and shit at the lower end ??
evie said…
hi there..

you look great in e photos..
Heidi Cooper said…
ergh! my friend got robbed in jb. n the police blame them for not running away from the robbers. like hw r u suppose to do that when these vulgars have wooden poles with them?

btw wendy, i dun understand why some people just despise you. i see ur a pleasant girl.
Celeste Koay said…
you went to the wrong places honey! if you're ready to visit malaysia again and have fixed agendas in mind, i can help you. will let you know the best places to shop, eat and party!

When I read XX's post. We all know XX went to the wrong places (she even admit it liao mah..).

I believe, no one would just because of XX's one post and decide NEVER to go to KL again.. They prob rmbs to be more careful next time they travel, and avoid those places she went..

after reading the comments here, I feel so threaten.. make me think twice about stepping into Malaysia again.. Maybe I'll make my malaysian relatives fetch me at the customs... I veri kia si... :p
famezgay said…
Actually every country have its own fussy things lar.. I live in KL and I do find it is quite sucks here. I've been to Singapore (frequently), I don't really like there too.. Cause everyone know singapore is a very strict, so everytime i go to SG, I feel pressured and stress, like everything will be caught ahah.. So I make sure no chewing gum in my pocket before entering SG ahaha. And in Malaysia, due to lack of law enforcement, ok our country is DIRTY ahaha.. HongKong is ok, but overly crowded.. ahah no perfect place for me anyway. As for shopping, seriously don't go Petaling Street, as u know a tourist spot is a killer spot.. Kill your wallet...KLians, don't shop there. Anyway as for those sale, we do have 70% sale, is just that you a little bit late/early.. some international brand do not follow the date of our MEGASALE. Topshop having 50% sale last 2 weeks.. and MANGO had their 70% starts a month ago.. So come on the right time...
Spirit Fingers said…
A whole lot of research makes a difference when travelling, especially when you have so many Malaysian readers. It's always best to save up a bit more and do it the 4/5 star way - makes a huuuuge difference.
peggy said…
I have no respect for an Ah Lian like u lah..pls lah, do respect Malaysians lah.. i hv been to all places in the world but i have no bad comments. Ah Lian, pls go research thoroughly before u step into other countries... Aiyo, pls lah, dun put so much make up lah, later in ur 30s yr face like a cake...
Kirstin Wong said…
hahaha man your trip to KL must have been a BAD experience. If you ever come back to KL again try stopping by at Midvalley or 1 Utama. Sungei Wang has great stuff there to.

Hahaha and if possible try get a friend who has a car. Its hundred times cheaper then going by cab. Cabbies in KL are just whacked up in the head. Well some of them.
Chess said…
There is an awful lot of readers out there are actually her fan,including those who criticise her,they care for her,some flatter her,some try to correct her.

When she comment on a country,or on before that she comment on religion.There are bound to be response.By playing the core emotion of the people,she has succeeded in gaining the hits.

But with a swollen nose sometimes.

I remember my chat with a Singapore taxi driver,He told me although there are some Malaysian taxi man are cons,but they actually have a chance,some FREEDOM to improve their earning,so to get out from this hot,jam taximan life.

In Singapore,they can't because of the tough govt control.

Imagine every service charges are controled by meter reading.

Singaporean are so getting used to the neo communist system they actually lost the enterprising spirit and it's humours.

Singaporean have inherited perfectionist attidute from their ex PM.In constantly striking for excellence,they also think they can judge other people culture by their own value.

But perfectionist drives everybody crazy except themselve.

Worst still and more likely the case,they are fairly half perfect but expect full perfection from others.

Singapore has rapist,con man,expansive meals,and muslim tourist too.
anjiruzu said…
dude, its just the way you always type 'you malaysians' like come on.
More like 'those Malaysians'.
Sorry that you have to go thru all these bad experiences in KL. It can be a nice place if you know where to go.

Also, from your pics, ppl can tell you are not local as local girls dun wear in such way. You know, we are more conservative.

Anyway, sorry about your encounters in Petaling Street, which I think is the worst place in KL!
Jacqueline said…
let me say im a singaporean..

c'mon lar this is her blog.. and seriously, she has ALL her freaking rights to write wad she wanna sae.. to those who sae they travel to other countries but no bad comments abt them, you are LYING!! c0z there's no perfect in any countries lars.. only thing is, u DON'T DARE or u DON'T HAVE the time to blog it down.. she dun nid to grow up.. c0z wad she did is purely writting her she felt.. if u guys really canot tahan wad she write, den juz FARK OFF lars.. u are the ones tat nid to mature abit lehs..-,- and pls lars.. we all noe SINGAPORE is not very perfect.. did she sae SINGAPORE is perfect?? NO!! and to those ppl who defend their countries, its good to defend ur countries.. but if u wan, go other place lars.. tis is ppl's blog.. the main point is THIS IS HER BLOG!! why u wanna kpkb so much here?? *zzz*

to XX,
i tink u write tis post stir up alot of emotions.. its not wad u write tat is bad.. mayb c0z HOW u write l0rhs.. they way u write like KL really sucks lo.. but well, this is ur blog lars.. hahas.. and u make mi take caution of KL.. a fren of mine even wanna go KL to shopping.. but i show her ur link and she change her mind to BALI for hols..!! LOL!!

btw, i have lotsa MSIANS relatives.. they are nice people.. very nice in fact.. i don't hate MALAYSIA c0z my bf always go JB pump petrol c0z its WAY TOOO CHEAP dere.. hahas.. *cheapskate* its juz tat i really canot tahan why so many strangers come here and scold xx when its her blog to start with!! *zzz*
SteveF said…
I think Mugster hit bull's eye. Being Malaysian, and from PJ, I have heard numerous accounts of tourists getting ripped in KL and I acquiesce to the fact that we are not doing a very good job in leaving tourists with good impressions.

I suggest the following:
1) Redesignate tourist spots
- advertise 1 Utama as the choice shopping experience rather than KLCC
- SS2 PJ Pasar Malam as the night market to be visiting, not Petaling Street
2) Nationalise taxi services, since from what I can gather from comments here, Malaysians don't usually take taxis anyway
3) Conviction of male sex offenders carries a mandatory castration. Although I'm as perverted as any other guy I know, at the very least get the girl's consent before fucking her
4) Appoint XX as tourist consultant!

rainbow said…
Cheebbyyee bitch. who you think u are? mother fucker chibai pet pet fucking need high heels shorty BITCH! who the fuck are u to insult malaysia like ur fucking singapore so good. mother fucker. puki bitch! lanjiao chibai. and u malaysians agree that she's right? are u blinded by her photoshop beauty or wat? oh my god, kiss my ass. u suck bitch!
the kenigma said…
welcome to malaysia for you! sorry I am malaysian as well, but i think i do hav to agree with everything if not most of the things u said. This country is run by fucking ma-chans, so don't expect much, no fucking hope no-more, thats why i flee that loser land, and found myself somewhere more civilized, more interesting - Australia.
DannyWatt said…
I believed the yellow Kenny looking thing is called a Triple Pillar Hydrant. Take it from a fire fighter. Cheerios =)
yiow said…
No offense. What would u do if a stranger tapped u from the back, and swore vulgar words to you, lasted about 2 minutes, and showed u his middle finger. He finally walked away while saying "Just joking, have a sense of humour, would ya?" Well, it's not u're doing wrong by stating ur opinions, but the way u expressed it, would make people misinterpret. By the way, nice disclaimer, I would have been enraged without it. Good day!
Anonymous said…
KL do not suck (but I have to agree on the cabbies) - the only reason you think it is cos' you're going to all the wrong places! :P
Hio Hwi, Audrey said…
Leon, Malaysia kicked Singapore out, dint u study Sejarah?
konkdster said…
just dont ever let me see u in msia.fucking sit ur own fucking cabs and get laid alright. dont just blog bout ur neighbor being as horrid as a shithole. ure the shithole urself. and to all msians who find ur own country a heap of junk.. go beg for some cash and migrate to heaven.btw if kl sucked,pls just delete those pictures u took with kl as the background.it look so poluted...
get a life lil mafuckin bitch.
konkdster said…
kl urban version
pukimak u think u fucking grand ar?i wanna fuck u up with comments oso gotta think twice ar to not fuck back on ur country. u think u fucking hot with that fucking softporn picture then ure fucking great? i want to find out how well is my country going and suddenly saw this fucking post. nyamachauhai.. tiu kao lei lou mou ham ga ling. go pei gao diu la. i pray 1 day ur tits fall off due to the molest. woi..who the fuck wanna molest u la, i see ur face i feel like shitting and puking together. go fuck and die..i dulan i'll post more comments.see u bitch.
yazid said…
its triple pillar fire hydrant. ^^

- brought to u by ur friendly SCDF personnel -
déchiré said…
Xiaxue.. i think u just very suey lah.. seriosly.. altho i went to the same places and i was obviously a tourist, i had a great time with my frens. i did two crucial things.. videocam evrything.. esp petaling street and ADAPT. got molested.. can show video to proof mah.. or maybe just kropok the bugger lah.. aiyoh.. u had guys wit you ok at least.. me and my frens are all gerls and we did fine. go shopping at petaling street must haggle very well lah. i bought this decoration lights with the dried leaves bunched like a flower for only like RM$15 after haggling from RM$70. basically its not a matter of who's country is better or who is an a**hole... everyone is subject to their opinion... dont get carried away... so wat if she slanders kl becoz of one bad trip there... eh ppl jgn lupa eh.. pasal nila setitik rosak susu seblanga tau (malay proverb.. ask idris).. pardon my melayu lah.. very chibai one. u all oso dont like a lot of things abt singapore.. but other ppl got bentak yr opinion or not.. dont have right.. dah arh.. rilek.. budak ni bingit jer...bukan ape...(xiaxue.. i'm saying ure just pissed dats all) and xiaxue... ppl cut queue u cut them back.. life is a bitch gerl.. but surely you CAN bitch back ok... ppl who slander her.. pls take note.. THIS IS A BLOG. wer she pours out her thoughts, feelings and opinions.. not a political argumentative forum. get a grip and stop being so hypersensitive... btw xiaxue, my aunt almost got pickpocketed and molested in jakarta. i freaking beat the crap out of the fella. and my aunt was wearing a headscarf like how normally pious ladies in singapore are with the long baggy dress plus she was pregnant.. so yah.. doesnt matter how you dress lah.. its basically just yr luck.. you could be wearing like dat arab lady and you'd still get molested...

shiok said…
The matter is not whether KL sucks or not, or if it has sleazy men or cheating cabbies or not, or if people there queue differently for toilet or not, it is because this girl went there, without putting her thinking cap on, had a bad experience, wrote a over the top generalizing report with one sweeping comment after another, "KL-ians are bunch of rude, uncivilised, ti ko... and DISHONEST people",

see, if I went to Singapore, without knowing the dos and donts and common sense, took a cab and shown a long way go around route, happened to be in Geylang and got wolf whistled and visually raped, had an expensive mee poh, would I generalize and say that Singapore sucks big time because of that? and Singaporeans in general are bunch of barbaric, lewd, worthless cavemen? I would if I want to show that I am an unlearned, biased, unworldly, and ignorant person.

what if after proclaiming that Singaporeans are lewd and barbaric and Singapore land is bland and boring, I said 'com'on, have some sense of humor you bunch of idiots, I'm joking, stop bitching or else your comment will portray the image of your country', oops, so does it mean being rude and ignorant in your report also portray the image of your fellow singaporean and country? so are they rude and ignorant in general? oh my god, I better tell my foreign friends not to visit this place because people there are rude and ignorant.

it's your blog space you can do anything you want, but knowing that you have a popular blog and use it irreponsibly tells a lot about your character and culture you are brought up in.

well, unless you did all these to generate hits, that, my friend, portray even lower standard as a person...oh.oh..and your country too.

see how sweeping I am, I think I just swept all the tikopehs, prostitutes, hamsup ah pek sitting under boxy LEGO-like HDB flats, kiasu ah sohs, uncle who drive mercedes still go and get free books, plus all the NICE and DECENT people from Singapore into the sea.

like you said, no offence, just kidding only mah.
christina said…
Okay, after all the M vs S commments, this might be out of point. BUT. Your shoes are DAMN nice! I would have gone crazy in a shop like Nose. lol. I know what you mean about VNC..I used to shop there, cuz Nine West too ex lah. Nine West shoes are the lovely. =D
Digitalite said…
Your boobs arent that big so i reckon he hit anything but your bra line... that's all.

next time dont wear too fancy going to a place like that...
paperheart: kaos. you think by typing in cantonese we dont understand is it? diu lei ah ma de chao hai lah.. i thought u wanna find out how your country is going? this blog obviously doesnt show that. so why bother to even click on the link? who the hell wanna molest her? dont tell me you are so ignorant until u dont know that even UGLY girls get raped too.

seebehsong: uhm. XX doesnt need attention loh. dont you know she won 2 big awards before? so whats the use of gaining attention when she already have fans of her own? talking about the pot calling the kettle black. dont gei gei lah. you're the attention seeker right? people's point of view only mah. dont tell me you go other laoya country and got bullied also wont complain a single bit one? like real loh..

peggy: i doubt you even see an ahlian before. if XX's an ah lian, she's probably the most educated and prettiest (not trying to be a bootlicker) ah lian who doesnt smoke, sniff glue and flirt around like nobody's business.

argh. PLEASE PEOPLE! why get so serious over someone's POINT OF VIEW? you mean you dont flare up when someone touches you? and its the breast somemore. people who think that she deserves to be molested are SICK. she went there only once. its very common for first-timers like her to have a very bad impression of a country. for goodness sake, it's her blog. whats wrong with voicing out her own opinions? you freakin people dont know what a blog is for.
mich said…
first of all, if u dislike malaysia so much, then dun fucking come back!! u have no rights to say that all malaysians are like that!! if so, then all singaporeans are kiasu!! is that fair?
secondly, you are not the only person who gotten molested in Petaling Street, for goodness sake... so stop complaining and yeah, its kinda obvious that when you go to places like that, you do not wear short skirts..if you, then you're just asking for it.
thirdly, although it's your blog and you have every right to say what you want to, but you have to understand that there are some things that you say will offend other people. and if you're thinking, "then don't come to my blog anymore!!" then you're right...by saying all those u said in your blog, you're just making other people hate singaporeans..its not like singapore is such a WOOOOOONDERFUL place...n stop comparing the damn fucking prices, if u want it so fucking cheap, then make em yourself!!
self-centered bitch!!
Jacqueline said…
hey the MALAYSIANS.. u guys cant read english or wad?? very farnie lehs.. did she sae she wanna go back again?? -,- and wad's more.. she always said tat she's nt saying about MALAYSIANS.. she's saying about KL-ians.. this shows how good ur english are lehs.. f0r those who keep saying she sae MALAYSIANS 1.. and wad's worst, for goodness sake!! u guys are degrading urself by scolding vulgar language l0rhs.. so how class can u get?! -,-
seebehsong said…
People who use vulgar words are just not very effective communicator,that does not mean their emotion are allow to be ignore

Often,there is a cause why they have lost their respect to the other party.

And why their have felt so strongly to voice.

It take a lot of energy to be angry,or scold people.

In Buddhist term,those people must be treated as your PuSat.
ChunChun said…
Haha,how can u call people to fuck off from your blog just becos you don"t like their comments??

When you anyhow shit in your house,the smell stinks your neighbourhood,you cannot expect them to keep quiet and say nice nice words.

Nobody bothers you if you write journal,shit your views,and hide that in your drawer.

But if the shits are exposed to millions,influrencing many wannabes,that has become everybody business to correct what's wrong to right.

Fair and Just.Freedom of Speech.

Those wimps and wankers who said she no longer needs to be a clown inorder to seek attention,just becos she has many hits..

Do you believe richman dislike money pooi pooi pooi??

The bitch will do anything for publicity in the name of GREED.

She is the Mother of all Drama Queen.

She even claimed so innocently they did not wear sexy dress to Petaling Street..

Forgetting her own published photo proves her nothing but a lying cow.

For those Malaysian who dog their country,or quitter trying to find an excuse not to be a loser.

Remember wherever you are,however you denied,you are made from that factory.

If you think small,you will surely looks small.

Either you stand up and sacrifice your life to correct what you think is wrong.Or you shut up and let those sacrificed to improve your factory.

There is a lot of good from KL we need to let the world knows about.

Any many wrongs we need to correct from this silly girl childish write up.
Unknown said…
well, pple. this is just a blog, so just read and dun think too much. wat XX wrote is only abt her experiences, who dun have bad experience? I'm sure every city/country has it's gd or bad points, so no place is perfect, it's all depends how u see it. I bitch abt SG also, which is my homeland. This is her blog, let her bitch lah! Wat made her famous is precisely her frankness, if u dun like wat she wrote, bug off. diff pple have diff opinions, even if u disagree wif her, dun have to call her crude names. She did wrote a disclaimer wat, so pls read wat she had claimed b4 shooting her wif those bad remarks. think she also tired to repeatedly to fend for herself. if she has a KL fren, maybe she would have a much better post is it? XX, ask kenny to help u create a mini quiz to test for pple with humour b4 letting them read ur blog (like the one u wrote abt ur poly fren). after i read the comments, i was quite disgusted how some pple didn't open their eyes big enuff to see ur post-note. for those pple who said XX need to grow up, i think is u pple who needs to grow up. if u din realise, this is a personal blog which is famous because the author was witty, so she has her rights to express her views. dun think she's feeling any better that she need to entertain us and yet sometimes kanna shoot by brainless pple. at the very least from this entry, we have a bunch of kind m'sians telling where to go so that we will not get chop by dishonest vendors in KL. so XX, u will have gd karma for this. :) nice pics!
adrianfu said…
When a visitor come to your house,you raped her and said her father has offended you.You expect her to say oooooohh I must have a sense of humour,let orgasm together???

If she think she can hit and run,then cowardly hide behind the curtain of Blogger,with a white flag disclaimer inorder to free her from attacks,she is an insult to millions of blogger worldwide.

Her blog is famous??

So does Osama,or Annabel Chong.

I just pity her family.
Jeremy Cheong said…
Well, this comment is so down below, I don't think anyone will even check it! Anyway, I just wanna say something and keep it short! U S'POREANS ARE DAMN KIASU!! I've been to this AICHI exhibition in Japan recently(yes, I live in Jap right now)...and your government DARED to place up stalls showing MALAYSIAN STUFFS and claim it as your owns! I mean, WHAT THE F#%K! U ppl dared to complain so much about my country and then show something that belongs to us to the outside world!!?! Even the traditional Lion Dance from China was displayed in your country's exhibition hall with China's Exhi Hall just a few metres away? Come on ppl! GET A LIFE! QUIT COMPLANING AND START THINKING ON HOW TO GET AN IDENTITY FOR YOURSELF! Japs here don't even know that S'pore is a real country, some thinks that its a "Taiwan" who got its independant from China...great huh? LOSERS!
iQing said…
Talking about politics the Malaysia government is always being patient and give way to the Singaporean government only.

Malaysian government can just cut off the water supply and all other supplies to Singapore, and Indonesia would support Malaysia's action.

well, just let the Singaporeans live in thier false pride. Yeah. :)

We know obviously who is in the loosing end.
Jacqueline said…
raptor4eva.. it doesnt matter whether singapore is being recognize or nt.. c0z we all noe it is.. for those who dunno singapore its bc0z they havent read enuff.. LOL.. make mi luff man.. and u still dare to sae some japanese dunno wad's spore.. aniwae, ive heard alot of ppl who doesnt noe wad is singapore.. but anyway, she din sae singapore is good wad.. its her true life account lehs.. if u wanna tell us ur experience about singapore, maybe u shld write in ur blog and not blabber here..!
Sue Lin said…
Yes, cabbies suck, that's why i take the bus as inefficient as it is, yes the clothes u saw suck, i hate then too but we live here, ok? And it hurts when u curse ALL KL-ians when so many are innocent.

IF, IF u ever decide to come to KL in December, i'll drive u around la! Just pay for the petrol and thats all.
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