I'm sorry

But the movie sucked.


Just one reason is enough to justify it: They made Hermione go ga-ga over Krum.









Why must they dramatize all the love scenes, WHY?


Since when did Hermione go all weak-kneed when Krum spoke to her? Disgusting. Hermy's supposed to be indifferent to him, unlike the rest of the gross gushing girls.

They made her this emo, cranky, huggy bitch, which I HATED coz I hate chao shu nus and they made Hermione one of them. Oh, and she is ridiculously pretty THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SHOW.

Remember the book, when it was discovered that it was Hermione who danced with Krum, wearing a periwinkle blue dress? (Pink in the movie, bloody hell)

I remember the moment I read that, clearly...

It was magic.

I had severe goosebumps, coz Harry said he discovered that Hermione's grin was so different now that she had shrunk her teeth, and her hair, usually in a big messy bush, was sleek and combed into a smooth bun tied at her nape... And her posture was just different, maybe it was the absence of the dozen or so books slung over her...

REMEMBER? I bet you do.

In the show?

No magical moment. CUT. Hermione looks pretty after dressing up yes, but she was not different, just made-up. And the fact that Krum liked Hermione when she looks pretty irks me, coz the beauty in Krum liking her is because he DIDN'T GO FOR LOOKS ALONE, HE LIKED HER INTELLECT.

Fuck the chao director.

The rest of the movie was loosely pieced together, and Dumbledore SUCKED, being so fierce (at one point he actually seized Harry around the neck, something characteristically UN-DUMBLEDORISH!!), Moody sucked, and basically it wasn't GOF.

A real Harry Potter fan will not like the show. Yes, I can understand that a successful movie is different from a successful book and there is time limits, but remember that it is the HP fans who will watch your shows, and you cannot just change all the fundamental things what we all like about the book!

Like making Dumbledore a fierce, shouting person instead of the kindly, patient, wise headmaster he is. Dumbledore never shouts at people, never.

Like making Voldemort, who is at least 65 (He opened the chamber of secrets at the age of 16, 50 years ago) look like a crazed young man of 40, who is not the least bit scary, albeit ugly.

I can understand if you cut out Dobby and Winky. I can understand if you include Barty Crouch junior from the start, when he is obviously not supposed to appear until the end or for only a bit in the pensieve. I can understand if you even bloody merge the two memories into one to save time.

But I cannot accept that Dumbledore becomes this raving lunatic and Hermione becomes another Cho Chang. My favourite characters defaced, and I HATE IT.

I cannot understand why simple things they cannot just keep the same as the book, like the 1st 2 movies did (stick as close as possible to the book).

Like Ludo Bagman being blonde, round and jovial, wearing his yellow-black striped robe. Is it that difficult? To make that robe for him? Instead, Ludo and Crouch wore the SAME robe.

Crouch. Why did they make him a trembling, soft-spoken, loserish person? He is supposed to be uptight, anal, and fussy about rules. Rowling described his mustache as being ruler-straight. It wasn't.

OR at the prior incantatum or however you spell it scene... THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FLOATING IN MIDAIR YES?

Is it that difficult to do, to make them float?

Dark-red robes for Drumstrung students... WHY NOT JUST GO WITH THE BOOK? Why insist on making it bloody BROWN?

But no. Being director means must be creative is it?!

Characters who are supposed to speak fast speak slowly (Rita Skeeter).

Characters who are supposed to speak slow speak fast (Moody, Dumblydorr).

Scenes that are over fast, they drag (dragon scene, Harry brought the dragon on a Tour-de-Hogwarts; bathing scene, made a big fuss about Moaning Myrtle flirting with Harry).

Scenes that are supposed to go slow and build your tension, they make it over in a bit (waiting for other champions to come, while in lake).

There are of course redeeming features, like certain funny scenes and graphics being fantastic, but overall the movie rushed its way out, and the entire storyline was changed.

I don't like it. :(

(Me: And what is with all those stupid beauxbaton girls doing the "ahhh..." "ahhh..." and butterflies fly thing?
Christian: Oh, you are just jealous.
Me: ...)

Oh and by the way, within one day IMDB's rating dropped to 7.9, from the 8.3 it was yesterday.

(One more by the way. Seeing Harry Potter like a Chinese girl disgusts me somewhat (it is so weird!!!) coz it remains me of the Farangs in Thailand going crazy over the Thai girls just because they are Asian and supposedly "exotic". I guess my mind is a little screwed lar, everytime an Angmoh tells me he likes Asian chicks I just think it's coz of all the Asia Carrera porn that he watched. Guess Harry must have seen Shu qi porn or something on Dudley's computer)

I confess myself disappointed.

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