I wonder where all my readers are gone to, sometimes.

I just finished reading my comments on the previous KL post, and here's a 180 degrees change in emotions.

I feel very saddened.

Where are all my readers? I know they exist, my coherent, smart readers who have a sense of humour and logic, because they email me, and because once in a while they surface, leaving a witty comment. They even say hi to me when they see me on the streets.

Maybe they are just sick of going against irate Xiaxue-haters who are just so bent on hating me anyway, so it is just a waste of time to argue with them? Maybe they do not feel involved enough to participate in an obviously childish fight.

I don't know what the reasons may be.

Mrbrown said to me the other day, that he never responds to hate-comments on his blog, because it is so much more effective when his readers defend him.

I used to have that kinda luck, but I don't know why I don't see it around anymore, nowadays. Well, even Shuyin tells me she is tired of defending me against these crazy people who see no sense anyway.

I still don't find I wrote anything wrong in my KL post. All I did was to blog out my true experiences in KL. Can't I not like a city without turning the whole city against me?

In here (UPDATE: Link taken out because fuckers do not deserve traffic, though I must say my blogders fought a brave war. Thanks, we win them hands down. =D), I am being labelled a whore (Get that. A prostitute, because I didn't like his city), just because I, perhaps, wasn't prepared enough for KL. I already said I should have dressed as a cow in black drapes. Damn. I am not even gonna start on the defensive because it is so logical. Have I been cheated in other countries (or even other parts of Malaysia that I love! Like JB! Ipoh! Malacca!) for looking like a tourist? NO. Says a lot doesn't it? =)

In the same breath, he shoots back and assumes Singaporeans are "weird" because of our breeding; we are a small (only 4 mil people after all) country and therefore everyone is incestuous, because well, a pool of 4 mil people is definitely not a lot to choose from. Who should I have sex with now? I think I shall shag my nephew who is also my grandfather, because my school only has a few thousand boys for me to pick.

He also presumes our food are "boring" and "mediocre". Oh dear me! I thought Singapore was a food hub! Maybe someone burnt down our fusion restaurants, Newton food centre, and Maxwell Market last night, while simultaneously, Sweden declared war on Singapore and successfully invaded Geylang, renamed it Lingonberry, and banned our dou jiang you tiaos to be replaced with meatballs (which are boring)! How terrible. But hey - because wearing a short skirt makes me look like a tourist and being caucasian doesn't, only he is allowed to rant.

I read the comments, and there - all comments going against me. Is there anyone with common sense that is about to defend Singapore, and knock some sense into this person perhaps? Fact-check! Whatever I experienced in KL is still true! Fact-Check 2! I am not a dumb tourist and I had a friend there with me who often visits KL. Fact Check 3! I haggled in Petaling (to the extent of walking away, yes), and B-grade goods are still way more expensive than Shen Zhen's AAA grades.

How very clever. Why not label everyone who has a bad experience at KL to be a dumb tourist? Don't like KL? You must be a stupid tourist. Or a stupid bimbotic DOG. (What's with Malaysians and being condescending and personal?)

Maybe I should use that method too, and label everyone who doesn't like my blog to be smelly. And because they are smelly, they get irritated by the air they breathe in, and make themselves even more irritated, and thus they transfer the hate to my site. The more they hate me, the more smelly smells they emit, and yadda yadda. That is a very logical vicious cycle indeed.

Anyway, back to my topic.

Where are my readers? I don't wish you guys to instigate blog wars, or flame anyone who dislikes me blindly. I don't want you guys to use personal attacks on people. Not that sort.

But I thought, the least my blogders can do for me is to defend me when I get wrongly accused, or when people get overtly vicious with their words. It hurts me to see that even stuff like the above get written about me, you readers seem to be doing nothing at all. If you understood what I meant to be in a different light from what these people understood, then do help me explain myself to them.

In the past, people defended me so much that I was accused of having a "horde of Xiaxue fans", but now, I have no idea what happened. Maybe they are all from KL or something, and got offended?

Sigh. Alright. I know that it is my own fault because I did tell my readers to stop being over-zealous when it comes to defending.

What to do, I am "ignorant buffoon" and ignorant buffoons are often very contradicting in their ways. I still don't know what I want. Everything I say, people twist it the other way. I might as well talk nonsense.

If I say I hate myself, I wonder if Momo, after she reads my blog, will come and slap me because she loves me and I am not allowed to hate myself, whom she loves. I'm tired, it's 7am now...

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