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Men and their selfish rudeness!

June is back from Perth! Yay! :D So anyway, before I commence on my writing the damn script (I've been procrastinating because I decided to read the book again before I embark on the task :D), I wanna complain! That day, the whole group of us when to Mambo together. Actually, Birdy and I wanted to bring Junne (she added an N to her name in the hope of sounding a little more unique) to Mambo to reexperience Singapore, but Kelvin and the boys were going too, so we all went together. Speaking of which, I got bounced out of members A-Fucking-Gain, for the 2nd time. I cannot take it!!!!!! Bloody elitist BASTARDS (I'm elitist too, which is precisely why nobody should be elitist against me)! I mean, obviously they cannot bounce me coz I'm a member, but they just refused to let Shuyin and Junne both go in, coz *roll eyes* one member can only bring one person in. I don't see what's the muthafucking problem. Is Shuyin chio? Yes. Is Junne pretty? Yes. So? Isn't the

Almost one year after this

Helping Clinton choose his secondary school: Me: "Ok, how about Fairfield? It's quite big I think... And it's a Christian school..." *looks at my little brother* "And you are a Christian right?" Brother: " EEeeeeeee! Don't want." Me: "Why don't want?! YOU SIAO AH! I thought you Christian?!" Brother, indignant face, rolls eyes: "No..." Siao one, so fickle.

A perfect nose

After discovering that Thailand does rhinoplasty for a freaking $300, I've been discussing what kinda nose I should get for myself. Wahhaha machiam casual shopping... Button? Flared? BULBOUS? whahaha Shuyin, June and I were singing KTV that day, and SY sang some Feng Fei Fei song called "Zhang sen xiang qi lai" or something... The MTV lady, some model, had a nice ying gou bi! (hooked nose) I was mumbling to myself, "Maybe I should get an ying gou bi ah??" And to my surprise June and Shuyin both said, "Yeah, nice!" WHAHAHAHA Of course, I'm only talking cock about getting my nose done lar, coz I doubt I have the courage to do it. But it is still fun to talk about! Ahem, so anyway... Just now Shuyin and I were talking on MSN and I was reminded of the MTV model, so I told Shuyin I'm gonna try to photoshop a hooked nose on myself and see what happens! BEHOLD: My original nose. I mean, it's already photoshopped lar, my nose is bigger

Harry's Goblet and the Pot of Fire

I was amusing myself, moderating the comments... People are so weird! They like to say things like "You go direct the movie yourself lar, see if you can do better!" when you happen to say a movie they like, well, sucks. And because I myself cannot direct any better, I have no rights to say a movie sucks. Why, of course. That makes a hell lot of sense. :) Happens all the time... If a fat chick dares to as much as comment that another fat chick is fat, I expect an angry mob will materialise out of nowhere and shout in perfect unison: "YOU THINK YOU VERY SKINNY MEH? SAY PEOPLE SAY YOURSELF HOR!" And they will proceed to cobble both fat chicks to death or something, because hey, that's what an angry mob does. (Oh btw as I am writing this I am bleaching my eyebrows and I feel quite jittery about how it will turn out) So anyway, as I was saying, is it thus true that you can only criticise others when you yourself is any better? Going by this theory, only past

I'm sorry

But the movie sucked. (SPOILERS) Just one reason is enough to justify it: They made Hermione go ga-ga over Krum. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?! Why must they dramatize all the love scenes, WHY ? * facepalm * Since when did Hermione go all weak-kneed when Krum spoke to her? Disgusting. Hermy's supposed to be indifferent to him, unlike the rest of the gross gushing girls. They made her this emo, cranky, huggy bitch, which I HATED coz I hate chao shu nus and they made Hermione one of them. Oh, and she is ridiculously pretty THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SHOW. Remember the book, when it was discovered that it was Hermione who danced with Krum, wearing a periwinkle blue dress? (Pink in the movie, bloody hell) I remember the moment I read that, clearly... It was magic. I had severe goosebumps, coz Harry said he discovered that Hermione's grin was so different now that she had shrunk her teeth, and her hair, usually in a big messy bush, was sleek and c

omg omg omg I AM A VEELA!

I am gonna watch Harry Potter tomorrow!!!!!!!! Shuyin actually bought a Gryffindor cap to wear lor, for goodness sake! I was like, "Let's all wear black robes tomorrow..." and she went like, "but black doesn't match my hat." WTF. Anyway I don't have black robes lar, so I was only talking cock. *grins* We're going in a bigass group of 12 people! I think. If the booking went ok. If I can't watch it tomorrow I will be so sad. :( I still think Jay Chou should be Viktor Krum! Really! Everytime I read the book I see his face as Viktor Krum... The sullen face, stand one side and refuse to talk look... :D HOR HOR HOR?! I KNOW YOU ALL AGREE WITH ME! Except, Jay Chou won't pronounce Hermy-own-ninny. He will pronounce it "mmmf" because he only mumbles wahahahaha... I am very ANGRY though! Such a thick book, and it is only 150 minutes!?!? WHY? Make it 3 hours! 4! 5! Anything but 2.5! It's so short! I expect we won't even see the


You know, if you aren't a popular blogger you won't come to realise how dumb, anal, and uptight the Singaporean blog-reading population is, really. Nothing really surprises me anymore, so nowadays I just find it very funny. In fact, I think from now on I shall blog seemingly innocuous statements and have people getting angry over virtually nothing! Me: "I use handicapped toilets." (So do like 99% of the females in Singapore) Mob: "You are depriving handicapped people of their toilet delibrately! You are evil, selfish, ugly, vagina loose, smelly, fat, disabled mentally etc. I wish you will become disabled yourself. You bully the handicapped, how much lower can you get? Is there something you haven't attacked yet?" LOL! See ah. I say that animals do not need to be ridiculously pampered to survive , and then people say I condone the torturing of animals . WAHAHAHA! It is really quite funny to see how much dumber these idiots can be! Let's see the

The Land of Smiles (II)

(Super long entry) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ok, I cannot take it ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't those bunnies SUPER CUTE???? I think the only sleeping one the right is the cutest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN, and I really don't know why I didn't buy a bunny, because the netherland dwarfs are sold for... 40 freaking Singapore cents at the CHATUCHAK MARKET!!! That's right! I don't even mind buying a few to put in the hotel room and cuddling them to sleep for 3 nights, and letting them go free when I go back to Singapore man. Aiyoh they are so cute I just want to put my nose at their bellies and snuggle them... :D So anyway, the bunny picture is not supposed to be in front, but I just thought it is super cute. Ahem. Chatuchak Market! We went there again the second day, because we didn't really see much the last time. After a long period of searching (the place is THAT big), we found the animals at section 16! The Thai animal vendors at Chatuchak has taught me