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Fucking unfair

Which is the fucking JC which did this? Childish. I look down on you, you fucking loser school. Get a freaking life, wimp. Wooo you cannot insult me! You say I fat! I cry! I commit suicide! Abusing your fucking power, isn't it? Oh, I speak some opinion about you, you go suspend me. Just because you have the fucking power to. What kind of reasoning is that? Zhang shi qi ren. Petty. Teachers can say students are stupid - they do it all the time. Hell, my primary school teachers even SLAPPED students. And students cannot say their teacher is a bitch? (one student did, and she got suspended, according to my reader) Get this: Back in RV, Mrs Look even warned my classmates not to get close to me, because she told them I was a bad influence. Wow, targetting my friends and my social circle in school? Under the fucking white RV school belt, that is. If you want to get me to change, you don't threaten me with my friends, ok? (In case you are interested my friends hack-cared her) I

3 parties and 1 baby

I've been busy lately, so here are just some photos of the past few days... I'm really anal about aesthetics, so I made all the photos the same width. That would mean those that are taken upright will be real big. I DON'T CARE! If you don't have unlimited bandwidth you shouldn't be on the internet anyway. So yes, many many photos. Of 3 parties, 1 KTV session, and one baby visit. I was like, "Eh, shall just upload these stupid photos and not do much" then I started being extra again and photoshopped stupid graphics and words on the pictures. WHICH IS WHY I ONLY FINISHED AT freaking 5am sharp!! Now! I know my blog often has pretty girls, but today's photolog got a lot of handsome boys!! It's raining men! Hallelujah!! WE REJOICE ! Everybody loves a handsome boy! I'm sure handsome boys love themselves too! Oh, what about ugly boys? Er... Whatever. *bimbo shrug* Maia's debut album launch at DXO Maia (Lee, of Singapore Idol fame) invi

My make up secrets revealed!

Every 3 days or so someone will email me to ask me how I do my make up (and believe it or not, it includes GUYS - or drag queens, to be more specific). I am not trying to be hao lian or whatever! It's the truth. How to do the smoky eyes? How come eyelashes can look so long leh? What foundation makes your skin glow? Today, I shall unveil the mystery once and for all. Of course, the guys already know this post will bore them to death - unless their interest is to look at multiple pictures of me .... which everyone likes to, because I am shoooo pwetty. :D I shall say first ah... I am not trying to TEACH anyone make up here. It may not be the correct ways to apply make up (if there is such a thing as a correct way); it is just MY way of putting make up on, because you girls (and gay boys) wanted to know. But of course, my make up skills are superb, as is everything I do that is artistic (painting, drawing, photoshop etc, all are superb, ok? Because I am mega talented ). I've