Sunday, August 14, 2005

A shoutout to my friends

First of all, A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BENJAMIN LOY!!! The big baby is now 21 and still winning mahjong!! (grumble, I just lost $10 to him)

I was reading Tuppy's blog just now and the comments left there.

It is really fucking disgusting how low some people can go. In an attempt to spoil Tuppy and my friendship, they say untruthful things like Tuppy is a a copycat of me, and etc.

HAHA! I laugh! Let me tell you now it will not work, because my friends are made of better and stronger stuff than that. Are you still trying now? How very pathetic. No friends of your own?

Well anyway, here's a blog entry to all my close friends, who are getting shit slinged at them just because they are connected to me.


Poor Weili, always kena people accusing him to be a Xiaxue wannabe, when we are so totally different. For one, he has a penis. (a long one I heard)

Poor Tuppy, people comparing our dressing styles and looks... Though most of the time it is to your favour but occasionally still got some fucker will insult you...

They say your neh neh is small but little did they know it is just coz you bind them...

Actual size.

Poor other friends, whose photos I might put up/I have wrote about, and have readers insulting your looks/intellect and etc for nothing.

I know you all have put up with all these unnecessary shit and never once complained because you all value our friendship (either that or you really do not give a shit about what these people say), and I really appreciate that. =)

It is easy for you all to just stop being close friends with me, or forbid me to mention I know you guys on the blog ever again, but you never once did that, because you guys are magnanimous enough to understand there will always be mean people like that, and it is not my fault anyway what these madcaps say.

Within these years I realised I have drifted away from my friends with majoy privacy issues, unfortunately. It is a rather sad thing.

But for those who are still here and still getting shit slinged at you, I apologize on behalf on these tio po li jian fuckers, and I LOVE YOU ALL OK?? *muacks* Ignore them. =D

And I just got back from Ben's chalet.

The winner of Blind Dates, Policeman Sam, was super nice to me and we had a fab dinner at Sheraton Towers (Newton).

He then drove me to the chalet at Aranda (PARIS RIS!), where he saw Ben's brother being humped by a chihuahua (Ben's brother didn't stop the dog until it came and wet his jeans. YUCK!). No doubt Sam must have been traumatized by my choice of friends, but he didn't flinch.

Later on that night, he came back to the chalet from his place at East Coast (because he left to watch soccer) to send me home! How sweet is that?


A short summary of driving distance is Newton --> Pasir Ris --> East Coast --> Pasir Ris --> Tampines (dropped Ivan off) --> Teban Gardens (!) --> East Coast.

I feel quite nauseated thinking of driving so much.

More photos and everything tomorrow, I shall go rest now. =) What a good day!