Sunday, August 7, 2005

My computer is down again, and I am feeling very lethargic recently, so I am going to just post a shitload of photos.

I want to blog about topics but I feel very sleeppppppppy...

I don't like using my Momo's computer, but my computer is fucked up.

Sigh... Do you feel lethargic? Me too.

WAH SIAO! Look rich or not? These photos were taken at the Lime photoshoot. I donned on their fur coat thingy, which I think Zoe has worn before! So cool right?

That lady is the stylist! She is the one scurrying around with pins on her apron and putting clips on the back of loose clothes! Very cool, very cool! She adjusts hair, picks clothes, and stand back to admire her work while artistes pose.

Anyway, the Lime (or mediacorp) people are very cool! They had a very cute idea which was to digitally put me on a mac mouse and lasso-ing the damn USB port! Funny not?

When I arrived they were shooting the mouse.


ABBIE!! (Shuyin's cousin's daughter)

A LOT OF HER PHOTOS! Now not so grainy coz I have a nice new camera!

Abbie and mommy... So sweet... She also put her head on my shoulder like that when she wanted to sleep!

Help me, my heart melted! I told Shuyin that when Abbie does that I feel almost ready to lie down my life for her. Very kua zhang hor, not even blood-related! But she is so adorable.

My fav! Her eyes are so nice!


Curly curly hair!

Orh, Shuyin poke her and make her cry.

Heh heh!

Ah, what you want?


Weeeee!! Paiseh, this is me, not Abbie.

And this is the view she gets when I throw her up into the air!

Shuyin and I were going around Sun Plaza when we found this shop, selling this perfectly nice dress for TEN FREAKING DOLLARS! And as if that is not enough, also got free necklace!

The best buy in my life can?!!!!


Nice nice nice!

Shuyin say the necklace looks like pig's snout.

Guess who stayed over and took stupid photos? Btw, if you didn't already know, Shuyin's new christian name is Tupperware Teo. You can also call her Tuppy Teo for short.

Tuppy tied my hair into a complicated wu xia pian plait.


Welcome to the Class 95 blind dates! My headphones (used by Mr Howard Lo last week), and my notes on the 3 participating guys.

Oh yeah, I had to chose two out of 3 so I chose the policeman and the scholar. I really want to see how designer guy looks like though!

The next episode will be next week, Wednesday, at 10pm. Tune in!

Very pretty and bubbly DJ Yasminne! I like her! She thinks she is fat, so can you all please convince her she is not fat? NOW!

Reminder to self: No point putting so much eye make-up if you decide to squint at cameras in the end.

KAPOW! I am very clever! I used super powers to make Yasminne's cup slanted!


I went to the new Panasonic VS2 phone's launch at Indochine with Joel! Well, stupid Tuppy and Wanyi were supposed to go too, but they dua-ed me. They gave free skittles!

Hey, where are the pink ones?

Oh there they are...


Joel and I with the new phone!

We were just sitting around, then I nudged Joel in the ribs rather excitably coz I saw this blogger whom I think is very pretty! We said hi and I asked her to take a photo... I don't know if she wants me to link her, so I can tell you her nickname is clapbangkiss and you can go google yourself...

Compare Joel's eyes and her eyes.

Oh yeah in case you are wondering, the thing Joel is holding is the stick for a chicken thing. That greedy poke. Pretty hor?

The belly dancer they hired look like Ah Kua...

Speaking of the phone ah... This new phone has Sonic the hedgehog inside! PanaSONIC, geddit? WHAHAHAHA I AM SO LAME.

They had a belly dancing contest and I forced Joel to join! His phone, an ancient 8250, has a very bad temper indeed, and off-s itself whenever a call comes in. A new Panasonic VS2 (the prize) will do Joel good.

But alas. *Facepalm* When asked to bellydance all Joel managed to do was to thrust his hips backwards and forewards in an obscene sexual manner and the ultimate paiseh thing is he is supposed to open the phone with a simple one-touch button and he failed - around 4 times - on stage.

Who would have thought this guy has an almost perfect SAT score, is about to get his masters from U of Chicago, and has parents who are both PhD holders?

He came back grumpy but laughing, saying, "Where got one-touch, one-touch my l**jiao!" or something to that effect while I hyperventilated in hysterical laughter.


Weili and I went to watch fireworks at Marina Bay! We freaking WALKED from the MRT, and I can tell you, the journey there almost killed me.

After 30 minutes or so, we reached the food carnival and ate rubbish. We stupidly bought this "cod-fish otah" thing, which was ultimately disgusting. $2.

It was otah in a plasic box, raw and hard, with bits of undercooked fish inside.

Weili scooped a mouthful and spitted it out. I thought he was poisoned.

"Nah," he said in a dry cough. "All for you, it is really very horrible, I don't want it."

I looked at him and thought what a picky young man he is.

I took a bite. WAH CHEEKEN MCNUGGET! TASTE LIKE SHIT CAN? It is cheap fishballs with a bit of spice and dyed to a gastly orange colour. I dug out a piece of fish and tried eating it, but guess what? It was undercooked, and had SCALES, YES SCALES, inside! SCALES LEH! Not one, not two, but many! Scales! The things fishes have on their bodies that humans DO NOT eat!

Heng it was Weili who paid for it. I threw it away.

We walked some more towards the make-shift stadium, where Rui-en, Taufik, and our president was.

Lots and lots of people! We walked along the stands, trying to find spaces to sit down on the ground, because all the seats were taken. I can't sit on the ground as I was in a dress.

AND WE FOUND A PRIME SEAT! I don't know why, but amidst those full wooden elevated seats was a space for two people, and we immediately went for it. I still cannot believe our luck! You have to look at my face (points above) to see how excited I was.

Shiok! See the lady at my side also very happy for us.

Jellyfish in the sky!



And crisis...

Everyone starts to leave at the same time. After a walk of 20 minutes to the bus stop, Weili and I were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people there. It is near impossible to board a bus.

We were along the road, waiting, somewhere in the middle of the "queue" (there wasn't one, but if you count the people at the front of the bus stop, then they are supposed to be first to board coz they arrived first).

The first bus arrived and took up passengers from the front.

Next was a company bus, and an army truck.

Second, third, fourth and fifth bus arrived and stopped behind my segment of the road.

The people who arrived the latest gleefully boarded the buses, making the people in my segment, the middle segment where the company bus stopped, very annoyed indeed.

More angry people

They started to shout at the policemen with vulgarities and so on, and Singapore became JB can? (JB bus queues are also like that) I thought we are a quiet, tolerant nation?

The whole crowd started to push backwards and Weili and I were about to fall down... Out of survival instinct, I shouted, "Don't push me, I AM PREGNANT!" and immediately the pushing ceased. A bit paiseh. The auntie in front turned back and smiled at me while I smiled back sheepishly.

An army personnel there told Weili and I (who was having feet blisters already from all the walking), that the MRT station is merely 15 minutes away, and advised us to walk.

Another army guy said it is only five minutes to the MRT if we WALK SLOWLY.



How DARE that fucker lie to us to make us leave the bus stop? At least 15 minutes is not that bad a lie, but 5 minutes? HE GOT SPEEDBOOTS AH, or is he SONIC?

I really wanna strangle him with his national flag I tell you. And in case you do go to Marina Bay, bring a skate-scooter, do not believe these LYING BASTARDS IN THE RED SINGAPORE TEES, and do not purchase Cod-fish otahs.

Never again.

Only the fittest athletes made it to the MRT. The rest ... Well, rest in peace, we know you tried...

We finally got out of Marina Bay (we reached City Hall at 9.40pm and we left the stadium at 8.05pm) and had good food at Cafe Cartel!

Weili is examining what tissue is made of

With flash

Without flash

Good hair day!