Friday, August 26, 2005


This deserves a post by itself! Making my day, I present to you...


Freshly done up trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!! I kept having goosebumps as I see the trailer done for - I'm sure - the greatest movie because it is about the greatest book! My absolute fav, after Half-Blood Prince that is, and it only lost by a wee bit. *contented smile*

In this we see Cho Chang (disappointing), Cedric Diggory (handsome), Fleur (looks too normal), our favourite (I don't care if she is not your favourite, she is mine anyway) Hermione looking so pretty dancing with Viktor Krum, and even a glimpse of MAD-EYE MOODY!

WOOHOO! So exciting! I know it is gonna be so great! The merpeople! The dragons! The dark graveyard ... and Voldemort coming to life finally... OH MY GOODNESS I AM GETTING INCONTINENCE!!!

My god I am one excited girl. I cannot wait! I even want to see Ron's new long hair!

Oh this one is some time ago, but you also can watch this shorter, earlier trailer here. I think it is not as nice but you can see Madame Maxime, and the front part where the 3 kids grow up made me have so much goosebumps. So nostalgic. In future, we tell our kids we were there, during the Harry Potter phenomenon. =)

In case you ever read this Rowling, you are my inspiration and thank you so much for all the magic you brought to my life.