Friday, September 16, 2005

Two Endorsement Deals!

I would like to announce something very astounding today!

After long discussions, I would like to hereby say that I have been endorsed by two companies that I like a lot: Kimage Hair Studio, as well as Voxy Nail Potion.

Hurray for me! Now I get perfect hair, as well as perfect nails!

I've always been going to Kimage for doing my hair of course, and a good friend helped me get in contact with Monica (director), and this collaboration is finally finalised after we discussed the details.

From now on, my hair colour and style will be Kimage's credit (conversely if you think my hair looks awful it's also their doing, but that will never happen because my hair is totally awesome). It will be so fun! I can't wait to try out all the different hair colours and cut some quirky styles. =)

Of course, my current light ash brown colour is also done by them, though this time they maintained my haircut more or less the same (as I had that photoshoot, remember? I had to keep the hair long) except for some trimming.

The results of the treatment they did for me is below, in a separate blog entry.

As for Voxy, I've always been messing around with my nails myself and I love manicures... The problem is of course that I usually DIY, or go to this little nail shop in Bugis.

Voxy sent me an email asking me if I would like to try out their products, and I told them I won't endorse anything that I don't personally like though I have heard about Voxy as they are a big player in the nail market after all (read: About commercialisation), so I would go down and check their store out.

The results? I did something which I have never heard about in my entire life before: Acrylic nails. (Which is something the little Bugis store doesn't provide)

And I totally love it! I've been having it for around 1 month now, and I doubt I will go back to normal nails if I can help it.

The blog entry on the acrylic nails is also below, but unfortunately, I took a great many photos of the Before & After, but my computer went crazy and the photos are now permanently lost. Grrr! Nonetheless, I blogged about it with photos I found on the net.

Voxy does not only do manicures and pedicures of course. They also have treatments, as well as their own line of nail polish.

Those who do manicures often will know that OPI lasts pretty long, but I don't know if it is the acrylic's credit... Voxy's nail polishes last super long too! You cannot even ATTEMPT to peel it off, it is impossible to drop.

They also have this amazing line that changes colour under sunlight. Coolness!

So yes, obviously their services are great (unlike the other multitudes of amatuer manicure stores around, Voxy is serious about this nail business, and their nail artists can make your nails look like anything Ayumi has ever had), so here's my endorsement deal for them!

Enjoy the blog entries. They may be advertorials (as I have promised I will state), but I still think they are interesting. Or at least I hope they are!