Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Happy belated Halloween!!

I took so many freaking photos at Zouk last night!!

Sorry for the lateness, I've been very busssssssssssssy!

I promise to upload the Halloween pictures tonight (it's really some amazing shit!!), but first, here's yet another photolog for you...

It is pointless, colourful, and superficial - but I'm sure everyone loves photologs anyway. Except people who don't have unlimited bandwidth... But those are losers, and I don't speak to losers so don't ask me to fathom how they will think... *shrugs*


Shuyin and I ate at Marche's!

The photos are making me damn hungry...

Then we went to KTV with Kelvin, Tim, and Kelvin's cousin (and his friend)...

Our favourite drink at Partyworld, Red Pearl Milk Tea! (If Partyworld personnel is reading this ah, gimme sponsorship, ok? I always patron you all, so as a reward lar, heehee...)

I was happily taking photos then Kelvin stuck a stupid mike into the picture... Wah lau, spoiler...

Better! :D

Tim stole my glasses to wear!

Act chio! Actually she was dressed for Zouking, but we later decided to sing instead...

We realised SY's boots were much bigger than Kel's Ballys.


I started to sing 5566's song, then...

Shuyin look down on me.


I started to sing Jolin's song, then...



After KTV shuyin stayed over at my place and we woke up at like 3pm or something! :D

Being the auntie she is, she started to dig out food from the fridge...

Amazingly enough...

She conjured up a totally delicious seafood/beef/potato green curry!!!!

At times like this I feel like marrying her leh...

Cloudy comes to kpo:



Good boy.

At night, SY and I went to IMM, and I bought this:

FOR TWENTY BUCKS! Yeah, I know it's an imitation Guess watch (which I have a real one of, but in gold), but I needed a cheap watch to bring to Thailand, so I bought this one!

Speaking of Thailand, I'm going there on Friday and coming back 6 days later! BANGKOK!!! :D Going with the boys, and our tickets only costed like what, $348 or something, or 6 days 5 nights?


We are staying in Park Royal View Hotel and flying Finnair!

I was very excited about the Finnair part, and I asked our traumatized tour agent whether there were gonna be cute blondes serving us. The agent laughed and said Yes, probably, then Russell said,
"Why do you care whether there are blondes, you aren't lesbian what!"

Kelvin and I laughed at him at the same time, and I said, "What makes you think blondes must be female?!"

Russell laughed sheepishly and went, "Oh yeah hor... "

Speaking of blondes, here's a photo I took for Christian some time ago!

So cute yeah? :D I told him that many people keep saying Shan is a lot more good looking than him, and that is because he always take photos in those stupid ugly positions! So he should take more handsome photos!

The tee is bought by me too. :D But it somehow takes away the Swede in him and injects a lot of American. Hmmm. Now he looks like a obnoxious high school jock.

What a big digression!

Tim's house for steamboat! :D

Tim, to his brother: "Hey don't disturb me, I need to do things... Go and disturb Kelvin gor gor outside..."

Tim's little brother: "Which one is Kelvin gor gor?"

Me: "The one with the big eyes."

And he stuck onto Kelvin the rest of the day like plague, haha!

Russell and I went with Kel to get back his car... AT THE MERCEDES CENTER OF COMPETENCE!!

Wah lau, the service center's name is sibeh fucking atas can?! CENTER OF COMPETENCE! I totally love it.

We kept laughing at Kelvin coz he looks so funny on public transport...

He seems to like taxi rides... Wait till he sees a cockroach on the seat with him.


Oh dear...

We saw this poor CLK, having her windscreen smashed for the cashcard! This got Kelvin super pissed off and he started sprouting a chain of vulgarities... I'm also very angry man, why are there such people around?!?!?! For like what, $100 at max? in the cashcard, you cause the driver to fork out $2,000 for repairs or something?

Sigh. Pandora's box at work. Jealousy is such an ugly thing.

Beautiful car with an ugly person's touch.

Kelvin's car is fine though! :D

My dream car was the SLK, but I have grown to like the CLK a lot more now, somehow. :) Why black though? I hate boring colours on cars!

On a last note, can anyone tell me...


I was about to press it when I asked Kelvin what it does, and Russell and him went all mysterious and started to say that "It is a button that does no good to anyone, so DON'T PRESS IT!"

and they refused to tell me what it does.

"Why can't you just tell me what happens when I press it?" I whined, and I informed him and I might be so overcome with curiousity that I press it anyway.

He of course threatened the usual threat, which is to never drive me again. -_-

"Just tell me lar, why wouldn't you?" I droned on.

"Because I think that my telling you pressing it will do good to anyone is sufficient," was his reply.

"So can I take a picture and ask my blog readers?"

"You can, but (laughes) they will all tell you the same thing: It is a button that does no good to anyone."