Before we take credibility for his words, we must first question his motives.

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Some of the more observant of you might have realised that the Voxy banner has been taken off the site.

It can only mean one thing which will make my detractors jump for joy: The endorsement has been stopped.

I don't blame Voxy, because as Turodrique told me, in this politically correct world, no company will ever want to be seen as being politically incorrect. (With the exception of Guess endorsing Paris Hilton perhaps; sex tapes and all)

I blame, however, the malicious people who have been bombarding my companies for a personal grudge you might have against me.

There can be only two motives why people would write to my endorsers:

1) They sincerely care for the company.

2) They want to attack my income, and subsequently, me.

Anyone votes for option one? I doubt it.

To you, and especially to you, congratulations, and thanks for your concern - now one company down: Two more to go.

What have you achieved? You scream blue murder, saying that a company should never endorse anyone supposedly a bad influence for kids.

Are you really so concerned about our young Singaporeans, you Malaysians? No, it must be concern - it cannot be JEALOUSY of a Singaporean blogger making it big, can it? That is very kind of you (though I sincerely doubt your motives) - but keep in mind NOBODY IS EVER PERFECT.

Whilst I might have stood up and proclaimed that I think there is nothing wrong with using a handicapped toilet when there is no handicapped person around (and I still stand on that opinion; more about it later), keep in mind:

I am also an ambassador for non-smoking in Singapore.
I love Singapore, and I am strongly against drugs.
I have influenced innumerous teens/females to learn to stand up for themselves.
I have inspired many to start blogging and opening themselves to the world bravely.
Many tell me thank you, daily, for being the voice they never had...


And who is to gauge where morality lies? Despite all the good I do or represent, is one opinion I have, enough to say I am a bad influence, overall?

Let me give you a scenario, a fictional example - IF I receive this letter:

"Dear Wendy,

My daughter is an invalid. She is 21, like you, and she has been reading your blog since 1 years ago. However, recently, she has begun to slip into depression. She begin to cry every night, and when I ask her why, she says it is because she cannot enjoy her teenage life just like many of the other girls her age can.

Reading your blog depresses her, because you look so happy in all the photos, running around with your friends and all. So here's my request, if you can kindly do it for me: Can you, please, stop posting these happy photos of yourself, so that my daughter will feel better? I am fearing she will be suicidal soon, and she is very, very precious to me."

What will you do IF you received an email like that? Ignore it, and continue posting up happy photos? Or stop being happy?


Is a person who chose the latter valid in saying the former is selfish, unkind, inconsiderate, and insensitive?

There you have it: That morality line. WHERE IS YOURS?

Do you give up your life to help the more unfortunate and be a nurse, or a missionary to a third world country? There are people who do that. How about giving up your kidney for a dying stranger? There are also people who do that. Therefore, if you don't measure up, you are evil?

I don't have to explain myself, but I know myself that my heart is in the right place. I have NEVER seen a pregnant or old person before and chose not to give up my seat. Never.

My line, perhaps, is drawn at using handicapped toilets. (Not to mention I will also choose to ignore that email should I ever get something like that, though that is unlikely) Stupid people hear something like this, and say stupid things like I am inconsiderate.

There is no need to keep emailing me to explain the plight of handicapped people: I have read enough, and I KNOW.

My reasoning for using the handicapped toilet (when there is no handicapped person around, of course), stemmed from the fact that I have been using handicapped toilets for all my life, AND I HAVE NEVER HARMED ANYONE BEFORE, LESS SEEN A HANDICAPPED PERSON AROUND.

Sure, that doesn't mean a desperately urgent handicapped person won't be around in all the future times I use a handicapped toilet, but weighing...

- My inconvenience for waiting for other toilets plus my liking for big spaces


- a very, very minute chance (o% in 21 years) that a very urgent handicapped person cannot knock on the door and ask me to hurry up ... I choose the former.

Everything has a tipping point, and you make your decisions everyday: Your love for eating meat, AGAINST the pain animals feel when you bloody kill them.

Let's say you choose to save the pain: Maddox (Read the article, it is seriously good) now explains that if you buy vegetables, you are knowingly assisting the accidental killing of many innocent farm animals.

So how now, brown cow? Being Vegan is as bad as eating meat. Everything is cruel, or are you just being an unrealistic asshole? Would you go as far as planting your own fields?

Oh no, as long as it inconveniences you, it is ok to commit cruelty... But people who make a different, more realistic, and yes, selfish choice --- CRUEL? UNKIND? INCONSIDERATE?

Big words you throw around, when you have no rights to do that. Who are you to talk so much?

Teaching people morals? Being the guardian angel for teens? Don't make me LAUGH.


I have never delibrately harmed anyone before. At most, I harm them in the process of doing something else (that I did, many times, and I'm sorry). [It may be argued that they are stopping companies from endorsing me because they genuinely care about teens and not to delibrately harm my income, but don't gimme that bullshit. Teens who are free to read my blog possibly also can surf porn - why not go campaign against those websites? Surely beastiality is a worse influence than Xiaxue?!]


You tackle my income, which is not even relevant to whatever punishments I should deserve should I deserve any (which I don't, because it is not wrong to have an opinion).

What do you get in the end? Joy? Some cynical pleasure, perhaps? You happy now, my dears?

I come from a single-parent family, and money is something not easy to come by for us. My mom works very hard, and my brother is only 12. He doesn't have his own room, and I want to move to a bigger house so that he can get himself a room of his own.

I am not asking for sympathy, shove it up your smelly ass if you have any - I don't need it. I am just wondering how come people can derive happiness from others' misery. How much lower can the human race go, I sometimes wonder.

Will making me not have food to eat make you any happier?

Thinking, perhaps, that you have taught me a moral lesson? "Be more careful with your words next time Xiaxue"?


Thank you very much, but FUCK YOU. When I want to learn morals, I will learn it from someone worthy, and most certainly NOT YOU. YOU ARE NOBODY TO TEACH ME ANYTHING. I won't even lower myself to talk to vermin like you.

When this certain man wrote his emails to Localbrand, Kimage, and Voxy, he KNEW what he was doing.

When Turodrique asked him why he was doing this (ie trying to harm my income), guess what his reply was?

"Because it always works."

(Work to what, destroy people's lives? No shit Sherlock, I almost couldn't believe your daring honesty.)

He knows, because he is a physically disabled person, he stands an advantage in everything he does and says. He knows that he is never wrong, or that people will never dare say he is...

I quote Dan Brown (Angels and Demons):

"Kohler felt repugnance for them. Not even the most elite security force in the world was immune to the pity everyone felt for cripples. Had Kohler been a healthy man, the guards would have tackled him."

I always thought that the physically handicapped will have a sense of pride even stronger than the average person, and this is something I have always admired in them. Their will to live far exceeds those physically abled, and because they constantly get unwanted pity, they are even more bent to prove themselves; prove that they can also live their lives normally, like everyone else.

But this man has proven me wrong.

Instead of picking up his pride, he exploits his disability to the fullest extent, to get things working for him; and to harm others - who are not allowed to have a different opinion from him.

Not only did he write to Voxy, Kimage, and Localbrand in an attempt to stop them from endorsing me, and hence stop my livelihood, he also CC-ed all the disabled charity organisations in his email... His purpose? I can only guess he was trying to get to the media and shame me as well.

Malice, malice, malice. Funny, he doesn't look like this sort on his website, does he?

His explanations:

Toilets for disabled persons is a right, not a privilege. A barrier free environment provides people with disabilities a better quality of life by allowing them to participate and be contributing members of society. To deprive people with disabilities these basic amenities is to infringe on their rights and dignity. Whither civil society when selfishness reigns and the needs of people with disabilities are disregarded and ignored?

A RIGHT? Since when is a accessible, clean toilet ever a RIGHT, TO ANYONE? I also don't have rights to an always clean, available toilet, ok? Neither does everyone else, so what makes YOU have that right? Excuse me, but in non-developed countries, I don't even think you have a toilet to go to, ok? It is clearly, non-arguably, a PRIVILEGE.

Jiang de nan ting yi dian, ni shi shui ya, yao ren jia tong tong do qian jiu ni? When we do, it is a privilege, and you be thankful you don't live in a poor country where abled-bodied people will trample over you if you are on their paths to food.

Enough of this issue, I'm sick of talking about it. Sick of ungrateful people demanding so much, sick of the hypocritical society all trying to ACT LIKE THEY ARE SO KIND... When actually they are all just secretly repenting for wanking to their sisters' photos.

Two final things: I have been down from nothing, and I can climb up again. So what if one, two, or three companies are afraid of endorsing a REAL human, someone with flaws? Someone with opinions?

There are so many companies out there... I'm ok. :)

And to my readers... Yes, I have heed your advice. I could have deleted that blog entry and retracted my words, but I didn't.

I wanted to, BUT I COULDN'T. How can I lie? Those were my opinions, and I still don't find anything wrong with them.

I will never compromise my editorial integrity for commercial deals.



And because my dignity and my editorial integrity is all I have... Money can come and go; the trust my readers have cannot be retrieved back if it is ever lost.

My blogders... If you like reading me, and you like the deals that Kimage and Localbrand has given to you, do email them, and tell them I have been serving them well as an ambassador. It is not fair that they think people just dislike me when that is not true. Let them know you guys still support me. We cannot let the detractors win.

That being said, I must still state that whatever I say on my blog does not stand for my endorsers' opinions.

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