Monday, September 12, 2005

I am back

And from now on, EVERYONE can leave comments. At least, we'll give that a test and see how it goes.

I highly doubt I will read the comments myself, so feel free to troll, as I know many low-lives will. From today onwards, I shall be oblivious to the blogging world. Taking a leaf out of Rockson's books. =)

I've had fun these few days, attending birthday parties of my two close friends, and given much thought to this whole blogging business.

I've also read over 200 emails from my readers, and there were some really nice ones. Thanks ya all, really made my day sometimes.=)

Well, here's my new strategy:

What people write about me affects me, and I cannot stop people from talking, but I can stop myself from listening.

That is not to say I won't listen to advice, but advice should only be accepted when it comes from a worthy person. How worthy a person is of being listened to is difficult to gauge in the internet world, so I think, thanks but no thanks - I will survive on my own, and on my friend's opinions. I get so many suggestions everyday, that if I listened to them all I'd have been this scary ever-changing person without a stand in anything.

I will not let these detractors stop me from doing that I love, and I will try not to get myself so involved in the blogging world so much. The blogosphere sucks - everyone is taking advantage of anonymity to do totally irresponsible things.

I will go back to blogging about my life like when I first started blogging, when my readers read about Wendy Cheng And Her Crazy Thoughts, not Xiaxue the Defensive Blogger. Whatever you say, go ahead, because Xiaxue will not be affected (I shall shut off automatically when I see hatemail) - and the show goes on.

No more blogging about blogging. I shall no longer defend my actions - and it is not my problem when people misinterpret what I am writing about. Why do I have to spend so much time explaining myself? Stupid people get things wrong ALL THE TIME, and it bores the smart to read explanations. I don't get paid to slowly explain things to them idiots, especially when they are so determined to see it their way. Meanwhile, the smart readers will know I am entitled to my opinions even if they don't agree with me, and these are the people that matters, no?

If anyone thinks I am lying about being hacked, being molested, or being on hiatus for attention, or any other ridiculous thing, go ahead, because my conscience is clear.

Take note, that there will always be people who will be imitating me, or using "xiaxue" to leave comments elsewhere. (Do that, and you get your ip banned!) When that happens, keep in mind that IT IS NOT ME. Because from today onwards I will not leave comments on other people's blogs unless it is using my authenticated blogger account.

Neither will I ever leave a comment on my haloscan comments box. If you want a response from me, I guess you have to take the trouble to send an email, though I still might not reply if I am busy! =)

Pictures from both Weili and Ghimz's birthday parties tomorrow! The pictures are so freaking many, but since I am so beautiful, it is definitely worth it for the half decade it will take to load!

Meanwhile, in case it hits you, yes Weili's birthday is on Sept 11! Wahahha

He is ultra sian when people give him the shocked look when he says his birthday, because he says he cannot help it that the Twin Towers incident happened on his 17th birthday. He was totally sian diao when he saw the news, coz he knew in the years to come whenever he says his bdae people will be all like,

"Your birthday is Sept 11?!?! THEN HOW?"

Weili, when reenacting this scene, then exploded into a chain of explextives and roared, "WHAT YOU MEAN THEN HOW, THEN LIKE THAT LAR, YOU THINK I WANT IT AH?! ROAAAAAR!"

Zhen ke lian! *pat Weili's head*