You know, if you aren't a popular blogger you won't come to realise how dumb, anal, and uptight the Singaporean blog-reading population is, really. Nothing really surprises me anymore, so nowadays I just find it very funny.

In fact, I think from now on I shall blog seemingly innocuous statements and have people getting angry over virtually nothing!

Me: "I use handicapped toilets." (So do like 99% of the females in Singapore)

Mob: "You are depriving handicapped people of their toilet delibrately! You are evil, selfish, ugly, vagina loose, smelly, fat, disabled mentally etc. I wish you will become disabled yourself. You bully the handicapped, how much lower can you get? Is there something you haven't attacked yet?"


See ah. I say that animals do not need to be ridiculously pampered to survive, and then people say I condone the torturing of animals. WAHAHAHA! It is really quite funny to see how much dumber these idiots can be!

Let's see the amount of things they can twist...

Me: The KL I witnessed during my holiday sucks.

Mob: You are a bad tourist who deserve to be treated badly, you are fat, ugly, vagina loose, smelly, fat etc... and Malaysia BOLEH!

Me: I love durians.

Mob: Why do you impose your views on people? Do you know that durians suck? It is very smelly, and by eating it you are inconveniencing the public. Do you also use it to hit old people and fluffy animals? I BET YOU DO! You fat, ugly, vagina loose, smelly, colour blind, etc etc.

LOL!! Quite amusing ain't it?

The one that makes me laugh the most come from the "animal-loving" bigots. Cockroaches not animals?! AREN'T THEY? I DIDN'T LEARN DURING PRIMARY SCHOOL!

Cockroaches are insects, yes?

1. Any of numerous usually small arthropod animals of the class Insecta, having an adult stage characterized by three pairs of legs and a body segmented into head, thorax, and abdomen and usually having two pairs of wings. Insects include the flies, crickets, mosquitoes, beetles, butterflies, and bees.

2. Any of various similar arthropod animals, such as spiders, centipedes, or ticks. See Regional Note at lightning bug.

Swallowing your words now, pretentious bastard? Still an "animal" lover?

Curiously enough... The word "insect" also describes you!

3. An insignificant or contemptible person.

How very apt, especially the insignificant part!

Back to our feigned "animal" lovers. SO WHAT ARE YOU NOW, A MAMMAL LOVER? Do you love, say, the smelly platypus also? Or do you only happen to "love" those silly creatures that pander to our human's instinct to guard the weak?

Isn't love all-rounded? So as long as an animal is doing something you don't like, ie rampaging your leftover dinner, and of course, being black and ugly, you don't love it anymore?



At the end of the day, "animal lovers" realise that they are exactly the same as me. They are "cute-lovers". They only love things which appeal to their senses.

I like cute animals. Of course, after getting along with the animal for a long time love occurs, as I love Cloudy because when I am down and alone he comes along, wagging his tail, always ready for a hug.

But I don't pretend to love every dog. I think bulldogs are ugly, so are turkeys, and I am politely indifferent to them.

If a turkey appeared in front of me and snuggled against my knee, I'll be like, "Oei, what you think you doing?!" and shove it aside. Sorry, but I don't find you cute.

I won't like it if they (turkey or bulldog) got tortured, but it won't make me extremely angry as it would if it happened to Cloudy; just like the way you feel when you see a stranger being crippled, compared to a kin breaking his leg.

But of course some people are more obsessed and have a larger range for their aesthetic tastes.

Like Shengrong for example. He sincerely finds fishes cute (!). So he likes his fishes.

That is fine. But don't pretend like you are oh-so-holy just because you fucking proclaim to love all animals, sodomite. Nobody will think you are a loving, caring, motherly figure just because you coo to your pet carpet of a shih tzu.

Me? Don't you start to worry about Cloudy. He likes me enough, and he better do, because our family feeds him, bathes him, cuts his nails for him, and fucking hell, I clean his shit for him everyday, picking it up with toilet paper.

Some people have their maids do all the shit work, and when visitors come, pretend to play with the dog and proclaim how blah blah important the dog is to them.

Don't come and talk to me about love unless you had some sort of sacrifice for your dog, yeah? You only know how to enjoy the good times. When the bad comes, you pretend to be busy changing your adult diapers. FUCK OFF FROM MY FACE.

Maddox is my god. He gives me strength. In his latest entry, he bloody insulted a state!

I can imagine him getting mail from people who are teaching him to maintain a website, saying blah blah he should not be so rude, surely Idaho has some redeeming features he didn't seen yet, how can he judge Idaho like that, blah blah.

But does Maddox care? Does he waver? NO. Because he knows that he is allowed to have an opinion, and he can voice it if he wants to. If you don't like his opinions, you can gently hiss, "DAMN, I DISAGREE!" to your screen and then continue laughing at the post.

If people believe his opinions, and Idaho's tourism falls as a result, TOO BAD FOR IDAHO. When it had the chance, it didn't convince Maddox to like it, like this movie did. Is it Maddox's fault idiots take his word? Nope.

So yes.

If you are in my room now, you can see me sucking in my breath and garnering up my courage.

Wendy, you are allowed to have an opinion, and fuck those who don't agree with you.

You can stop pretending to be PR now and say it now.

I will.


There. I said it. What's with all that pretending, wringing hands, and saying stupid things like "no lar I don't really not like the country, I just encountered some bad stuff there..." wishy washy bullshit? Don't like it, just admit it lar!

Sorry if you are from KL and all that, but I really don't like your city. Screw that, I don't have to apologize nor account for my opinions, just like I don't have to explain to you why I didn't eat that piece of parsley.

And as for people who go "tsk tsk" and ask me to just continue writing photologs and not write opinion pieces, why not shut up and only read the photologs? My blog is my blog; if I want to continue ranting against idiots, I go ahead and do it.

Maddox has shaved off a large number of his readers: Vegans, goths, mimes, old people, etc. Now he shaved off the largest number yet: An entire state of citizens!

Me, I possibly shaved off some thousands too, consisting of pretentious animal lovers, evangelists, people who persist on not using the handicapped toilet even in a queue, etc etc I cannot remember off-hand.

My loss? You don't know how happy I am that such people no longer read my site. :)

p/s: I am deleting all comments because I like making you feel unhappy.

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