Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Oh, how very despicable.

I am truthfully surprised at how low some people can go. What has become of mankind - are we all innately kind like what Confucius said? I find that hard to believe.

Just a girl, blogging her views, just like so many other people. She has never slapped your mother nor set fire to your home, has she? Why the vicious attacks?

I know, my readers are telling me to be strong, to ignore, to hold my head up high.

I've been doing that for many, many long months now. And I am tired. I seriously think I am going crazy. Try having people insulting you every single day, and tell me how long you can last?

Did I already mention I hear voices whenever I write? Don't blame me for that; I used to be a very happy person.

Maybe baring my heart to the world was wrong. I thought we lived in a civilised world, where people were dignified enough to fight to my face, instead of going under the belt.

I can take shit, no problem. Go ahead, throw your insults at me. Moronic? Ugly? Inbred perhaps? Is that the best you can do?

But the attacks on my friends... The snide remarks, like these people even know me well enough to comment... the vandalism and ruining of my pictures... my brother, a 12 year old boy, being told to his face by secondary school students that his sister is a slut, while all he did was to be next-of-kin to me... people trying to spread untruths to my friends to make them angry with me... I can't even look at a person nowadays and not think that person dislikes me.

Is it fair? Why go so low? Why do you people even hate me so much?

I am sick of all these. If you people want to attack, attack me next time. Don't go so low as to attack the kind people who has warranted to be on my blog. Can't I even have friends nowadays without you people trying to get them to dislike me like you do? What is it to you that they like me?

And stop demanding for me to stop whining about these emotions I am having. It is ridiculous to ask me to ignore them when that's all I'm feeling nowadays.

Sometimes I wonder, why am I taking this shit? I think I will be much happier without blogging - except, of course, I won't have an income. Ha.

For all these, I am going to take a hiatus from blogging.

Don't email me asking me to be strong. I am strong; stronger than most people can ever imagine because they have never been in my shoes. It is just that Mr Incredible can get tired too.

Thank you, and sorry, my readers. I know many of you people love me, but please understand how I feel.

Now, I am going to go out with my friends, go gorge on food, go crazy shopping, get hugged, and basically, find my happiness back again.

How long? I don't know. Maybe if something important crops up, I will be back again. Meanwhile, any writing urges will go to the private site. =)

Till then, find someone else you like reading, and stop reading my blog if it antagonizes you. Because you being antagonized antagonizes me too.