Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fucking unfair

Which is the fucking JC which did this?

Childish. I look down on you, you fucking loser school. Get a freaking life, wimp. Wooo you cannot insult me! You say I fat! I cry! I commit suicide!

Abusing your fucking power, isn't it? Oh, I speak some opinion about you, you go suspend me. Just because you have the fucking power to. What kind of reasoning is that?

Zhang shi qi ren. Petty.

Teachers can say students are stupid - they do it all the time. Hell, my primary school teachers even SLAPPED students.

And students cannot say their teacher is a bitch? (one student did, and she got suspended, according to my reader)

Get this: Back in RV, Mrs Look even warned my classmates not to get close to me, because she told them I was a bad influence. Wow, targetting my friends and my social circle in school? Under the fucking white RV school belt, that is. If you want to get me to change, you don't threaten me with my friends, ok? (In case you are interested my friends hack-cared her)

If she did that, I cannot write on my blog what she did? Sue me for defamation? Go ahead... I have my witnesses, and it was a fair comment.

Hell, I even have the event recorded in my old school diary:

Click to enlarge, and Shui Xiang was my ex-bf.

Why, scared people find out the truth about your actions is it?

Wanna fight back? You fucking fight like a man, and go set up your own blog and defend yourself.

What is with this "suspending" and commanding people to close down their blogs? What gives you the rights to threaten people like that? It is clearly an abuse of the power you have.

I've gotten many mails from my teenage readers, telling me what their schools did to them when they wrote some stuff about school on their blogs.

One got suspended (yes, it has been happening since a long time ago)... Another wrote something about her getting depressed (about just ONE event), and the school forced her to close down her blog. The principal printed out her entries, made her do corrective work order, and even sent her for counselling. WTF! Siao ah?

Don't you crazy-ass people know that the fucking studying environment is very stifling?

You close down this little outlet of venting for our teens, and may they, because they didn't siphon out their pains in the form of writing a harmless blog entry, burn your fucking school down in a fit of anger. Ha. How worth it.

It is one thing to stop bloggers from writing irresponsible remarks about race and trying to generate hatred in the society. The law is supposed to protect the weak.

But what about when you are clearly in the superior position?

You are a principal. You are older, wiser, more mature, and more rational then your feather-brained students. Why abuse your power to attack these kids? Lowering yourself to their positions, isn't it? Aren't you supposed to be just a tad more magnanimous?

If you don't like what they wrote, you bloody go confront them, and clear things up - like what normal people do.

Don't fucking abuse your position and power.

It gets me so angry when people do that!!!

Sure, students shouldn't write defamatory (by defamatory I mean untrue) things about schools. That surely is wrong. It is a civil case, so go sue the student! Why are you ruining his whole education by taking away his chance to study? He paid for your fucking teachers to fucking teach him, ok? If he fails his As because he missed that few weeks of lessons, who is going to compensate him, and his future? Who?

Yeah companies fire people who blog about them. Sure they can do that - they are paying the employee, and it is stupid to keep feeding an employee who is disloyal to the company. What excuse do schools have? What, I pay to study in your school, and I cannot complain about it?

But never mind that. Now we all know what bullies Singapore schools are. Sure, whatever. Students will keep their mouths shut from now on. Nobody can say anything bad about you. Only you can do whatever you want. Fucking bullies.

Though I must say, silencing students is not that easy nowadays... Don't you know that students are very rebellious? I foresee many more anonymous blogs mushrooming up, just because you decided to stifle our youths. Don't let me write, I write even more. Good luck dealing with that. :)

(Just a tip to students. When your school ask you to close your blog, you set up another blog account [with a new, anonymous email of course], and you copy the entire contents inside. Email the blog link to the school's biggest gossiper. When the school asks you why your blog is still around, you say bua bodoh and say, I dunno leh, I delete already, someone copied the contents and put it in that website, and I cannot remove it coz I am not the author mah!)

Just one more thing I am pondering about ah... ST says that teachers can sue, as long as it affects their "livelihood"... And that some fucking Union will back them up...

So if I say a teacher is a slut who fucks students... She gets fired (because she did fuck students, and somemore it is the chess club president!!! LOSER!) and thus it affects her livelihood... Then she is no longer a teacher what, why should the Union help her leh? If she doesn't get fired (since schools apparently sympathise with their stuff over students), then theoretically no "damages" are done - you sue lan jiao?

I don't wonder why our kids are all aiming for an overseas education. Can you imagine Harvard threatening to sue a student because he said "Frustrated old spinster. Can't stand to see attractive girls"?

I don't know about you, but I cannot... It just doesn't seem like the juvenile way Harvard works. I don't know for sure though, the professors there can be prudes sometimes!

p/s: What have your school done to students who blogged bad stuff about them? Say it loudly here, because we all want to know. Though, please do not mention school names - I also don't wanna get sued, for something I cannot even verify.

Postnote: It annoys me that people don't get my point all of the freaking time! About this blog entry, it is not about whether students should, or should not blog about their schools. That's their freedom of choice, and it has also been discussed to DEATH. My point is simply that schools should not ABUSE their position of authority to punish students for something personal. ABUSE OF POWER. THAT IS NOT FAIR PLAY. Geddit?

Monday, September 26, 2005

3 parties and 1 baby

I've been busy lately, so here are just some photos of the past few days...

I'm really anal about aesthetics, so I made all the photos the same width. That would mean those that are taken upright will be real big. I DON'T CARE! If you don't have unlimited bandwidth you shouldn't be on the internet anyway.

So yes, many many photos. Of 3 parties, 1 KTV session, and one baby visit.

I was like, "Eh, shall just upload these stupid photos and not do much" then I started being extra again and photoshopped stupid graphics and words on the pictures. WHICH IS WHY I ONLY FINISHED AT freaking 5am sharp!! Now!

I know my blog often has pretty girls, but today's photolog got a lot of handsome boys!!

It's raining men! Hallelujah!!

WE REJOICE! Everybody loves a handsome boy! I'm sure handsome boys love themselves too! Oh, what about ugly boys? Er... Whatever. *bimbo shrug*

Maia's debut album launch at DXO

Maia (Lee, of Singapore Idol fame) invited me to attend her album launch at DXO! I knew her a long time ago, actually, when she was still June's sister's singing teacher. =)

Brought Kelvin, Tim, Huifen and Christian along.

She was belting out song after song on the stage but due to my lack of height, I only saw the top of her head.

I had to look at the LCD screen instead... :(

Too bad hor, coz she was dressed very sexily leh! *tiko smile*

Huifen and I

Eileen Wee was there too... Wah lau, that Kelvin sibeh extra!

Now better. Huifen wrestled Kelvin to keep him away.

Eileen and Huifen. ALOYSIUS!!! A-LOY! Marcus wanted me to delete this picture, saying he looks ugly, but I think got the you(4) yu(4) look mah, girls like.

Kel carefully plucked his brows for the occasion. I think he secretly likes Maia.

Who released the siao angmoh?

Why can't Kel take a proper photo?! Tim is very disgusted with you coz he knows that you wank to animal porn. GAY animal porn.

I knew Christian was hitting on Kelvin since the start! I knew it! It's the brows working their magic!

Chris, we know you want to lean your head towards Kelvin. Just go ahead and do it.

[Christian is not gay btw, in case stupid people don't get jokes]

SNAG magazine launch (why so many launches ah?)

Chris was supposed to go with me, but he axed me for some traditional Swedish dinner where he ate crayfish with his family, so I brought Kel along instead.

Speaking of Sweden, it is not to be mistaken with Switzerland. You may already know that, but I made a few timewear and chocolate jokes before Chris politely corrected me.


Damn good chocolates,
Best place to live in the world,

Richest man in the world cashflow-wise,
lingonberry jam,
Lakerol (Not ricola though!),

So yes.

Snag's launch had male models prancing around...

Really not handsome leh...

And what is with the Zhong Wu Yan look?!

Anyway the boss of this modelling agency is super handsome lah! I was like drooling, then I asked my friend to introduce him to me, then my friend was like, "He is gay la, stupid!".

Right. Thanks. I knew something was wrong when I saw him patting the "models" on the small of their waists. What is with the world?! Why I see handsome guys then they must be gay leh? I am very angry!

Why last time, you imagine hor, Xiao Long Nu see Yang Guo, then she think very handsome right, then she can just go ahead and duel with him or something then get married and hong chen gun gun sheng si xiang xu already...

People in the past won't have to worry and go ask their girlfriends first, "Hey, is that Yang Guo dude gay ah?". NO SIRE THEY DON'T!

I hate having to first find out whether a guy is gay before I decide to be infatuated with him! Sigh... We girls can't take anything for granted anymore. What is wrong with us girls leh? Breasts not nice meh? I don't believe anyone won't be enticed by breasts. Breasts are so nice. *bimbo shrug*

I have no idea whether it is true that he is gay, so boss-of-this-agency, if you are reading this and you are not gay... Well.. PROVE IT! *puckers up lips*

SNAG clubbing queens!

*Gasp* My secondary school junior is the second girl...

Speaking of RV, you RV people won't believe who came to attend my NP blogging seminar! YES, IT IS LAO LOOK (that's our discipline mistress)! She was very rude, she fell asleep when I was talking! Bah. You would think she might pay a little more attention to her "favourite" student in RV the four years I was in it.

Mrs Look if you are reading this, my pager is still with you! And so are like a million earrings or so. Gimme back hor!

Oh yeah, in case you noticed the little icon of myself lying on top of my URL... I would like to exclaim, "ISN'T IT CUTE?!" I love myself, so from now on no photo will not have me inside! That's so cool!

I got fed up with the smokey photos so I stopped snapping.

Kel and I proceed to...

Ian Loon's birthday party!

Ian is super cool can? His party is at the open-air carpark beside Liang Court, including the ZO card lounge room!

Nice, nice!

Birthday boy and me!

Christian with Ian (they were from Eye for a Guy 2 together!)

I think Uma is very funny! Here we are, in front of many many Zo cards... Photo's a little blur though...

I ditched Kelvin and gang, and went to KTV with Howard, Shan, Jeffy, Jeffy's friend Mich and Christian.


Somebody wake Shan up! He fell asleep!

Jeffy doesn't care.


Shan can be quite scary at times. Though we must admit his eyes are really quite gorgeous...




Howard very extra...

Don't you think Shan looks very lovesick in this photo?!

Let me see...


Woah! I knew you were over Denise, Shan. Yeah... but you know, hey, I like you too, but I like being, you know, single...


Stop being so obsessed with me! You're freaking me out mate!


Went to eat with SY's cousin. Yay! Got nice food and also can SMOOCH my favourite baby!

Babies are so soft... Ah, my face cut off coz... Well, you can't see it since it's cut off, but I was actually staring at Abbie with a maniacal glint in my eyes and it is quite scary.

Actually it is coz I never put make up, then I lazy to photoshop.

Shuyin is a bit siao...

Don't ask me why she go and think this kind of thing...

The lashes look so nice!

Poor baby...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My make up secrets revealed!

Every 3 days or so someone will email me to ask me how I do my make up (and believe it or not, it includes GUYS - or drag queens, to be more specific). I am not trying to be hao lian or whatever! It's the truth.

How to do the smoky eyes? How come eyelashes can look so long leh? What foundation makes your skin glow?

Today, I shall unveil the mystery once and for all.

Of course, the guys already know this post will bore them to death - unless their interest is to look at multiple pictures of me .... which everyone likes to, because I am shoooo pwetty. :D

I shall say first ah... I am not trying to TEACH anyone make up here. It may not be the correct ways to apply make up (if there is such a thing as a correct way); it is just MY way of putting make up on, because you girls (and gay boys) wanted to know.

But of course, my make up skills are superb, as is everything I do that is artistic (painting, drawing, photoshop etc, all are superb, ok? Because I am mega talented). I've taken some courses, but I have come to realise that everyone's faces, flaws, and good points are all different, so fuck those courses.

You just have to experiment yourself and see what kind of make up suits you. Some people (like Shuyin) look quite scary with smoky eyes. I look terrible with light make-up. Cloudy can't put make up because his face is hairy. Whatever floats your boat! Or rocks your socks! Or or or... Can't think of anymore lah! Let's start.

Here's how to get MY LOOK, if you are confident it will work for you:

Laugh all you want, ok? I will SOON be beautiful. So what if my hair is tied up in Chun-li buns now? When I let it down, it will so gorgeous, it will be the singular thing that engulfs your sweet vision before you faint from the beauty of it all.

So yes. Step one is to wash your face. Oh and btw, I still have like 3 pieces of my eyelash extensions left, as you can see. They look pathetic. Never we mind that now, mascara can always save the day later.

I use Za's two-way cake foundation. I've been using it since I was in secondary one, so yes, it is terribly good, and I know Chanel's or whatever atas brand's might be better, but considering a trade-off for money ... ZA's pretty good!

Wet the sponge thoroughly, and apply the powder all over your face. Remember never to apply against the grain... Do it in the direction your facial hair grows. If you don't have facial hair, then you are a freak and stop reading my blog.

Make sure the powder is even, and apply your neck as well. If you blot your face when it is excessively oily and all, the powder should be able to last a whole day. :) I apply a generous amount. My style is always to be sparing with everything - same for cooking, for painting, for talking.

Subtlety? Hell, no! If you are the sort who likes light make up, you can stop reading this entry now. :) Light make up? Sorry, I cannot even see it, so what's the point? Might as well save money and not put anything.

I like my makeup noticable, and making a DIFFERENCE to how I look.

Bloody shu nus.

Foundation is not enough for coverage: For flawless skin check out Inovi's Perfector! Sibeh fucking good coverage for pimples or scars (I have scars coz last time my pimples damn jia lat).

It is not cheap, but it is super good. Eh, I think Fiona Xie uses this one too.

Oh yeah I apply my foundation over my lips too. That's coz the outer lining of my lips are somewhat darker, and that is just gross. Oh well. The foundation covers that.

Next: Eyeshadow.

Start with a light-coloured, shimmery eye shadow all over your entire eye area. White or light gold will do.

Yes, even lining the bottom of your eyes. I usually extend mine to the interior rim of the eye too, as you can see.

Choose a blending colour that matches your outfit for the day. In this case, I just picked pink. This colour should be darker than the previous colour, and also able to mix with it well.

(My nails are by Voxy, in case you wanted to know)

Like this!


Yes I know the foundation looks patchy... I didn't spread it evenly. What! Cannot meh?

The next step is important... Because now we move on to the smoky eyeshadow! In dark brown. =)

Apply the brown and BLEND BLEND BLEND it into the pink. Apply it over the whole of your eye's sockets.

And underneath your eyes as well, with an applicator. Remember that if you want dark eyeshadows you just cannot be a scrooge on the moolah. Yi fen qian yi fen huo (1 cent for one part of the goods, loosely translated), so the cheap eyeshadows will only be not dark enough and cannot be seen properly.

Also see above, my take on light make-up.

Notice also, that at the bottom of the eyes the pink is at the inside, while the brown is outside. I know the shadow looks rather awful like that, but relax, haven't finish what...

Because MASCARA is coming up!

Before applying mascara, curl your lashes. People always ask me if they should curl before or after mascara. What a silly question! DO BOTH LAH, when in doubt!!!

If you don't know how to curl your lashes, half close your eyes, and put the curler as close to your flesh as possible, without hurting you. Push down as hard as you can, for a whole 30 seconds.

Magazines tell us bullshit like curling different parts of your lashes so that the curl is gradual and not an abrupt 90 degrees angle.

I say screw that. I'm not a fucking eurasian model with ridiculously long lashes. I'm Chinese, dammit! We Chinese usually do not have long lashes, so I'll have it 90 degrees if I want - as long as it can be seen.

Loreal's double-ended mascara is really good for a cheap buy, so GO FUCKING BUY IT! It is really good. I think my lashes' length increased by like ... 40%? after applying it.

And don't be stupid - buy Black, because it is the most clearly visible. Brown's for pussies and shu nus.

First put the white fibres on. Be generous, VERY generous. Apply the mascara in a zic-zac fashion, till your whole lash almost turns white.

Done? Cool. Now put the black. Do the same thing. If you get a fright from how thick and dark it is, that's about right. Don't care about silly things like clumps. Clump then clump lar, makes the lashes even clearer.

Do not curl lashes for at least 15 minutes, because the mascara is still wet and will stick to your curler.

Done with eyes:

Now apply blusher. Smile while applying, and put the pink on the apple of the cheeks. I don't like any other colour than pink. Orange blusher is the worst. It is circa 1972! Throw it away at once if you have it, you disgusting loser!

I forgot about the eyebrows... Draw front parts with applicator and brown eyeshadow, and define ends with eyebrow pencil (lightly). A little secret tip for girls with flat noses: Put a little brown at the top of the nose bridge - will make your eyes look more deep set!

Don't worry about your nose being flat. Savior of flat noses, Fann Wong, have shown us that having a flat nose is fine, as long as it is small.

So DO NOT, despite other people's advice otherwide, go and do stupid things like shade the sides of your nose with brown, and brush a line of white powder down the bridge.


Unless you want to look like that.

It will only serve to make your nose look huge and bulbous.

Speaking of which, I FUCKING HATE MAKE UP ARTISTS WHO DO THAT. Do they seriously think it looks nice?! That kind of make up is so old-fashioned! Yuck, I hate it! Gets me angry!

If your nose is not nice, the best is to make it as inconspicuous as possible.

I suddenly have a nose bridge! =) And we are almost done.

Here's another make up secret, so you silly girls better be nicer to me!

Apply brown shadow (with a blusher brush) to the side of your face to create a hollow in your cheeks, as well as underneath your jawline to make it look more defined. Nice ah? Machiam model sia...

Cool not? If you do it in moderation and blend it well, you can be pleasantly surprised when your friends comment that you got thinner! :D Sigh, I shouldn't be letting out secrets like these...

We are only left with the lips now... I like to use matte, light colours on lips. One thing about matte lipsticks - don't spread it on your lips because it is very dry and will be too thick and pasty. Instead, PAT the lipstick on your lips.

At the interior of the lip, I add a rouge shade of gloss... I take out the hair buns, and tadah!!!

Nicely made up and ready to go out! :)

So chio must take more photos...

:D Good hair day!

Eyes so much bigger... And I glow too! (I forgot to add I put a bit of blusher on my nose tip too to make it look sun-kissed)

You want to do this too? Here are a list of your tools, if you care to purchase them. Eh, this is not an advertorial ah, these are the real make up products I use... They may not be the best make up, but they are mostly quite cheap (or value for money), which is good enough for me!

I've highlighted the MUST-HAVES with stars, because these are the fucking good products.

Also note that some make-up thingys can be cheap, and some HAVE to be expensive. Powder better be a respectable brand because it is on your skin, eyeshadows suck when they are cheap, and cheap lipsticks STAIN YOUR LIPS (this is serious, so only use reputable lipsticks, and remember to put lip balm first as a protective shield).

I believe, however, that blushers, eyeliners, and eyebrow pencils are ok to have them economical. =) My eyeliner is a $3 liquid one from Aries, and it works wonders, though I didn't take a picture of it.

Get that perfect curler from Guardian at only $3 plus! Don't get tricked to buy the Manicure one for that ridiculous price, it is the in-house Guardian one which is good.. You can identify it by the spring it has. Inovi's perfector can be found in Sasa, and though it is not cheap, it lasts for YEARS.

This about sums it all! Any more questions, you can email me, though I must say, I might not reply it. =)

p/s: To the some of you, especially the blind men, don't gimme that bullshit comment about how I look better without make up. Dont gimme that shit about "natural is beauty". Please read this.

And also, don't give me advice on how I should apply my make-up. I'm supposed to be the one teaching here, dammit! Trust me, I've tried everything and I think I know my face a little better than you do. I like my make-up the way it is. Unless you have more experience than me on applying make-up on MY face, then we talk. :)

After all, this blog entry is not about How to Apply Make Up. It is how to GET MY MAKE-UP.

If you do try, go take some photos, write it on your blog, and trackback to this entry! :D So fun.

Good luck!