Beautiful nails!!


This entry will TOTALLY bore all the men!

For those of you with stumpy nails like this:

There is now help! I mean, those are obviously not my fingers, I stole the picture from some website... Poor girl! Shouldn't have bitten nails! Lucky for her there are artificial nails. =D

So anyway, last time I used to think that acrylic nails simply meant nails which are painted on with acrylic paint, but when I arrived at Voxy I realised it was a totally different thing altogether.

It is not cheap - I think Voxy charges $80, and it is this price everywhere because of the copious amount of work needed.

I was damn shocked to know that it will take a freaking 1.5 hours to do the nails!

First, you get fake nails that look like this:

and stick it to your finger tips with some amazing glue. IYF the more transparent part is the part you stick, and the opaque part is the nail tip, not the other way round.

The manicurist will then file it to the length you want, as well as file the sides of the artificial nail tip to your fingertip's width.

When all are glued, the manicurist will then take out a small bottle of white powder, and this is the acrylic, but in powder form! She will dip a brush in some volatile liquid, and when the liquid touches the powder, it will form a glue-like substance which will be applied over your original nails! It is actually very cute to watch, a small whitish blob. =)

And voila!

Good bye ugly nails!

This photo is the most accurate I can find since mine are lost... The acrylic is a smooth white matte layer over your original nail, and, to me at least, it looks totally natural!

And best news is that it makes your nail polish stay on for AGES!

When the nails grow out, like in two weeks' time or so, you have to go for an infill. That's around $40, inclusive of the usual nail care thingys like cuticle pushing and so on.

It is expensive, but well, some of us will do anything for beauty! I think, if you think acrylic nails are too pricey for normal days, you can always do it for special occasions like weddings or D&Ds.

Especially good for people who have bitten nails, or nails that are so soft and weak they can never grow long without breaking. (mine is the latter!) Acrylic is so hard, you can possibly scratch the chalkboard and never achieve that horrible sound because the chalkboard is torn to shards.

Here are some photos of the nail arts Voxy did for me:

Bright hibiscuses for the beach feel!

I love the pink colour - it's called strawberry! And the silver is so shiny... I feel like a superstar! :D

So yes, if you want to remove acrylic, you have to soak it for 30 minutes to get it off. Oh, you can also do it for toes if you want, though my toes are not acrylic.

Feel free to email me questions, for I do not reply in the comments box! =)

p/s: I will update tomorrow with Voxy's rates, but meanwhile, you can still go to their website if you need nail services!

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