Monday, September 5, 2005


Because there is a first to everything, I shall hereby attempt to post an entry with only an absurd amount of photos taken in two KTV sessions and a Writer's Festival, without any words whatsoever except this small and insignificant chunk.

Actually I am just freaking lazy. WHAT? You think editing, cropping, resizing, and making the colours perfect on those photos don't need effort meh?

p/s: Thanks to all my blogders who were being so supportive. I'm ok now! I have a very ridiculously short anger span! I get upset very frequently for short bursts, then I cool off real fast. =)

Ok yeah, I cannot not say this, so the last guy is Cory Doctorow, founder of the top blog, He is really ridiculously smart and knowledgable, except I can't give any examples because half the time he was talking about tech/political stuff I didn't fully comprehend, but I know enough to know he is quite the genius. The way he understands whatever you say so fast, then turns it around and ask questions; the way he sees things in a totally different light that makes people go like, "Yeah, so true! And why didn't I think of that?!" is really quite a sight to behold.

Miyagi said a conversation with him squeezed all his brain juices out. I quite agree, except I chose to hide behind my facade of dyed hair and unnatural lashes while pretending to not understand and therefore was spared the embarrassment of giving my unsubstantial opinions. Sometimes, it is good to be female. Don't know politics? Never mind that, I can cook.