Saturday, August 13, 2005

Why are there

SO MANY FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE READING MY BLOG AH? I cannot take it - if you are the serious sort who gets angry over STUPID THINGS, then please fuck off.

Reminds me of my poly classmate G, whom I dislike (and vice versa). Now G is extreme, because she has no sense of humour to the point of scariness, but here is a test for you to take, an actual situation:

You are my classmate. In class one day, June (who is a far closer friend to me than to you) wears a pair of gong-gong specs and office wear to school, for she had a presentation to do.

Someone comments that June, who usually wears contacts and funkier clothes, looks very different today. I shout out loudly, "Yeah lor, you look like the teacher kind of porn-star leh!"

Do you:

A) Laugh awkwardly with the rest of the class

B) Add on and ask June where her whip is

C) Work yourself up into a rising temper and while hammering and turning over the table, exclaim, "Well Wendy, I do not think it is funny at all! If you take June as your real friend, then you shouldn't say that about her! Do friends call their friends porn stars? NO THEY DON'T! You are being too mean here, and I think you have just insulted June! Now, please apologize!"

If you chose

Congratulations, your reaction is mediocre and common, but at least you have a sense of humour. Please stay, and continue reading my blog.

You are funny! Please leave witty comments, for everyone loves a funny and humourous person. You will be rich in future and likely to be very good in bed.

You are G. You embarrass yourself thoroughly because June herself is rather flattered (says porn stars are mostly pretty), yet you got yourself angry over nothing.

You try to advise June and I on what friendships should be based on, but you forgot that we are the close friends and besides - you have no rights to teach others how "real friends" should be as you have none.

You assume the world thinks like you and no one has a sense of humour, just because God forgot to give you your spoonful when you were born. You are anal-retentive and try to stir up shit because nobody cares about what you think, seriously.

Worst of all you have a warped view of everything, and you impose your warped theories on everyone, and accuse them of friendship betrayal and backstabbing and etc, when the two friends involved only view it as testimony to how close they are.

At the end of the day, you are just this sad, sad being who exists thinking the world is shitty because you do not accept that what may be conceived as offensive to you is not to others - well, to most other people anyway.

Well said Wendy! So yes, if you belong to Catergory C, please fuck off and stop reading my blog. No, no, don't. Don't read it ever again, even if you like my milder entries. Just fuck off. Who are you to ask me to change for your viewing pleasure? Who are you to speak on behalf of all my readers and tell me not to write certain things?

You are just one of those Cat C people I do not welcome here. Do not presume to ask me to change myself, because I will rather remain the way I am for those who already love me for being myself - and these outnumber your sort by loads. =)

Now stupid and serious people, please fuck off. Go on. Don't add to my readership now, for that will only make me more arrogant, no?

I still love you Cat A and B people. *hugs*

P/s: June says she didn't say she is flattered and she not a porn-star wannabe, but it is true she did say porn stars are usually pretty. So there.