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Many many photos

It's really quite a freaky amount!!!!!!! Haha, never mind, while you read it will load. This is like 5 days worth of blog photos? :) Don't worry people, I am fine, really. During the KL debacle, for example, my distress level was around 6/10... It consisted of a mixture of mainly indignance, anger, helplessness, and also disappointment. This time, my distress level is maybe... I dunno, 3/10? I still went out playing DotA with Kelvin and co (and got my head pawned for many, many times), and the way they insulted Kimberly (oh you should have heard Kelvin, he is fabulous) and Peter was fucking hilarious. I love it!!! Afterall, I know for sure I didn't do anything wrong this time, who gives a flying fuck about people who think I did? If truth be told, prior to this incident, Voxy did tell me they didn't like the use of vulgarities on the blog. That made me feel highly discomfitted. They also stated that my recent entries "have changed" and that I, I quote, &