New season!


Silly Turodrique finally have done up online-stores for Localbrand's newest collections lar!!

We have all been pestering him for the longest time but he was just murking around until now... centuries later ... it is finally done up!

Good on you T! *thumps Turodrique on the back*

Well, good things come in small packages, so check out the 4 new designs! Only 3 are for sale actually. 147? You have to figure out for yourself what that number signifies.

This naturally signifies that we have a new photoshoot!

I love the photos! Photographer is Gary James Ng, Turodrique's friend, and his email is, if you want his services.

At first Turodrique was taking the photos himself, and they turned out quite horrid. Background bright, face dark, etc problems... I TOLD YOU YOU SHOULD GIVE UP PHOTOGRAPHY ALREADY T!! Stick to designing!

So nice right? I love SLRs! Go have a look at what Turodrique did with the photos... I like his ideas - he said that even without my full face people recognise that smile.

Awww! So sweet. (Of course, having the whole face there will also distract from the t-shirt designs, and we don't want that. =D)

Turodrique is also looking for new local designers, so do email him or something, if you want to have your own line of tees!

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