omg omg omg I AM A VEELA!

I am gonna watch Harry Potter tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Shuyin actually bought a Gryffindor cap to wear lor, for goodness sake! I was like, "Let's all wear black robes tomorrow..." and she went like, "but black doesn't match my hat."


Anyway I don't have black robes lar, so I was only talking cock. *grins* We're going in a bigass group of 12 people! I think. If the booking went ok.

If I can't watch it tomorrow I will be so sad. :(

I still think Jay Chou should be Viktor Krum! Really! Everytime I read the book I see his face as Viktor Krum... The sullen face, stand one side and refuse to talk look... :D HOR HOR HOR?! I KNOW YOU ALL AGREE WITH ME! Except, Jay Chou won't pronounce Hermy-own-ninny. He will pronounce it "mmmf" because he only mumbles wahahahaha...

I am very ANGRY though! Such a thick book, and it is only 150 minutes!?!? WHY? Make it 3 hours! 4! 5! Anything but 2.5! It's so short!

I expect we won't even see the prefects' bathroom (with the blonde mermaid in the portrait!), and I really want to see it. :(

And I also want to see Fleur's little sister! :D

And and and hor... I saw the poster in Cineleisure's lift... WHY THE HELL DOES THE BUBBLE HEAD CHARM LOOK LIKE A FACE MASK?! It is supposed to be like a fishbowl over the head! Bah humbug!

I think I will be quite irritated with small details tomorrow, such as Cedric's eyes not being grey, Moody being FAT and BLONDE, Malfoy no longer combing back his hair, Beauxbatons being protrayed as an all-girls school, etc etc I AM SO ANAL!

Stop it Wendy!

Check this out! IMDB gives GOB an 8.3/10!


8.3 will place it around 50 amongst the top movies of all times, though only regular voters are counted.

I am trembling with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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