Friday, November 4, 2005

Zouk Halloween 2005!!

I am very upset! Blogger used to let us upload photos at the quality we save it as - but now it seems to be lowered... Now my photos are grainy and ugly! BAH! I hate it.

How? Anyone want to gimme unlimited space for uploading photos? Stupid blogger.

But nonetheless! Here are the photos from Zouk Halloween 2005!

See, you blogders are very lucky ok?! Photos are totally not allowed to be taken into Zouk itself (though I cannot understand why they will oppose to free publicity), so I got caught like what, 10 times in total? 3 times by the bouncer inside Members, and he ended up saying something like, "I AM WARNING YOU!" with a maligning glare not unmatching with his halloween uniform.

I think I'm gonna get my membership revoked soon man. :(

Speaking of membership - thank god for it!!! The queue was so freaking long, you won't even believe there are so many young people in Singapore...

But because of that green card, Huifen and I managed to potong jalan. *smirk*

Huifen is crazy lor... She actually went to No. 1 Costume Costume (yes, two costumes in the name - very cute hor?!), a costume store, to get her dress!

It is mad - like 50 bucks for 3 days? I refuse to spend any more than 10 bucks for clubbing!






Hahahaha... Ok lar not funny. You know what will be funny and fucking ironic? DRESS UP AS A ZOUK BOUNCER! That will be super funny can!? Coz all the Zouk bouncers have to dress up as ... I think it's devils that night. So you can be the only Zouk bouncer around! All you need is a cream-coloured suit (and matching pants) with some earphone shit around your ears! :D For fun maybe hold a UV stamp chop too! :)

Huifen came to my place to dress up.

So that I help her put on make up! Chao cheapo!

Her dress is supposed to be a corpse bride.

Pity she didn't have a fake broken arm to wave around!

Me, I went in the only costume I have. :)


Cmon, don't like that lar... It's halloween, so let me feel tall for once, ok?

Huifen traumatized Cloudy! Poor thing, must have got scared out of his wits.

He didn't know if he should wag his tail...


He finally decided to run away from the ugliness.


The crowd outside Copthorne, or however you spell that hotel.

Pillow people outside the newly revamped Zouk.

I tell you, the whole day I was pissed off by people NOT in costumes!

Yes ok you want to be selfish and just be the seer and not the see-ee, FINE. PLEASE DO NOT FUCKING STAND IN THE WAY OF PEOPLE WHO ARE TAKING PHOTOS OF OTHERS WHO DID DRESS UP!

It really makes me boil can?! I took at least 5 photos in which, when I am taking the photo of a witch or something, some bugger who came in jeans walks into the picture. Thanks but no thanks - I don't want a photo of you! NOW FUCK OFF AND START PRETENDING TO BE A WALLFLOWER.

Now one more thing, since we are at the pissing-me-off topic, that pisses me off, is that people keep repeating that Mean Girls wise crack:

"Halloween is the only time you can dress like a slut and nobody can say anything about it."

Not only is that sentence super fucking over-used (heard it like 3 gazillion times), I also hate it when people say it like they invented that proverb themselves.

Shut up, we already know you are a plagiariser, ass wipe.

And yes, obviously this guy did dress like a slut, but *grudgingly* we cannot say anything about it. Because it IS halloween.

Surgeon is a difficult-to-spell word.

Zouk personnel as devils? Lucifer? :)

Inside Zouk.

I saw Russell! Who is a Jedi Knight! Swish!

Scary shit.

Tyron! I used to have a crush on him when I was in SP, haha...

The girl looks very pretty... ;)


Kelvin and Shuyin both wanted to go but didn't (Tim, Vyasa and the rest of the boys went though)... TOO BAD FOR THEM! Not only did a multitude of people dress up, we saw like super a lot of celebrities!

Like Patricia Mok, David Gan, Terence Cao, Zhang Yao dong, etc etc a lot lar...

So guess who this is?

I leave it up to your imagination. :)

Fat smurf ha ha ha ha.

Huifen was hungry but I told her dead people do not eat... -_-

The knife looks very convincing!

Haha, old-school...

We found Eileen and Ginny!!! :D Pretty...


Huifen with them...

The dancefloor... Funnily enough, one of the most common outfits that day was the CHIJ uniform.

(I also got scolded after taking this photo.)

Nothing, just some feathers I thought you might like to see.

There were some hot girls on the podium, and I was like, Hmmm, hot catwoman.


No wonder it is hot; it is REBECCA TAN! WAH SIAO!!

(Back: In white, Evelyn Ng)

And she started gyrating lucky Oli like nobody's business. This is like the 3rd time or so I saw Rebecca Tan dirty dancing with girls, and frankly, if I were male I would have just wanked on the spot, regardless of watching crowd, bouncers, etc.

I was telling Shuyin I cannot understand why her body can be so perfect to the extent that her belly button is really right smack in the hole of that X strap lor!!!! That girl makes me wanna turn lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!! *drools*

Of course, while I was happily snapping away (as were a lot of other people) a bouncer came up and started threatening to hoist me away, so I moved on back to members...

I can understand if patients are bloody, but I thought doctors are usually clean? :)

HF with Dawn, Janice and Rachel...

We were taking photos near members' toilet (trying to avoid a particularly agitated bouncer) when we saw...

The Incredibles!!

Rachel say they lousy coz they don't have the big "i" on their costumes! Haha! Very observant!

I should have asked them to pose like this:


We went to sit down at Daniel's table.

LOL... The Zebra also wants to be in the photo.

Elsie and her friend (I am so bad with names!)

Huifen and I

Daniel has a crazy amount of drinks and he kept asking me to drink!

I keep saying I cannot drink, but he refused to accept that so in the end I told him that everytime he ask me to drink I will take his photo.

Which resulted in many of such photos. =D

Is face-spray itchy?

And look, it's a funnel on his head! :D

Janice and Tyron caught in mid-dance...

Loon Yang's outfit was very interesting! He was supposed to be windswept.

I was trying to blow, I mean, blow air at him. Haha...

But unfortunately, of course, the bouncer stopped us.

Make a guess what this big ass is?



A DRAGON! In Zouk! DANCING! *faint* The dragon is super big: the size of 4 men maybe? I think one guy was inside operating it. We still cannot fathom how he managed to come to Zouk - imagine taking a bus from Ang Mo Kio dressed like that ha ha ha!

Needless to say, this freaking dragon (A dragon! In Zouk!) won the Best Dressed contest and is presented with a trip to NEW YORK!

Worth it, I must say.

This beast with the dragon also quite scary.


Star Wars!

This Chinese ghost is so funny! I walked pass him, and he was just serenely perched on some high place, sitting ever so calmly and holding his umbrella like he is in Xiao Guilin instead of Zouk. Wahahhaha

So I approached him and said, "Can I take a picture?"

He slowly turned his head towards me and nodded. ever. so. slightly.

Damn funny. And quite scary also!

Show off.

Just when I was about to leave ...

I see my colleagues!!!

They rushed to me and exclaimed that they finally found me, haha...

I was like, "But why are you all so ugly?"

and they replied chirpily, "Oh, we died in a plane crash ahahaha!"


Die in a plane crash also can be so happy! The scab looks very real doesn't it?

So funny to come as terrorists. :) I wonder if they were allowed up the MRT.

It was 4am! We decided to go to River Valley to eat...

Huifen, Rach and I shared a cab, and we got super angry! The cab driver delibrately went the wrong direction and said he didn't know how to get to River Valley!

I mean seriously, who the FUCK will believe such a blatant lie?!!? HOW CAN A CAB DRIVER NOT KNOW WHERE RIVER VALLEY IS?! He asked us which part of River Valley and we said it was at those food stores, where Boon tong kee chicken rice is. NOT CLEAR ENOUGH MEH?

Screw his fucking backside ok! I was so angry lor, do you know where he took us to? Fucking MOHD SULTAN! Excuse me if I wanted a night tour of Singapore I will tell you ok, stupid uncle?

(On a side note DBL O goers were losers - the bunch of them didn't even bother to put on any form of costumes. Zouk rules!)

So anyway, by the time he brought us back to River Valley the cab fare was $7.90. I should have spat in his face but we demurely paid him the full fare. I CANNOT BELIEVE I TOOK IN ALL THAT SHITTTTTTTT!!! I swear never to let cheating cab drivers get away with it, ever again. KNNNNN!

Later on we told another nice cab driver this story and he explained that the former cab driver cheated because he waited outside Zouk in the queue for a very long time and he is angry that he can only earn so little. BUT STILL? MY BUSINESS MEH? DON'T DRIVE US LAR!

The food was good though. :)