Friday, November 11, 2005

What the fuck is wrong with you people?!

Why are there so MANY stupid people around? My last article was clearly in praise of Dawn, so why are there still so many people saying STUPID THINGS LIKE I AM JEALOUS?

Why should I be jealous? I know her, and as a person I do like her. Stop using that word, it is ridiculously overused by IDIOTS. Everytime someone says something not favourable, it must be jealousy? It can't be... wait... SENSE?

And what is with this bullshit about "she has a blog and thus she is a blogger"?


YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE BLOGS ARE BLOGGERS? Stop quoting my panasonic entry about me saying she is a blogger, asswipe, like you are so clever. Are you ugly? You must be. Now my blog entries feel disgustingly raped by your rampant perusal.

Everyone who blogs is a blogger? If you are so clever, then answer me... But first tell me your name. Is it Lumpy? So Lumpy, if you can manage to swim half a lap without dying, is it right for me to call you "Lumpy the swimmer"?

No, because calling you Lumpy the Guy-Who-Fucked-His-Cabbage-Patch-Kid-Doll would be a little more appropriate as a the defining title for you.

The other only great thing you did that people can remember was of course growing the biggest facial wart in Toa Payoh by the age of 7(or so your mommy says proudly, fondling it, my clever little lumplump baby boy...), but you didn't like the fact that the soccer boys kept trying prick it to see if it will implode and thus kill you, so you try to keep the warts thing to yourself.

Lumpy, of course, since you are so mediocre (by mediocre I mean scum of society), if you blog, I suppose we can also call you a "Blogger". But of course, your turd of a blog has a grand readership of half a person a day, because someone once told you (the biggest of the soccer kids) that how much of a person you are is measured by your penis size. (By virtue of the wise soccer kid, girls are measured by boobies)

Yours is 2.5 inches at max when you see that one particular soccer kid (my, those socks, those tight stripey socks!), and even the Japanese statistics cannot tell you that the national average is anything less than 5 inches.

So you suppose you are counted as half a person...

But Lumpy, despite your name, can you not lump a mediocre person like yourself (how dare you Lumpy!) with Dawn. You can be called a "Lumpy the blogger" only because you are so non-descript, otherwise.

I stick by my view, which is that Dawn is famous mostly coz she is hot, so she is a hot person who blogs. Understand? Avril Lavgine also blogs, but she is a Singer who blogs, not a Blogger who sings and sells platinum albums for fun.

But of course, you can still continue calling Dawn a blogger if you want to, WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR FUCKING OPINIONS? Nobody is asking you to agree with me; I can't be right all the time, though I do pretty good, so agreeing with me should be a clever thing to do.

Please: If you have an IQ of 90 and below (Lumpy's 86), do not read my blog. Hell, make that 120. (Yes, mine is above 148, in case idiots say stupid things like "Yours might not even be above 90." Great news twerp, it is way above yours, so you are not fit to comment on my intellect, unless you have proven your IQ, via a qualified test, that it is higher than mine.)

- I'm drowning in a pool of stupids -

p/s: Edwin only said "Don't be scared of offending people, and just write your honest opinions", and obviously not the other sentences after that. He also added that "so long as we are fair in our commentaries and opinions, and we have given the people involved the right to reply, then we shouldn't shy away from writing negative opinion pieces."