Saturday, September 3, 2005

Singapore surprised me again!

Previously, for Singapore Idol, when it was only Sly and Taufik left, I was like, cmon, obviously Sly will win.

The reason is because the Chinese market is so much more popular here in Singapore than the Malay market, or even the English! Our most popular station is 93.3, our most popular channel is Channel 8 (I think, or my news could be outdated), KBox has never marketed itself for any other language for its songs than Mandarin.

Famous Singaporean singers? Stephanie Sun (or is it with an F?), Lin Junjie, whatever. No English singers.

It is no doubt that Sly will make a more profitable singer, if he were to be able to have his records in both English and Chinese. And his beng style? Perfect for those Chinese 16 year old girlies to spend their pocket money on!

If the contest were to be rigged, surely it is smarter to rig it towards Sly.

I thought the organisers were letting Taufik get into top 2 to be politically correct, then obviously not let him win.

I was almost CERTAIN Sly will win, but he lost, and Taufik won! And guess what? A vast number of Chinese actually voted for Taufik!

And as for Project Superstar ... Wow! I thought Kelly will most certainly win, because, once again, she is more marketable, especially to overseas markets like Taiwan - with that sweet face that people like, and being able to dance and all.

But people still voted for Weilian to win!

Both times our Idols are the minority, and both times, they are (in my opinion anyway) more talented than their competitors.

We didn't care about race nor physical disabilities. We just voted who we thought was the deserving winner.

I am very proud of Singapore and the fairness our citizens exude. I may sound stupid coz I didn't really watch the whole contest in minute details, but just a thought, just a thought...

Eh, and I am again hearing voices in my head from people who are scolding me (xiaxue you are so naive of course blah blah blah) , so hey, you don't have to agree, and if I am wrong, please correct me gently. Just blogging out my thoughts!

Ta! I've got to go rest soon, for I have my talk at the National Library tomorrow, don't I? I have this feeling Brown and Miyagi will tease me on stage! Don't sabo ah!

Love ya all. =)