Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September 11

Poor Weili. On the big day he turns 21, other people all around the whole are mourning for the victims of that horrible plane crash.

In fact, when he mass-smsed me to tell me about the details for his party and also requested for me to RSVP, I replied that I am not free that day as I had to mope around the whole day in respect for the victims of the 911.

He didn't reply me.

But of course, since Weili was so freaking nice to Shuyin and I on our birthdays (Chopping smelly fish with a blunt knife despite having exams the next day; woke up at 9am to make jelly and made beautiful card plus buy lovely presents), we decided to be nice to him too. Because we love him, chaotah face and all.

Thus we decided on giving him a threesome involving our lovely bodies and some whipped cream.

However, Kenny Sia overheard our discussion, and said loudly he would like to participate too and will kindly provide the said whipped cream if we need him to.

Shuyin and I looked at each other, changed the topic with haste, and quickly walked away from Kenny.

Of course, that didn't happen because not only does Weili look like the sort who secretly has STDs (though we did hear rumours that his penis is the size of, oh stop it, I'm blushing!), Shuyin and I are pure, sweet girls who will not get involved in dirty, horrible things like mass orgies. How ghastly! Oh and plus Kenny is in Malaysia. =)

So yes, we finally agreed on doing him a banner, and we woke up at beastly hours (9am and 10am!!) to go to Clementi to get our materials.

Digressing, I would like to say that Clementi is officially the hottest place in Singapore. I HATE Mrt stations, where once you alight, there is no immediate air-conditioning. Correct me if I am wrong - I thought our country is developed *roll eyes*? I demand air-conditioning EVERYWHERE I go! Duh! *flips hair in a bimbo manner*

And since Clementi is one of these dreadful non-aircon-ed places, it is in the running for "hottest place in Singapore". Ang Mo Kio comes close second, and so does Bukit Gombak, but nobody cares about Bukit Gombak because nobody goes there unless you are the xiao guilin ghost and as far as I know ghosts do not take trains.

Actually I think AMK is hotter. Toa Payoh used to be very hot too, then they wisened up and aircon-ed the whole damn place. What CFCs? Who cares? I am the center of the world!

Sorry, big digression. I need sleep, because I think I have a date tomorrow. =)

So yes, we bought our banner cloth (settling for dark brown) at a cheap $3.30 (price is inversely proportional to hotness of location, I found out), and also banner paints and brushes.

We were ready to go after settling our design, which is the damn gorilla on Weili's blog, holding a birthday key. Cheesy I know, but what to do, must be personalised what.

Cloudy kept sleeping on our banner cloth so we poured excess paint over him and chopped off his limbs to be placed at City Hall (or Bugis, we haven't decided) because Orchard is overrated.

Shuyin wears my NCC tee and does expert measurements. Alright yes yes my brother is on a giant banana. I saw it. I am trying to ignore it, and you HAVE to remind me. Or moon. Whatever, ok? Just leave it. I said leave it already!

What! Cannot wear a shower cap is it? Well, my hair is very long, unlike yours! So it is VERY possible it will fall into paint or something! And surely that is not good, at all!

So yes, I do the words and the key, and SY does the gorilla. Yeah yeah laugh at the cap. It's possibly classier than YOURS, because your cheapo cap is stolen from a hotel, and mine is $4.40 from Guardian, with a double layer and purple flowers, ok?!

That aside, aren't SY and I talented?

We move the banner outside, and lace it with newspapers.

Painting commences.

I would like to point out, that the damn ape's chest is supposed to be dark brown, and SY's first brush stroke was to colour it cream. WRONG! Silly woman.

Mei bu mei?!

We are almost done now!! Only left the outlining to be done, and...


I KNOW! Isn't it just GORGEOUS?!

Then we called Weili, and wanted to surprise him by appearing at his place at 12midnight to give him the banner, but he was supposed to be out singing KTV with his family....

We felt so bummed, we just sat around for whole minutes in silence, totally exhausted, and very disappointed coz we were so enthusiastic about the banner, and yet he couldn't meet us... We painted from 3pm till 11pm!

So in the end, I called him and whined and whined (because SY is not the sort who will whine), and Weili skipped KTV and went home!!

He didn't cry when he saw the banner. DAMMIT WEILI U UNGRATEFUL PRICK!

Next morning... The two siao kias woke up at 10am while I slept on, as usual.

When I got up at 2pm, they were happily playing Google Earth:

Very fun leh! Just keep zooming in, and you can find your own house! So scary!

Yes, also, may I direct you to the top right hand corner of the picture where you see a certain reflection of a pair of legs? When Shuyin saw that, I really couldn't stop laughing.

Weili is very nice to us coz he is obligated to!

Awww! Is that birthday Mee Sua cooked for me?!

It is, it is! So nice. *gobble* Six meatballs!

I have no idea how Shuyin managed to take such an incriminating shot! Weili was adjusting his pants or something, and I was telling him a story involving pelvis or pants, so my hands were where they were, trying to prove a point... and she snapped.

You know what it looks like. But it is not what it looks like!

We reach Weili's auntie's condo...


I have enough of ribbons! BLUE ribbons! We had to...

tie 96 ribbons last night on these goodie bags (though admittedly Weili and Shuyin did most of the work), and now we have to curl the ribbons for decoration!

At least my gaudy golden VIP Partyworld card works well.

Weili loves his ribbons.

6pm, and guests start to arrive! The theme is "oriental", and of course, Sy, Wanyi and I were game enough to wear damn cheongsams for silly Weili... That SY even went to specially BUY one... -_-

He made us do reception-ing... =(

Chio chio chio!

Tricia (playing with my phone) and her sister Megan! Aren't Weili's cousins so cute!! I like them a LOTTTT! They are very sweet, and so helpful! Sigh, I also want to have daughters like that in future, haha...

Weili also changed into his "long pao" (Dragon robes) so I couldn't resist ...

Hahaha! Don't really look like the classic shots. Guess it needs to be sepia!

With Louisa and June (Ho).

The group of us kept hogging the KTV...

I mean, of course there are other friends of Weili there too, but I shall not post their photos, because well, there will always be people with absurd privacy issues and whatever... Bah!

Rat baby!

21 red eggs! AREN'T THEY SO FREAKING CUTE?! Weili's dad drew these (with the exception of the god-awful purple flower which I drew while eating mee sua) and I totally love them!

Look, there's a diving mouse, a blind mouse, two geeky mice, and even a mouse shitting!

Damn cute.

Group photo! I felt a bit out of place; the rest were all from Chung Cheng... -_-

And finally...

Happy birthday lah handsome!!