Thursday, October 27, 2005

Many many photos

It's really quite a freaky amount!!!!!!! Haha, never mind, while you read it will load. This is like 5 days worth of blog photos? :)

Don't worry people, I am fine, really. During the KL debacle, for example, my distress level was around 6/10... It consisted of a mixture of mainly indignance, anger, helplessness, and also disappointment.

This time, my distress level is maybe... I dunno, 3/10? I still went out playing DotA with Kelvin and co (and got my head pawned for many, many times), and the way they insulted Kimberly (oh you should have heard Kelvin, he is fabulous) and Peter was fucking hilarious. I love it!!!

Afterall, I know for sure I didn't do anything wrong this time, who gives a flying fuck about people who think I did?

If truth be told, prior to this incident, Voxy did tell me they didn't like the use of vulgarities on the blog.

That made me feel highly discomfitted.

They also stated that my recent entries "have changed" and that I, I quote, "unfortunately, (she) has since stopped producing such constructive topics and has started scolding vulgarities all over her blog". Ahhh... They failed, of course, to notice that my virgin entry was meant for insulting my classmates and the 3rd entry had the word "cheebye" in it.

My point is not that I don't have constructive topics and that I scold vulgarities (all the time) of course, but that I have never changed.

My blog is not a deep thought-provoking place, and it has never pretended to be.

So all in all, I am relieved.

Of many things.

One, I am happy I can now scold as much vulgarities as I want, because I don't have to account to anyone afterall. Localbrand, well, does not agree with my views (T thinks it is a right not a privilege), but essentially, he understands that I did not do anything malicious nor harmed anyone, so it is my business if I want to have a different opinion, and he respects that.

The other thing that makes me feel relieved is the feeling of blackmail being totally gone now. I hate the fact that people have a handle to pull when they want to threaten me to behave in the way they want me to, and now that there are no handles, I am completely free again.

Of course, you can still try to write to Localbrand ... But notice the little change in the banner? Yes. You can try... =) Thanks T, you've been great.

I must say a big thank you to my supporters though. You guys have been ... very nice. I may not have a beefy boyfriend protecting me, but you all are doing pretty good too! :)

I must say, don't boycott (insert brands) just because you think they have done an injustice to me. That is being as juvenile as the detractors, isn't it?

If their products and services are good, they are good, so go to them. I really STILL think they are marvellous brands, else I won't have agreed to endorse them.

Voxy will still be sponsoring my nails (I haven't decided if I will go though), while Kimage hasn't stopped the endorsement, but have just requested for the link to be taken down temporarily. (Yes, I misunderstood them too)

Speaking of Kimage - there are certain websites which proclaim to have "reproduced", in its entirety, the contents of Kimage's response to their hatemails.

Monica (director) called me and she was very angry indeed, because those were not her words. They are distorted beyond recognition.

If you are that herpes-infected, shiveled owner of that website, I suggest you take down the "letter" now, because Kimage can sue you, and will sue you. *Ahem*

And yup, life goes on!!!



Shuyin and I draw a banner for Abbie and Mommy (with the leftover paint for Weili's birthday banner).

Shuyin draws blue flowers...

Mine in pink...

Words by me too! Walt disney font!

When I arrived, the little baby was sleeping...

Such an angel.

In the morning, we all woke up early to eat Macdonalds breakfast, courtesy of the birthday woman, Mdm Mok! (who is Shuyin's cousin)

Put Abbie on Ronald... :D

After that, we started to blow bigass pink and white balloons, with golden super curly ribbons! The secret to curling ribbons is to use a knife. A slightly blunt knife, and be sure to cover your fingers with a cloth first.

In fact, my ribbons were *too* curly. Bet YOUR ribbons suck. SMIRK!

Shuyin and her sister Qibin (called Binbin affectionately) started engulfing poor Abbie with the balloons!!! I didn't see coz I was sleeping. Heehee. WHAT! Cannot sleep after eating breakfast meh?!

Poor baby... I see the way she play with the balloons I also damn scared...

After that, Shuyin they all woke me up forcefully to help with the decorations.

Shuyin putting up balloons. IT WAS SUPER ANNOYING coz balloons are very fucked-up things. They explode with a vengence once you stick even a SMALL SMALL CORNER of scrotchtape on it. And as you can imagine, it is very difficult to put the balloons on without letting it touch the scrotchtape at all.

I got one balloon bursting in my face, and another pretending to be ok, hanging on the wall nicely and all, and 3 seconds later burst in my face. KNN!!!

So remember that if you let your scrotchtape touch the balloon, just stick the whole damn tape ON to the balloon and do not, for the love of Zeus, attempt to pluck the scrotchtape out.

After my 2nd balloon burst, Shuyin was smirking because she had only made one balloon burst, and it imploded when she was safely far away from it. I, on the other hand, had a red spot on my lower lip and cheek, evidence of my stupidity.

I stood in a corner sulking, and murmuring curses at her.


She had stepped down from the chair to admire her work, where, from on top, her balloon shot down like a bullet smack onto the middle of her forehead.



So anyway.

BIG FOREHEAD WHAHAHA! Yeah lar yeah lar I got big forehead also but at least my balloon hit me on my cheek and lips mah wahhaha...



Got one psychopath looking at us!!

The Teo sisters are very freaky!!

See, this is their right feet.

Notice how long the toes are!


*walks away and pretends not to know them*

Abbie (with Daddy) not very good mood coz she didn't have enough sleep...

All these years I knew her I didn't know Shuyin resembled a television so much.

And anyway, my heart-shaped balloon is supposed to represent... Trust me, it looks a lot more like the real thing in real life. Actually we wanted to use the phallic long balloons to represent... Never mind!!

Your friends ah? No no, I dunno them.

HIYAH OK LAR! It's my friend. HAPPY?


HE IS NOW OFFICALLY 29!!! Let's laugh at him coz he is so old!! Hahaha... Anyway, congrats ah Howard - you are now no longer a full-time geek (which I totally dig, btw... did I already mention that Howard can type faster than he speaks?) but a geeky TV host! I'm sure you'll do great old pal, all those girls love you.

So anyway, Howard made us wear golfing attire to his birthday!

The birthday boy! (man, rather,since he is so old now)

Ha! I saw Shan and Howard from like 3 miles away. I must say, the two are totally "onz" for wearing SO MUCH golfing attire. I thought they will just wrap things up with a random cap and a vest, but no...

Check out a secret picture I took of Shan's long legs:

CRAZY RIGHT?! That guy wore PLUS FOURS! If you are a Harry Potter fan you might remember that in GOF a wizard wore plus-fours to the Quidditch World Cup, and I never knew that wearing plus-fours will make you look less muggle-like.

Now Shan made me understand.

Not to be mistaken - his attire does not stop at his knees, which, btw, is about the height of the average person's armpits.

He also wore... a golfing glove, a bright yellow visor, a knitted vest (or polo, I can't remember) - and a thick, thick red-striped Irish-looking scarf which made him look like a Hogwarts student.

I told you, and you didn't believe me.


Eileen and I went over to the Arts House for fashion shows!

I met Edwin Yeo there, on my way to watching the GG5 show, and he asked me if I am going to take many photos.

My answer was simple - Yes, if the models are going to be wearing little clothes!! :D

My favourite God-sis! :) MUACKS!

The lights were so pretty...

As were the models...

This one is the lagi best picture I took the whole freaking night ok?!

Click on it to see the totally NSFW version (Kids, you better don't click, or better yet, don't read my blog from now on - it is only for adults. I don't wanna be your role model!!!)

It boggles me to think that she can walk out in (almost) public, wearing that, and totally look comfortable in it... with all the photographers flashing and everything.

But who cares about nudity as long as it is on beautiful people? It is ugly people being nude that people care about, in my humble opinion anyway.

I have no complains!! :D

Do you agree, models?


Eileen is very tiko, she is stil shooting the nipple model!! Haha


Shiok, got iDesire!

End of show...

We love you!


After the show I met Huifen for supper at Geylang, then we went to Mustafa to shop!

Something tells me she doesn't like you...

I LOVE DOU JIANG YOU TIAO!!! Especially the Geylang one, it is fabulous can?!

These two pictures taken at Mr Bean's cafe at Selegie before the boys and I went inside the lan shop to play DotA:

Tim trying to act handsome... *ahem*

Huifen and I.

Yeah lar you are very clever lar... Coz you saw I was sucking on a spoon and not a straw right? Why, can't people take candid shots nowadays? Don't tell me you never pretended to suck on a spoon for the sake of a nice photo? So what if you have never? It is a prefectly normal thing to do.


I went to dye my hair pink and cut my fringe short! You know, in conjunction with the new pink blog layout and all? :) I don't care if you think it looks "ah lian" or whatever, I think it is great, and I am always right.


And I went with Ben as his partner to his commissioning ball!

On the cab...

To Rasa Sentosa!

With Ben!
("Why you all always like to take photos and cut off people's hair one ah?")

The food sounds so great! Tenderloin with FOIE GRAS (OMG, MY FAVOURITE) and eggplant caviar?! I cannot wait!

They had this free Glamour Shot thingy. I helped Ben take photos while he was being shot, with my own camera...

See, I take such great photos... When it is my turn and I pass my camera to him?


First dish is some lobster with cheese thing... The cheese part (the swirly thing) doesn't taste that great, and I can think of 1001 more fabulous ways to deal with that lobster - like grilling it in cheese, or fruit salad or baked.. instead of having it seemingly just boiled and left to chill.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, I have been cheated to savour the delightful sensory tastes of a fig. NOT.


Ben ate one of those red things on the side that looks like swivelled labias (obviously only meant for decoration) and exclaimed that it is a ... strawberry.

Men and their delusions. I was like, "No, I'm quite sure it is a fig," and he was like, "No, it's a strawberry!" so I bit into one, and out oozed this strong splash of bitterish sour juice.


Ben's friends were cute! No lar, I was trying to play around with the camera. No, really!

Our lime sorbet!

This band called "Stainless Steel" was performing and the lead singer is cute!!! I love dimples!!! :D And I like the si(1) wen(2) bai(4) lei(4) (did I write correctly?) look!! Haha... But Ben says he is attached. What is wrong with the world?!

Poor Ben getting impatient for the main course...

And here it comes!!!


Ok, where is the FOIE GRAS? Dammit, I expected a piece of foie gras, not baby cubes of pate! Grrr!! And I don't even see the caviar!

But to be fair, the tenderloin tasted really superb! It is very tender, and cooked to perfection. The eggplant paste was great too!

A sweet end to this super freaking long blog entry!! I think my photographic skills are becoming better, isn't it? It is, it is! Yay! :D