Friday, November 4, 2005

I'm off to Bangkok from 4th (which is today!) till 9th!

My new Pierre Cardin luggage for only $42! From mustafa! Very excited about all the shopping!!

Last time I went to Bangkok was when I was 13 or something, and obviously Momo and daddy didn't allow me to watch the Thai girls show and ah kua show... SIAN!

This time I'm gonna! I heard the girls can open beer bottles with their vaginas!!! *gasp*

And I'm going to take a zillion pictures back for you guys!

If possible, I will try to blog there too, though it might be a short entry. :)

Meanwhile, do continue to leave comments; I think Shuyin will help me moderate when she is free.

Sheesh! I gtg pack now; it's 4pm and Daddy is coming to send me off at 5pm!

Alrighty, you losers can all stay here in boring Singapore - I'm off! Meanwhile, here's a nice game for you to play while you lead a mundane life without me. I am a prodigy! I played till level 16 (in 17 minutes flat) and was too tired to continue. The trick to winning, I will tell you all when I come back!


Look what came in the mail!

Am I one lucky bitch or what?!

The guys from have approached me to ask me to try out their new website's spanking new way of sending gift vouchers. (That means I also got a nice free gift voucher!!)

You know how we often know it's a friend's birthday, but we didn't meet the friend on that day, and his birthday present gets forgotten in time, coz it was inconvenient to meet up with him, blah blah...

Months later, it is your birthday, and he actually bothered to go to your office/home to look for you and pass you your present.


Guilt pangs and everything, but hey, you are not to blame right, coz some people are just the sort who will travel the length of Singapore to give a present, and well, you are just the lazier sort?? It doesn't mean you care for him any less or anything like that, of course not...


If you don't know what exactly to get for your friend... THE COOL THING ABOUT YOURGIFTS.COM.SG is that your friend can actually CHOOSE the present he wants with your gift voucher!! Now normal gift vouchers certainly don't do that. :)


If you are overseas, and would like to give a present to someone in Singapore but shipping fees are so not worth it...
will be quite a dream site for you!!!

The good thing about this brilliant system, is also that the value you received can be accumulated. For example, if you have 10 cheapo friends, all you have to do is to gently nudge them in the gut and suggest they all dump $10 into your account. VOILA! $100 to spend now! :D

Mechanics are simple: To send a gift voucher, you sign up, purchase a voucher, and send it to your giftee's email!

To retrieve, sign up if you don't already have an account, choose your favourite store out of the many, many stores they have, and soon enough, the gift voucher will be sent to your address!! From virtual wealth to real-life money! COOLNESS!

Their brands include 77 street, Miss Sixty, Pretty Fit, cafes, restaurants, lingerie, a lot more!!!

Of course, I've gotten MY gift voucher today, and look, you can even type a personal message in it!

So, moving on. You guys can go have a look if you want to send a gift! To me! I won't mind.... Hiyah you know lar, being blogger very tiring one you know... My email hor... :D