Sorry for the lack in updates...

Being very busy lately... I've got someone special to meet up with now, and so many other things to do, including being the emcee for my cousin Frankie's wedding tomorrow.

We cousins are staying over tonight and tomorrow we all doll up together! So fun! I'm gonna bring my cousins over to Voxy in a bit to do our nails!

Speaking of endorsements, and Momo, I've decided to stop using *so much* vulgarities from now on, because it is not lady-like. *giggles* Momo doesn't like it, and although I also don't like her to read my blog, I also cannot stop her from reading it since the whole world is, and she said something along the lines of kicking me out of the house if I don't "stop using those hokkien vulgarities".

You don't see her like so auntie like that, her legs are very strong ok! I want my ass intact because I wearing gown tomorrow mah!

But I shall assume she is still ok with the F word.

So yup. I shall try to blog tonight if I can. Meanwhile, I'm gonna meet my designers for hopefully the freaking last time... Sigh, my female previous designer dua-ed me coz she had so much work to do at her own company! So work on the site is delayed.

Also - two announcements. For those of you who read my friends' blogs, Weili's blog has been hacked into, and Eileen's blog has been deleted by herself.

Weili also doesn't know what happened, but it was his laptop that was hacked into, not his blog. Some people are just so malicious. I really saddens me to know that there are such cretins around!!!! URGH!

I curse you, may your asshole grow a thousand little white ulcurs after you had a particularly heavy dinner, you sick bastard!

As for Eileen-thealcoholic-Tan, she said, I quote her, "I don't even update often and I find it pretty pointless so I delete it lor..."

Some fast bugger saw it deleted and was like, Damn, it is linked to XIAXUE'S BLOG!! I shall quickly take that blog address!

And drawing his hand out of his pants he did - now the address officially says "Amateur Webcam Girls.

WTF. And I don't even see amateur (why nobody likes the experts leh?) webcam girls around! I only see some faggot story about the author's grandma and his 16 year old cat. DUH! I don't wanna read about some porn star's gramps!

Don't worry or have fat hopes, Eileen didn't turn into a porn star overnight. I wish she did though... *wrings hands* OMG DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?! I, erm, don't mean it...

Anyway I am blogging and I cannot stop again! I'm super late!

Kelvin says that cherubs are actually arch-angels... meaning they are the highest-ranking angels around. What rubbish! (Edit: Kelvin says he said that cherubs are actually CLOSER TO GOD than arch angels are, so he is vastly misquoted.)

Then may I know who is the crazy-assed person who keeps drawing them as fat babies peeing?

Cherubs are obviously pudgy children shooting arrows at people and playing the mini-harp!

I told Kel that fat babies cannot be archangels coz no one will respect them, and he was very angry with me so he started flapping his arms around while his BM steered dangerously on its own accord. He bellowed that "They do not look like fat babies ok? NOBODY KNOWS HOW THEY LOOK LIKE!!!"

It was fun to irritate him so I was like, "If nobody knows how they look like, then how can you be sure they don't look like fat babies?"

"I don't know for sure!" he grunted begrudgingly. "They MAY, for all you know."

Then we went into some pointless argument about lucifer being a cherub (pity, I thought he was tall, lean, and handsome. Oh and blonde. With grey eyes.) and angels being created to sing praises for god... Which I obviously will lose out in since I have only read like 15 pages of the bible.


What a pointless blog entry.

And you there! You really should stop gurgling your own vomit. It is a really disgusting habit. Yes, I know you enjoy the bubbling sound and all, but well... what? You particularly like green vomit? Oh, you are sick.

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