Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Bangkok pretty much sucked

JUST KIDDING! Bangkok rules BIG TIME!!! Almost everything is fabulous here *cough compared to previous holiday cough*!

The people are very friendly and nice (I credit that to almost everyone being a devoted buddhist), the guys not lecherous (only the farangs are, but they are only lecherous for the Thai girls) and even the weather is cool (light rain occasionally)!


The only thing which sucks is the internet - which obviously we can't complain about because computer language is primarily English, and the Thais can't converse well in it. :)

I'm blogging this in the hotel computer - which claims to be broadband but is slower than a chang (Thai for elephant! :D).

As I am blogging, there is a nice computer in-charge behind me, and he is using an electronic thingy to kill mosquitoes! Perfecto! It is so cute; shaped like a badminton racquet, and you sweep it around...

The first time the guy used it, he managed to lightly glaze one mossie and the mosquito fainted on the floor, spasming and twitching. Damn funny. I took out one fake-birkies-clad foot to prepare to vindictively step on it, when the guy stopped me and used his forefinger and thumb to pick it up.

I was feeling a little puzzled as to why he is not killing the disgusting mosquito, when he put his kill into the racquet thingy.

The mosquito went POP POP POP POP POP and emitted bright blue electronic sparks!!!


When it finished popping, I tried to look for the mosquito, and it is gone!

"Where is the mosquito?" I asked, amused.

"Oh" he laughes, "Mosquito burn!"


Okok... I only have 2 minutes left to use the computer. To sum things up, it as been real fun here! I've seen the Thai girls show (took one secret picture and almost got my cam confiscated - all for you all you know!), and even saw two elephants walking along patpong!! :D A lot more, but I'll tell my stories when I come back.

More blogging later! I miss the blogging world already...

Right now, I am going back to the room to play bridge with the guys.

TA! :D