Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Photo for the new web layout

My designer cum photograper (he says to keep him anonymous till the final launch then got impact), Shuyin and I finally climbed our way into Fort Canning on Monday, for the photoshoot for the new picture... To replace that damn pink one with the cushions you see now!

I am so excited!

Thanks **** (that's my designer and photographer) and especially silly Shuyin for going there also, to help me check on girly things like hair messy, bra can see, etc etc and to use euphemism, be the art director lar!

Poor thing, she climbed a hill for me!

The final picture has been chosen, and here it is, in sepia:

Click to enlarge! So big, it can even be a wallpaper! =)

Isn't it so nice?! I know, boots again... I had other shoes there also, but boots turn out nicer leh... Of course, the final piece will be better than this, because the graphics are not done yet, and it will be in full colour. I cannot wait!! =D

Oh, and the old-old effect is also done by my designer. Teeheehee!